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Petition to City of San Jose, Sam Liccardo, Lan Diep, Housing & Community Development Commission, Magdalena Carrasco, James Stagi, Ray Bramson, Dave Cortese, Charles Jones, Sergio Jimenez, Raul Peralez, Vice Mayor Magdalena Carrasco, Devora Davis, Tam Nguyen, Sylvia Arenas, Donald Rocha, Johnny Khamis

Say NO! to the homeless shelter on Noble Ave in Berryessa, San Jose

The City of San Jose started planning the BHC pilot program on January 1, 2017 and presented their plan via Memorandum to City Council on May 22nd. The Memo recommends incidental shelter sites in each district of San Jose to set up small housing units on vacant land to house the homeless. In District 4, a list of the locations include 14630 Noble Ave – right next to the Noble Elementary and right behind Toyon Elementary. The location is also within quarter mile from Piedmont Middle, right across Noble Park, within quarter mile of Penitencia Creek Park across Summerdale Elementary and right next to the Berryessa library. (circled in red in the picture above) Prior surveys conducted by the City of San Jose show that 50% of the homeless have addiction problems. At least half are getting some type of government assistance. 95% are unemployed. 25% have been in jail in 2016-2017. It has also been stated that there will be minimum screening requirements for the shelter users which begs the question of the need for placing a shelter in the heart of a community of schools, parks and libraries. Such shelters have been shown to require a high degree of policing, emergency services and are accompanied with rampant problems of crime, trash and poorer quality of life for the residents. Neither has the community been consulted for the proposal nor have we been informed of the proposal by official channels. The community learned of the development only from alert residents who have been going through routine official communication. Fund Raiser: The residents of the Noble community of Berryessa request the City of San Jose to not place a homeless shelter as proposed.  

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Petition to Chris Giuliani, Andrew Perumal, Barry Mills, Marty Meehan

SAVE the UMass Boston Pool

At the moment the University swimming pool is slated to be DESTROYED during the demolition of the Science building.  This is a great loss for the University and the community.  As a public institution in community surrounded by water our students and local constituents deserve access to the types of programs that only a pool can offer. SAVE our Swimming Pool, but more importantly save the educational and participatory programs for our students and potential future students. At present UMB Aquatics offers training in Adult CPR/AEDCPR for Professional Rescuers & Health Care Providers Adult First Aid/CPR/AED Lifeguard/ Lifeguard intern(summer) / Jr Lifeguard Water Safety Instruction Learn to swim/ Masters Swimming/ Adult stroke clinic/ Competitive Swim teams Infant Rescue Major facilitator for the SCUBA course Also, UMB Aquatics offer Summer Camps access to an average of 140-200 kids a day Camp Shriver Twelfth St. Baptist Church TAG program CAMP REACH Success Boston Urban Scholars Commonwealth Swimming Team Peak Performance Swim Camp which hosts youth and their families from Canada, Barbados, Ghana, London, Morocco, New Hampshire, New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts Paralympic Sport Club Boston Triathlons and many more A swimming pool offers opportunities for international, National, State, and Local competitions as well as educational opportunities for Biology, EHS, Nursing, and the growing field of Outdoor Leadership. Please sign to show your support to SAVE the UMass Boston Pool!  A public university in a community surrounded by water has a responsibility to provide and support the training of young people to become stewards of water safety and a swimming pool is the only place that can be successfully accomplished.  SAVE our Swimming Pool.

Paula Thorsland
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Petition to NA

Release the Chicks to a Sanctuary

There are currently six young chickens confined in a small, dangerous, homemade coop on a busy street here on Capitol Hill. The coop was built with wood slats as the substrate (floor) and a leg break and/or predator attack are imminent. Additionally, there are large openings in multiple places where a raccoon could easily reach in and grab a chicken. These young birds have no opportunities to do what comes natural to them, like dustbathe and scratch for bugs. They are not allowed any time outside of this small, filthy coop. I have been watching the chickens for weeks and, during the hot weather, I have witnessed them open mouth breathing (an indication that they are suffering heat exhaustion).  Locals have tried to convince the owner to surrender the birds.  The clinic’s owner stated that he felt he was “providing a service to the community” by providing eggs.  However:  ** The coop is dangerous as there are multiple holes and gaps where a raccoon could reach in** The coop floor is not predator proof and because it’s not a solid surface a broken leg is inevitable** There is no way to effectively clean the slats and consequently the birds are standing in their own feces 24/7** There is no fan, mister, or cold and/or frozen fruit being offered during high temps** The chickens are being denied their natural instincts to scratch in the dirt and dustbathe (crucial to their overall health)** They are “on display” on a busy street where children and dogs have been seen banging on and lunging at the coop** There is feces in the driveway, on the sidewalk, and in the dirt near their two tomato plants (all of these are potential human health issues - especially young children who like to put everything in their mouths and are notoriously unreliable "hand washers") Although, we are appreciative of their attempts to support the community, we offer alternative ways to do so by: ** Building a community vegetable garden in the same spot as the current coop** Provide free or low cost dog and cat spay/neuter services to low income families in the area Please ask them to allow the chickens to be rehomed to a local sanctuary (we have one lined up) where they will have access to grass, natural shade, and a predator proof coop.

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