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Petition to Julia Trigila

Are you SAFE in CONNECTICUT spas?

***CONNECTICUT*** THE ONLY STATE THAT DOES NOT REQUIRE HEALTH REGULATIONS IN OUR SPAS. WHY ARE WE THE ONLY ONE? Did you know that when you get your nails, facials, body treatments or waxing done, your technician may have not been professionally trained? Every state in the country is required by their health department to complete so many hours in a professional school and take a health state board exam. NOT CONNECTICUT! Not only is this putting YOU, the consumer at risk, for disease, infection, allergic reactions and more, some of you are paying top dollar for treatments by people who were not educated.  As a professional or business owner in the spa industry we have spent thousands of dollars on training, hundreds of hours of studying to be in a professional environment. It is unfair to allow people to open up a treatment room in their basement and perform skin treatments and eyelash extensions at a lower cost. It is inhibiting our Connecticut schools from reaching potential enrollment as well as preventing spa owners from hiring qualified professionals.  By signing this petition, you are letting Connecticut's Health Department know the severity of health risks in our industry. We need to make them understand ALL of our health is at risk, as a consumer and as a  technician, without health regulations in place. Thank you and we are looking forward to providing everyone with better skin care and spa treatments and for 2019.  Julia Trigila

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