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Save Rosie from being KILLED from neglect by the Fresno Public Guardian!

Free my mother, Rosie Sifuentez, from conservatorship by the Fresno Public Guardian’s Office. Restore her basic “human rights” to be properly cared for and “personal rights” including—but not limited to—the rights to receive visitors, telephone calls, and personal mail. The Fresno Public Guardian was granted conservatorship of my mother (person only) on October 26, 2021. However, they have been negligent in carrying out their duties to follow the most basic guidelines of The Judicial Council’s Handbook for Conservators to ensure that the proper care and the needs of my mother are met. My mother, Rosie, urgently needs to be removed from her home, away from the abusive and neglectful caretakers, Samuel Esqueda (son), Irene Sanchez (daughter) and Raymond Esqueda (grandson), who live with her. She is 79 years old, suffers from dementia, is battling kidney cancer, and has other health issues. The Public Guardian’s Office have violated my mother’s rights and diminished her dignity as a “human being” by allowing her caretakers to place her on the couch or bed to sit, rot away and die while watching television. Although my mother is not paralyzed, she is unable to walk due to the lack of movement, exercise and nutrition that has caused her muscles to atrophy and her body to look like a skeleton. We want to reach 1000 signatures by our court date on June 21, 2022. If you sign this petition, you will help free her from the Fresno Public Guardian and ease her daily suffering at the hands of her “caretakers”. Please help save my mother’s life!

Samantha Dussell
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Petition to Tennessee State House, Tennessee Governor, Tennessee State Senate

Change conservatorship laws! Let me visit my son!

I have an Autistic son that I raised for 19 years. In 2019 his paternal grandmother picked him up from Georgia for a visit and took him to Tennessee. They never bought him home. That summer his father and paternal grandmother filed for conservatorship over my son. I retained an attorney who advised me that the judge did not have jurisdiction over this case because my son wasn’t a resident of the state of Tennessee. At the court hearing  Chancellor L McMillan granted their request simply  because My family was in the process of a move to Germany and a therapist that had treated my son in TN stated that she did not believe there would be autism services available in Germany. It’s been 2.5 years and I now have no rights to my son. He is currently experiencing a mental health  crisis and has regressed significantly but his father “the conservator” is refusing to allow me to visit him. I flew from Germany to Clarksville just to visit my son. I have contacted attorney after attorney in Clarksville only to be told there is nothing I can do. My son has always stated that he doesn’t want to live with his father. His conservator helped him obtain a driving permit. If they believe he is he is capable Of driving a vehicle, he should be capable of choosing where he wants to live. No one is advocating for him and what he wants.  There is no oversight once a person is placed in conservatorship other than the court system. There should be an oversight committee or agency. In 2019 I was forced to accept that I could not take my son to Germany with me and I did my best to live with the Judges decision but I refuse to allow anyone to keep me from my son forever. I will not stop fighting for the right to have access to my loved one. I hope that no one else has to endure a situation like this.  After continued research to try to advocate for my son, I have found that the issue of visitation for people placed under conservatorship has already been addressed by Senator Rusty Crowe of Tennessee. Senator Crowe introduced the “Campbell/Falk Act," which addresses visitation rights for people under conservatorship. I am incredibly thankful that this law exists. The fact remains that there is still no oversight, and violations of this law continue to happen. There is no easy way to report violations, and depending on the severity of the situation hiring an attorney that is familiar with this law and waiting for a hearing to take place could be costly and cause undue stress to both the family and the respondent. I hope this campaign continues to gain attention and a change is made to address these concerns so that no other family has to deal with this. 

Jasmin Tracey
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Petition to Justice Department, Gavin Newsom, Federal Bureau of Investigation, United Nations, American Psychiatric Association, American Medical Association, California Bar Association

#FREEBRITNEY Replace Britney Spears’ Lawyer IMMEDIATELY & Investigate Her Conservators

On June 23rd, 2021 Britney Jean Spears testified in a Los Angeles probate court as to the abuse and inhumane medical care she has experienced for the past 13 years as a conservatee trapped within an abusive conservatorship. Ms. Spears detailed how she has an IUD implanted without her consent, and her conservators refuse to allow her to have it removed. Ms. Spears states she wants to "start a family and have a baby," and the conservatorship is not allowing that. The IUD in question is a direct violation of Ms. Spears' unalienable human rights. According to the United Nations, this constitutes involuntary sterilization. This petition seeks to open a full investigation through the appropriate parties into Ms. Spears' claims of abuse as they include serious human rights violations. As stated in her testimony on Wednesday, Ms. Spears feels both her conservators and management "belong in jail" for the abuse they have inflicted upon her for over a decade. While we wait for the California judicial system to police itself on this issue, we are seeking accountability from the appropriate federal agencies and state lawmakers. The #FreeBritney movement is a grassroots, civil, human, and disability rights issue. Ms. Spears pleaded to the public and Judge Brenda Penny for help in escaping this abusive conservatorship and yet, despite her powerful testimony remains under the care of the same people she states have abused, tortured, and traumatized her. We need to act now and replace her court-appointed attorney immediately, which is what Ms. Spears explicitly pleaded for on June 23rd 2021. We demand an investigation into all allegations of abuse as well as a thorough accounting of all excess fees paid from the estate of Ms. Spears since the creation of this conservatorship to her team. The #FreeBritney movement includes doctors, lawyers, and a plethora of other experts who have studied the public conservatorship records for years. We have reason to believe financial crimes have been occurring behind the scenes of this conservatorship resulting in a 9-figure financial loss for Ms. Spears. We need to act now. #FreeBritneyNOW 

Val Vezga
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Petition to American Civil Liberties Union

#FreeATeen, isolated teen with developmental disability needs a Nationwide advocate!

#FreeATeen #1FreedomNoGuardianship A teen with developmental disability needs his Civil Rights, no residential custodian in control; no Guardianship, conservatorship. IE:  #FreeBritney movement … Please share if you know others at risk of “guardianship, conservatorship” concerning a child/teen with disability, have verifiable information and want to be part of a TV segment/film! Those with disabilities deserve all available supports to ensure the best possible health and well-being. A primary residential custodian-father is choosing Not to provide: life and career skills, socialization, a therapist etc. while mom tried to give this child a voice via court for 15+ years, yet the court is under the father’s thumb because he has “National For-Profit” lawyers. The father used the Covid Pandemic as an “excuse” to isolate the teen since the year 2020 and prior to that. Thus, the primary custodian-father is choosing to violate court order and the child is then no longer provided his court ordered time with his maternal family: his mother, his siblings, aging grandparents, and cousins. Too often children and teens are fearful and silent, feeling like no one cares about their personal needs. This is a platform to ensure the children’s needs are met with all available support services and socialization. Global and Nationwide Experts, lawyers and non-profit advocates are needed now to "level the playing field" to give this teen and others Their Voice and that of Both Parents in the United States of America and Worldwide regardless of who has Money America is supposed to be "free of discrimination against people with disabilities; where people with disabilities are valued, integrated members of society who have full access to education, homes, health care, jobs, families, voting, and civic engagement." ( This teen has said:“Please help me, daddy controls me, I am in danger, hearts are breaking, I am having a break-down, my life is over…” The local lawyers told mom to:“Give up and walk away from your child and hope that he does not commit suicide”. This teen and everyone deserve the right to be heard as otherwise, many are held as if “ransom, hostage” by a residential custodian simply because they are motivated to litigate; solo guardian/conservatorship. Who are the strong advocates to lend a powerful sympathetic ear to bring this teen and other people their civil rights, freedom, independence—the life opportunities that everyone deserves? Please take a moment to share this with those can help protect against guardianship/conservatorship. If passed into law, the “Free Britney Act” would give individuals under a legal conservatorship or guardianship the right to ask for their court-appointed private guardian to be replaced with a public guardian who is “free from financial conflicts of interest.” ( Would you kindly share this and help? Thank you.

Z Pi
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