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Petition to Tom Graves, Johnny Isakson, David Perdue, Nathan Deal, Chuck Payne, Kasey Carpenter

Create & mandate mental health safety labels for guns, their accessories & carry permits.

Everyone who encounters a gun is at risk of harming themselves and other people. Though many people who have access to a gun may not be mentally ill, it is hard to predict when someone may experience a mental health crisis. For those who have access to a gun when distressed, impaired judgement and thinking can result in unnecessary loss of life through gun violence. Those people need to know they can choose help instead of harm. Creating and mandating mental health safety labels for conceal carry applications, guns and gun accessories will save lives. Similar to cigarette warning labels, mental health safety labels will be eye-catching, short and comprehensive while promoting the National Suicide Prevention Hotline. An example label may include: "Are you thinking about hurting yourself or someone else with a weapon? You're not alone. Confidential help is available for free 24/7 through the National Lifeline. 1-800-273-8255." This label will be put in a variety of locations: inside gun cases, on gun magazines, ammo boxes, etc. Prompting someone to pause and recognize their motivation for a purchase or use of a gun and its accessories can save lives. As a mental health professional, I understand how difficult it can be reach out for help. I also understand that the risk for suicide and homicide increase after the purchase of a gun. Often people who perpetrate gun violence or complete a suicide haven't been given opportunities to pause or think about their impulsive actions. Creating and mandating a mental health safety label doesn't stigmatize someone for their thoughts, but it does give them a choice in a difficult moment.

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Petition to Council of the European Union

EU Schengen area wide firearms concealed carry for self protection and property protection

English / ENG / EN: European Firearms Pass should become sufficient condition for concealed carry across the entire Schengen Area of European Union once concealed firearms carry is allowed for the European Firearms Pass owner in his/her home country. This will allow to: self protect families with children traveling for seasonal vacation across EU self protection of truck/lorry drivers and property protection of ware and products they transport across the entire Schengen protect any business representatives and employees while transiting themselves or any ware or products across Schengen No further actions or requests in terms of announcements to authorities to transit or destination countries should be needed. Concealed firearms carry of any EU citizen in Schengen area should become as natural and easy as traveling across Schengen country borders. Slovak / SVK / SK: Európsky zbrojný pas by sa mal stať postačujúcou podmienkou pre skryté nosenie zbrane na celom území Európskej Únie patriacej do Schengen zóny pre každého držiteľa zbrojného preukazu, ktorým mu je umožnené zbraň nosiť v jeho/jej domácej krajine. Toto umožní: ochranu osôb a majetku pre rodiny s deťmi, ktoré cestujú na letnú alebo zimnú dovolenku do inej krajiny EÚ ochranu osôb pre vodičov kamiónov a tiež efektívnejšiu ochranu tovaru a produktov, ktoré prevážajú po krajinách Schengen zóny ochranu osôb a majetku konateľov a zamestnancov spoločností pri nutnosti presunu seba a tovaru alebo produktov po krajinách Schengen zóny Na takéto nosenie zbrane v krajinách Schengen zóny nebude potrebná žiadna ohlasovacia ani oznamovacia povinnosť žiadnych autorít z tranzitných krajín a ani cieľovej krajiny. Možnosť skrytého nosenia zbrane pre ktoréhokoľvek obyvateľa EÚ v Schengen zóne by sa mala stať rovnakou samozrejmosťou akou je voľný priechod štátnych hraníc týchto krajín.  

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