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Petition to Aliese Liesa (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commissioner), Brian Yablonski, Richard Hanas, Bo Rivard, Charles Roberts, Robert Spottswood, Kipp Frolich, David Telesco, Sarah barrett

Stop The 2017 Florida Black Bear Hunt

Despite strong opposition, in 2015 the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) approved a reckless trophy hunt of Florida’s Black Bears to appease special interest groups, whose members numbers represent only a small minority of Floridians. It was the first time in 20 years Florida Black Bears were allowed to be hunted after they were nearly wiped out due to out-of-control hunting and poaching. The 2015 trophy hunt backfired on the FWC. The world watched as black bears were being killed at an alarming rate. The death toll rose so fast that the hunt, which was scheduled to last for seven days, was ended in just 48 hours. This gross mismanagement of Florida’s wildlife shook the state of Florida and forever changed the impression and trust people had of the FWC. Over 90% of Floridians were documented as opposing this hunt, and people from all over the world, including many hunters and conservationists, came together in an effort to save bears and stop this proposed annual trophy hunt. In 2016, the Florida Black Bear hunt was voted down due to overwhelming public outcry against the barbaric and unnecessary hunt. Sign this petition, and let your voice be heard: no 2017 Black Bear Trophy Hunt!

Stop The Florida Bear Hunt
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Petition to Troy Board of Education

Save Parcel 11

We want Parcel 11 to be conserved in its natural state and left undeveloped. For decades the wooded lot known as Parcel 11 has been a nature sanctuary in the midst of our community in Troy, Michigan. It is home to abundant wildlife and helps preserve clean air and fresh water for our residents. Bald eagles, honey bees, migrating birds, and deer are a few of the lifeforms who call this place home. It is beautiful and wild and essential to maintaining a balance in the environment. It is connected to running water, wet lands, and local parks, as well as containing a vernal pond system. Parcel 11 is an integral part of the local ecosystem. Troy Schools own this property tax-free and have left it wild for decades. Now they wish to sell it for a one time infusion of revenue to build additional facilities.  Sale of this land would likely result in new housing developments and the death of the wildlife and trees that live there. Additionally the schools would have even more families to service. This would increase classroom size, placing additional strain on the operations budget, staff, and facilities without funds to do so. We want Parcel 11 to be conserved in its natural state and left undeveloped. Loss of this wild space would damage the environment, stress our school system, and harm local property values. A single influx of revenue without funding to maintain the resultant additional demands on our school district is a short sighted and irresponsible choice. Damaging the environment within our very own school district is inconsistent with the curriculum of environmental sciences being taught to our students in our schools. For the long term wellbeing of our schools, community and environment, save Parcel 11!

Crystal Stefaniak
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Petition to California Fish & Game Commission

Stop Subsidizing CA Fur Trapping: Tell CA Fish & Game Commission to Comply with State Law

Petition by Project Coyote and the Center for Biological Diversity A coalition of wildlife conservation groups successfully ended bobcat trapping in California in 2015. But the job was left undone: thousands of gray foxes, beavers, badgers, and other fur-bearing animals are still subject to cruel trapping for profit and recreation in California. It's come to light that the state's oversight of its trapping program does not comply with existing state law.  Join us in calling on the California Fish and Game Commission (Commission) to comply with a never-enforced provision of California law. If implemented, it could mean the end of commercial fur trapping in the state. California law requires that the state's costs of managing a fur-trapping program must be fully recovered through trapping-license fees. But those fees cover only a tiny fraction of the hundreds of thousands of dollars the state spends on wardens, biologists, and administrators to oversee trapping. The Commission has never raised fees to cover these costs and instead has allowed an illegal taxpayer subsidy to prop up the industry. Absent that subsidy, fur trapping would likely no longer exist in the state. That commercial and recreational fur trapping is still even allowed at all in California is shocking to most, but the fact that state wildlife managers have been illegally subsidizing this barbaric and antiquated practice at taxpayer expense is simply outrageous and unacceptable.  BACKGROUND By law (Pavley - SB 1148), the Commission is required to adjust the fees charged for trapping licenses to cover all departmental costs. This law has been in effect for several years, but the Commission has not complied!   The Commission will soon be issuing trapping licenses for the 2016-2017 season, and yet the state issues these licenses in violation of the law. Trapping license fees do not cover the actual cost of implementing the state’s trapping program. The current cost of a trapping license is just $117, which is at least 15 times less than it should be to generate enough revenue to cover the cost of the fur-bearing and non-game mammal trapping program, based on publicly available information. Existing law requires that license fees be adjusted to cover the program costs of the Fish and Game Commission and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife in the management and implementation of the state’s trapping program.   What you can do: 1. The Commission is considering taking regulatory action on this issue and we need your support! Please sign this petition that will be delivered to the California Fish and Game Commissioners, and let them know that the illegal subsidy of trapping must end immediately, and that you support a ban on all commercial and recreational fur trapping in the state. After signing, please share this petition widely with friends, family, and colleagues. If you want to send your own personalized letter (see below for talking points) you can email the Commission directly at (Please also cc your letters to For more information about this issue, see our action alert and read our joint letter to the Commission on this issue here. 2. Join Project Coyote, the Center for Biological Diversity, and allies at the upcoming Fish and Game Commission meeting and make your voice heard in support of this petition. More information and the meeting agenda can be found here (public testimony is limited to a few minutes and should be delivered during the Public Forum, agenda item #4 on Feb. 8): What: California Fish and Game Commission Meeting
 When: Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2017 (agenda here) @ 8:30 a.m. Where: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Sonoma Wine Country, One DoubleTree Drive, Rohnert Park, CA More info.: 3. Help keep this issue in the public eye by submitting Letters to the Editor to your local paper(s). Use the talking points below and our tips and tools for writing LTE’s. Talking points (please personalize & be sure to include your complete contact information to ensure that your letter is counted in the official record): A Fish and Game Code provision was added with the passage of SB 1148 (Pavley) for the 2013-2014 trapping season that requires license fees be raised to cover program and implementation costs from fee-based programs. Yet the Commission has failed to comply with this straightforward requirement for four years now. We cannot stand for a fifth year of non-compliance. If the Commission cannot ensure that trapping license fees are raised to a level that would realistically cover the state’s trapping program implementation costs, the Commission should eliminate the fur-trapping program. Fewer than 100 Californians engage in commercial trapping for the fur trade. As public trustees of California's wildlife, the Commission should require licensing fees that are in line with the true cost incurred by this tiny minority of people who enjoy trapping animals for fun and profit. Project Coyote is a national coalition of scientists, educators, ranchers, and citizen leaders promoting compassionate conservation and coexistence between people and wildlife. To learn more about our work, visit our website here and sign up for Project Coyote’s E-Team to stay apprised of this and other related issues. The Center for Biological Diversity’s mission is to secure a future for all species. To learn more about the Center and join us in this mission, visit us here. Thank you for taking action for California’s precious wildlife!  

Project Coyote
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Petition to California Fish and Game Commission

Help Protect Wolves in California

Snares, lethal traps, night-hunting. These are the deadly dangers that wolves face as they attempt to return to their native home of California. Project Coyote and the Center for Biological Diversity are taking swift action to protect wolves from these lethal practices and your voice is needed now! We have petitioned the California Fish and Game Commission to ban lethal trapping and night-hunting in the wolf recovery zone to better protect wolves from deadly traps and bullets. BACKGROUND: In June 2014, the Commission listed wolves under the California Endangered Species Act, providing wolves recolonizing their historic range in California with the extra protections needed for recovery (wolves in California are also still listed under the Federal Endangered Species Act though those protections are tenuous as the Fish and Wildlife Service debates delisting wolves from the ESA). While these regulatory mechanisms render both the intentional and accidental taking of gray wolves in California illegal, specific regulations are necessary to protect wolves in the state from one of the greatest threats to their recovery: the accidental killing of gray wolves mistaken for other species, particularly coyotes, in night-time hunting and lethal trapping currently permitted in occupied and potential wolf territory. WHAT YOU CAN DO: The Commission is considering taking regulatory action in response to our petition and we need your support! Please sign this petition urging the Commission to support a ban on night-hunting and lethal trapping in the wolf recovery zone of Northern California. After signing, please share this petition widely with friends, family and colleagues.  For more information about this issue, see our action alert and read our joint letter to the Commission on this issue here. Sign up for Project Coyote’s E-Team to stay apprised of this and other related issues. Together we can protect wolves in California from night-hunting and lethal traps! Thank you!

Project Coyote
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