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Petition to Cayman Islands Government

Cayman Islands Garbage Collection

The health and safety of all residents of the Cayman Islands depends on an effective and reliable domestic garbage collection service. The concerns of residents are compounded by the fact that the management and operations at the landfill also seem to be unreliable and inadequate. The overall management of the DEH needs to be reviewed and solutions to the problems highlighted implemented with urgency. This is a petition concerning the recent decision made by the Department of Environmental Health to reduce the frequency of domestic waste removal collection from twice weekly to once a week. We, the undersigned would be grateful that you reconsider this decision for the following reasons: 1.       Overloaded garbage bins and receptacles now litter much of Grand Cayman creating a breeding ground for rodents, flies, mosquitoes and other hazardous pests and animals who all have the potential to transmit several dangerous diseases. 2.       The DEH is currently not adhering to the new once per week benchmark and there are periods where domestic trash is left on the roadsides more than two weeks. 3.       Domestic trash contains used medical supplies, human blood and faeces from either litterboxes, soiled nappies and adult disposable undergarments, these all increase the potential for an outbreak of E-coli, Hepatitis A, Typhoid and Gastroenteritis. 4.       Animals such as cats, dogs, chickens and iguanas feed on the waste left in overflowing bins and inevitably scatter the waste, leading to a higher potential for the spread of diseases. 5.       Air pollution is a major concern as the odour from rotting garbage quickly permeates our neighbourhoods. 6.       Unsightly piles of garbage is an unwelcome sight for our tourist visitors and there has already been commentary on various travel sites with regard to the “trash” problems in the Cayman Islands. Your immediate intervention and action is required to reinstate reliable and effective twice-weekly waste collection throughout the three Cayman Islands.      

Sav/New MLA Office
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Petition to Children's Aid

Do NOT Sell Our CHILDREN's Safe Haven

In recent days our community learned the CHILDREN’S Aid (CA) decided in 2017 to sell the playground land to private luxury developers for 9.5 million dollars. We also discovered the CHILDREN’S Aid is still negotiating the contract with the private luxury developers. CHILDREN’s Aid stated that they have received a deposit nevertheless we understand that the CHILDREN’S Aid can still withdraw from the sale. We urge you listen to pleas from families, employees, advocates, local elected officials, and the CHILDREN and cancel the contract. Going ahead with the contract means that the Children’s Aid will fail the CHILDREN! You have already failed to communicate with the community about your organization’s “financial troubles”! Even our local elected officials have expressed how displeased they are with this sale which of they have just learned about when they had the financial aid to assist with any needed support for building maintenance. CHILDREN’S Aid also failed to do an evaluation process that involved the community to learn their thoughts and feelings of this center’s closing. Parents will now have the burden of sending their children to places that may be dangerous or submit them to adaptation process for which they may not be ready to confront as vulnerable populations. This was a shameful action for the CHILDREN’s Aid and goes opposite the stated mission, to help children in poverty to succeed and thrive in high need New York neighborhoods. Selling land to the highest bidder supports the gentrification of El Barrio. Selling out our children’s future to accommodate luxury developers interests instead of considering non profit developers or community land trusts as options shows a clear mission to gain profit from this sale. The community and the CHILDREN demand the CHILDREN’S Aid: - Withdraw from the contract - Be transparent with their finances - Abide by the REAL commitment to the community they serve- Commitment to our struggle against gentrification

Pilar Dejesus
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