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Petition to Hon. John Bouvier, Hon. Christin Scalera, Hon. Julie Lofstad, Hon. Stan Glinka, Hon. John Bouvier, Sundy Schermeyer

B.A.N. the Gateway Proposal across from Bridgehampton Commons -

BRIDGEHAMPTON ACTION NOW  (B.A.N.) THE GATEWAY PROPOSAL ACROSS FROM BRIDGEHAMPTON COMMONS BRIDGEHAMPTON ACTION NOW -B.A.N. GATEWAY PROPOSAL ACROSS FROM BRIDGEHAMPTON COMMONS We won the first battle. Thank you.  B.A.N. supporters with the help of our attorney forced the withdrawal of the Town sponsored PDD Gateway proposal.  However, the fight is not over,  and we expect a new development proposal.  B.A.N. is determined to oppose a new inappropriate plan in order to protect the critical natural features and rural appearance of the Gateway site.    B.A.N. will work to have the Town Board enact greater zoning protections for this important site. We will also participate in any Planning Board review to make sure that natural features and the  watershed are fully protected from harm.   The 1999 Comprehensive Plan already recommends  the use  of scenic greenways and watershed greenways to protect the features and the rural appearance of the Gateway site.  A moratorium and a new Hamlet Study are also possible to evaluate appropriate development of the site. Residents’ comments in this petition overwhelmingly favor limiting development and protecting the natural features and appearance of the Gateway site.  Additional zoning protection is required to stop the following potential impacts: Water Impact- Water and storm water runoff which threatens the integrity of  5 ponds which connect to Kellis Pond and KEllis Creek. in Bridgehampton are connected. DISEASE causing BLUE-GREEN ALGAE already growing in many of our Ponds including endangered Kellis Pond as determined by a Hydrologist engineer.  Existing Set-Backs must be increased to protect this sensitive watershed.    INTENSE TRAFFIC CONGESTION- development threatens to increase the already horrific traffic during the Summer through Fall season, as witnessed in 2015. Traffic accidents have increased  on Montauk Highway all year round between Water Mill and Bridgehampton in particular.  Imagine families crossing the Highway to get to Bridgehampton Commons. Emergency vehicles, Fire trucks, Police etc. will have tremendous difficulty getting to those in need.  ENVIRONMENT- The commercial development of the site poses a serious threat to Kellis Pond and wetland area which is habitat for wildlife and birds. ECONOMIC IMPACT DISASTER to MAIN STREET- Commercial development threatens the economic future of the charming retail and antique shops which are the centerpiece of the Bridgehampton . Four retail stores have closed on Main street and most are still unrented. Retail uses should not be introduced. Say no to high end and pop stress that kill local buinesses  Additional zoning overlay restrictions:  The Town Board should consider more restrictive zoning overlays to better protect the natural features of the site. If necessary, the Hamlet Study Plan should be updated to reflect current conditions. PLEASE SEND YOUR EMAILS directed to Town Board Members (listed below) to, and we will hand deliver these email to be sure they are read.   This petition along with personal letters to the following board members will help us to Victory. CONTRIBUTIONS-in order for us to claim victory, we must see this through to the end with legal counsel, environmental and planning engineers. Checks are payable to Bridgehampton Action Now. Please send your contribution to Bridgehampton Action Now    P.O. Box 1245,  Bridgehampton, N.Y. 11932-1245.   For those who have already sent in your contributions, thank you for helping us win the first battle.  There are 3 new SH Town Board Members: Town Supervisor: Jay Schneiderman, newly elected Town Board Member Julie Lofstad and Town Board Member John Bouvier. Thank you again for all your support. We CAN and WILL make the difference Letters directed to-               Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman               Board Member John Bouvier               Board Member Julie  Lofstad               Board Member  Stan Glinka               Board Member  Christina Scalera  Bridgehampton Action Now Committee (B.A.N.-a not for profit organization)     Address:

B.A.N. Gateway (Bridgehampton Action Now)
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Petition to City of Rocklin, CA

Stop High Density Housing At Sierra College/Rocklin Rd Intersection(400 Oak Trees Destroyed!! 400 Extra Cars on Your Travel Route!!)

An LA developer with zero investment in the natural beauty of Rocklin plans to build 9 three-story apartment buildings, 195 apartments, approx 400 new residents near the intersection of Sierra College/Rocklin Road. Being planned for the first quarter of 2015 - act now!! An extra 400 cars are expected to exit onto the already busy Sierra College/Rocklin Rd intersection each day from this new construction. Apartment direct entry/exit located both on Rocklin Rd, and Water Lily Ln. It will be hell on your commute! 400 oak trees will be destroyed along with the natural habitats of many birds and other wildlife.  10 acres of land flattened, natural hills and landscape demolished. This high density housing project will also bring increased crime and decreased safety for our homes, families and children, in addition to increasing noise and other forms of pollution.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DO ANY OF THESE ISSUES AFFECT AND  CONCERN YOU!?  ACT NOW!!!! PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO PETITION AGAINST THIS DEVELOPMENT (AND GIVE A REASON FOR YOUR PETITION IF POSSIBLE). Read more below!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE IMPACT TO ROCKLIN’S OAK TREES - THE CITY’S FAILED PROMISES In the past, Rocklin City has recognized the value of oak trees as a valuable natural resource for the area with their oak preservation guidelines stating; "Oak woodlands constitute a valuable natural resource for the city.  They also provide habitat for many wildlife species.  They contribute to the City's beauty and varied scenery.  They also provide shade in parks as well as developed areas. Oaks enrich the soil and protect watersheds and streams from erosion". They have a clear and  strong message, demonstrating how they will honor their commitment to "....address the decline of oak woodlands due to urbanization.....".  However, with this proposal they do not appear to be honoring that commitment.   The project will completely destroy 400 oak trees, and will flatten 10 acres of land.  The natural beauty and wildlife will be replaced by 9 very large three story buildings, housing approx 400 residents. This will contribute to noise, light and other pollution, possible crime, decreased safety for our homes, family and children. Is the City paying lip service to us all as residents?  In reality, the city allows developers the options simply pay into a fund to mitigate the loss of these trees.  This mitigation fund collects money and stagnates….. With over $1.3 million accumulated in this fund already, it would appear that very little is being done to truly preserve these precious trees. INCREASED TRAFFIC Those who use Sierra College and Rocklin Road on a regular basis strongly believe that the proposed entry and exit routes into the development will cause significant delays to travel time and increased congestion.  After all there will be approx. 400 extra cars entering and exiting the Sierra College Blvd intersection from the apartment complex. They will be entering just around 100 feet from two of the entrances of the intersection (north from Sierra College, West from Rocklin Rd), on this already very busy intersection. It’s clear to see how this will disrupt commuter traffic and the major trucking/transport companies, for whom Sierra College Blvd is essential route.  A traffic impact study is being conducted for this development. These studies assess the impact of developments upon the traffic systems, such as intersections. However, the experiences of residents/commuters and their opinions about the current state of traffic, and how they feel the changes will impact upon delays and safety, are not taken into consideration as part of such studies.  Furthermore, this traffic analysis study is conducted by a third party company hired by the developer, which though entirely compliant with the State guidelines, gives a general feeling of uneasiness, lack of confidence, and a feeling that there may be partiality within whole process.

David Vickers
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Petition to Association of Zoos and Aquariums, Dan Ashe, Dennis W. Kelly, AZA , Rob Vernon

AZA: Disinvite Wayne Pacelle and the H$U$ From Your Annual Conference

The Association of Zoos & Aquariums has invited Humane Society of the United States CEO Wayne Pacelle to be a keynote speaker at their annual conference in September 2017.  HSUS representative Jonathan Balcombe will also be giving a presentation.  Despite their public veneer, the HSUS is an animal rights lobbying group that shares PETA's radical views, and works towards the closing of all zoos and aquariums, the banning of meat and other animal related products, and the abolishing of pet ownership.  Pacelle and the HSUS are enemies of the zoological community.  Despite claims that "AZA-accredited facilities are well respected by HSUS," they continue to attack and harass respectable zoos and aquariums worldwide, claiming "even some AZA-accredited zoos contain forgotten and outdated exhibits." Pacelle admits, "I don't have a hands-on fondness for animals. I did not grow up bonded to any particular nonhuman animal."  Pacelle claims, "If I had my personal view, perhaps that might take hold. In fact, I don't want to see another dog or cat born," and further states, "One generation and out. We have no problems with the extinction of domestic animals."  Jonathan Balcombe, meanwhile, posted a blog in which he compares eating meat to being a member of the Klu Klux Klan, concluding about a neighbor's plans to have Christmas dinner with meat, "For me, that was just as jarring, if less surprising, than if she really had admitted to terrorizing black Americans." In addition to extremist views, the Humane Society of the United States is involved in unethical practices.  The HSUS has sent more than $100 million in donor funds to the Cayman Islands and other offshore accounts, and paid a multi-million dollar settlement to Feld Entertainment to avoid federal racketeering charges when it was revealed that the HSUS and other animal rights groups had paid a plaintiff who gave false testimony regarding the treatment of elephants by Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus as part of a lawsuit brought by the animal rights groups that the presiding judge called "frivolous," "vexatious," and "groundless and unreasonable from its inception."  All of this has resulted in the Humane Society of the United States having their charity rating downgraded and a donor advisory issued against them.  Recently, formal complaints have been filed with the IRS concerning the HSUS's questionable relationship with Whole Foods and attacks on competing grocery stores. Inviting Pacelle and Balcombe to speak at AZA's annual conference is a slap in the face of zoological professionals and their supporters, and it casts serious doubts on the AZA's ability to effectively represent zoos and aquariums.  The AZA appears to endorse the radical and unethical statements and actions listed above by associating with HSUS leaders and representatives.  If the AZA is to remain relevant and respected, it must rescind the invitations to Wayne Pacelle and Jonathan Balcombe, completely disassociate itself from the Humane Society of the United States, and expand its mission to not only represent zoos and aquariums around the world, but to defend them from the unwarranted attacks from critics who place personal agendas above animal welfare and conservation, and to point out the anti-animal truth behind animal rights groups like the HSUS. Please note that since verified email addresses for the AZA and its leadership have been difficult to find, I ask that you, in addition to signing this petition,  go to to share your views with the AZA directly.  The petition letter may to be too long for their contact form, so you may have to omit sections of it.  If you are an AZA member or otherwise have contact with AZA leadership, I ask that you please use those alternative contact methods as well.  Expressing your opposition to Pacelle and the HSUS through the AZA's social media page is also recommended, but please be aware that the AZA is aggressively deleting anti-HSUS posts and comments, and even blocking zoo supporters from their social media pages for expressing their legitimate concerns.   The time for looking the other way and hoping that the animal rights cult won't target you or your animals has passed.  If the corrupt Humane Society of the United States can infiltrate and influence a pro-animal organization as respected as the AZA, then we must recognize they and their fellow animal rights groups will never stop until they have completely severed the human-animal bond and ended all human-animal interaction.  If an AZA-HSUS partnership is allowed to flourish, it could ultimately bring an end to zoos and aquariums and the wonderful conservation work they do and the appreciation for wildlife they inspire in millions of people each year.  Don't let the accomplishments of our ever-evolving zoos be swept away simply because a small but vocal and well funded group of fanatics don't believe that animals should be in the care of human beings.

Marty Flick
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Petition to Hawaii Department of Land & Natural Resources, Suzanne Case, Tulsi Gabbard, Bruce Anderson, Lisa Bishop, Gene Ward, Glenn Wakai, Sam Slom, J. Kalani English, Brian Schatz, David Ige, Michele Nekota, Tara Hirohata, Elizabeth Maynard

Help Protect Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve has been named by 'Dr. Beach' as the #1 Beach in the United States for 2016. This story was reported by CNN, MSN, and other major news organizations on 5/26/2016.  With an estimated 3,000 visitors to Hanauma Bay each day, coupled with this recent news of its #1 ranking being released just ahead of Memorial Day weekend -- which is sure to drive even additional visitor interest to the historic, cultural, and natural gem -- changes need to be made to better educate visitors on preserving the coral reef and protecting marine life.  Upon visiting the park on any of the six days of the week the Nature Preserve & Marine Life Conservation District is open to visitors, one is sure to see a large number of snorkelers standing on the reef, as well as disturbing sea turtles and other marine life. Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve currently makes it mandatory for each visitor to first watch a 9-minute video about the history of Hanauma Bay, the types of fish and coral one is likely to see while snorkeling, and helpful tips and information for avoiding damage to the reef and marine life.  Unfortunately, the video includes numerous clips of people standing on the reef and also a person approaching a sea turtle with hands outstretched as if trying to touch the threatened species. Additionally, beyond the educational center, upon descending down the hill to the beach and on the beach itself there are hardly any reminders to avoid contact with the reef.  Below are the requested changes: 1) Currently, the introduction video that is mandatory for each visitor shows people walking on the reef and a person trying to closely interact with a sea turtle. We would request a budgetary allotment be made for a remake or edit of the video to remove these scenes which are likely to confuse non-English speakers and English speakers alike. Those not closely listening to the narrative but watching the film are likely to be left with the impression that these prohibited actions are acceptable practices. 2) Place more prominent and visual image heavy signage on the descent to the beach, at the beach itself, and at the Information and Snorkel Renting centers on the beach front regarding not stepping on or touching coral, stirring up sediment, or touching, disturbing or threatening marine life. As Hanauma Bay is a Marine Life Conservation District (MLCD), one would expect that Hanauma Bay would have high quality signage on par with those found at Pupakea MLCD. 3) Encourage lifeguard staff to issue reminders by megaphone to visitors that standing on the reef is not permitted or provide on-beach staff of the Preserve to serve in this capacity. 4) Provide educational signs with multiple translations to account for the global demographic of visitors that flock to Hanauma Bay each day. Please sign this petition to encourage Hanauma Bay Management and Education Program Directors, Department of Parks & Recreation, Department of Land & Natural Resources, State of Hawai'i Division of Aquatic Resources, and our elected representatives to take further action aimed at better educating visitors to Hanauma Bay about the environmental impacts of standing on or otherwise damaging the coral reef, as well as the impacts of disturbing or otherwise threatening marine life.

Hawaii Ocean Ambassadors
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