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Petition to Lorain County Fair Board of Directors

Ban Sales of the Confederate Flag at the Lorain County Fair

We, the undersigned citizens, hereby petition the Lorain County Fair Board to permanently ban the sale of Confederate flags at the Lorain County Fair, beginning with the 2021 fair season. Among the multitude of disturbing images that were broadcast around the globe during the deadly domestic terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, one of the most pernicious was the sight of an insurrectionist carrying the Confederate flag through the halls of the greatest democracy in the world. Make no mistake: This offensive symbol of a divided country—a symbol of hate—has left a stain on our nation’s consciousness that will take tremendous effort and resolve to remove. Let this resolution be the first step. For five years now, grassroots efforts have attempted to educate and persuade members of the fair board to recognize what other Ohio counties, the Ohio State Fair, and even Southern institutions such as NASCAR, have acknowledged: that a symbol of hate and division has no place at the Lorain County Fair. Those efforts have fallen on deaf ears. The time for hiding behind the disingenuous cloaks of “Civil War memorabilia” and “historical artifacts”—the time for invoking the First Amendment in service to racial violence—must end now. Please help by signing this petition, so we can send this message throughout Lorain County: symbols of hate, far-right violence, and racism have no place here. 

The Elyria YWCA
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Petition to Shirley N. Weber, Reggie Jones-Sawyer, Autumn R. Burke, Holly J. Mitchell, Steven Bradford, Maxine Waters, Barbara Lee, Tony Thurmond, Sydney K. Kamlager-Dove


CALIFORNIA IS ME (Cali Is Me) presents CALIFORNIA CENSORED  Say her name: Queen Calafía-The Real Black Amazon in the Great Seal of the State of California, is not depicted.  She has been dethrowned from her rightful place as California's ruler.  Queen Calafía has been censored.  The queen in the seal is Black, not white. Read more nationwide law papers and articles at featuring AFRO newspaper interview - "The Real Meaning of California is #BlackGirlMagic"  California's seal is a Confederate symbol, designed by a Virginia Confederate soldier. Mission: Restore Queen Calafía's California to her rightful thrown in the Great Seal of her now state, to be officialized and NOT misrepresented to show it as historically accurate and to accept the truth via legislative acts. ATTENTION DID YOU KNOW THE STATE SEAL OF CALIFORNIA WAS DESIGNED BY A  UNION TURNED CONFEDERATE VIRGINIA SOLDIER WHO MURDERED CHIEF TUSKEGEE’S SEMINOLE INDIANS & BLACKS IN THE SEMINOLE INDIAN WAR AND MEXICANS IN THE MEXICAN AMERICAN WAR? DID YOU KNOW WONDER WOMAN® IS REALLY THE BLACK QUEEN CALAFÍA AND ROMAN MINERVA IS REALLY SUPPOSED TO BE THE EGYPTIAN GODDESS NÊITH IN THE GREAT SEAL OF CALIFORNIA; BOTH SHOULD BE ANCIENT BLACK WOMEN IMAGES? DID YOU KNOW CALIFORNIA REALLY MEANS A GOLDEN ISLAND OF STRONG, BEAUTIFUL, COURAGEOUS, & HARD-WORKING BLACK WOMEN RULED BY QUEEN CALAFÍA  ON AN ISLAND OF GOLD FROM AN ANTICIENT SPANISH NOVEL?  BACKGROUND 156 YEAR OLD QUESTION REMAINS UNANSWERED: "Observe, O reader, that, although very black, and very large, she is very beautiful.  Why has not Powers carved the statue of California out of the blackest Egyptian marbles?” Rev. Edward Everette Hale, (see for book Who Is the Black Queen Calafia of California?: The Real Wonder Woman). Hernan Cortes believed in this mystical island of black Amazon women and transferred the name from the romance novel to real land. READ See for media advisory and nationwide press buzz.  See for 1- why the etymology, origin, and definition of the name “California” is a golden nugget of truth and 2- legal isses in detail ISSUES -LIFT THE VEIL OF IGNORANCE ON THE CONFEDERATE CA SEAL The hidden “C” in California: the seal is a Confederate symbol drawn by a Virginia Confederate soldier who obviously wanted to mask the real “C” in California- its Chocolate ladies! The Great Seal of The State of California shows a Roman goddess Minerva when it should have been its black Queen Calafía's namesake of the all black woman Amazon island called California originating from the Spanish romance novel. The Senate of California is deliberately carrying forward this historical inaccuracy.  California has been such a progressive beautiful example of removing divisiveness (see  ) and now needs to be fixed to right a wrong.  We need legislative action in a directive bill to change the seal to a new representative seal.   LEGAL ISSUES Enough is enough! When credit is due, credit should be given. When something is red, don’t call it blue.  Period. The Confederacy lost the Civil War and we are now the United States of America.  Thus, the Confederacy should not be writing America’s history.   Separate claims under separate sources of law that could potentially arise under the Constitutions of America (14th Amendment) and California.  The seal is stiched into police uniforms and engraved in judicial courtrooms.   STOLEN LEGACY  Symbols are representative agendas of what is actually happening now. From Slavery, we have not had a name in America up until now. Tired of hearing Slave stories? Act for the truth of Royalty stories!  ACT We may not can do everything, but we can do something (Rev. Hale, creditor of the etymology of California  see ).  If this information was educational, please sign our petition, or call black California assemblymember Dr. Weber's office at: (619) 531-7913 or email her assistant at: to request items 1-6 below,  spread the word via the website and educate your children or  buy a T-shirt that has a new representative seal to show and take pride in your real heritage in the meantime and step into your heritage fashionably.  Thank you for your support.  Love California!

California Is Me
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Petition to Culpeper County Board of Supervisors

Remove Confederate Flag at Lenn Park

Lenn Park in Culpeper, Virginia is a county park that is used by many local and surrounding counties.  It is a park with many amenities that other parks in the area do not have and considered the best park in our town due to this.  But Lenn Park is not used and enjoyed by all the county residents due to the Confederate flag that is proudly displayed when entering the facility.  The Confederate flag is not a symbol of southern pride but rather a symbol of rebellion and racism. Symbols of hate have no place in our county ran facilities. The Confederate battle emblem represents: hatred, death, slavery, and a division amongst all people. It is past time for the flag to come down. The battle to remove the flag was denied a few years back but now is the time to fight again! This facility is ran by the county of Culpeper but the land on the website states “that it was donated to preserve the civil war significance that played a major role in the 1863 Battle of Brandy Station between Federal and Confederate Calvary soldiers”. But why does this symbol of hate have to be displayed??? 5years ago the removal was turned down, we should not let this happen again!! As residents and leaders in Culpeper County process and respond to racial injustice in our country, now is the time for our county to do something to show a commitment to diversity, unity, equity, and justice.  Remove this flag and let the unity begin!  Please sign this petition for the removal of this flag.  

Amy Hunter
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