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Petition to Wyoming Attorney General, Riverton Ranger, John Barrasso, Mike Enzi, Matt Mead, Diane Lazano,, Wendy Soto, Shannon Howshar, Liz Cheney, State of Wyoming Legislature, National Commission on Correctional Health Care, Wyoming Representative David Miller

Hold Justice System accountable for misconduct

On November 10,2013 an older woman was robbed at gun point at wal mart in Riverton,Wyoming. My son, Curtis Russell Oldman is currently serving a prison sentence. He was originally charged with Conspiracy to commit a felony (a felony) in violation of Wyoming State Statute 6-1-303 and also served two Fremont County Sheriffs office warrants for arrest. He pled not guilty to the felony charge. He was the only one that got a prison sentence. The driver, a female, was Curtis girlfriend, was charged with conspiracy to commit a felony (a felony) in violation of Wyoming State statute 6-1-303, reckless endangering in violation of Wyoming state statute 6-2-504, fleeing or attempting to elude police in violation of Wyoming state statute 31-5-225, reckless driving in violation of Wyoming state statute 31-5-229, and drivers license required in violation of Wyoming state statute 31-7-106 (a). The driver was sentenced to 9 months in a halfway house. She has since been released. No fine, no restitution. The person that did the robbery was a male juvenile, younger brother to Curtis. He got 10 months in the Wyoming Boys school, he was released in November 2014. No fine, no restitution, no probation. When law enforcement stopped the vehicle, another occupant,female, older sister to the driver,was riding in vehicle like my son. She was handcuffed and placed under arrest. After all occupants in the vehicle were detained,the arresting officer unhandcuffed the other female occupant,drivers older sister. The arresting officer stated that she had been cooperative and she had an illness,schizophrenic. The driver and the male juvenile waived their preliminary hearings and appeared together in the District court room for their charges and trial date. During this time Curtis was still in the Circuit court waiting for prosecutor to present evidence that he was guilty of this felony. The Judge in District court read the driver and the juvenile their charges and set trial for March 10,2014. The District Judge then asked where the other two defendants were,he thought there was four involved in the case. The prosecutor stated that there was only three defendants involved and the other defendant, Mr.Oldman pled not guilty and is still in circuit court. The Judge said that he wanted to have trial for all defendants in this case on the same day so, save a place on the same date for Mr. Oldman,as the other defendants, March 10,2014. My son had a trial date and he didn't even appear for his preliminary yet. During his preliminary hearing the Circuit court Judge did not hear enough evidence that my son could be charged for conspiracy. The prosecutor did not agree and argued that conspiracy has many elements and Mr.Oldman was there. My sons public defender said Being there does not say he conspired. If being there is conspiracy,why didn't they charge the other female occupant? She was there too. The Circuit court Judge told prosecutor he had a meeting at 3 pm. and if he could come up with something on Mr.Oldman that falls under conspiracy, I will consider this. My son was never told why he was bound over to District court. We still don't know. Curtis was then taken to District court and read his charges and continued to plead not guilty. Trial date was set prior to appearing and entering his plea. He then was taken back to Circuit court for the two arrest warrants from the Sheriffs office. He pled not guilty to a probation revocation,he explained his situation and was found guilty and given a year in county jail for probation revocation.   The other female occupant was mentioned once during my sons preliminary hearing and when the other two defendants appeared in District court. Yet the state prosecution had her subpeoned to testify against my son at his trial. He was found guilty. During sentencing the District judge said,"I have no reason to believe that you didn't take part,you was the oldest in the vehicle and did nothing to stop this. I believe you orchestrated this crime. I am sentencing you to 5-10 years. My son was given an appeal. There was a judge on the Supreme court of appeals that was related to the victim. An alternate judge took the seat. Another judge knew the family of the victim, but sat through the hearing. He was denied his appeal. My son had a trial date and he never appeared in the other court room to hear if the state had enough evidence to charge him with a felony. The Circuit court, during his preliminary hearing, gave the prosecution time to present other evidence that we never seen or heard. Curtis was given an extension by District judge at the request of his paid attorney on his 180 day right to a speedy trial,without my son knowing this. The jurors consist of 1 being the neighbor of arresting officer, 1 that worked at the same place as the victim, 1 that was the neighbor to head investigator, 1 that had been a clerk for over 10 years, that is still employed, in the same court room where Curtis was convicted. Another was a victim in a different and similar crime that my son is charged with. Paid attorney did not speak on behalf of my son, he was once a public defender. He was upset because he wanted $2,000 more and family didn't have it. I seen him speaking to the driver of the vehicle and her older sister,the other occupant that was not charged,I approached him and asked why he was talking to them,they are witnesses against his client. He said that he could speak to whoever he wanted to about my sons case as he recalled I never paid him what was owed. Video of the robbery was unclear,it was a copy. The original was locked in the evidence room about 30 miles from the court room. Trial lasted 4 days,plenty of time to present the original video. Evidence of two pistols,air guns with no prints from Curtis or juvenile defendant. Expert witness stated that, the climate where we are in Wyoming does not allow anyone to produce enough oils in our bodies to leave finger prints on rigid items such as fire arms. He also stated there was still one test that they didn't get the results back yet. The female driver said she never seen Curtis in the vehicle. The older sister that was in the vehicle was asked several questions with the response of no no no no, over and over again. The arresting officer said she was on patrol when she heard the call on the radio. She followed the vehicle that fit the description,she chased it out of her jurisdiction at rapid speeds. She said her video camera was not working that day. No video of the chase or arrest presented as evidence. Arresting officer said she was informed by dispatch that they were contacting other agency. She also said, that agency joined in the chase. My son didn't have any witnesses at his trial. I was there during the arrest,it was on my property. No other agency took part in the chase federal agent showed up after the arrest and after law enforcement already transported. Paid attorney had my son get on stand and testify for himself. No evidence of purse that contained a $2,500 government check inside was ever seen or presented as evidence that was taken from victim. Not even a picture was taken to prove as evidence. This evidence was given back to victim at city hall.victim identified robber in a line up where the male juvenile was sitting in a room behind a one way window/mirror,she looked at him for less than 1 second and positively identified juvenile as the person who approached her. He was the only person in this interview room. My son, Curtis Russell Oldman, has been a diabetic since the age of 9 years. Insulin dependant, a very life threatening illness. I have pictures of his feet and legs taken a few months after his arrest. Doctors at the prison gave him 1 year before complete kidney failure. This was in February 2015. Its been 1 year and 9 months and several surgeries for, I don't know what. He is also being sent bills in his name at the prison for these surgeries. It has been almost 2 years that he has been at complete kidney failure,and hasn't even started dialysis. Without proper medical care, my son will die. I got a call from him last night, November 4,2016. He says " Momma, I need a visit, I'm sick, my back hurts so much. Tell everyone that they need to start getting tested to see who can give me a kidney. I'll talk to you when I see you and don't bring no money for the vending machine,because I'm trying real hard to take care of myself. I love you, Momma." I have 7 children. Curtis is the oldest of 4 boys. As I write this with tears in my eyes,we have always looked up to him for being so strong at a young age,to endure all that he has,to never giving up on life, He is the heart of this family. I have been fighting for his innocence since the day of his arrest November 10,2013. I know that whoever reads my story,to hear me, will help bring my son, Curtis Russell Oldman #29571, home before he dies. He will be going before the parole board in January 2017.  I am pleading for your help. Please respond to my letter at: or Pamela Sixfeathers 757 South Beverly #2 Casper,Wyoming -82601- (307) 240-0080  Thank you for your time. Pamela Sixfeathers,mother of Wyoming inmate, Curtis Russell Oldman #29571

Pamela Sixfeathers
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Petition to Dick Durbin, Patrick Leahy, Amy Klobuchar, Sheldon Whitehouse, Richard Blumenthal, Mazie Hirono, Christopher Coons, Chuck Grassley, Lindsey Graham, John Cornyn, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Jeff Flake, Mike Crapo, Thom Tillis, Cory Booker, John Lewis, Sherrod Brown, Susan Collins, Tammy Baldwin, Tammy Duckworth, Tim Kaine, Trey Gowdy, Michael Bennet, Richard Burr, Bill Nelson, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, Elijah Cummings, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Marco Rubio, Jerry Brown, Lisa Murkowski, Louie Gohmert, Kirsten Gillibrand, Pat Roberts, Kamala Harris, John Kasich, Rand Paul, Michael Capuano, Claire McCaskill, Jeff Merkley, Patty Murray, Jack Reed, Mark Warner, Barbara Lee, John Barrasso, Al Green, Tim Scott, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Dianne Feinstein, Lamar Alexander, John McCain, Johnny Isakson, John Boozman, John Lively, John Thune, Deb Fischer, Joaquin Castro, James Clyburn, Catherine Cortez Masto, Danny Davis, Joe Donnelly, Maggie Hassan, Steny Hoyer, Sheila Jackson Lee, Hakeem Jeffries, Ted Lieu, Joe Manchin, Edward Markey, Robert Menendez, Chris Murphy, Gary Peters, Raul Ruiz, Bobby Rush, Tim Ryan, Adam Schiff, Jeanne Shaheen, Eric Swalwell, Mark Takano, Diane Black, Roy Blunt, Shelley Capito, Bill Cassidy, Rodney Frelinghuysen, Cory Gardner, Dean Heller, Clay Higgins, James Inhofe, James Lankford, Mia Love, Jerry Moran, David Perdue, Rob Portman, Bill Haslam, Eleanor Norton, Jon Tester, Angus King

Lead GOP advocates the overthrow of our constitutional form of government.

The 115th congressional session violates their lawful obligations by the following: 1.) Complicit as the advocacy of the overthrow of our Constitutional form of government is apparent. 2.) Complicit as the Presidents' provocative rhetoric alienate the country from its' allies. 2.) Lack of transparency relating to recent activities that promotes the general welfare of the people. 4.) Complicit as the lead GOP improperly implements laws indicative of an authoritarian agenda. 5.) Failure to preserve, protect and defend the laws of the U.S. Constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic.  2017 Budget:  Lack of clarity relative to appropriations for mandatory spending programs that decreases or eliminate funding to State agencies for services and programs for low income individuals. 2017 Budget:  Lacks clarity relative to the purpose of competitive bidding pilot projects, and how these projects will benefit the people. Eliminating federal regulations that compromises the health, safety and well being of the people. Initiation of work study groups to collect personal and confidential information, ( as listed below ) on individuals by unauthorized entities and individuals without prior permission, violates the 4th and 14th amendment . 1.) Race and ethnicity. 2.) Individuals private and personal credentials. 3.) Health and medical info. 4.) Banking and finance info. 5.) Delineations of Metropolitan Statistical Areas, Micropolitan Statistical Areas, and Combined Statistical Areas. Mandates to EVERY telecommunication service provider, manufacturer of computers and cell phones, hardware and software developers, and ISP for the purpose of the law, 5 U.S.C.  552a - records maintained on individuals, is a clear violation of the privacy act of 1974, Article 4 of the U.S. Constitution and the 14th amendment.  Confirmation of unqualified and questionable individuals to cabinet and Supreme court positions violates the 14th amendment, in addition to the (preambles) guidelines of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of rights. Michael Pence, Paul Ryan, Orrin Hatch, Mitch McConnell, Mick Mulvaney, Kevin McCarthy and President Donald J. Trump committed an unimaginable, gross violation of their oaths of office against the United States Constitution, the United States Codes and the American people. The actions committed by these individuals warrants immediate removal from office, pending criminal charges under, Executive Order 10450- 18 U.S.C., 1918, title 5 U.S.C., 7311, advocacy of the overthrow of our constitutional form of government. Article 1, section 8, clause 18, The Necessary and Proper Clause and 5 U.S.C. 3331- 3333, obligates EVERY elected Senate and House Congressional member to exercise his/her legal and moral obligation to preserve, protect and defend the laws of the United States Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. The people are depending on our elected officials to honor their oaths of office and save our democracy.  

Latricia Thomas
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Petition to Jason Reid, Coy Reid

Justice for Victim of illegal Strip Search/Sexual Assault by Masked, Unidentified Officer

     *****There is a lot of information in this petition, that was necessary for complete understanding of the situation, so please be patient and read it all, if you are interested.*****      My cousin Bobbi Jo Dugger was the victim of Civil Rights violations, illegal search and seizure, and an illegal strip search and sexual assault/battery at the hands of Narcotics Officers from the Catawba County North Carolina Sheriff's Department after they produced an invalid, fabricated search warrant, searched her home and property, and found nothing that justified a citation or arrest. Rather than accepting the fact that she was not in possession of drugs and was not a drug dealer, the officers subjected her to a strip search by a person wearing black street clothes, and a ski mask that covered their entire face, with no identification, in her own bedroom, alone with the masked person, with no other witnesses and without her consent. The masked person spoke in a low tone and only enough to instruct Bobbi Jo to take off all her clothing, then touched and inspected her private areas looking for drugs that were not there. When the humiliating experience was over, the masked person jerked the black, nitrile gloves from their hands, threw them on Bobbi Jo's bed in a disrespectful manner and walked out of the room, exited the house, and left the premises. The supposed "female officer" never identified herself to Bobbi Jo and there were no other witnesses in the room when she was forced to undress in front of this masked stranger, who touched her without consent, while four male officers waited outside. There has to be a witness in the room when a woman undergoes a physical exam by her gynecologist, so why would there be no witness present for something like this? There is absolutely no justification for the treatment Bobbi Jo endured. It is sexual assault, a complaint has been filed, and those responsible should be punished!      Bobbi Jo tried to file sexual assault charges with the magistrate on October 24, 2017, but he sent her to file a report with the sheriff's office because he does not handle felony charges. She did file a complaint with Officer Yang of the sheriff's department that same day, giving him information about the experience, names of the officers involved, a description of the masked person who violated her and the humiliating details about the strip search and sexual assault she endured. She stressed the fact that she wants to know the identity of the person who assaulted her while wearing a mask. He took down the information and  passed the case on to an investigator. The investigator called Bobbi Jo days later and asked her to come into his office to discuss the charges, and provide more information (which she had already given to officer Yang). He told her she had to come alone if she didn't have a licensed attorney, and refused to allow her minister or any other support person to be present during the interview, even though she was the victim of the crime, not the perpetrator. Considering what she had already been through with the Sheriff's Dept., she was not comfortable talking to any member of law enforcement alone and could not afford an attorney to represent her at that time. She did not meet with the investigator and did not hear back from him about the charges she filed. She went to the courthouse and picked up a copy of the police report in November, but was only given the first page, which contained several errors about the incident and did not include any of the involved officers' names. The report indicates that the victim stated she was sexually assaulted by law enforcement during a search, but it says that the assault was not forcible and resulted in no injury, both if which are false, as she reported that she did not consent to being stripped or touched, and that she has suffered emotional and physical harm from the incident. She asked the clerk to get the false information corrected, and add the names of the officers involved to the report, but was told she would have to go through a process (run around) and speak with the officer again who took the original complaint. She did not want to relive the whole experience again after she already told him everything he needed to know, and the changes to the public report were never made to reflect the true complaint filed or the names of those responsible. She went to the courthouse again a few weeks later and requested a copy of the complete police report and was again given only the first inaccurate page and was told that they could not give her any more because it was an ongoing investigation. She was also told that she would need to speak with the attorney for the Sheriff's department (Debra Bechtel) if she wanted to discuss or get any information about the case. The attorney also refused to give her a copy of the complete investigative file or answer any of her questions concerning the charges.       So, basically, she cannot get anyone to talk to her about a case in which she filed sexual assault charges against narcotics officers. She is being treated like the criminal when she is actually the victim of a horrible crime that resulted in much damage to her! The people responsible have not been charged or punished for their actions. As of today. January 11, 2018, Bobbi Jo has not heard anything about the progress of her case, there have been no arrests made for the sexual assault, the masked assailant has not been identified and repeated requests for a copy of the full police/investigative report have been denied. Backstory:      Bobbi Jo consented to a search of her property in August 2017, at the request of narcotics officers who believed her to be in possession of methamphetamine and paraphernalia associated with the sale and distribution of methamphetamine. No methamphetamine was found, there was no sign of distribution, no arrest was made and officers left her home with no reason to believe she was involved in any illegal activities involving methamphetamine. Officers/investigators, Crisp, Ferra, and Hefner returned to her home on October 17, 2017 and asked if they could search her home again, but this time she did not consent to a second search of her property. She told them she did not trust them to go into her home again without probable cause and a proper search warrant. One of the officers told her he could get a search warrant and another said to him, "I will get something together" and proceeded to make a phone call to request another officer get the warrant and have it signed by the magistrate. Bobbi Jo was patted down by officers when they arrived on the scene and they immediately confiscated her cell phone (without a search warrant). Bobbi Jo, the caregiver of an elderly man who is a fall risk, was detained outside her home, in the cold, with the doors open, and not allowed to go inside to be with or tend to the elderly man in her care, putting him at risk. Everyone else that was at her home when the officers arrived was allowed to leave, without being patted down or searched, leaving Bobbi Jo alone with three Narcotics officers. The officers continuously threatened to arrest Bobbi Jo during the two hour wait for the search warrant, for various things they assumed they would find on her property, showing her handcuffs and flashing guns and badges to intimidate and emphasize their power over her. She was completely cooperative with them, and did not resist being detained outside her home, even though there was no warrant or probable cause at that time. By sending away all other individuals from the home, Bobbi Jo was left without anyone to witness the officers behavior or stand up for her once they realized injustices were taking place. The search warrant was delivered by Officer Smith, who was not one of the original officers at the scene, two hours after the first officers arrived.      After a thorough search of her home, vehicles, and outbuildings, the officers still came up empty handed, but refused to give up there. Even though Bobbi Jo had not left the sight of the officers from the moment they arrived at her home, Officer Smith asked her if she, "Had anything shoved up inside her." When she told him she did not, he stated that she could, "save everyone a lot of time and herself a lot of embarrassment," if she would just go ahead and turn over the drugs she was hiding in her body. She again assured him that she had no drugs anywhere on her property or person. He threatened to call a "female officer" to come do a strip search if she refused to admit to having or hand over the drugs he believed to be in her possession. She again told him she had nothing on her. He made a call and a person in an SUV showed up a little while later, parked up the street and walked down to Bobbi Jo's house, not in police uniform, but in full disguise, including a ski mask, with no identification. The masked person took her inside the house to conduct a full strip search which included the person touching and looking closely "inside" her private areas. While Bobbi Jo did not resist the search out of fear for her safety, she did not consent to being stripped or touched by anyone, especially an unidentified person, who may or may not have been a female or even a member of law enforcement. She was sexually assaulted through unwanted touching of her privates without consent, by a masked individual, humiliated, emotionally damaged and continues to suffer long term effects resulting from the victimization she suffered at the hands of law enforcement officers and whoever was behind the mask. She deserves justice for the things these officers and the masked person put her through and they deserve to be punished like any other person would be for committing crimes of this nature!      In the days and weeks following the search of her home, and the report of sexual assault, Bobbi Jo witnessed narcotics officers on her property several times between 2am and 4:30am, messing around her vehicle, outbuildings, surveillance cameras, and phone/cable/internet boxes/wiring. It is believed that they were doing this in darkness to remove wire taps and recording equipment that was illegally placed around her property prior to the search warrant. It was also discovered that the search warrant that the officers "got together" was a copy and paste of another person's warrant from October 6, 2017. Whoever typed up the warrant for Bobbi Jo's residence, forgot to change the address and house description in several paragraphs, when copying and pasting from the other person's warrant, so there were two different locations and descriptions of the property that was to be searched in the warrant for Bobbi Jo. Bobbi Jo's warrant also did not include a date or timeline for the alleged controlled buy that gave probable cause to obtain the warrant and search the property. Any one of these errors makes the search warrant invalid, yet officer Smith signed it under oath, swearing the information was true and accurate, a magistrate signed off on it, and the narcotics officers used it to enter and search someone's home, property and physical body. When we tried to obtain a copy of Bobbie Jo's warrant and the warrant of the other person the officers copied to compare them, neither had been returned to the clerk's office and filed as public record, even though it is supposed to be done within 48 hours after the execution of the warrant. Another example of these narcotics officers ignoring the rules and doing as they please!      The search warrant executed at Bobbi Jo's home was fabricated and invalid, and therefore did not give officers the right to search her property, making the entire experience a violation of her constitutional rights. The strip search further violated her human rights and physical body. With the search warrant being fabricated and no drugs found on the premises during the illegal search, there never should have been a physical search, much less a strip search by a masked person. It seems as though the officers were angry that they did not find what they were looking for, (because it was never there) and they wanted to find a way to humiliate Bobbi Jo before they were done with her. They did just that and more!       Bobbi Jo is a very selfless person who helps anyone in need, always giving way more than she takes. She has health issues, but nothing can keep her down. She stays busy working around her house and yard, while looking after an elderly friend whose needs she always puts above her own! She is now in a position where she needs other people to be there for her, which is why I started this petition, reaching out to anyone who is willing to stand up for her, be an advocate and prove that she is not alone through this difficult journey. Anyone who has experienced sexual assault or abuse can understand the impact it has on someone, and the changes it brings to a person's life. The emotional damage suffered by Bobbi Jo because of the events that took place in her home on October 17, 2017, will affect her for a long time, possibly a life time. She now lives in constant fear of law enforcement, and does not trust them or feel that they would protect her if she needed them. She has trouble sleeping because of the experience and a fear that officers are lurking around her property. The sexual assault and unwanted touching have left her scarred and psychologically damaged, and she has begun counseling, after her minister, friends and loved ones recommended it to help her deal with the issues she now has. It is a horrible thing to see someone you love, who was so full of life and optimism, change in such a negative way because law enforcement, the people who are supposed to protect and serve, violated, disrespected and assaulted her without care for her well being and a total disregard for the laws that should have protected her!     I have copies of the search warrant and police report if anyone would like to see them. I can only post one photo on the petition, but I can email the evidence to anyone who wants to see it for themselves. It really does speak for itself! 

stephanie young
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Petition to United States Supreme Court, U.S. House of Representatives, President of the United States

Legalize Plural marriage.

Simply put, we should have the legal freedom to marry as others do, Equal protection. Please read carefully.  Intent is to grant freedom to marry and to protect the underage. ------------------------------------ Same Sex Marriage is now legal, and I believe that those wishing a plural marriage should have equal protection under the law. More protection for those without a voice. i.e. if a marriage license is required then everyone involved would have to be OF AGE and all parties would have to give informed consent. Medical Insurance, Medical Decisions and Custody issues I believe could be addressed in a similar fashion as existing probate and custody laws already in place, employer provided healthcare could be fractional i.e. Employer pays for one total spouse or 50% and 50% of two spouses. More $ for local and state governments thru selling marriage licenses, wedding decorations etc. It would help families not have to feel the need to hide from society and they would be more apt to report any problems or difficulties in their homes. More freedom of choice. In the "Land of the FREE and the home of the brave" freedom should be IMPORTANTAffords more people equal protection under the law as required by the constitution. Would go a long ways towards eliminating marital and religious bigotry. It would save taxpayers millions and millions of $'s in future legal costs to have the discussion of Legalizing Plural marriage now vs.later. It would eliminate the arbitrary nature of the laws against those that want to live in a Polygamous family. It would help to eliminate abuse by those that are wanting to live a polygamous lifestyle for the WRONG reasons.It would enhance our national freedoms not take them away. I think it would be wise to protect the underage and those without a voice from harm in bad situationsI am just asking that I not get penalized for a few that might take advantage of polygamous marriages and do it for the wrong reasons, Give those of us that want to live it in the right way and for the right reasons a chance to live our beliefs. Legal/Constitutional reasons to Legalize Plural marriage ! There is NOT a single "LEGAL" non arbitary reason to prohibit it.  There are however legal and social reasons to make it legal. Many federal judges have recently ruled with regards to marriage that individuals should be allowed equal protection under the law. Furthermore, It is my understanding that we are supposed to be protected against discrimination with regards to the sales of products, goods and services in relation to Religion/Belief system, Race and Gender.  I feel that I am being discriminated against when I am NOT allowed to purchase a LEGAL marriage license under my system of beliefs.From the dissenting opinion by Justice Antonin Scalia in U.S. v. Windsor - supreme courts DOMA Decision.This case is about power in several respects. It is about the power of our people to govern themselves, and the power of this Court to pronounce the law. Today’s opinion aggrandizes the latter, with the predictable consequence of diminishing the former. .  .  .[In its holding, the Court] accuses the Congress that enacted this law and the President who signed it of something much worse than, for example, having acted in excess of enumerated federal powers—or even having drawn distinctions that prove to be irrational. Those legal errors may be made in good faith, errors though they are. But the majority says that the supporters of this Act acted with malice—with the “purpose” “to disparage and to injure” same-sex couples. It says that the motivation for DOMA was to “demean,” to “impose inequality,” to “impose a stigma,” to deny people “equal dignity,” to brand gay people as “unworthy,” and to “humiliat[e]” their childrenAccording to Victoria Dunlap former Sandoval County Clerk New Mexico;there are no legal grounds that say this should  be prohibited, I can't withhold it. (regarding same  gender marriage)  So what "Legal" grounds are  their to limit how many marriage contracts a person enters into ?It seems to me that with the opinion of Justice Scalia and that of Victoria Dunlap the exact same things could be said of the provisions against Polygamy.California is considering the following..RE: SB 1476 (Leno) – Provide that a child may have a parent and child relationship with more than 2 parents.Status: Passed the California  Legislature.  Enrolled and presented to the Governor for his approval.IF MORE THAN two parents are acceptable for 1 child why is more than one spouse not acceptable ... It is discrimination to NOT ALLOW FOR IT....--------------------------------a U.S. federal judge struck down part of Utah’s law banning polygamy on Friday, December 13, 2013. For more information regarding this case, please see this article: don't want to make this something ugly or complicated or cause the taxpayers undo costs and think it is wrong to waste taxpayer funds on litigation of social issues.  I figure when the courts are going to be busily going about discussions on same sex marriage they may as well address my concerns as well. I feel the current and even proposed changes to the laws are and will be  applied unfairly and in an arbitrary fashion, I believe they are discriminatory.  I believe the current wave of litigation and discussion on marriage and marriage equality also are arbitrary and discriminatory as they don't address all "marriage" and family types. If people are allowed to have many, many divorces why are they not allowed to have multiple spouses ? If all parties consent and of age, it seems it should be allowed to me.In one instance a man had been married and divorced 29 times "legally" he was allowed to enter into MORE THAN ONE "Legal Marriage contract"...  Companies and individuals are all the time allowed to enter into more than one legal contract. It seems that a individual should also be allowed to enter into more than one marriage contract so long as all parties consent and are of age.It seems to be very discriminatory to define marriage as between "a man and a women or a man and a man or a women and a women" ..If you are going to redefine marriage to be about LOVE and EQUALITY... then marriage should include any UNION that one or MORE Consenting adults of age wants to be involved in.PLEASE DO WHAT YOU CAN TO ADDRESS MY CONCERNS AND BRING ABOUT A NEEDED CHANGE TO THE MARRIAGE LAWS. Resource information                    

Carmalita Sanchez
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