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Petition to Andrés Manuel López Obrador, SEMARNAT, PROFEPA, CONAPESCA, CONANP, CONABIO

Prevent the Imminent Extinction of the Vaquita Porpoise in Mexico!

The vaquita is a small porpoise that can only be found in the Upper Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez) in Mexico. The species is listed as “Critically Endangered” by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and is facing imminent extinction due to accidental entanglement in illegal gillnets set by poachers. Fewer than 20 individuals of this species remain, and the population continues to decline at an alarming rate. All efforts by the Mexican government and NGOs to counter the threat to the vaquita and reduce the rate of decline have so far been unsuccessful. Experts agree that the only way to save the species is to take immediate and decisive action: remove gillnets from the Sea of Cortez, step up efforts to enforce the existing gillnet ban and prosecute those that violate it. With a new president at the helm, it is now absolutely vital to reinforce to the Mexican government that there is no time to take a break. The vaquita will join the baiji river dolphin and go extinct under the world’s eyes if the Mexican government does not take its commitment to saving the vaquita seriously and act now. It needs to act today, as the last vaquita may drown in a gillnet tomorrow. “The world is watching as the endangered vaquita porpoise in the Sea of Cortez is approaching extinction. This is our very last chance to prevent the loss of a unique species that is just as important to the identity of the region of Mexico it calls home as it is to humanity and as a piece in the vast and amazing tapestry of biodiversity on this planet. We call on the Mexican government to drastically step up its efforts to take immediate, decisive and effective action to end the gillnet threat once and for all; to put much needed resources towards the strict enforcement of the existing gillnet ban and to prosecute those that violate it to the full extent of the law. Do not wait for others to solve this problem. Do not waste precious time. Every single day counts. Do not let it be your legacy that you let the only cetacean endemic to Mexico go extinct on your watch. ¡Viva la vaquita marina!” You can be the vaquita's voice!Help us save this unique and beautiful species from extinction. Sign and share petition and spread the word! #SaveTheVaquita Find out more about the or Download a PDF version to collect signatures in your community.

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Petition to Honorable Doug Donaldson

End Cruel Hunting Contests in Canada

These contests are not wildlife management, they are slaughter. Earnings points and winning cash prizes for killing animals is blatantly cruel. Please notice that this petition is not just about wolves, but many other innocent animals.  47 members of pro-animal groups sent an open letter to Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources Doug Donaldson, demanding the end to all “wildlife-killing contests” across British Columbia. Minister Donaldson’s response states that the ministry does not condone or encourage these types of events, but that there are currently no rules preventing them, providing the hunters are properly licensed and all laws are followed. Minister Donaldson’s response is unacceptable. The bloodbath must stop. Time is running out. Global News journalist Sean Boynton reported on three upcoming contests in his recent article: Williams Lake by Chilcotin Guns is being dubbed a “wolf-whacking” contest. The event began on Dec. 1 and ends on March 31. For $20, contestants compete in teams of one to four to see who can kill the most wolves by the deadline. One in Yahk, B.C., sponsored by Creston Valley Rod and Gun Club has a point system for killing different animals: three points for cougars or wolves, two for coyotes and one for raccoons. The “predator tournament” runs from March 16 to 24 and offers cash prizes for the top three contestants. The third event cited in the letters comes from the West Kootenay Outdoorsmen, which is advertising a prize of $500 “for each wolf killed.” Please sign and share this petition and send a message to Minister Donaldson that you want wildlife-killing contests to end.

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Petition to Premier John Horgan, Honourable Andrew Weaver, Honourable Doug Donaldson, Honourable George Heyman, Elizabeth May, Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch

Save B.C. Wolves

January 15, 2015: B.C. Government green-lights controversial wolf hunt in the South Selkirk and South Peace regions. As many as 184 wolves to be shot from helicopters. January 20, 2016: Courts asked to rule on B.C.'s controversial wolf cull: Pacific Wild and Valhalla Wilderness Society have filed an application for a judicial review to determine whether the provincial government’s decision to cull wolves reasonably constitutes proper management of wolves.  May 3, 2016: Wolf kill numbers nearly double in 2016: Year two of five of the B.C. government’s tax-payer-funded wolf kill project is now complete, with the government announcing today their aerial snipers virtually doubled the body count. January 20, 2017: BC government admits culling of wolves is inhumane, yet still considers cull expansion. February 24, 2017: Governments of Canada and of British Columbia conclude study on protection of southern mountain caribou. March 26, 2017: Last day to submit public comment on Protection Study for Southern Mountain Caribou (Central Group) in BC, intended to inform provincial and federal decision-making with respect to the ongoing protection and recovery of southern mountain caribou populations and their critical habitat. January 10, 2018: Proposed BC-Canada Agreement to Protect Mountain Caribou Is Toothless January 19, 2018: The B.C. government is proposing to increase the wolf trapping season on Vancouver Island in a misguided attempt to preserve deer populations Three years later, these headlines continue today. Decades of habitat destruction and human encroachment have left B.C.’s mountain caribou on the edge of survival. Instead of protecting critical food and habitat for caribou, such as the lichen rich interior forests, the B.C. government has now placed the blame on wolves. Wolves are now being targeted for aerial killing and expanded legalized hunting and trapping of wolves. These highly social and intelligent animals, icons of our natural heritage, should not be killed because of government negligence. Killing all the wolves in B.C. won’t bring the caribou back in the absence of habitat protection. Wolves are social animals which are integral to ecosystem function. It is the view of Pacific Wild that they deserve protection and should not be exterminated because the B.C. government has continually failed to protect and recover enough habitat for caribou. Gross mismanagement of species at risk in B.C., a province with no endangered species law, results in unethical culls of predators and competing species, such as cougars and moose. There are solutions and alternatives to protecting B.C.'s caribou, but killing animals should not be one of them.  ***(PLEASE NOTE you are NOT donating to Pacific Wild when asked after you have signed the petition - you are donating to Learn more and support the campaign to end the wolf kill and educate the public about this issue. Go to: to learn more and take action Share through social media: @pacificwild #saveBCwolves #WarOnWildlife Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and TwitterContact Pacific Wild: Pacific Wild is a B.C. based non-profit wildlife conservation organization and a leading advocate for changes to wolf management in British Columbia.    

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Petition to Hon. John Horgan, Hon. Doug Donaldson

Ban the Hunting of Cougar, Lynx & Bobcat in British Columbia, Canada

THE ISSUE: During the fall, winter and spring months in British Columbia, cougar, lynx and bobcat are killed for trophy. Hunting big cats is a difficult task so hounds, often equipped with GPS collars, are used to track, chase and tree the animals. As the cat sits exhausted and defenseless, the trophy hunter follows the GPS signal to its location. While standing near the base of the tree, the animal is shot. Shooting at extreme angles and with tree branches often obscuring sightlines, a clean kill is never guaranteed. Cougar, lynx and bobcat are hunted recreationally for trophy. Hunting regulations in the province do little to avoid orphaning kittens. While it is illegal to kill a mother cougar in the presence of her kittens, killing a mother while she has left her kittens in the safety of a nursery or rendezvous site is legal. Orphaned kittens are often left to starve or are attacked by other predators and rarely survive. CALL TO ACTION: In December of 2017, the BC NDP banned the grizzly bear hunt, due in part to public opposition to an outdated, inhumane and unethical practice. The hunting of cougar, lynx and bobcat is no different than grizzly hunting and belongs in the past. Join Wildlife Defence League today as we seek to protect wild cats in British Columbia! ***(PLEASE NOTE you are NOT donating to Wildlife Defence League when asked after you have signed the petition - you are donating to  

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