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Petition to Hon. Jay Schneiderman, Hon. Christin Scalera, Hon. Julie Lofstad, Hon. Stan Glinka, Hon. John Bouvier, Sundy Schermeyer

B.A.N. the Gateway Proposal across from Bridgehampton Commons -

BRIDGEHAMPTON ACTION NOW  (B.A.N.) THE GATEWAY PROPERTY ACROSS FROM BRIDGEHAMPTON COMMONS We won the first battle. Help us to Preserve this high traffic area and Watershed.  B.A.N. supporters with the help of our attorney forced the withdrawal of the Town sponsored PDD Gateway proposal.  However, the fight is not over, as a new  proposal is expected to be submitted in the very near future. Due to B.A.N.'s vigilance and other concerned community groups,  we have opposed any new inappropriate plan in order to protect the critical natural features and rural appearance of the Gateway site.    B.A.N. will work to have the Town Board enact greater zoning protections for this important site. We will also participate in any Planning Board review to make sure that natural features and the  watershed are fully protected from harm.   The 1999 Comprehensive Plan already recommends  the use  of scenic greenways and watershed greenways to protect the features and the rural appearance of the Gateway site.  A moratorium and a new Hamlet Study are also possible to evaluate appropriate development of the site. Residents’ comments in this petition overwhelmingly favor limiting development and protecting the natural features and appearance of the Gateway site.  Additional zoning protection is required to stop the following potential impacts: Water Impact- Water and storm water runoff which threatens the integrity of 5 ponds which connect to Kellis Pond and Kellis Creek. in Bridgehampton are connected. DISEASE causing BLUE-GREEN ALGAE already growing in many of our Ponds including endangered Kellis Pond, currently on the New York State Impaired List.  Existing Set-Backs must be increased to protect this sensitive watershed.    INTENSE TRAFFIC CONGESTION- development threatens to increase the already horrific traffic during the Summer through Fall season. Traffic accidents have increased  on Montauk Highway all year round between Water Mill and Bridgehampton in particular.  Emergency vehicles, Fire trucks, Police etc. will have tremendous difficulty getting to those in need.  ENVIRONMENT- The commercial development of the site poses a serious threat to Kellis Pond and wetland area which is habitat for wildlife and birds. ECONOMIC IMPACT DISASTER to MAIN STREET- Commercial development threatens the economic future of the charming retail and antique shops which are the centerpiece of the Bridgehampton . Four retail stores have closed on Main street and most are still unrented. Retail uses should not be introduced. Say no to high end and pop stress that kill local buinesses  Additional zoning overlay restrictions:  The Town Board should consider more restrictive zoning overlays to better protect the natural features of the site. If necessary, the Hamlet Study Plan should be updated to reflect current conditions. PLEASE SEND YOUR EMAILS directed to Town Board Members (listed below) to, and we will hand deliver these email to be sure they are read.   This petition along with personal letters to the following board members will help us to Victory. CONTRIBUTIONS-in order for us to claim victory, we must see this through to the end with legal counsel, environmental and planning engineers. Checks are payable to Bridgehampton Action Now. Please send your contribution to Bridgehampton Action Now  P.O. Box 1245,  Bridgehampton, N.Y. 11932-1245.   Thank you again for all your support. We CAN and WILL make the difference Letters directed to-          Town Supervisor Jay          Board Member John Bouvier-          Board Member Julie  Lofstad-           Board Member  Stan Glinka-           Board Member  Christina           Town Clerk -           Please send a copy of your letter to    Bridgehampton Action Now Committee (B.A.N.-a not- for- profit organization)      

B.A.N. Gateway (Bridgehampton Action Now)
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Petition to Reaching out to the DENR, Local and National Goverment of Boracay Island,

Save Boracay's last remaining Wildlife, Forest and Puka Shell Beach

Help us protect the last remaining pristine beach, forest and wildlife in Boracay, as its now again threatened to disappear. By signing this petition, we hope that the local and national government will realize they can not take away all our wildlife on this island for profit. Make our voices heard and make an impact on the environment of Boracay Island. If you don’t speak up, the last forest will disappear! Property owners and developers are again pushing to revoke the forest classification of this land and make it into commercial land for development. In protecting this forest and declaring it a WILD LIFE SANCTUARY, we make sure our islands ecosystem, Puka shell beach and its forest above will survive for future generations and tourists to explore and enjoy . Here are the main reasons why you should sign this petition now:  Puka Shell Beach, north of Boracay - a stunningly beautiful beach surrounded by green hills consisting of pristine tropical beach forest which is home to a wide range of wildlife, such as turtles, lizards, monkeys and birds among them are also found tropical fruit bats. Because of the Bats the forest hill above Puka Shell Beach is the key forest, the mother host for the eco-system of Boracay Island and all Northwest Panay Peninsula. The bats fly from Boracay to north west Panay to feed and distributes seeds all over Boracay and Panay while feeding. The trees on land are a big factor in a healthy coral reef and beach life as well. Lack of vegetation on land reflects in unhealthy life below the sea. We can already see the results of this on big parts of the island. This is the last forest in this small tropical island, and the key to a healthy eco-system. The bats living in the forest are world wide endangered, and their survival is based on this forest. Tropical fruit bats distribute seeds from trees on a wide range of land and stand for 90% of reforestation of cleared land. Boracay’s green hills are the product of that. Boracay’s water source actually comes from the forest in the mainland that these bats also reforest. The fruit bats have declined by 15000 in 1986 to 2238 bats in April 8, 2014 (last official registerd bat count). We can not lose more! Make a difference, sign our petition online and spread the news to the world! The more signatures, more voices, the better! Save the forest of Yapak, Puka Shell Beach and the worldwide endangered species, the golden crowned Flying Fox. For facts and information supporting this matter go to our facebook page

Friends of the Flying Foxes
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