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Petition to Joshua Lindsay

Recall California Governor Gavin Newsom! Make California Great Again.

Governor Gavin Newsom in addition to Governor Jerry Brown have declared California a Sanctuary State, importing illegal immigrants to replace the people of California, and give them California's tax payer funded goods and services in order to alter the voting demographics against Americans, and in favor of Democrats. Recently, in 2019 within months of taking office, Governor Gavin Newsom pulled troops off the southern border when President Trump attempted to stop illegal immigrant caravans from entering the United States which threaten all of the United States not just California, and continues to allow immigrants to flow into California threw the Southern border. Because Democrat Governor Jerry Brown and his Lieutenant Governor, now Governor Gavin Newsom declared California a Sanctuary State.  These policies have rapidly increased California prison population and homeless encampments with illegal immigrants, and impacted public schools, and prohibit State Law Enforcement to cooperate with Federal Law Enforcement, ie ICE who's job is to deport illegal immigrant criminal offenders. Californians did not vote for Sanctuary Cities, or for California to feud with President Trump to bring in illegal immigrants to replace Californian citizens.  Therefore, here is a petition to Recall Governor Gavin Newsom.  If you agree please sign the Petition. Thank you for your time.  Make California Great Again! For more information on the process to recall a California Governor, goto: The Last Californian Governor to be recalled was Governor Gray Davis, who was replaced by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.  

Joshua Lindsay
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Petition to Zach J. Cook

Impeach Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham

To the Honorable Legislators of the state of New Mexico, In accordance with the Constitution of the state of New Mexico, Article II Bill of Rights, Section 16; Treason against the state shall consist only in levying war against it, adhering to its enemies, or giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court. To be sure, there’s no colloquial misuse of a legal term: The term “treason” as defined in this context “enemies,” for example, must be countries against which Congress has formally declared war or otherwise authorized the use of force. To be sure, there’s no colloquial misuse of a legal term: The term “enemy”, as defined in this context means; A person who is actively opposed or hostile to someone or something.  A hostile nation or its armed forces or citizens..  A thing that harms or weakens something else   The President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, has "authorized the use of force” by deploying the National Guard to the southern borders of New Mexico as to protect its citizens from illegal entry and or illegal activities of our enemies. The governor of the state of New Mexico, Michelle Lujan Grisham, has overruled this authorization of the President and ordered the removal of the National Guard. By doing so, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has deliberately and recklessly aided our enemies in illegal entry to the state, committing illegal activities and endangering the safety of its citizens. Therefore, by this reason, let we the people of the State of New Mexico bear witness and decree that Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham be impeached from office on grounds of Treason and we affirm this decree by signing of this petition.

John Daniel
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Petition to Amazon, Jeff Bezos, Apple

Tell Amazon and Apple: Don't ban "The Autism Vaccine" book!

Parents all over the world have insisted their children developed autism after receiving vaccinations. To add to the problem, government health officials and their pharmaceutical partners have attempted to shut down any discussion about the problem. They studied one vaccine (MMR), one vaccine ingredient (Thimerosal), and stopped looking after that. They protected themselves by making it impossible to sue them for problems caused by vaccines. The science isn't settled on this issue, even though you'll hear people screaming that every day on social media. For instance, here are over 150 papers that link autism to vaccines: Several other books have been written about the topic, including J.B. Handley's "How to End the Autism Epidemic" just last year, but none seems as controversial as author Forrest Maready's "The Autism Vaccine." The book is still 2 months away from being released and people are so infuriated by the title that a petition has been created to try and get Amazon and Apple to ban it! The petition has close to 5,000 signatures and there is a danger Amazon and Apple might listen to them and ban the book, preventing us from reading the book. If you are for truth and transparency and would like to be able to hear what Forrest Maready has to say about the history of vaccines and autism, sign up! Make your voice be heard! Don't let the bad guys censor scientific progress and understanding!

Scientific Mama
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