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Petition to City of San Jose, Sam Liccardo, Lan Diep, Housing & Community Development Commission, Magdalena Carrasco, James Stagi, Ray Bramson

Say NO! to the homeless shelter on Noble Ave in Berryessa, San Jose

The City of San Jose started planning the BHC pilot program on January 1, 2017 and presented their plan via Memorandum to City Council on May 22nd. The Memo recommends incidental shelter sites in each district of San Jose to set up small housing units on vacant land to house the homeless. In District 4, a list of the locations include 14630 Noble Ave – right next to the Noble Elementary and right behind Toyon Elementary. The location is also within quarter mile from Piedmont Middle, right across Noble Park, within quarter mile of Penitencia Creek Park across Summerdale Elementary and right next to the Berryessa library. (circled in red in the picture above) Prior surveys conducted by the City of San Jose show that 50% of the homeless have addiction problems. At least half are getting some type of government assistance. 95% are unemployed. 25% have been in jail in 2016-2017. It has also been stated that there will be minimum screening requirements for the shelter users which begs the question of the need for placing a shelter in the heart of a community of schools, parks and libraries. Such shelters have been shown to require a high degree of policing, emergency services and are accompanied with rampant problems of crime, trash and poorer quality of life for the residents. Neither has the community been consulted for the proposal nor have we been informed of the proposal by official channels. The community learned of the development only from alert residents who have been going through routine official communication. Fund Raiser: The residents of the Noble community of Berryessa request the City of San Jose to not place a homeless shelter as proposed.  

Keerti Narayan
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Petition to NA

Release the Chicks to a Sanctuary

There are currently six young chickens confined in a small, dangerous, homemade coop on a busy street here on Capitol Hill. The coop was built with wood slats as the substrate (floor) and a leg break and/or predator attack are imminent. Additionally, there are large openings in multiple places where a raccoon could easily reach in and grab a chicken. These young birds have no opportunities to do what comes natural to them, like dustbathe and scratch for bugs. They are not allowed any time outside of this small, filthy coop. I have been watching the chickens for weeks and, during the hot weather, I have witnessed them open mouth breathing (an indication that they are suffering heat exhaustion).  Locals have tried to convince the owner to surrender the birds.  The clinic’s owner stated that he felt he was “providing a service to the community” by providing eggs.  However:  ** The coop is dangerous as there are multiple holes and gaps where a raccoon could reach in** The coop floor is not predator proof and because it’s not a solid surface a broken leg is inevitable** There is no way to effectively clean the slats and consequently the birds are standing in their own feces 24/7** There is no fan, mister, or cold and/or frozen fruit being offered during high temps** The chickens are being denied their natural instincts to scratch in the dirt and dustbathe (crucial to their overall health)** They are “on display” on a busy street where children and dogs have been seen banging on and lunging at the coop** There is feces in the driveway, on the sidewalk, and in the dirt near their two tomato plants (all of these are potential human health issues - especially young children who like to put everything in their mouths and are notoriously unreliable "hand washers") Although, we are appreciative of their attempts to support the community, we offer alternative ways to do so by: ** Building a community vegetable garden in the same spot as the current coop** Provide free or low cost dog and cat spay/neuter services to low income families in the area Please ask them to allow the chickens to be rehomed to a local sanctuary (we have one lined up) where they will have access to grass, natural shade, and a predator proof coop.

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Petition to Mayor Kendall Lane

Resolution to Support Immigrants in Keene, New Hampshire

In the spirit of Keene, NH native and civil rights leader Jonathan Daniels support a resolution to the city of Keene, NH to ensure that Keene is a safe and welcoming community for immigrants: Please add comment so we know where you are from!  Keene, New Hampshire  A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF KEENE TO ENSURE THAT KEENE IS A SAFE AND WELCOMING COMMUNITY FOR IMMIGRANTS  WHEREAS, the city of Keene has a long and rich history of welcoming and successfully integrating diverse immigrant groups into its civic life; and  WHEREAS, immigrants contribute essential skills as employees and entrepreneurs, thereby strengthening our local economy, which is especially important in a state where the population is aging and many young people look elsewhere for opportunity; and  WHEREAS, the resources of the Keene Police Department are limited and the funding of city services through local property taxes are an issue of extraordinary concern; and  WHEREAS, recent studies have shown that humane treatment of immigrants by law enforcement enhances cooperation with police and lowers crime rates (Wong, University of California-San Diego, 2017); and  WHEREAS, there have been a number of recent events involving racist intolerant behavior in our community which were addressed in a letter signed by community leaders including the Keene Mayor, the Cheshire County Sheriff, the former Keene Police Chief, and the SAU 29 Superintendent of Schools (March, 2017); and  WHEREAS, Keene is blessed with the legacy of Jonathan Daniels and the example he provided of fighting for justice and offering compassion for those in need; and  WHEREAS, the mission statement of the Keene Police Department reads, “….to protect life and property and to maintain order within the City while assuring fair and respectful treatment of everyone.”  NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT THE CITY OF KEENE:  Will promote the following policies within the Keene Police Department:  1.    Police Officers, in the performance of their routine duties, will not ask any person about his or her immigration or citizenship status.  2.    Police officers will not assist U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in actions intended to enforce federal immigration statutes without clear indications that targeted persons are involved in violent criminal behavior, are in violation of NH State felony laws, or have an outstanding criminal warrant.  3.    Police officers will not detain or prolong detention of individuals on behalf of ICE or CBP without clear indications that such persons are involved in violent criminal behavior, are in violation of NH State felony laws, or have an outstanding criminal warrant.  

Keene Immigration and Refugee Partnership
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Petition to Sheryll Shimata

Waikoloa Community Wellness Center

The old Waikoloa Village Store, also known as the "Kau Kau Depot" This once vibrant gathering place for the community now sits empty and is a sad gathering place for the homeless and addicts of the Island. As we have seen it sit empty for years, trying to bargain with the bank to turn it into anything but empty, we have seen an increase in activity there with homeless and addicts, drug use, paraphernalia, garbage, and a young beautiful man who lost his life to an overdose at the location. We have done community clean up with the trash outside and have notified local law enforcement of the drug paraphernalia inside of the location, but it still stands there today a sad reminder of this once beautiful place.With this petition we hope to create The Waikoloa Community Wellness Center!   Our hope is to help the less fortunate through Life is to Be Lived Foundation. Our Community Wellness Center plan is intended to drive positive change within the Hawaii community while also embracing Waikoloa community. Our Wellness Center will allow clients access to clubs, social groups and employment resources with opportunity for personal development and education. It is our goal to create a place for Wellness, Kindness and Respect for all of our community. It will serve as the bedrock for social equity with open doors for all with free or low cost community centric programs as well as help our community seniors and youth through activities and education. Community Center foundations must constantly balance current needs and future needs, we must do what we can to meet current needs while at the same time providing resource to help future generations meet unforeseen future need which includes homeless individuals suffering from drug addiction and or mental illnesses. This Plan aims to strike that balance sometimes addressing problems today can prevent them from becoming bigger problems in the future.   For further information Contact Sheryl Shimata Crystal Elliott 808-345-4956  

Life is to Be Lived
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