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Petition to Commissioners

Save Navarre Beach Marine Park From Development

A development company is planning to build a hotel complex on a 5.74-acre privately owned parcel in the MIDDLE the county-owned Navarre Beach Marine Park!  The parcel is currently zoned commercial which would allow a marina to be built but developers want to construct a restaurant, RVs, kayak rentals and a hotel located in the MIDDLE of the four pavilions in Navarre Beach Marine Park east of Navarre bridge on the barrier island. However, they will need a lease amendment to allow construction of a facility other than a three-story 50-foot by 200-foot metal dry-storage marina, which was drawn into the 50-year lease.  This will need to be approved by Santa Rosa Board of Commissioners. Several years ago concerned citizens created the Navarre Beach Master Plan to protect Navarre Beach’s fragile barrier island from over development in certain areas that needed special consideration. The Navarre Beach Marine Park is certainly an area that continues to need that special protection from residential development. The Master Plan was designed to protect the coastal barrier system and is compatible with both human population and shorebird nesting areas for our black skimmers, least terns, plovers and other habitat. The Black Skimmers (a State Species of Special Concern) teach their young to fish in this area and Least Terns and Plovers nest in this area. Florida Fish and Wildlife have been contacted and while the condos would not be illegal, they would have an impact on the birds protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.  The infrastructure is not capable of handling sewer, drainage and water for a hotel building in this area.  In addition, a hotel, rentals of kayaks, paddle boards and RVs in the middle of this pristine, peaceful setting will ruin the mood of this Navarre treasure. The park is zoned as a public park for recreation and conservation for humans, shorebirds and other habitat and should remain as such. The potential tax revenues should not influence this decision.  The western section of Navarre Beach allows for limited development and is zoned for low residential and high density buildings which is much more suitable for this type of venture. We are very much opposed to this development WITHIN the Navarre Beach Marine Park because of the unfavorable impacts it will create. This proposed development should never be allowed in the Navarre Beach Marine Park. NEVER!  Listen to the people, not the almighty dollar!!  

Nancy Forester
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Petition to Virginia State Senate, Virginia State House, County of Albemarle, Rob Bell

Albemarle County, State of Virginia, do not remove “At Ready” from Court Square!

“At Ready” has been a part of the local community since 1909, and was maintained by the Garden Club to beautify the community while honoring those who served and those who never returned. Now liberals, and socialists want to remove “At Ready” and dishonor our ancestors, my ancestors!  John Jackson Conley, James Austin Garrison, Robert W. McCauley, and William Nicholas “Nick” Thompson gave their lives defending their homeland and families against an invanding army, not defending slavery or any other cause dreamed up by modern professors. Zacariah and Joseph Conley came home from the hell hole known as Point Lookout, praise God.  This monument serves as a memorial to our men who died and suffered not to glorify war. To remove it would be to spit on the unknown graves, and the mass graves of our local men and their memories. Would removing "At Ready” erase the fact there was a war, the fact our country condoned slavery, or the fact that even today American companies still participate in business and trade with those who profit off of slavery or own slaves in other countries? No, it would not change anything, other than to insult the descendants of those lost in a uncivil war.  Please do not remove this monument/memorial or any other monument for that matter. To do so would be breaking State law, which should be reinforced, not weakened.  We are calling for an Equal Preservation Act against Confederaphobia in Albemarle County Public Spaces. Albemarle County has been subject to domestic violence of MOB rule by certain individuals, organizations, and local representatives, who only care about their agendas and denying the rights of others, who were Confederates that contributed to the past and present welfare of the community. By inciting bigotry and Confederaphobia against Albemarle County Confederate History, Symbolism and Descendants, and Equal Rights to Coexists Peacefully within the Community. The Self-Righteous MOB has brought pain and suffering upon the Albemarle County Community. The Southern Confederacy 1861-1865 was not created as a racist organization, it was subject to the innate racism within American Society as a whole at that time. The United States Government was formed no less racist, established with issues of racism that were naturally and socially normative within the circumstances that chronologically and naturally occurred, due to causes and effects of human expansion. No human alive is free from the past or our own innate tendencies, holding those leaders and people in judgement of their past existence solely based upon a narrow minded thesis, to vilify and condemn them, is heinous and incites bigotry for each other in the present, and future. Confederaphobia marginalizes, dehumanizes humanity and is disingenuous in its purpose to be equal and inclusively diverse. Confederaphobia can be traced and has been based in unethical education and political practices teaching propaganda and inciting bigotry for others political views past or present as Southern Confederates, by recent academia sociologists and historians who have omitted facts, over simplified and generalized facts into myths, and myths into facts. The end result having divided the country with Confederaphobia while touting their own self aggrandizement and profiteering. Leaving the Albemarle County Community to suffer the expense and loss of life for their egregious piety! We can only attain peace if we want it! The MOB preaches peace without compromise. Before the political tirade, and egregious play on political Confederaphobia propaganda bigotry, issues of division were focused on working together inclusive of the real needs for the Albemarle County Community. How many thousands, nay millions of dollars, or lives should be wasted on escalating furhering division of the community further, denying the humanity of Confederate citizens who have rested in peace and were vital and positive to the progress of Albemarle County, for Blacks and Whites alike. Why should Albemarle County, Charlottesville, be reduced further, solely because of a minority MOB's CONFEDERAPHOBIA BIGOTRY. 1. Please refute CONFEDERAPHOBIA BIGOTRY and Bigotry of any kind, stating on record that the Confederate statue (At Ready) remains as it peacefully has been free to do, without revisionists narrative or re-contextualization, as it was dedicated. A memorial to the citizens of Albermarle County who honorably made sacrifices in defense of the Albermarle County community, and Virginia during the American Civil War. 2. Support efforts equally inclusive of all including Confederate descendants Black and White, but not limited to: education, historical markers, and policies that promote equity and justice.  The undersigned. 

Teresa Lam
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Petition to Patty Murray, Jay Inslee, Maria Cantwell

Dammed to extinction, Southern Resident Orcas are starving. Time is running out!

The 74 remaining wild critically endangered salmon-eating Southern Resident Orcas are dying from starvation. ⇒ Leaving an effective breeding population less than 30, near the point of no recovery. Breach the Lower Snake River Dams in 2018 Why are these Orcas starving? More than 50% of their diet comes from salmon produced in the Columbia Basin, half of which were produced in the Snake River System.   How is dam breaching possible? Since 2002, the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) has designated dam breaching as the best solution to recover wild salmon on the Snake River.  The Corps  of Engineers can implement breaching the dams now by using the existing 2002 EIS's 'Breach Alternative Four.' The Impact and benefits of breaching: • If the lower Snake River dams were breached, it would double or triple survival rates, restoring many millions of fish to the Columbia Basin. • Give the orcas a fighting chance to recover by increasing their food supply. • Breaching costs the state nothing. The first two dams can be breached for the cost of another EIS estimated at $80 million; 5 years to completion. • The four lower Snake River dams in Eastern Washington do not provide flood control and produce only low value surplus electricity. • Savings from these dams can be applied to more efficient dams and/or projects. • NOTHING else, not more spill across the dams, not more hatchery fish, not less boat traffic, not more studies and a new EIS can achieve this in time to save wild salmon or Southern Resident Orcas. Congressional Legislation or new appropriations are not needed to start breaching the Snake River dams this year! SENATOR PATTY MURRAY AND GOVERNOR JAY INSLEE, Please take action today and urge the Army Corps' General Helmlinger and Bonneville Power Administration's Elliot Mainzer to begin breaching dams in December 2018. Thank you to the hundreds of thousands who have petitioned for immediate dam breaching, for those of you who want more information on how to save the salmon and orcas, visit      

Southern Resident Killer Whale Chinook Salmon Initiative
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