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Petition to Board of Directors of the Silver City Gospel Mission

Tell the Silver City Gospel Mission to open the Emergency Winter Shelter for the Homeless

  There are many homeless folks in Grant County, NM and they are going to suffer greatly or even die if they don't get shelter for the winter. It sickens and infuriates me that I am forced  to do this again this year.  The Board of Directors of the Silver City Gospel Mission is once again refusing to open their usual winter shelter. If you remember last year, they initially refused to, and then changed their minds after facing a huge amount of public pressure to do so. Their excuse this time is that last year there were items stolen by people who were paid to staff the shelter. This is an outright lie, however. Firstly, the shelter was run purely by volunteers, so there were no paid workers. Also, there were no reports of any stolen items by anyone at the time. Their other reason for not opening the shelter is that there was damage to the building. The only damage reported, however, was to plumbing that was already in bad shape. Just like last year, the Board of Directors has shown no empathy, and this year they have escalated their despicable behavior by telling boldfaced lies.    I want to make sure I note a few things. First, I have a great appreciation for the wonderful things that the Mission does. Secondly, I have a huge respect for the staff at the Mission, and know that most, if not all, of them want the shelter to open this year. Finally, I want it to be noted that I am not judging the Board members as people, but am once again appalled by their decision. Truly, all we are asking the Mission to follow through with is what they say their vision is. On their website it states, "Our vision is that no one will be hungry or cold in the Silver City area!" To be a good person takes more than just reading the Bible and showing up to church-- surely the Mission Board Members know that in their heart of hearts. We are asking people to let the Mission know that the homeless must be sheltered during the winter to avoid extreme suffering and possible death. This has to be taken care of immediately, and the Mission is the only place that has the capability to do so (in terms of insurance, proper shelter, and funding). Please join us in asking them to reconsider their decision, and to make the compassionate choice to open the shelter. We also encourage you to call or email the Mission Executive Director, Amy Wagner, to express your thoughts on this.(575)>

It Takes a Village
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Petition to Michele Stanton, David Petrarca, Martin Busch, Patricia Gionta, Julie Grose, Darrell Rapp, Tim Ward

Engage the community in hiring the next Swissvale Borough police chief

We, the residents of Swissvale, demand transparency in the hiring of the next Swissvale Borough police chief and the opportunity to engage in the process of selecting this important public servant. On November 1, 2017, Chief Geppert of the Swissvale Police submitted his resignation. That same night, without engaging the community, the Swissvale borough council voted to begin advertising for his replacement immediately, utilizing a job description that was written in 2005. Private requests to borough council members for more information about the hiring process have gone unanswered and the deadline for candidate applications is a mere 10 days away. While we recognize the importance of filling the position quickly, we also embrace the reality that Interim Chief Watson is more than capable of managing the department long enough to allow for a transparent process that ensures the best person for the job is selected. Much has changed in our community and in the world at-large since 2005, and the requirements and characteristics of a candidate for police chief should evolve as well. Furthermore, the overall process for how a new police chief is hired should be outlined publicly. Since the dated description has already been circulated and the community was not consulted, we demand the opportunity to meet and ask questions of top candidates for the job. Several communities nationwide have held open forums like the one we are requesting. Examples: Swissvale government officials have made great strides in the last 2 years in becoming more transparent and communicative with community members. This important job vacancy is an opportunity for council members to step up and show that they are really invested in the input of the people that elected them. In summary: Residents of Swissvale demand a seat at the table and the opportunity to engage in the process of selecting our next police chief. Petition to be delivered to Swissvale Borough Council.    

Swissvale Community Action Committee
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Petition to Mayor Steve Noble, Steve Schabot, Kevin Gilfeather, Kevin R. Bryant

Addressing Safety Concerns and Making Improvements to the Kingston Point Dog Park

We the undersigned, who are users of the Kingston Point Dog Park (hereafter “the Dog Park”), appreciate the efforts of the City of Kingston (hereafter “the City”) and those involved in creating the Dog Park and are committed to working with them toward our common goals of insuring that the Dog Park be used safely and to its fullest potential. Accordingly, we hereby notify and petition the City - specifically the Mayor, the Director of the Parks and Recreation Department, and the Ward 8 Alderman – with regard to the specific safety issues and suggested improvements to the Dog Park referenced below: Tree Stump Removal Small Tree Removal and Planting of Adult Trees Trench Leveled Holes Filled Lighting Installed Water Fountain Installed Better Signage and Communication I. The Tree Stumps in the Large Dog Park: The City previously cut down three sick trees, but left their stumps. The stumps serve no purpose and offer no benefit (no one sits on the stumps as two of the three stumps are below sitting height and dogs pee on them daily), while they pose a danger to dogs running and playing in the park. This danger is not hypothetical; dogs have run into the stumps and been injured. We respectfully request the City remove the stumps with all due speed before another dog is injured.II. The Small Trees in the Large Dog Park/Planting of Adult Trees: The City planted two small trees in an attempt to provide shade in place of that given by the three trees that were cut down (referenced above). While its efforts are appreciated, the reality is that the two trees suffer from two significant defects - size and location. First, these trees are saplings. As saplings it will be many years (perhaps 20) before they'll be providing any useful shade and they are vulnerable to the damage done by dogs peeing on them daily which negatively impacts their health and growth. Second, the location of the two trees in the middle of the park poses a danger to dogs running into them and being injured (as happened recently) and subjects the trees to dogs peeing on them daily as referenced above. We respectfully request that the City remove the two saplings as soon as possible to avoid further injury to dogs in the park. We further request the City plant two or three adult trees along the outside of the dog park fence (on the side closest to third base/left field side of the softball field) such that the leaves will provide shade to dogs in the park while not posing a danger to dogs running and playing. This solution offers all of the benefits with none of the risks of planting trees in the Dog Park.III. Filling in the Trench in the Large Dog Park: The trench that runs across the large dog park significantly dips in places such that it has been the cause of numerous dog injuries; some very serious and requiring surgery. We respectfully request that the City add fill to flatten out the trench with all due speed to avoid further injury to dogs in the Dog Park. We have examined the trench after heavy rains and have never witnessed water sitting or running, thus we don't believe it serves a drainage function. If the city engineer, however, determines that filling the trench might cause drainage issues, installing culvert pipe is a simple remedy.IV. Filling Holes in the Dog Park: The Dog Park is littered with holes. Dogs dig holes. It's natural, foreseeable and there is nothing we can do to stop them. But people and dogs are falling in the holes and getting hurt on a regular basis. What we can and must do as users of the Dog Park, however, is to be more responsive to filling those holes so as to prevent and minimize such injuries. The City has provided fill, for which we are grateful. In order to fill the holes efficiently, however, we need a wheel barrow. We respectfully request the City provide a wheelbarrow in or near the Dog Park for this purpose. In the alternative, we request the City have its Park and Recreation Department employees fill the holes when they remove the canine waste.V. Lighting is a Necessity: The undisputed reality is that for five (5) months out of the year - from mid-October to mid-March - the Dog Park can’t legally or safely be used by the vast majority of people during the work week because it is dark during their non-working hours (and thus the Dog Park use is prohibited). Think of how significant that is for dogs that are home all day while their humans are at work, deprived of exercise and socialization for a large part of the year. The solution is obvious - install dusk to dawn lighting that is on a timer such that the Dog Park is lit in the morning from 6am until it is dawn/light out and then lit again in the evening from dusk until 8:30pm. Such lighting will make a real difference in people's ability to use and enjoy the park and in the lives of their dogs. Kingston's softball fields (which are only used for a few months out of the year in contrast to the Dog Park which is used all year round) have lights. Many of Kingston’s tennis courts have lights. For Kingston residents to make full and safe use of the Dog Park it needs to have lights. We respectfully request that the City provide lighting so the Dog Park can be more fully and safely used and enjoyed by the residents of Kingston (running electric from the softball outfield lights or going with solar lighting are both options to be considered). With regard to lighting there is one other point worth noting – Dog Park users can easily bring their own water to the Dog Park (people can fill up at home or at the Park bathroom or buy water). What people can't do is bring their own lighting. As far as priorities to Dog Park users, lighting is far above running a water line up to the Dog Park.VI. Access to Water: While running water up to the dog park is not a priority, given the bathrooms by the parking lot, it would be convenient and make sense to have access to water at or by the bathrooms. The importance of water and hydration to dogs and people is clear. However, the bathrooms are usually locked after 5pm and on weekends. We respectfully request that rather than run a water line up to the Dog Park, the City install an outside water faucet or drinking fountain by the bathrooms that is freeze proof/resistant. It is a far less expensive and simpler solution that running a water line up to the Dog Park. VII. Other Dog Park Issues/Signage: It is unclear from the posted signs at the Dog Park who and where to call in the event of issues at the Park (ex. an aggressive dog or human is present and the person won’t leave upon request). Further, we had heard that the UCSPCA is no longer providing an animal control officer for Kingston. Accordingly, we request better signage including who and where to call be posted.The City of Kingston is charged with insuring that its parks are maintained and can be safely used. It's also responsible for the health, safety, and well-being of Kingston residents and their pets. In order to fulfill its mission, the City has a responsibility to cure unsafe conditions such as the tree stumps, saplings, trench and holes. We raise these matters to your attention and appreciate your consideration of our petitioned changes and improvements. We look forward to working together to improve Kingston for all.

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Petition to Morton Grove Community Members

Place Little Free Pantries on Morton Grove Village Properties

A Little Free Pantry is a place where neighbors can leave food for those who may need food or experience food insecurity.  It is also a place for people to take food from when they are in need.  It is a grassroots movement meant to be supported and taken care of by neighbors in a community.  On 11/24/2017 a Little Free Pantry was installed on Morton Grove village property at the corner of Menard Avenue and Greenwood Street. There was overwhelming support from many community members who embraced and supported this cause.  There were also members of the community who did not support this cause and called the police department and village hall to express concerns.  The village, in order to avoid confrontation, determined that it was easiest to require the removal of the Little Free Pantry from village property. Food insecurity is a reality that many individuals face.  Did you know, 27% of the student population at Park View Elementary is considered low income and 32% of the student population at Niles West High School is considered low income? Additionally, this pantry is to promote sharing, giving, and community which means that even people who don’t face food insecurity can and do benefit. Who hasn’t forgotten the cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving or Christmas when the store was already closed?  Promoting a Little Free Pantry may seem scary or like it’s “not for this community” however, the differences we promote and embrace are what make this community and the surrounding area such a rich place to live.  Please support the Little Free Pantry by signing this petition and by visiting it in Morton Grove on the 8900 block of Menard between Greenwood Street and Lake Street.  It is on the east side of the street.    Take what you need, leave what you can.

Alyssa Hofeld
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