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Petition to The DeKalb County Board of Commissioners

Vote No On The Memorial Drive Overlay District

Dear DeKalb County Board of Commissioners, We, the undersigned residents of DeKalb County are requesting that our elected officials vote against the Memorial Drive Overlay District as it is currently proposed. This proposed overlay project effectively removes public notice and input from the community. While we strongly support good development for Memorial Drive, our expectation is to have processes in place that include notification of the community for all proposed development AND a process for community input and commissioner approval.  It is also our hope that you will work to correct the serious deficiencies in the enforcement of our county codes by Code Enforcement and Planning, as this would help to make our area much more attractive to good development.  Overlay districts of record in other locations are quite effective when they are used as detailed planning and land use tools that add additional and very specific restrictions and incentives to the current zoning. As such, they also allow much more protection and oversight for the community. This proposed project does not do this.  While this overlay proposal limits some uses, it opens up many more allowed and unstated uses that will be decided ONLY by the DeKalb Director of Planning. This one person does not answer to us, the residents of DeKalb County, nor to you, our elected officials. The zoning processes currently in place do allow developers to bring large developments to Memorial Drive by going through a process which includes community notification, the community council, and a final vote by you, our elected officials. These processes allow development to come in, but still ensure appropriate input and protects for the community. We respectfully request that these protections not be removed as proposed. When we elected each of you, we expected that status quo in DeKalb Government would no longer be acceptable. If all decisions about development fall into the hands of one person, the door is open for selectivity and bias. An affirmative vote for this version of the Memorial Drive Overlay takes away our communities' ability to protect and guide development now and for future generations. You also will be removing yourselves from your duty to ensure and encourage good development for our county by partnering with the communities you represent. We, the undersigned, urge you to vote NO on the Kensington-Memorial Drive Overlay District.

Dekalb Neighborhoods First
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Petition to Michael B. Hancock, Mayor City and County of Denver, Ashley Kilroy, Molly Duplechian

Protect Denver residents from the smells and harms of secondhand marijuana smoke. Keep outdoor marijuana smoking areas away from homes.

Initiative 300* (passed by Denver voters) will soon permit local businesses and special events to allow marijuana consumption in public places. Designated areas that allow marijuana smoking will be outside on patios or rooftops of businesses in Denver (because the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act prohibits indoor smoking). Marijuana consumption areas will be permitted in more locations than marijuana stores, including right next door to homes! The hours of operation may be from 7 am until 2 am. There will be concentrated marijuana smoking (with its odor and harmful chemicals) for hours on end. This could affect your personal enjoyment of your residence and make it unsafe and unpleasant for children to play outside in their own backyards. Businesses allowing marijuana consumption may be located in any zone lot where the underlying business is permitted, including coffee shops, yoga studios and book stores. It will especially impact small commercial districts embedded within residential districts (like Tennyson, Lowell, Pearl and Gaylord Streets, to name a few). In addition, any private undeveloped lot or parking lot may be used (with a permit) for a marijuana consumption special event. The draft rules state that no marijuana consumption permits will be issued for "[a]ny location that is situated in a residential zone district as defined by the zoning code of the City." This proposed rule doesn't go far enough to protect Denver residents because residential zoning can be building by building, not just block by block. It will not stop a business located right next door to or across an alley from a residence from allowing outdoor marijuana smoking. Please sign this petition opposing outdoor marijuana smoking areas near residences! Demand the rules require a buffer zone between homes and consumption areas so the smoke, smell and harmful chemicals can dissipate. Pass this petition on to your friends._____________________________________________________________________ Come to the public hearing to voice your concerns regarding the rules and regulations.June 13, 5:30 pm at the Wellington Webb Municipal Building, 201 W. Colfax Ave., Room 4.G.2. Comments may also be sent directly via email to until June 13. *The draft rules and regulations to implement I-300 were released May 11, 2017. Link:          

Protect Denver's Atmosphere
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