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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, President of the United States

Say no to the Assault Weapons Ban of 2019 (HR 1296)

On February 15th, 2019, Representative David N. Cicilline (D, Rhode Island, 1st Congressional District) introduced H.R 1296; the Assault Weapons Ban of 2019. The purpose of the bill, which is clearly stated in plain text is "To regulate assault weapons, to ensure that the right to bear arms is not unlimited, and for other purposes". The full text of the bill and its summary can be found here: The bill "makes it a crime to knowingly import, sell, manufacture, transfer, or possess a semiautomatic assault weapon (SAW) or large capacity ammunition feeding device (LCAFD)". This is an egregious and disturbing attempt to further infringe upon the protected right to bear arms under the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution. Even more terrifying is that the bill already has 198 co-sponsors, meaning that 198 members of the House of Representatives have pledged to support and vote to pass the bill. We, the people, must act! By signing, you will help make clear to the members of Congress who will be emailed this petition that you will not stand to have your rights infringed upon. We will use this petition as a show of popular support for the 2nd Amendment and our ability to exercise our rights. It's time that we stopped living in fear of the government, and remind them just how many law abiding firearms owners are in the United States, and how many of us are more than happy to vote them out of office if they continue to attempt to pass legislation that violates our rights. If we come together, anything is possible, and we have been gifted the ability to fight tyranny through the 1st Amendment. Let's use it! Send this petition to your friends and loved ones and get them to sign too! We need all the support we can get to make this happen.

Abraham Woodhull
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Petition to Voters, Gunowners , Washington

Repeal i-1639

"WHAT DOES INITIATIVE 1639 DO?You know that I-1639 is bad news for Second Amendment supporters, but what specific changes to the current law would it introduce? Here’s a summary detailing some of the changes in this 30-page document.   REMIND ME WHEN IT'S TIME TO VOTERegulate ordinary, recreational guns in common use as “assault” weapons.The Initiative creates a new and bizarre definition of a “semi-automatic assault rifle” (“SAR”). Section 16 of the Initiative defines a “SAR” as “any rifle which utilizes a portion of the energy of a firing cartridge to extract the fired cartridge case and chamber the next round, and which requires a separate pull of the trigger to fire each cartridge,” but excludes any firearm that is “manually operated by bolt, pump, lever, or slide action.” This definition means ordinary hunting guns, competitive shooting rifles and target shooting guns would all become “assault rifles.”Impose age-based bans for law-abiding adults.I-1639 bans pistol sales to anyone under 21 years of age. It prohibits transfers and sales of legal semi-automatic “assault” rifles (SARs) by anyone under 21 years of age. It bans the possession of semi-automatic rifles by anyone aged less than 21 years of age unless one of the few exceptions applies. These age restrictions on the legal possession of a SAR by anyone under the age of 21 apply even if the gun was acquired and possessed legally before the effective date of I-1639. This Initiative will deny law-abiding adults access to modern and effective firearms for self-defense, based exclusively on their age.  Other restrictions – new fees, training, and waiting periods – apply with respect to semi-automatic “assault” rifles even for persons who are over 21 years old.Drive up the costs of owning a gun.I-1639 creates a statewide tax (a fee of $25, for now) and imposes a training requirement for any purchaser or transferee of a “semi-automatic assault rifle” (SAR). The $25 “fee” and the cost of complying with the training, along with existing sales taxes and dealer transfer fees, will make it more expensive for residents to buy or acquire guns. And while I-1639 claims these fees will be used to “offset the administrative costs” of implementing the initiative, no part of these fees may be used to cover the administrative costs of gun dealers, who face new paperwork, signage, warning, and other requirements under the initiative. These compliance costs, too, are likely to be passed down to the consumer.       Mandatory StorageIntroduce “safe storage” requirements that impede gun use for self-defense, and punish gun owners for the acts of criminals. I-1639 establishes specific storage requirements for any firearms kept in any place, and creates a new category of crimes for gun owners who fail to keep firearms secured so as to prevent access by minors, criminals, and other “prohibited persons.” A gun owner may be criminally liable if a prohibited person gains access to a firearm incorrectly stored in a home, business, vehicle, or any other location. This means the gun must be in a locked box, gun safe, or other “secure locked storage space,” or locked using a trigger lock. The Initiative imposes criminal liability even if the firearm was stolen as a result of an unlawful entry, unless the theft is reported to law enforcement within five days. This section is drafted to be as general as possible. It applies to any place, including a vehicle or shooting range, and the person who fails to secure the gun doesn’t have to be the gun owner; it may apply to a guest or employee. New mandatory training.The Initiative will require that, as part of a legally compliant transaction, a purchaser or transferee of a "assault rifle" must show the dealer a “certification” or proof of training within the previous five years. The Initiative’s requirements for this training are unclear; it only lists six topics that must be covered, and does not define minimum hours of training, live-fire component or qualifications of the trainers. There are no exceptions to the training requirement. This will add to the cost and time needed to legally acquire any rifle that comes within the definition of a SAR. Download a printable flyer, yard sign and more to help spread the truth about I-1639Gun registry and gun confiscation.The Washington Department of Licensing (DOL) and law enforcement agencies are directed to collect and store information on purchases and transfers of guns under this Initiative, without limits on how this information may be used. Besides putting sensitive personal data at risk, this opens the door to a government registry of guns and gun owners.  The Initiative also directs law enforcement agencies and the DOL to develop a process to “verify, on an annual or more frequent basis,” that both handgun and SAR owners continue to be eligible to possess any firearm under state and federal law. It authorizes law enforcement to “take steps to ensure” that anyone who fails the verification process no longer possesses guns. The Initiative doesn’t specify how this will be enforced, but doesn’t rule out mandatory surrender and confiscation as a way to enforce this directive.New background check system.Initiative 1639 allows the state to replace the existing background check system with a new background check system for all firearm acquisitions and transfers, one that is “more comprehensive than” the existing system.Won’t live up to its promises. Although this Initiative is being billed as the “Safe Schools, Safe Communities Initiative,” it is not likely to have a meaningful impact on weapons in schools or violent crime, apart from inhibiting lawful self-defense. Semi-automatic rifles are used in a small fraction of crimes in Washington State. State law already makes it a crime to possess guns and dangerous weapons in schools and places used for school events, and imposes a general ban on persons under 18 possessing guns, with some exceptions. Other state laws prohibit criminals, including those convicted of crimes as juveniles, and other dangerous people from possessing guns. If passed, this Initiative will divert scarce law enforcement resources towards enforcement of this ineffective Initiative, and impede the ability of honest citizens to defend themselves." Cited word for word from

Kourtney Overmire
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Petition to Washington Post

Washington Post: Issue Apology for Glorifying ISIS Leader as “Austere Religious Scholar"

The undersigned are American citizens, former service members and national security professionals who have in the past taken the oath to defend our nation, including American-Muslims, some of whom have worn the uniform of the world’s greatest nation, the United States of America. The Washington Post marked our military’s successful killing of the world’s most-wanted terrorist, ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, by calling him an “austere religious scholar” in its headline, cloaking Baghdadi with the religious authority and legitimacy at the core of humanity’s ideological struggle against ISIS.  We condemn The Washington Post’s headline in the strongest possible terms. We demand an apology and accountability in the form of an internal review. To that end, we highly encourage the utmost public transparency during that process. This is not a debate over foreign policy. This is not a partisan critique. This is not a war of words or semantics. This is simply a demand that we call Baghdadi what he was: a terrorist who perpetrated genocide, mass rape, slavery, and horrors reserved only for the darkest chapters of human history. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi directed, oversaw, and personally engaged in some of the most horrific human rights violations the world has seen. He personally directed the capture, torture, and murder of four American civilians. He reportedly personally engaged in raping an American who had dedicated her life to helping others. 86 American service members and two U.S. Department of Defense civilians lost their lives in Operation Inherent Resolve, the campaign to defeat ISIS. The Washington Post made a critical and reckless misstep, violated the public trust, ignored their fundamental obligation to the American people, to the truth, and committed a substantial injury not just to the memory and families of our fallen, but to all of the American people. We acknowledge the headline was changed. We also acknowledge that your senior leadership failed to comment, failed to apologize, and failed to provide any degree of professional and due accountability. We are hopeful that The Washington Post can rise above this egregious failure to remedy the injury it has caused our great nation. The views expressed in this letter are those of the individuals and do not reflect the official policy or position of the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marines, U.S. Air Force, or the U.S. Department of Defense.     If you choose to promote this petition after signing it, your contribution will help advertise the petition to a wider audience of supporters and all contributions go to

Zachary Kraft
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