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Make "Bodak Yellow" the U.S. National Anthem

Fuck a Star Spangled Banner. This country was built on the black and blue blood of those bound to their masters. Our current anthem glorifies this history.  By now, you've seen the tweets and heard the controversies. We're tired of this back and forth, so let's cut the crap. It's time we rally behind a song that exudes determination rather than destruction.  I'm no fan of American exceptionalism, but I do stan for multiculturalism. One clear icon comes to mind: Cardi B. Born to a Trinidadian mother and Dominican father in the South Bronx, this trailblazing rapper encapsulates the essence of our society. She's come from humble beginnings, but has captivated hearts and minds across the country with one song in particular. Cardi B is a manifestation of the American Dream. As such, let's slap her song of the summer loud and proud for many more seasons to come. Who's with me? Powerhouse lyrics include: "Said little bitch, you can't fuck with meIf you wanted to" --> respect for the individual: the right to bodily autonomy, which manifests in our current society in debates over reproductive rights and draconian drug laws. don't tread on me, bitch!"If I see you and I don't speakThat means I don't fuck with you" --> non interventionist foreign policy would further deescalate rising tensions and circumvent world war. imperalism was so last season, honey! "And I pay my mama billsI ain't got no time to chill" --> a commitment to lowering the debt ceiling signals responsibility with taxpayer dollars, which originate from coercive practices. boy better back tf off this bank account! We need to let the people elected to represent us know: it's time to REALLY make American Great "Again." Congress: it's time to embrace "Bodak Yellow" once and for all. 

Danya Adib-Azpeitia
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Petition to Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell

Make Congress Great Again

The great American legislative bodies, The Senate and the House of Representatives, have become disconnected from the lives of the people they were elected to represent. Those august legislators have been inundated with money, hectored by special interests, and forced to pledge loyalty to their party above the interests of the American people. Decisions are made behind closed doors. They have access to health care, retirement plans, extended vacations, and perquisites that the average American cannot even hope to have. These factors have created a body of politicians who have little or no understanding of how people in the great 50 states of America live, work, or survive. Their very jobs have distorted their view of these United States of America. To remediate this disconnect, and allow Congress to go about the people's business, I propose the following: 1. Congressional salaries shall not exceed twice the average national income. 2. These salaries will be their only source of income. 3. Congress persons must obtain health insurance on the open and free market.  4. Congressional vacations must not exceed 2 weeks a year.  5. Days not worked will be deducted on a pro-rated basis.  6. Time spent raising money for campaigns will be deducted from their base salary.  7. Any donations to any Congressional campaign will be part of the public record. The donations will be published newspapers in the Congress person's district.  8. Congress persons may not retire with any monies raised during the execution of their duties. Any residual funds will revert to the general treasury. They may choose to deposit part of their salary in a basic 401k. 9. The only publicly funded travel will be for the purpose of returning to their election districts. 10. Congress persons can have no other source of income except their        congressional salary. 11. Congress will conduct all meetings in public, with the only exception being national security. 12. All discussions, documents, and meetings, with the exception of national security, will be available to the public. 13. No elected official may use information gathered in the course of their public duties to enrich themselves or any member of their family. 14. Any law passed by Congress MUST apply to Congress itself as well as the American people. There will be no exceptions.  By implementing these changes, Congress will better understand what it is to be a True American. Consequently, the laws and actions of Congress will better reflect the will of those constituents that elected them.   

Hollis Hoff
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Term Limits on Congress

The United States Constitution has one flaw, and it needs to be Amended. Any student of history will know that the Federalist Papers discussed whether to include term limits on Congress, and the framers of the Comstitution decides term liiits were not necessary. The founding fathers, except for maybe George Washington, did not anticipate the changes that would occur in our society over the next several hundred years. First, when the US Constitution was drafted, Congress was part time, and there was no pension or benefits.  The people who served in Congress spent as little time as possible in Washington because they had jobs, companies or farms back home. There was no air conditioning at in 1776.  This may sound funny, but it is a real reason. There was no electronic media or internet.  This may be the biggest change since 1776 and if the founders could have understood the age of electronic media, they would have definitely have put term limits in the Comstitution. The Lobbyist business has completely changed the landscape of politics, so that the average taxpayer has no voice in Comgress because an individual could not possibly compete with the amount of money lobbyists have to influence decision making in Comgress. Because being a Member of Congress has become one of the most lucrative jobs in planet earth, there is no way any sitting Senator or House Member would ever bite for an amendment that eliminates their job, so the amendment must be written to grandfather the current Elected officials so it does not apply to them.  While it would be better for a Constitutional Amendment to take effect immediately, it is just not realistic.  The polls show that nearly 80% of the country is in favor of term limits, so we all, regardless of political affiliation, need to sign this petition.

James Smith
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