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Petition to John Barrasso, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, Barbara Boxer, Mitch McConnell, Elizabeth Warren, Marco Rubio, Dianne Feinstein, John McCain, Amy Klobuchar, Lamar Alexander, Ron Wyden, Richard Burr, Richard Blumenthal, Claire McCaskill, Robert Casey, Lindsey Graham, Robert Menendez, Sherrod Brown, Al Franken, Tim Kaine, Donald Trump, U.S. Senate, Harry Reid, Kirsten Gillibrand, Rand Paul


TELL POLICY MAKERS NOT TO GUT THE ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT! The Endangered Species Act, which was implemented in 1973, has protected 99% of endangered and threatened species from going extinct since its origin. The act was instrumental in the conservation and preservation of endangered animals like the bald eagle, the California condor, the gray wolf, and the grizzly bear among thousands of others. Currently congress intends to gut the act and transform it, removing vital protections for thousands of plant and animal species. This would not only have detrimental implications for ecosystems and habitats in our country, but it will negatively affect our economy in regards to eco-tourism. National parks with flagship species like the grizzly bear generate billions of dollars a year for our government, and thousands of people rely on these parks and their benefits in surrounding areas for jobs, etc. It is essential to protect the animals within these ecosystems, not only for the integrity of the future of our nation’s natural habitats, but also for our own economical, ecological, educational, scientific, recreational and aesthetic needs as humans. PLEASE sign the petition below to ensure that the Endangered Species Act remains in tact. Without the protection of the act, wolves will be shot and slaughtered without consequence, a bald eagle’s nest could be cut down out of a tree to make way for an apartment building, and grizzly bear cubs could be gassed alive in their dens. For more information go here -  

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Petition to Indianapolis Metropolitan Development Commission (MDC)

Prevent the Rezoning of "Greycoat Estates"

Previously a horse property, Greycoat Farm at 9255 E. 82nd Street, now being called the "Greycoat Estates" development, was sold to a developer in 2016. The 7.41 acres of pasture and woods are currently zoned to be divided into larger lots of 1 acre or more (D-1, one home/acre), but the developer is petitioning to have the property rezoned to D-2 (two homes/acre) in order to maximize the number of houses he is able to build on the property.  Zoning Hearing Date: February 23, 2017Time: TBDLocation: 200 East Washington Street, Second FloorPetition Case no. 2016-ZON-076Tip: Get there early to find parking and find your way to the correct room in the building. The following are community concerns: Home Values - Houses in the new development will be of lower value than those in surrounding neighborhoods and the Geist area in general. This could decrease surrounding area home values. Safe Access to 82nd Street - The property sits near the top of a steep, curved hill on 82nd Street. Additionally, along the property frontage, 82nd Street will be widened to 4 lanes in 2018. From where will the development be safely accessed? Ecology, Erosion, and Water Quality Disturbances - Due to the extreme topography and unique ecological attributes of the area, minor disturbances can have significant impacts to the surround areas. Our area is a gem in Indianapolis and is protected to maintain that status. Within the boundaries of the Sargent Road Association, it is up to the engaged community to preserve the unique character and beauty of the environmentally sensitive Mud Creek Valley. In addition, many nearby residents are on wells and the impact of additional new impervious surfaces (roads, driveways, roofs, structures) and additional waste,  causes concern and presents unknown consequences.  Adherence to the recommendations of the 1992 & 2006 Lawrence Township Comprehensive Land Use Plans which seeks to:  •  Protect the aquifer & our city’s drinking water  •  Protect the wetlands  •  Protect the woodlands  •  Keep development densities to no more than 1 unit per acre  •  Avoid soil erosion by minimally developing, if at all, the slopes of the Valley  •  Protect Mud Creek & its flood fringe  •  Preserve open space  •  Promote designated Urban Conservation  •  Closely scrutinize development In summary, the Mud Creek Valley is a very unique, beautiful, and special area of Indianapolis. It is up to us, the residents of the valley and surrounding areas to protect and preserve it in its natural state for as long as we can. We cannot let an individual's shortsighted financial gain ruin the beauty of our community that took nature hundreds of years to create. Please join your neighbors, and sign this petition in opposition of the rezoning and development of 7979 Lantern Road a/k/a 9255 East 82nd Road. In addition, we would like to organize as many people as possible to attend the hearing to stand when the council asked for those opposed to the development to do so. ------------------- Current Status & Description: Metropolitan Development Commission (MDC), Division of Planning, Petition Case no. 2016-ZON-076 Site is 7.41 acres, mostly cleared pasture. Petitioner (owner of property) desires to develop the property into individual residential homes. He requests that the MDC increase the density from D-1 (one home/acre) to D-2 (two homes/acre). President of Sargent Road Association (SRA) wrote a letter, dated 6/5/2016 to the owner of the property explaining the process he must follow to seek approval through the division of Planning of MDC. No reply. SRA is in communication with the planner working on this case, and with the petitioner’s attorney. Hearing date on the zoning change request was originally set for December 29, 2016. An automatic continuance was filed by petitioner so he could prepare a site plan and establish installation of sewer and water infrastructure. The new hearing date has been set for January 26, 2017, City County Building, 200 E. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46204. There are several cases scheduled to be heard that day, between the hours of 1:00pm and 4:00pm. We will not know the precise time of this case until we arrive. At the hearing: the Petitioner is allowed 15 minutes to present his request. SRA President, John Lindstaedt, will then have 15 minutes to respond. SRA has invited our area’s City County counselor, Michael McQuillen, to speak. Staff of the Division of Planning will then be asked for their assessment of the proposed development and zoning change request for increased density. Finally, a vote will be cast by the Metropolitan Development Commission. All interested parties are encouraged to attend the hearing. They will be asked to stand in common opposition to the zoning change request to 2 homes-per-acre. Their presence is influential in the vote by the commission. The SRA membership, Mud Creek Conservancy members, abutting property owners, and concerned neighbors will be invited and encouraged to attend the hearing. For additional info, please visit

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