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Petition to Mr. Desmond Amofah

Bring Back Iceman Etika to his "DEEP BLACK ROOTS"

It was August of 2015. Desmond Amofah, the founder of the EWNetwork, finally realized the path he was taking on his Youtube career. A path that was causing him to lose many supporters - one that caused a constant uproar in the community. In a serious video, "Etika" stated how he was going to return to his "deep black roots". It is now October 10th of 2015; some signs of retrogression are now becoming present. However, it is also clear that Mr. Amofah will not be able to keep this up for long. From going on one-week hiatuses to lying about returning content (Fried Emblem, Hentai with Etika, Cooking with Etika, Minecraft), it is clear to see that his channel and the community based around it are drastically being affected. This is why a petition is necessary; to communicate with Mr. Desmond "TR1Iceman Etika" Amofah first hand.EDIT (7/21/18): Even now, in 2018, things somehow continue to get worse by the day. It's been 3 years now and Etika still has not attempted to improve himself. Instead, he remains lazy, only coming out to stream once a month when his Paypal account nears $0. This has become much more of an apparent problem now that Etika's channel is growing drastically this summer. At the moment, many of his fans (mainly the ones on r/EtikaRedditNetwork and on many non-affiliated Discord servers) are turning his back on him. But this small vocal minority of people is not nearly enough to stop the world from seeing another Ice Poseiden clone, but even Andy is better than our current day Etika! No amount of donation caps can help this man bring out good content simply because large donations make it so he doesn't have to. We as a community are to blame for this happening.We need your support. Help us get to Etika and get this man to his deep black roots once and for all!

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