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Petition to PL$ Financial, Primax Properties, Columbus

Tell PL$ Financial NOT to aquire & develop Broad Street & James Road, Columbus, Ohio

To:  PL$ Financial & Primax Properties, This is simple.  Don't buy 3265 E Broad Street & stop your efforts to develop the corner of Broad Street & James Road in Columbus, Ohio.  We told you our community doesn't want this, your response was to hire an attorney to bully your contract & development through.  So we are going to show you, you do NOT have community support to do this.    Your proposal is not the proper way to develop this intersection nor is this the highest & best use for our neighborhood, or any neighborhood for that matter.  This intersection sees 50,000 cars per day, and has historically been dangerous in terms of traffic accidents and crime. We are working to improve our neighborhood every day.  We want proper development of this block and an intended use that brings value to our community, not a predatory service that has negative socio economic impact & a track record of being a nuisance to the communities in which they operate, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   You say you do things the community wants & brings your attention to.  We hope this petition gets your attention.  James Road & Broad Street is the corner entrance to our community & we want it re-developed properly.   Respectfully,Eastmoor & Surrounding Community Supporters.  

Eastmoor Civic Association & Blockwatch
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Petition to Nicola Beech

Save the Bristol Marina Boatyard - a Piece of Living History

Bristol Marina Boatyard is under threat.  Current plans by Bristol City Council mean that the lease for the complete site may not be renewed.  If the existing boatyard was lost, Bristol Harbour would lose a vital source of services and employment. The city would lose an essential part of its maritime heritage. The history of boat building and repair on the site of the current boatyard goes back to 12th Century Bristol.  It is a piece of living and working history - providing emergency and support services to the harbour, as well as boat-building and restoration for the community.  It is the last facility to lift and repair large vessels including dredgers which are essential to protect the harbour and river from flooding. Bristol City Council want the land to expand the site used by the SS Great Britain.  This would effectively slash the Boatyard in two, making it impossible to service larger vessels and rendering the business nonviable. While this museum is a valuable tourist and educational attraction for Bristol, current plans for the expansion of the SS Great Britain site would have devastating consequences for an actual example of marine history: a living, working boatyard situated next door. Bristol Marina has invested heavily over the years and responded to the needs of the Harbour and community.  Please make room for the Boatyard to continue in its current form.

Kien Leong
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Started 3 months ago

Petition to Spencer Shafsky

Stop Cellphone Tower in the Irvington Residential Area

As a resident living in the Irvington community, we are deeply concerned by the Verizon cellphone tower planned to be built in Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. This is truly concerning to us as residents of the Fremont community. As this location as a park in which is where our children go to play right across the street. There 3 schools, Irvington High, Robertson High, Green Elementary in the immediate vicinity. We also have 3 other schools  near by. This poses a significant health hazard for these kids. Although there is no evidence that the radiations are harmful, but there is also no strong evidence that they are not. As parents and home owners, these developments are deeply concerning to me. The second concern is about the property value being impacted. We have worked very hard to earn the value of the property. We do not want it to be taken away by a tower.  The tower also poses security threat due to high value equipment present in these towers. In addition, any repair and maintenance work has to be done in the 12 am - 6 am time range. This will be a huge source of noise pollution and disturbance in the neighborhood. There are several commercial locations such as Automall or Walmart. Instead of choosing those the Fremont Planning Commission has chosen to put it right in the middle of a residential area. Even though there are 9 registered cellphone towers and over 76 unregistered towers, We are concerned the is the need for one more tower in this area.  Speed tests from Verizon customers living here has shown no significant slowdowns or coverage issues that warrant this new tower. Lastly, If new health issues or security issues crop up, Should we expect Fremont planning commission and Our Lady of Guadalupe to take responsibility for all these issues and make them liable? Please do not let this happen in any residential community. No parent or homeowner should have to go through health hazard in their community.

Sathya Krishnamurthy
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Petition to Kathleen Sullivan, Scott Lee, Lisa J. Clement, Sarah Nebeker, Lianne Thompson, Clatsop County Board of Commissioners, Heather Hansen, Cameron Moore


We respectfully ask the Clatsop County Board of Commissioners to reverse its decision to dissolve the Southwest Coastal Community Advisory Committee (SCCAC, aka SWCCAC).  Please meet with and work with the concerned and engaged citizens of Arch Cape, Falcon Cove Beach, and the entire Southwest Coastal Community to keep the important aspects of the SCCAC and allow for continued citizen involvement in our region of the County.  For more than 40 years, the SCCAC has worked actively and persistently to maintain the Southwest Coastal Community’s livability, natural resources and beauty. In the 1970’s the SCCAC help draft the Southwest Coastal Community’s Comprehensive Plan. This Plan guides development in the Southwest Coastal Community by protecting our beaches, headlands, streams, wetlands, forestlands, and Highway 101 from improper development. The Plan was progressive for its time and remains a guiding document for the community and our land use ordinances. The SCCAC provides the opportunity for local people to advise the County on proposed developments, provides critical local knowledge, and helps to ensure that developments are done properly and in the best interest of the community.  Without the SCCAC and the Plan, we believe that the Southwest Coastal Community could look much different today. The entire Highway 101 corridor could become a commercial strip like Rockaway Beach. Ocean front homes could be three stories high like in other communities, blocking the view of everyone living behind them and changing the natural feel of our glorious beach. All vacant lots could be cleared of trees and natural vegetation leaving our neighborhoods void of the remarkably lush coastal rainforest in which we live. The SCCAC and its Plan are the core of our community.  We do not understand why, after all these years of the SCCAC working selflessly to protect the resident and communities of the Southwest Coastal region of Clatsop County, that the BOC was so determined to dissolve the SCCAC against the wishes of the residents of the community, and with little opportunity to hear public comment and deliberate.  And why dissolve a citizen advisory committee, if a primary principle of Oregon’s planning goals is citizen involvement? As an unincorporated region of the county, citizen input is all the more important to provide appropriate representation. We are pledged to complying with the law and respecting our neighbors, and we strongly believe that the SCCAC can and should continue to play a role in advising the County regarding decisions affecting our area.  Please work with us.

Save Arch Cape - Falcon Cove Beach
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