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Stop Capital University Concealed Carry

The #CapFam is greater than just Capital University students, staff, and administration. It includes the community of Bexley, Capital University alumni, family members, our network of community leaders & partners across Columbus. We, a coalition of organizations, students, staff and the greater Bexley community, believes that SB 1, erroneously titled “No More Victims,” misrepresents the University’s purpose and directly contradicts the values of the organizations and students herein represented. This coalition supports genuine efforts to improve the safety and representation of survivors of campus violence. We call on our peers and community members to join us in opposition to the spirit and intent of this legislation. We, as members of the #CapFam, adamantly oppose the legislation known as SB 1 regarding concealed carry on campus and publicly address the following concerns with the said legislation. The blatant disregard for student interest in the creation of this legislation is evident by the lack of student input and open forums regarding the content of SB 1 prior to its proposal to Student Government. Not only are student interests being disregarded, but the proposal is a misrepresentation of university values. As an institution with purpose, Capital University challenges members of its community to ask, think, and lead. Without the input of students and by only a small number of students speaking on behalf of all students, we feel these values are being misrepresented. This legislation is inappropriately produced and proposed to the Student Government Senate Legislation drafted an hour prior to the Senate meeting without ample time for research by voting senators and without the knowledge of absent senators has no place in our representative body. By being a part of the Capital University community, students and faculty also belong to the Bexley community at large. Decisions of this magnitude and controversial nature affect the Bexley community, as well as our own. Calling for a vote regarding concealed carry without research and consultation from the Bexley community is damaging to the relationship the University holds with community members. This proposal and the language used in it are damaging to survivors of all forms of violence. The proposal calls for the safety of students while using damaging terminology and without appropriate agency for survivors. Survivors should not be silenced and spoken for but should be given a platform to advocate for their needs and cared for by our community. Speaking for one survivor should not be twisted into the views of all survivors. The legislation proposed cites affirmative research without citing research in refutation of the presented argument. Thoughtful, intentional legislation includes research and debate from all sides. With the disregard for proper procedure and lack of ample time prior to the vote, sufficient research could not be presented or discussed. Rigorous, educated, and research-based discussion should follow controversial, sensitive legislation such as that proposed.  We, the signers of this petition, believe that an integral part of Capital University's purpose is to remain a safe, open, and involved member of the Bexley community. Stand by us and oppose this legislation.  Sincerely,  The #CapFam   

Capital University Progressive Action Coalition
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Petition to Council of the European Union

EU Schengen area wide firearms concealed carry for self protection and property protection

English / ENG / EN: European Firearms Pass should become sufficient condition for concealed carry across the entire Schengen Area of European Union once concealed firearms carry is allowed for the European Firearms Pass owner in his/her home country. This will allow to: self protect families with children traveling for seasonal vacation across EU self protection of truck/lorry drivers and property protection of ware and products they transport across the entire Schengen protect any business representatives and employees while transiting themselves or any ware or products across Schengen No further actions or requests in terms of announcements to authorities to transit or destination countries should be needed. Concealed firearms carry of any EU citizen in Schengen area should become as natural and easy as traveling across Schengen country borders. Slovak / SVK / SK: Európsky zbrojný pas by sa mal stať postačujúcou podmienkou pre skryté nosenie zbrane na celom území Európskej Únie patriacej do Schengen zóny pre každého držiteľa zbrojného preukazu, ktorým mu je umožnené zbraň nosiť v jeho/jej domácej krajine. Toto umožní: ochranu osôb a majetku pre rodiny s deťmi, ktoré cestujú na letnú alebo zimnú dovolenku do inej krajiny EÚ ochranu osôb pre vodičov kamiónov a tiež efektívnejšiu ochranu tovaru a produktov, ktoré prevážajú po krajinách Schengen zóny ochranu osôb a majetku konateľov a zamestnancov spoločností pri nutnosti presunu seba a tovaru alebo produktov po krajinách Schengen zóny Na takéto nosenie zbrane v krajinách Schengen zóny nebude potrebná žiadna ohlasovacia ani oznamovacia povinnosť žiadnych autorít z tranzitných krajín a ani cieľovej krajiny. Možnosť skrytého nosenia zbrane pre ktoréhokoľvek obyvateľa EÚ v Schengen zóne by sa mala stať rovnakou samozrejmosťou akou je voľný priechod štátnych hraníc týchto krajín.  

Sport Shooting Club DigitalH
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Petition to Donald Trump, National Rifle Association, Republican National Committee

Nation wide Constitutional carry. If you can legally own a gun you should be able to carry

Now more than ever the American people should have the right to defend themselves. We face threats on a daily basis from terrorism or mentally unstable individuals. This is about our God given right to freedom and our right to defend ourselves and loved ones from those who seek to harm us. If legal gun owners are allowed to always have a firearm and gun free zones are gone we will all be safer. If you look at statistics on national as well as international level you will see that gun free zones are a target rich environment for terrorism. The American people did not seek out this war with terrorism, but it is here. Our government can not always protect us. It your duty as an American citizen regardless of race or religion to protect yourself and family. Currently politicians (who all happen to have armed guards) are not allowing you to do so. Apparently their lives are more important than the working class American. It is time for Americans to unite again and let our government know that we will not be victims. Terroists, mentally insane and criminals do not care about a concealed carry permit or gun free zones. All these things do is make victims out of law abiding citizens and often times innocent children.  Children who were left unprotected because we have laws in America that bind the hands of those who wish  to protect them and give the power of life and death to killers. A concealed carry permit is a form of registration and gun control. The 2nd amendment should be the permit for law abiding citizens to carry not an unconstitutional state issued permit. Regardless of your religion or race if you love America, the Constitution and want us safe and secure you need to sign this.  During WWII Admiral Yamamoto of Japan advised against invading our mainland because "behind every blade of grass would be a rifle." That is what should always be said of America by our enemies!

James Daniel
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