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Petition to City of Cape Canaveral, Brevard County Parks and Recreation, Mayor Bob Hoog

Create a forest park in Cape Canaveral

Dear community members of Cape Canaveral and surrounding areas, We have the opportunity to preserve the last remaining forest on the barrier island right here in Cape Canaveral. The property is 10 acres of live oaks, cabbage palms, and other native plants and critters. 10 acres may not seem like a ton, but it is plenty of room to have multi-use trails through rare, coastal hardwood forest. The property would provide trails to create a cool, shade-filled area for walking, running, birding, education, and a community space for learning. Additionally, Cape View Elementary School is in close proximity, so students could have educational trips. You may have been to a few of our public spaces in the area, but none are forested. Instead, they are manicured spaces designed to accomplish a different goal. The goal of this new space is to conserve some of our last remaining natural ecosystem for our native species, while also promoting exploration, health benefits, and ecosystem services that natural areas provide. Not only is this property excellent for our well-being via trails, but it also provides numerous benefits to our local wildlife and lagoon. This property is a safe haven for our neighborhood wildlife: mockingbirds, cardinals, blue jays, red-bellied woodpeckers, downy woodpeckers, warblers, and even migratory birds. Other wildlife includes raccoons, possums, native mice, native frogs, and potentially more depending on the property’s geography. Considering the nearest comparable natural walking trails are at least a 20 minute drive away, or over the causeways, this forest would provide accessibility to many folks who wouldn't otherwise experience the beauty of Florida's forests. Once this space is lost to development, there will be virtually no other chance to preserve natural land for ourselves and our community beach-side. The goal of this petition is to prove that there is public interest so that we can apply for funding from the city and/or state through community grants to purchase the land from a private seller. Please email us with any questions at

Steven Longmire
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Petition to General public

Save San Sebastian Basilica

UPDATED (January 7, 2021): [ENGLISH VERSION] The Save San Sebastian Campaign (#SaveSanSebastian) is a public call for support of the overall protection of San Sebastian Basilica, an Augustinian Recollect legacy which was born from resilience over 400 years ago. It stands now as a symbol of permanence in the City of Manila and a true historical landmark.  Today, the Recollect Order and San Sebastian Basilica Conservation and Development Foundation, Inc. are jointly committed to save this shared national treasure and the community it serves. We are leading the restoration of San Sebastian, and more recently, the movement opposing the condominium building scheduled for construction behind it. (What is happening with the condominium building behind San Sebastian? Read our Official Statement #1 in English and Filipino.)  Our goal for this petition is to raise 400,000 signatures by this August 2021. This is also the year we celebrate the 400th year anniversary of the very first San Sebastian church. The signatures from this general petition will be recorded to show the public there is a community of people who care about the Basilica and the neighborhood. Help us today to raise awareness about San Sebastian and why it must be protected. We strongly believe in the power of a united community, and so beyond this petition, we invite everyone to connect with us and collaborate. For collaborations, and any other questions, contact us directly at  You can also stay updated about our milestones by joining our weekly Mailing List. Thank you for choosing to stand with San Sebastian and this community. Together, we will #SaveSanSebastian!   [FILIPINO VERSION] Ang Save San Sebastian Campaign (#SaveSanSebastian) ay isang pag-tawag sa publiko para sa suporta ng bawat isa na pahalagahan ang San Sebastian Basilica, isang Augustinian Recollect legacy na isinilang mula sa katatagan higit sa 400 taon na ang nakararaan. Nakatayo ito ngayon bilang isang simbolo ng pagiging permanente sa Lungsod ng Maynila at isang tunay na makasaysayang palatandaan.  Ngayon ang Recollect Order at San Sebastian Basilica Conservation and Development Ang Foundation, Inc. ay magkasamang nakatuon upang mai-salba ang ibinahaging pambansang kayamanan at ang komunidad na pinagsisilbihan nito. Pinamunuan ng aming grupo ang pagpapanumbalik ng San Sebastian, at higit pa dito kamakailan lamang, ang grupo na tumututol sa condominium building na naka-schedule na itayo sa likod nito. (Ano ang nangyayari sa gusali ng condominium sa likuran ng San Sebastian? Basahin ang aming Opisyal na Pahayag #1 sa Ingles at Filipino.) Ang aming layunin para sa petisyon na ito ay upang maabot ang 400,000 na lagda sa ngayong Agosto 2021. Ito rin ang taon na ipinagdiriwang natin ang ika-400 taong anibersaryo ng pinakaunang simbahan ng San Sebastian. Ang mga lagda mula sa pangkalahatang petisyon na ito ay maitatala upang ipakita sa publiko na mayroong komunidad o mga taong nagmamalasakit sa Basilica at sa kapitbahayan. Tulungan ninyo kami na mai-paalam ang kamalayan tungkol sa San Sebastian at kung bakit ito dapat protektahan. Lubos kaming naniniwala sa kapangyarihan ng isang nagkakaisang komunidad, at higit pa sa petisyon na ito, kami ay nag-aanyaya sa lahat na makiisa sa amin at makipagtulungan sa amin. Para sa mga pakikipagtulungan, at anumang iba pang mga katanungan, makipag-ugnay sa amin nang direkta sa Maaari ka rin manatiling updated tungkol sa aming mga ginagawa sa pamamagitan ng pagsali sa aming Mailing List:. Salamat sa pagpili ng panindigan kasama si San Sebastian at ang komunidad. Sama-sama tayo sa panawagang #SaveSanSebastian!

San Sebastian Basilica Conservation and Development Foundation, Inc.
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Petition to George Monbiot

George Monbiot, please reconsider your views on regenerative grazing.

Dear George Monbiot                                           Farmers who have transitioned from conventional grazing to Holistic Management and Planned Grazing, a technique developed by Zimbabwean wildlife biologist Allan Savory, report greatly increased carbon storage. This method is an essential solution for mitigating flooding, providing food security, restores wildlife habitat, improves bio nutrient density, eases international tensions. Here is a compendium of peer review research citing the effectiveness of regenerative grazing. I also recommend you read How Cows Save the Planet and Other Improbable Ways of Restoring Soil Health to Heal the Earth by Judith D. Schwartz, which addresses any concerns you might have. Hope Below Our Feet: Peer-Reviewed Publications on Grazing as a Means of Improving Rangeland Ecology, Building Soil Carbon, and Mitigating Global Warming                                                                                                                                                   We ask that you reconsider your views on this matter. For as the earth continues to warm and the crisis worsens we need regenerative grazing to restore the 2/3 of the world's ice free land turning to desert. Your approval of these methods would be most helpful for advancing this groundbreaking field which will improve the lives of billions of people in the years to come.   Best Regards, Nicholas Alden

Nicholas Alden
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Petition to Secretary David Bernhardt, Mike Reynolds - Regional Director, Deb Haaland - Nominee for Secretary

Sea Turtle Program Under Attack in Texas

There is something terrible going on at Padre Island National Seashore. The brand new superintendent of Padre Island National Seashore, a man who is not a scientist, has endorsed a Review that will gut and defund the Kemp's ridley sea turtle program run by Dr. Donna Shaver, a celebrated scientist.  Unless the public speaks out now and demands this Review be withdrawn, the successful program that protects the Kemp's ridley sea turtle will be a remnant of what it is now.  The two primary nesting locations for this most endangered of sea turtles are Padre Island National Seashore and a beach in Mexico. Reducing this program in Texas will reduce the Kemp's ridley population and put the entire species at even higher risk of extinction.Dr. Shaver was not invited to contribute to or even read the Review which will decimate the sea turtle program at Padre Island National Seashore. She is the foremost authority on the Kemp's ridley turtle and it is her sea turtle program. Instead, she was preemptively placed under a gag order not to comment before the Review was ever released. She may not be able to comment, but her whistle blower complaint says plenty. Dr. Shaver, who is celebrated worldwide, is sacrificing her career in an an effort to save these sea turtles.Here are a few of the damaging changes requested in the Review.The superintendent wants a 30% reduction in funding for the sea turtle program. The superintendent wants to cut back the popular public hatchling release program which showcases Dr. Shaver's & others' work saving the Kemp's ridley sea turtle and which brings in approximately one million dollars in annual tourist revenue to Corpus Christi, Texas.   Although all sea turtles are endangered, the superintendent wants all work to save other species of sea turtles at the park prohibited. If sea turtle eggs are not collected and protected at the Padre Island National Seashore, there is a 100% chance they will be destroyed. This ruling means any green sea turtle eggs or loggerhead sea turtle eggs laid at the beach will be left to be destroyed by vehicles, fire ants, or coyotes.  Any cold-stunned or injured green or loggerhead turtles must be left in place, likely to die of predation or injury.  After years of helping sea turtles, volunteers and scientists are being ordered to turn their backs and ignore them.Even though public comment was legally required for this Review, no public comment was requested or allowed. As you see, they even gagged the top scientist! This petition is our attempt to redress that and make a public comment.  Members of the public fish, camp, and go birding at this national park. You have to drive on the beach for all of these activities. The proposed changes would either prohibit driving April 1 - July 15, or, at a minimum, require an additional permit fee on top of the park entrance fee. These proposals are in the report and acknowledge the state must be consulted.  They are the argument for defunding the sea turtle program. The argument is wrong, but the argument is you can defund the program because there will be no driving on the beach. We believe in following the money to determine the reason behind this incomprehensible and destructive proposal. It appears the National Park Service would like to ban all traffic on the beach, ending camping and recreational fishing, and telling the public that nests on the beach are now safe, so they can reclaim the funds that were specifically granted for the turtle program and use those funds for other purposes.  In fact, any nests left on the beach would not be safe.  100% would be predated by coyotes, fire ants, or other wildlife.  Vehicles are only one of the threats to turtle nests. Banning traffic and dismantling the turtle program ends birding, fishing, and camping, as well as destroying endangered Kemp ridley sea turtles. However, under the original agreement between the state of Texas and the U.S. Government, if traffic is prohibited on the beach, the park will revert to the state. It may be that the National Park Service does not think Texas will try to reclaim the park land or perhaps the National Park Service no longer wants this park. In any event, if the park reverted to the state, it might no longer be a park, but might be developed. Either way, a way of life on Padre Island National Seashore is being threatened, not only for turtles, but also for tourists and residents. The sea turtles which nest at Padre Island National Seashore don't  belong to the park or to Texas. They are protected by the National Park Service which should be stewards for them.  In this case, the stewardship has failed, so contact your Senators and Representatives and object to this travesty. Not surprisingly, the final insult of the Review is this: "research activities be removed from the Chief of the Division of Sea Turtle Science and Recovery and be placed under the direct control of a nonscientist, the park superintendent." That is right, take the scientific program away from control by scientists and give it to a career park employee who is an administrator, not a scientist.We demand this Review be withdrawn and any future Reviews be a collaboration with park scientists, as well as management, and that future Reviews be released for public comment, as is required by law, 

Marilyn Litt
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