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Petition to Halifax County Virginia Board of Supervisors, Bryant Claiborne, Calvin "Ricky" Short, Stanley Brandon, Jeffrey Francisco, Hubert Pannell, Garland Ricketts, Ronnie Duffey, Dean Throckmorton

Removal of the Confederate Soldier Statue at the Halifax County Virginia Courthouse

This petition is seeking the removal of the statue of a Confederate soldier on the Courthouse Square in Halifax County, Virginia. The Confederate statue is a painful reminder to many of our citizens of a dark period in Virginia’s history. Those signing this petition support removal of the statue and its placement in a more appropriate location where the statue and the history it represents can be explained and placed in context, such as a history museum.  A brief history: The original statue on the courthouse was to be erected in 1910. However, when unpacked it was recognized to be a union soldier that caused county citizens to protest resulting in the statue never being erected. A second statue was erected in 1911, a smaller figure on a 20-foot shaft. That second statue was blown down in a windstorm in 1916. In 1937, a third and final statue was purchased by the United Daughters of the Confederacy, chosen from several designs by the Halifax County Board of Supervisors. By signing this petition to remove the confederate statue, we will be sending a powerful message to prospective businesses and other potential newcomers considering a move here that Halifax County is a strong, cohesive, and peaceful community interested in and addressing the rights and concerns of all its citizens.  

One Community - Halifax County Virginia
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Petition to Mayor Muriel Bowser

Change the name of Woodrow Wilson High School to John Lewis High School

Woodrow Wilson, 28th president of the United States, revered by as a “a leader of the Progressive Movement”, was one of the most passionately racist leaders in all of U.S. History. Elected in 1913 and again in 1917, Wilson’s legacy is embellished with the racist exploits of his entire political career. Infamous for his hosting of a special White House screening of "Birth of a Nation", during which he reportedly remarked, “It's like writing history with lightning. My only regret is that it is all so terribly true,” Wilson believed that African Americans were inherently inferior to the white race.  He echoed this sentiment throughout his presidential career, resegregating government agencies that had been integrated during reconstruction and offering vocal support to the Ku Klux Klan terrorizing African Americans across the country. Wilson’s legacy grew in 1935 with the establishment of Woodrow Wilson High School in the Northwest corner of Washington DC. Originally an all white school, it still serves as his namesake today. Following the May 2020 death of 47 year old George Floyd, an African American man suffocated by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser announced plans to change the name of Woodrow Wilson High School after 85 years of baring the former president’s name. Officials for District of Columbia public schools opened an online form for name suggestions through October 30th to gather suggestions for the name change, which is estimated to cost 1.2 million dollars.  Following a summer of racialized strife and conflict, the decision to finally change the name of Woodrow Wilson High School symbolizes a long-overdue commitment to honoring the truth, a duty preciously upheld by the late John Robert Lewis.  When John Lewis began protesting racial injustice alongside Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr during the Civil Rights Movement, he gave the country a stunning reminder of the dark truths still facing African Americans across the country. His commitment to civil rights and racial equality ultimately carried him to congress, where he served as a U.S. representative for Alabama’s 5th congressional district for over 30 years. John Lewis’ legacy represents the commitment to America’s original truths- those which we hold to be self evident, that all men are equal and so must be their access to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. As a champion of civil rights, in an effort to break free of America’s dark history of racial violence and intolerance to look ahead to a brighter future, by adding my name I hereby propose the name John Lewis High School to replace its former name.

Dillema Magazine
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Petition to Gregg County Commissioners

REMOVE the Confederate statue in front of the Gregg County Courthouse

Together, we can remove this monument that represents the traitors, slavers, and white supremacists that put their life on the line in order to own other human beings.   Gov. Greg Abbott said removing Confederate monuments "won't erase our nation's past, and it doesn't advance our nation's future...” "Racist and hate-filled violence — in any form — is never acceptable, and as governor I have acted to quell it. My goal as governor is to eliminate the racist and hate-filled environment we are seeing in our country today.” The Daughters of the Confederacy, who have sponsored the monument, have made it their mission to keep the voices of traitors and white supremacists alive. Here is a quote from former Mayor Bodenheim.  "Men of the Confederacy in the name of the city of Longview, I bid you welcome to the fair city. You will find yourselves among your own people here, and every man, woman, and child within its boundaries stands back of me when I say we honor you beyond words. Your uniforms may be faded, but every thread of them speaks to us of glorious achievement and heroic endeavor, and I had rather have such a uniform to bequeath to my children as a legacy than the diamond bedecked regalia of the greatest king that ever graced a throne." "This Monument stands for the cause of liberty; it stands for the vindication of American manhood and American bravery; it represents the blood of a nation spent in a cause that to the Sons seemed worthy; it immortalizes Southern chivalry and Southern Womanhood, and do not ever go near it without lifting your hat, for you are standing on sacred ground." Do Confederate white supremacists and racists find their brothers and sisters in Longview, TX? Is this city a haven for those traitors? This county spits on the people whose families were sold throughout the South, whose blood was spilled and whose cries echoed off of the walls, those who were worked until their fingers bled and until they dropped dead, and those who were lynched in the trees by the so-called “Confederate heroes” that this county upholds so highly. Is this what Longview stands for? Is this what Gregg County stands for? Is this who we are? This monument belongs in a museum as an example to the future generations. This is what we will not tolerate. Together, we can show racists that they will not be praised here or anywhere. Not anymore.

Chelsea Laury
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