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Petition to Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP, home office, Antoinette Sandbach MP

Allow Izota Castriciones-Sarmiento to return home to the United Kingdom

My girlfriend is a long way from home. In 2014, Izota Castriciones-Sarmiento, then aged 13, moved to the UK alongside her mother, who was moving to live with her new husband, a UK-born national. Since that time, Izota has made huge steps towards a prosperous career in Britain, including 10 GCSE's at Tarporley High School, and a highly respectable set of A-levels at Sir John Deane's Sixth Form College. Now 18, she was aspiring to go to university in September 2018, but unfortunately this has not been possible. As her residence visa was soon to run out, Izota and her mother left the United Kingdom and moved to Italy, where they had lived previously, in order to apply for a settlement visa, which would have allowed her to continue living a happy life in the UK. After a hefty wait, she was told on October 2nd that her case had been rejected by the Home Office, denying Izota the right to return home to her loving friends and family, who all miss her desperately. As somebody who has lived in the United Kingdom my entire life, I have always believed that anybody should be allowed to stay in the country if they are willing to play their part in our society. So far, Izota has clearly demonstrated that she has much to offer this country, if only she were given a little more time. As a citizen, I am outraged, but as her boyfriend, I am truly distraught. So, please sign this petition to give Izota a chance. #WeNeedYou

Oliver Youd
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Petition to The Rt Hon Graham Brady, The Rt Hon Brandon Lewis

Follow the referendum result and manifesto in full

After the last 2 years of the Government tying the hands of DExEU, we the undersigned make the request of all Conservative MPs to deliver on the referendum and our own Manifesto commitments to leave the European Union in full, including but not limited to: Leaving the Single Market and Customs Union - including the CFP and CAP Ending the jurisdiction of the CJEU (ECJ) - including the requirement of ECJ case law to be used in legal considerations To end Freedom of Movement - without setting different quotas or other similar attributes; or to use "mobility" as a backdoor operation by which to continue this To end paying vast sums of money to the EU - including a divorce bill with or without a deal as suggested by Dominic Raab To maintain English Law as the gold standard for commercial legal entities and cases throughout the world To uphold our democracy as the oldest modern democracy on the planet, upon which many parliamentary systems are based Not to push propaganda through the media by collusion with business or other politicians - such as Airbus, et al. To restore faith in the Conservative Party by following through on it and May's commitments since June 2016 that "Brexit means Brexit"; and finally, Not to undermine the strength of will and conviction, or intelligence of the electorate in these matters: the 17.4 million Leave voters, the 70% of the Conservative vote that voted to Leave, and the 67 million+ citizens of the United Kingdom who rely on our institutions to function correctly and properly in accordance with their wishes without renaming any of these things, or using political backhanded tactics as an attempt to bypass the 2017 General Election and the 2016 EU Referendum. The Government has single-handedly brought the fall of the faith in democracy, the Conservatives and the UK's place in the world outside the EU. Furthermore, the tactics used by the Cabinet Office since the Chequers meeting have not only undermined commitments made on several occasions (Mansion House, Lancaster House, etc.), but also undermined the intellect, strength and will of the electorate. We, the voters of Leave and Remain, Tory members, supporters, activists, and campaigners, speak on behalf of the majority, and we will not stand by while our democracy is destroyed from within, nor will we allow the People's faith in our beloved institutions to be destroyed so willingly without political consequence. The requests in this petition must be realised in full without any deviation or underhanded tactics which make our democracy appear a sham to the electorate. However we voted since 2016 bears no relevance to this petition, as this issue affects every single one of us. Therefore, we stand together, Tory, Labour, Remain, Leave, voter, non-voter; side-by-side and say to you Graham Brady, Brandon Lewis, and Conservative MPs up and down the country, that we ask you to stand up for us and ditch the Chequers Plan.

The Bent Tory
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Started 2 months ago

Petition to Marcial Boo, Chief Executive, Petition Commit, Kate Hoey (Vauxhall Constituency Rep)

Suspended pay for MP’s until Brexit deal is achieved.

Brexit is a hot mess. Every ounce of information the public has received so far has been filled to the brim with propaganda, slander, fearmongering, dramatic exits, shoddy replacements, and distractions. Instead of working together to come to an open acceptable solution, MP’s have behaved worse than children, bickering in parliament, threatening foreign relationships, entertaining a so-called ‘No Deal’ Brexit, (which is possibly the worst outcome that we could ever have come up with) and generally not even ‘trying’ to put petty party differences aside for the collective good of the UK.  It’s time to hit them where it hurts.  We all know that as soon as something threatens our money/income/livelihood, we get to acting pretty damn fast. Where is the incentive for our MP’s to act in the interests of the common person, if they continue getting paid extortionate amounts to carry on as they are? If a child acted the same way as some of the people in our government are at the moment, you’d put them in a timeout for goodness sake.  There needs to be a sense of urgency and responsibility to the British people added to this process. Ultimately it is the ‘people’ who pay the salaries of those in government, and if they are no longer serving the ‘people’, payment should be discontinued. If you hire someone to do a job, and they can’t or won’t do the job required, eventually repurcussions have to be made.  There can be ways of sanctioning our MP’s fairly. I.e. if a deal is not thoroughly and expertly laid out and explained to the public before a certain date, then payment will cease for a certain time. Or something similar to that note. Newspapers must only print factual progress on the Brexit deal, and no MP must give out any information on in-house politics or anything of that matter or they will be fined,  (because truthfully, who cares about the personal opinion of Boris Johnson when the country is hurtling towards a cliff edge? He’s fine, he’s got stakes in business, property, and a plethora of wealthy connections. Whatever happens with Brexit - HIS money isn’t going to be affected...much.)  It’s time for our MP’s to show us what we are paying for. Give us results, and give us candid unsullied information about a deal so important, that it will shape the economic future of Britain for decades to come yet. There has been too much chaos and blame-shifting going on when what we really need is a solid coherent plan.   

Freedom Deane
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