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Petition to Raven software, Activision, Infinity Ward, Eric Hirshberg

Bring cross-platform (w/ Xbox & PlayStation) to MWR on PC.

Today on 7/27/17, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered got a standalone release. For those who don't keep up with game news, this game already existed before, but only bundled with Infinite Warfare to sell more copies. Now it got a standalone release so that people can buy the game without having to buy Infinite Warfare. Now that it got released, did the community improve? No. Sadly, it didn't improve the community at all because of 1) the price point it has and 2) they took too long to release this as a standalone game. So the game just suffocated itself in a hole. The game has a max of 200+ players on each day (as seen on SteamCharts) only playing 2 gamemodes (Team Deathmatch and Hardcore Team Deathmatch). That means everything else is a ghost town. Most, if not all gamemodes have "< 5%" of people playing/searching for that gamemode. As a long time COD4 fan back on Xbox 360, this game can be great again (even with the microtransactions thrown at your face and paid DLC). Who knows, Game Battles might actually come back to PC. ----- What we ask? We ask Raven Software, Activision and Infinity Ward to come together and add-in the ability/option to play with console players on both Xbox One and PS4. Many games have done this already, but MWR needs this more than ever. With this cross-platform, it will expand the community from 200 players a day to 10k + thousand players a day making each gamemode playable and the game overall enjoyable to play with friends. We need this. ---- If this doesn't work, I feel like someone should create a Discord server so that people that want to play the game can get into lobbies quick and easy with players that also want to play this game.

mr azgoodaz
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