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Petition to CAL FIRE - Forest Practice Program Manager

Help protect the precious floodplain of the Gualala River from two terrible logging plans.

Gualala Redwood Timber LLC, owned by the Burch family, is the new owner of over 30,000 acres of land in northern Sonoma County and southern Mendocino County. They have chosen to file two terrible timber harvest plans, THP 1-15-042-SON "Dogwood" and THP 1-15-033 SON "Apple." Targeted is the largest tract of recovering floodplain big tree forest left on the Gualala River. The planned logging comes right down to the boundary of the campground of Gualala Point Regional Park, and extends up the Gualala River for over five miles. If you've ever kayaked, swam, or fished on the Gualala River, or camped in this beautiful campground, you have surely been amazed by the beauty of its riverside forest of mature trees. Vast areas of Redwood trees adjacent to the park and up the river in the floodplain will be subject to the "Dogwood" THP. The natural beauty of the river's floodplain forest is just recovering from devastating logging that started in the 1850's. It will be degraded for generations if this proposed mega-project is approved. These two plans call for 25,000 gallons of water a day be taken from the drought-stressed Gualala River for watering logging roads. The town of Gualala and the community of The Sea Ranch depend on this river for their water, and they are currently under water restrictions. The river is home to threatened Steelhead. They, and other river dwellers such as Western Pond Turtles, need water to survive. How can this logging company and CAL FIRE justify allowing this precious resource to be used in such a manner? Logging in the floodplain of the Gualala River will hurt our wildlife, hurt our water supply and water quality, and most definitely hurt our tourist-based economy. Other rivers to our north, such as the Navarro and Big River, have their floodplains protected as parkland. This should be the case for the Gualala River too. We urge the Burch family to sell the land adjacent to the river to a conservation group rather than destroying the natural beauty there. It is clear that the future for a strong local economy based on clean, green ecotourism hangs in the balance. We ask that you contact CAL FIRE and protest these two timber harvest plans. Please reference the above THP numbers and send your letter to CAL FIRE, 135 Ridgeway Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95401 or email: For much more info and maps, visit  

Rick and Jeanne Jackson
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Petition to President of the United States, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, United States Supreme Court

Elephants are NOT Trophies!

Take a stand for elephants and tell our President and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife that you do not support the trophy hunting industry and want the United States to protect elephants and not be responsible for the slaughter of this great animal.  We do not agree with the changed policy on allowing elephants to be killed for sport and allowed entry into the United States. The African elephants are listed as vulnerable/threatened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) while the Asian elephant is classed as endangered. One of the biggest threats to elephant populations is the ivory trade, as the animals are poached/murdered/slaughtered for their ivory tusks. The U.S. Government has decided that it is open season on elephants and ss Americans, we believe in the sanctity of life for this regal animal and request that you reverse the decision to allow criminal poachers to continue their trade and also allow cowardly big game hunters to continue their sport.  By reversing the ban you are putting a target on elephants and in turn, the poacher trade will increase too. We do not agree with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services determination that hunting African elephants in Zimbabwe and Zambia “will enhance the survival of the species in the wild,” which is the standard by which officials judge whether to allow imports of parts — known as trophies — of the animals.  We do not believe the wordsmithing by a local FWS spokesperson said in a statement that,  “Legal, well-regulated, sport hunting as part of a sound management program can benefit the conservation of certain species by providing incentives to local communities to conserve the species and by putting much-needed revenue back into conservation,”  This statement is spin and an abomination on the entire idea of conservation and the benefit of the elephant species. 83% of Americans support banning elephant trophies.  These are inhumane policies please stop them and this careless decision and place back the ban on elephant trophies of any kind allowed in the United States of America.  We are better than this as a country and need to make a stand for decency, honor, and conservation of one of the largest mammals on this earth.

Michael Garvey
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