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Petition to Henry McMaster, Donald J. Trump, Joe Cunningham

Save 2yr old twins, a family, & change how CPS repeatedly breaks court orders & gets by w/

let me start off by saying, I know CPS workers or an organization who are here or supposedly here to help people and Families. But that hasn't been the case throughout so many counties in our state, in fact the county I come from and who originated my CPS case had over 35 suits from people's drug screens being falsified. My case came along that time & it's due from lying CPS worker's, incompetent worker's who prematurely & inaccurately did their investigation. They REFUSED to have my urine screen analyzed that showed a false positive at my doctors office due to a concoction of over the counter cold meds & prescribed Welbutrin. However, CPS would not admit their wrongs, gather my analyzed doctor records, nor have my test done over. They never checked our home or living arrangements. Used scare tactics on us & had me agree to my children being placed in my sister's home then forged my signature on new paperwork and jerked my kids up & placed them with abusers & neglecter's. I tried my hardest to get in contact with them & Columbia (state) to tell them they needed to be home or placed back with my sister since they were jerked from her with no legitimate reason. Long story short we wound up with our kids in foster care separate, my two oldest and very oldest made claims to the caseworker in front of everyone that they were being abused, so I contacted the state constituent services and the next day my children were removed from that foster home. However, the County CPS covered up the reason why from me but obviously it had to be because Columbia found reason they needed to be moved or found reason to backup my son's claims. My children have always been taught not to lie & haven't. We jumped through their hoops over & over & completed their treatment plan which was a mandatory 90days. They waited months, almost 5 months to be exact to get us into court & order all 4 of my children home. 2 oldest & within 30days my 1yr old twins were to come home. Guess what....that was 1yr & 2mnths ago & 1 county ago that we are still waiting for them to make it home. Still my husband, 2 children that's home & I, are jumping through hoops but CPS continues to break things on our court order & the police tell me they can't make a report because they aren't breaking a state law which they can enforce. They are trying to hold me from my court ordered UNSUPERVISED VISITATION to see my children. We have the means to care for our family, but not a lump sum to pay for a paid attorney, so I'm not getting the best representation. Now, since it's been so long the single foster mom to my children(twins) has gone & filed a private motion to adopt my twins!!! I have text msgs showing I've tried to visit etc but nobody not even CPS would respond, so they making it look like I haven't visited which are her grounds for the private motion. How can a court & CPS keep saying I am a fit mother & husband a fit father & have two kids at home but not my other two?!?! Please help me bring my children home before it is too late. They are wrongfully letting a lil old neglecting foster parent have too much input! They are breaking court orders & no one is doing anything about it. I don't know what else to do. My family has been ripped apart for almost 2 yrs now & have continued support obligation, hair chopped off numerous times, jumped thru hoops paid almost a thousand for parenting classes during this etc. Where can I turn, pls sign my petition?! Thank you so much. Pls share?!

Stacy Thomas
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Petition to Rod Underhill, Kate Brown

Stop Vindictive Overzealous Prosecution, Hold Oregon PROSECUTOR'S, JUDGE'S Accountable.

What inspired me to start this petition is witnessing first hand the Overzealous, Vindictive Prosecution of my little brother who is serving a 204 month prison sentence for Assault 5 and Burglary 1. This was a family isolated incident, all we wanted was for my brother to get the help he needed, my brother has suffered mental health issues his entire life, he stopped taking his medication and started doing drugs. The prosecuting attorney had promised the victims that she was going to offer my brother a deal of 3 year's prison with 2 years supervised probation, mandatory drug and alcohol treatment, the prosecutor then lied to the victims by stating that she did offer my brother a deal which he declined to take, he was never offered any deal leaving him no other choice but to take it to trial. My brothers rights to a fast and speedy trial was denied. Due process of law violated considering the court allowed a surprise witness who only had hearsay testimony to offer. A police officer read statements on behalf of another police officer. Just to name a few. My family had depended on the legal system and the legal system has destroyed our family. My Nephews and Niece are left to be raised without a father. We all are affected by this injustice, we struggle everyday unable to hire an appeal attorney that my brother deserves. We wouldn't have to be going through any of this if our legal system wasn't full of so much corruption. Prosecutors should be held accountable for their action's. We should be able to trust that they honor the oath they swore to abide by. What good is the Constitution if nobody is forced to follow it? I admit I am a bit hesitant on starting this petition for the fact that they always seem to find ways to make people's lives harder then they already are but I can't just sit back and do nothing. 144 months of my brothers sentence are months to be served with no possible good time. My brother is far from being perfect but in no way did he deserve this. People should be outraged by the corruption taking place in our legal system. Nobody is safe when it comes to injustice, you never know, it just may be you or your loved one someday. Something else that really gets to me is how the Judge made my brothers children move to the other side of the courtroom away from their dad, the judge told my brother infront of his children at sentencing that he doesn't love his children and never has, that statement is the farthest thing from the truth that I have ever heard. My nephew and niece left that courtroom heart broken. The Prosecutor arrested one of the alleged victims, held her on unrelated charges to force her to testify, they also threatened to take her daughter away if she didn't do what they wanted her to do. At my Brothers trial, during my testimony, the prosecutor objected and the judge responds by saying, now what was it? I wasnt paying any attention. I truly have a hard time believing that situations like this happen everyday and prosecutors are not being held accountable for their misconduct.

Angela Greene-Killam
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Petition to Valerie Chacon, Hectar Balderras, Hon. William G.W. Shoobridge, Sam Cobb, Hobbs City Commissioners

Hobbs City Government, stop extorting lawful pet parent rescuers exercising Natural Rights

I am a single mother with 4 kids. I pay my taxes. I believe in absolute freedom, and take care never to infringe on any persons rights. My mistake, and apparent crime, was taking in 2 abused and abandoned dogs, and one wandering to the sidewalk outside of my fence. She harmed no one, and nothing. Here is my story. I have spent the past couple days in jail because the Constitution of The People has been suspended. I believe Maritime/Admiralty/Equity law has taken its place.  I get this indication from the gold fringe and tassels that we mistake as meaningless and pretty decorations. I have not deeply studied Maritime/Admiralty law as of this writing.  I know that it is the law of water, and of commerce, and that it secretly affects the people who are charged in the courts in which it stands.  I know that it is not a lawful flag of freedom and justice for all. The People are not allowed to use the Constitution in these courts. These Courts are defined as 'Banks' in the legal dictionaries. I assume this law magically gives Government blanket jurisdiction over everything and everybody. I was unexpectedly saddled with 2 homeless American Pitbull Terrier dogs. I was hoping to re-home them but they are still in my possession. I do not believe in the unnecessary murdering of animals, so I did not give them to the local animal shelter. I have some space and they are extra friendly.  One dog somehow escaped the back yard and walked around my property to the front sidewalk. She was sitting outside my front fence. The next day, the neighbors told me they saw her sitting there and called the pound.  I immediately went to pick her up. The shelter attempted to force me to pay fees which totaled $300. Why? I hadn’t requested services. I stated various violations of Constitutional rights and they told me they’d give her back if I sign a letter promising to spay and vaccinate her.  I signed under duress, got my dog, and left. By what authority does Government believe it can force us to bow to Its will?!  The next day I received a failure to comply and an order to show cause from the city court clerk. Unless I am a slave, why do I have to comply?! This is a free country, right? The date for me to comply on the shelter documents was not for another 5 weeks. To what am I failing to appear or comply? I began researching my rights. I filed a Motion to Dismiss on Jurisdiction. I received a Failure to Appear Summons. I responded with an Answer questioning Jurisdiction. I received the same Failure to Appear.  Again, I responded with a Motion, including an appeal to the Judge to please stick to his Oath.  I received a repeat Failure to Appear including an Order and a Motion Denied and a Bench Warrant. I planned to go into the court the next day. Before I could go into court, my house was surrounded by police. I did not run out the front door because I am disabled physically and it takes me a bit to get from one room to another. I guess I took too long and the police were on my deck, threatening to break the door down. They put everyone in handcuffs, including my 2 minor children and a friend who was visiting. They took us to jail but it was only me they booked. The next day I saw the judge, but it was on a monitor from the jail. No witnesses. He immediately recused himself from the case. I learned from another inmate who had just come back from the courtroom that she overheard my judge tell the new judge that he was tired of arguing with me. They should whisper better.  When my new judge came on screen, he asked me if I understood the charges against me. I responded ‘NO, I do NOT understand the charges against me, sir.’  He told me that I first needed to plea and then he would explain them to me.  When I insisted that I could not enter pleas without understanding the charges, he began entering pleas for me. I respectfully interrupted with ‘Is your Honor practicing law from the bench?’ Judge Arthur completed the entire arraignment on his own, completely ignoring my successively louder objections. He told me I would meet my Public Defender in the morning. I had not asked for a Public Defender. I attempted to tell him I refuse a Public Defender and I could defend myself if he would just uphold the Constitution but the Judge ended the monologue by turning off the monitor. The charges are: Dog License (Unconstitutional) Vaccinations (Unconstitutional) Animal/Dog at Large (Unconstitutional) Resisting Arrest (I took too long to answer the door because I couldn't get me cane from its perch to be able to walk. I have brain tumors and am disabled) Besides, No one is required to open the door to anyone. Especially, and including Police. Expectation of obedience to The State is slavery. And slavery is supposed to be illegal. The Supreme Court has numerous rulings on this. Obedience indicates that you are a slave, or a child. We have a duty to be good to each other. But no competent adult is required to obey anyone. I filed objections the moment I got home from jail. There was no bond, so I had to sit there until he willed me to be free. 2 days. Debtors jails are illegal. At the forced arraignment, the judge gave me a plea deal even though I had not pled, but he had for me, which is illegal and unlawful, unless I am incompetent; and the plea can only be 'Not Guilty' so the Burden of Proof goes on the STATE. The deal is 90 days in jail and $1500 fine! This is America under Gold Fringed Admiralty/Maritime Law. Under Public Policy made by Corporations, not the will of The People. The United States Corporation is NOT a free country. Had the Constitution of We The People been applied, I would not now be a criminal with a record. Please help me establish more Pet Parent friendly laws, tighter holds on Corporations and Government overreach of our rights, and a restriction on Government fundraising via criminalization of our inherent right to life, liberty and property.    

Jessica Shorter
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