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Petition to President Kent Fuchs, University of Florida Board of Trustees

Remove the Confederate Monument Located on University of Florida Property

This petition is for the removal of the monument to Confederate General William Wing Loring on prominent public display in downtown St. Augustine, Florida.  It is located on property owned by the University of Florida. Signers of this petition hold that this monument represents a glorification of the Confederate ideology that defended the preservation and expansion of the unethical institution of slavery, and that the University of Florida should therefore remove it from its place of prominent public display in recognition that this ideology does not reflect the university’s values and out of respect for the millions of victims of slavery. General William Loring was a complex and interesting man, who, among other things, was a general in the army of the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War. He thus fought for an organization dedicated to the preservation and expansion of slavery. The St. Augustine monument to Loring was constructed in 1920 by the United Daughters of the Confederacy, 34 years after his death. It is not the intention of the signers of this petition to remove the memory of General Loring from history.  He, and his monument, are well documented in numerous publications.  His monument could be appropriately displayed in a museum setting that provides historical contextualization with reference to the complexities of American history needed to better understand General Loring’s life in the 19th century, the United Daughter’s of the Confederacy’s campaign to construct the monument in the early 20th century, and the meaning of the monument to successive generations.  However, without the appropriate museum contextualization, the monument should not remain on public display.  While a marker of the past, such a monument exists in the present and has the potential to influence the future.  The words on this monument to General Loring proclaim its purpose: “That the record of his life be an inspiration to American Youth.”  We must not let his misdeeds be an inspiration to our youth. It is recognized that General Loring’s cremated remains are located at this site, and that all grave sites should be treated with respect no matter the actions and ideologies of the interred individuals.  The remains should therefore be removed to a private cemetery, or remain at the site separate from this monument. 

Paul Pluta
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Petition to Virginia General Assembly, Commonwealth Transportation Board, Governor Ralph Northam

Stop Memorializing a Slave Owner and White Supremacist: Rename Jefferson Davis Highway

Jefferson Davis was hailed as the “champion of a slave society” when he was selected in 1861 to become President of the Confederate States of America. Davis was an unrepentant white supremacist who fervently believed the Southern cause, slavery and segregation were right and just until his last dying breath in 1889. It is therefore outrageous that a major Virginia thoroughfare, Jefferson Davis Highway (aka Route 1) which abuts the Pentagon and other US Capital landmarks continues to bear the name of a morally depraved, non-Virginian who rejected the very idea of a United States.   The back-story of the decision in 1920 to name southern sections of Route 1 after Davis adds to the disturbing legacy of racism in America. At that time, the Daughters of the Confederacy along with US Rep. Earl B. Mayfield of Texas, a close ally of the Ku Klux Klan, began a campaign to attach the name of the Confederate president to Southern roads in a futile attempt to create a transcontinental highway bearing his name. At the height of the Jim Crow era, when lynching of Southern blacks was conducted with regularity and impunity, these advocates of white domination routed a road symbolizing black oppression and enslavement across several predominately black neighborhoods, as if to reinforce the message of racial subjugation. The choice of name is, therefore, an affront to African-Americans and, indeed, all Americans who are repulsed by the evils of slavery, segregation and racism. It's time for the Commonwealth of Virginia, to remove the name of this Confederate leader from all sections of Route 1 in Virginia. Virginia is a state that prides itself on its diversity, technological innovation, leadership in education and progress. The name Jefferson Davis is far from what the state should honor. Let's stop indulging the race haters who named the road after their race hating hero. Let’s change the image of this important roadway from hatred and rename it to memorialize hope and progress. Please sign this petition calling on Governor Terry McAulliffe, the Virginia General Assembly and the Commonwealth Transportation Board to rename  all sections of Jefferson Davis Highway.  

Daniel Zim
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