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Petition to Minnesota DNR

Urgent: Protect the North Arm Trails!

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources holds in trust the cherished mature pine forest surrounding the North Arm Trails near Burntside Lake.   Since the late 1970’s, the 42 km North Arm Trails have provided easy hiking and skiing access to this landscape which inspires thousands of visitors of all ages each year. These ancient, hushed, mossy pine forests were once more common in northern Minnesota.  Now visitors travel hundreds of miles to stay nearby and immerse themselves in the quietude of this special place. Under towering pines among twin flowers, orchids and trailing arbutus the pine martens, lynx and wolves make their home. The silence is broken only by birdsong and wind in the pines. Grey jays are cheerful ambassadors where caribou moss covers glacial ridges and families pick blueberries under open canopies of mature red and white pine.  In the lower areas, labrador tea and cranberries send their roots into the deep sphagnum moss and black-backed woodpeckers forage in the spruce above. In this environment, it is impossible to not to not be inspired. The summer trails and forests are enjoyed by all ages staying nearby in the Ely community, at resorts or the neighboring YMCA family and youth camps.  In the winter, people travel hundreds of miles to experience the large network of volunteer-maintained ski trails for an original backwoods experience, which serve as a gateway into the Boundary Waters Wilderness. We feel it is essential that the DNR manage this area for the purpose it already serves: connecting people with the outdoors.  The state lands surrounding this trail system are best managed under the Parks and Trails division of the DNR, where it’s greatest attributes can be aptly supported. Please transfer management of all state lands between the North Arm of Burntside Lake and the BWCAW to the DNR Parks and Trails division.   This will: Connect Minnesota families and citizens of all ages with the outdoors via hiking, skiing, nature study, berry picking, and birding. Manage for the highest public value, supporting thousands of citizen visits to the region, sustainably supporting the local economy.

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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives

Demand the House fund National Park clean up efforts

The National Park Service has been left with a ‘skeleton’ force to keep parks open, but keeping these vast parks open with limited staff is causing severe damage to parks and public lands that will outlive the shutdown. In just a short amount of time, the shutdown has caused severe harm to America’s best idea - National Parks. During past shutdowns, National Parks would be closed for the safety of visitors and to protect these picturesque public lands from devastation. Now there’s countless news pieces about National Parks overflowing with human waste, trash, and damage to park ecosystems. Some visitors have even died at National Parks that remain open. The new House could do something about it, they have the power to allocate funds to pay for this devastation. Tell the House to provide funding that helps clean up this shutdown damage. Only the most ‘scenic’ National Parks have been kept open - like Yosemite, Great Smoky Mountains, and Joshua Tree. These parks have been left with a small ‘skeleton’ force of Park Rangers who are responsible for areas larger than some U.S. states. Their task is largely to respond to emergencies and maintain roads for open areas of these parks. After some visitors created new roads and cut down fragile Joshua Trees, Joshua Tree National Park has closed. These unique trees take up to 60-years to mature. In all these parks, local community members and businesses have tried to step in and join clean up efforts. Now the National Park service is being forced to dip into visitor entrance fees to pay for cleaning up this mess. These are funds that go towards the $11.6 billion backlog of road and trail maintenance projects in National Parks. Tell the House to make National Parks Great Again - provide funding to clean up National Parks! No one will know the full extent of ecological and infrastructure damage to America’s parks until the shutdown ends and all Park Rangers return to work. Send the message to the House - allocate funds to help the National Park Service deal with the impacts of this shutdown.

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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives

Wildlife is at stake: Tell the House to reject Trump’s border wall!

As soon as February 2019, work will be underway to build the first phase of Trump’s border wall across the U.S. and Mexico border. The wall will not only drive immigrants into riskier areas, it will devastate threatened species - like the monarch butterfly. Once constructed, it will bulldoze right through the most vibrant butterfly sanctuary in the U.S., the National Butterfly Center in Mission, Texas. Visitors can expect to see up to 60 different types of butterflies on any given day. This sanctuary is right on the border with Mexico - a perfect meeting point along the monarch butterfly migration path, and it’s set to have construction crews arrive next year to build the wall. The wall will devastate one of North America’s most vital pollinators - the monarch butterfly. It will also devastate big cats, reptiles, and other animals who regularly migrate between the U.S. and Mexico. The clock is ticking, tell the House to reject all funding for Trump’s border wall - wildlife is at stake. Countless unique ecosystems and protected areas in the lower Rio Grande Valley are under threat. A recent Supreme Court ruling gave the Trump Administration the authority to waive 28 federal laws, including the Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act. This ruling gives the administration a green-light to start construction on 33-miles worth of border wall right through the National Butterfly Center and other protected areas along the Rio Grande Valley. The administration also has the ability to use eminent domain laws to take public and private land without trial or compensation to build this wall. This is only some of the damage the first phase of the wall will cause. If there are no funds for the next phase, it can’t be built. Tell the House not to fund this wall! The number of monarch butterflies are dwindling, just in California there’s been a 90% drop in some areas! That’s why in 2014, petitions went to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to protect the monarch butterfly under the Endangered Species Act. In 2019, USFWS will decide if the monarch butterfly will be protected. This unique and vital keystone species could be wiped out. Demand the House stop Trump’s border wall!

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