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Petition to Troy Board of Education

Save Parcel 11

We want Parcel 11 to be conserved in its natural state and left undeveloped. For decades the wooded lot known as Parcel 11 has been a nature sanctuary in the midst of our community in Troy, Michigan. It is home to abundant wildlife and helps preserve clean air and fresh water for our residents. Bald eagles, honey bees, migrating birds, and deer are a few of the lifeforms who call this place home. It is beautiful and wild and essential to maintaining a balance in the environment. It is connected to running water, wet lands, and local parks, as well as containing a vernal pond system. Parcel 11 is an integral part of the local ecosystem. Troy Schools own this property tax-free and have left it wild for decades. Now they wish to sell it for a one time infusion of revenue to build additional facilities.  Sale of this land would likely result in new housing developments and the death of the wildlife and trees that live there. Additionally the schools would have even more families to service. This would increase classroom size, placing additional strain on the operations budget, staff, and facilities without funds to do so. We want Parcel 11 to be conserved in its natural state and left undeveloped. Loss of this wild space would damage the environment, stress our school system, and harm local property values. A single influx of revenue without funding to maintain the resultant additional demands on our school district is a short sighted and irresponsible choice. Damaging the environment within our very own school district is inconsistent with the curriculum of environmental sciences being taught to our students in our schools. For the long term wellbeing of our schools, community and environment, save Parcel 11!

Crystal Stefaniak
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Petition to City of Rocklin, CA

Stop High Density Housing At Sierra College/Rocklin Rd Intersection(400 Oak Trees Destroyed!! 400 Extra Cars on Your Travel Route!!)

An LA developer with zero investment in the natural beauty of Rocklin plans to build 9 three-story apartment buildings, 195 apartments, approx 400 new residents near the intersection of Sierra College/Rocklin Road. Being planned for the first quarter of 2015 - act now!! An extra 400 cars are expected to exit onto the already busy Sierra College/Rocklin Rd intersection each day from this new construction. Apartment direct entry/exit located both on Rocklin Rd, and Water Lily Ln. It will be hell on your commute! 400 oak trees will be destroyed along with the natural habitats of many birds and other wildlife.  10 acres of land flattened, natural hills and landscape demolished. This high density housing project will also bring increased crime and decreased safety for our homes, families and children, in addition to increasing noise and other forms of pollution.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DO ANY OF THESE ISSUES AFFECT AND  CONCERN YOU!?  ACT NOW!!!! PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO PETITION AGAINST THIS DEVELOPMENT (AND GIVE A REASON FOR YOUR PETITION IF POSSIBLE). Read more below!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE IMPACT TO ROCKLIN’S OAK TREES - THE CITY’S FAILED PROMISES In the past, Rocklin City has recognized the value of oak trees as a valuable natural resource for the area with their oak preservation guidelines stating; "Oak woodlands constitute a valuable natural resource for the city.  They also provide habitat for many wildlife species.  They contribute to the City's beauty and varied scenery.  They also provide shade in parks as well as developed areas. Oaks enrich the soil and protect watersheds and streams from erosion". They have a clear and  strong message, demonstrating how they will honor their commitment to "....address the decline of oak woodlands due to urbanization.....".  However, with this proposal they do not appear to be honoring that commitment.   The project will completely destroy 400 oak trees, and will flatten 10 acres of land.  The natural beauty and wildlife will be replaced by 9 very large three story buildings, housing approx 400 residents. This will contribute to noise, light and other pollution, possible crime, decreased safety for our homes, family and children. Is the City paying lip service to us all as residents?  In reality, the city allows developers the options simply pay into a fund to mitigate the loss of these trees.  This mitigation fund collects money and stagnates….. With over $1.3 million accumulated in this fund already, it would appear that very little is being done to truly preserve these precious trees. INCREASED TRAFFIC Those who use Sierra College and Rocklin Road on a regular basis strongly believe that the proposed entry and exit routes into the development will cause significant delays to travel time and increased congestion.  After all there will be approx. 400 extra cars entering and exiting the Sierra College Blvd intersection from the apartment complex. They will be entering just around 100 feet from two of the entrances of the intersection (north from Sierra College, West from Rocklin Rd), on this already very busy intersection. It’s clear to see how this will disrupt commuter traffic and the major trucking/transport companies, for whom Sierra College Blvd is essential route.  A traffic impact study is being conducted for this development. These studies assess the impact of developments upon the traffic systems, such as intersections. However, the experiences of residents/commuters and their opinions about the current state of traffic, and how they feel the changes will impact upon delays and safety, are not taken into consideration as part of such studies.  Furthermore, this traffic analysis study is conducted by a third party company hired by the developer, which though entirely compliant with the State guidelines, gives a general feeling of uneasiness, lack of confidence, and a feeling that there may be partiality within whole process.

David Vickers
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