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Petition to Howard County Government, Mary Kay Sigaty, Greg Fox, Eric Ebersole, Terri L. Hill, Clarence K. Lam, Vanessa E. Atterbeary, Shane E. Pendergrass, Frank S. Turner, Howard County School Board, Howard County Public School System, Howard County Historic Preservation Commission, Howard County Department of Planning and Zoning, Howard County Department of Public Works, Jon Weinstein, Maryland Department of Planning, Maryland Department of the Environment, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Sierra Club of Howard County, 1000 Friends of Maryland, Howard County Conservancy, Allan H. Kittleman, Jen Terrasa

Stop Uncontrolled Development in Elkridge & Hanover

Greater Elkridge (Elkridge and Hanover) is currently experiencing a dangerous trend of overdevelopment that is threatening the quality of life in our community. We are petitioning Howard County Government as concerned residents, parents, employees, and school educators to issue a moratorium on building construction in the Elkridge planning area. We hope to raise alarm with our officials and agencies over this issue and its adverse effect on our environment, school overcrowding, and stress on our public infrastructure (roads, traffic congestion). We are asking our government to initiate a moratorium halting development in order to properly analyze current community planning practices, stormwater management, school expansion, and infrastructure improvements. A recent analysis (pictured) using the county’s Search Plans database found that approximately 2,483 units are in the development pipeline within the Elkridge planning area (active from January to August 2018). This includes 1,657 apartments, 172 single family homes, and 654 townhouses. Many of these developments are at higher densities, and one (Lawyers Hill Overlook) poses a significant threat to the landscape of the Lawyers Hill Historic District. Furthermore, the Howard County Development Monitoring System Report for 2017 found that Elkridge had the highest amount of newly constructed residential units in the entire county with 572 units (47% of the county’s total units), and 2,221 units in process (90% being apartments) as of December 2017. These numbers are comparable to the growth in Downtown Columbia, yet Elkridge does not receive nearly as much funding or planning services. Our schools have also suffered from this uncontrolled rate of development. The School System’s 2018 Feasibility Study found that numerous schools will be at dangerous levels of overcapacity by 2023. This assessment includes one elementary school (Hanover Hills at 132.2%), one middle school (Thomas Viaduct at 123.1%), and both high schools being well over student capacity (Howard at 146.1% and Long Reach at 143.3%). These numbers are simply unacceptable, and our children deserve better. We believe that our environment, historical integrity, and public safety are at stake due to the high levels of deforestation that takes place during development. The Floods of 2016 and 2018 also had a severe effect in Lower Elkridge; inundating the major inter-county artery of U.S. Route 1. These flooding events pose as great of a danger to Ellicott City’s Main Street as it does for Elkridge’s Main Street. By allowing developers to continue this uncontrollable trend of overdevelopment, we are destroying what makes Elkridge and Hanover a great place to live. We ask that our government acknowledge and address these concerns by issuing a development moratorium in the Elkridge planning area. We need time for our government to give our community the attention it deserves and desperately needs through effective communitywide master-planning. Howard County Search Plans: Development Monitoring System Report: HCPSS Feasibility Study Report:   

Concerned Citizens for Greater Elkridge
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Petition to Home Depot, Cory A. Booker, Amazon, Bank Of America, World Bank,, David Cameron MP, Hillary Clinton, CBS, Donald J. Trump, McDonald's, Michelle Obama, NFL, NBC, FOX News, Crystal Quade, Sharon Quirk-Silva, Hon. Yvette D'Ath, Tim Nicholls, Samsung, Stephen Harper, Sadiq Khan, Target, President of the United States, Maxine Waters, Yasonna Laoly, Yvette D. Clarke, Zachary J. Cook

Crime & Violence rates goes down in Detroit because of Low-Income Dorms?

According to a report published July 24, 2017 by the Senior Reporter of the U.S News; Andrew Soergel, out of 62 of the largest cities; Detroit has been named the worst place to call home. Scoring was measured by affordability, safety of living, quality of life, education and health, and the flow and equality of the economy. The Motor City ended up bringing up the rear in terms of economics – a category that draws heavily on local unemployment rates, poverty statistics and debt per median earnings (among other data points). Detroit also ranked second-worst in terms of safety, with violent crime and property crime rates per capita the factors considered. Three (3) important points to emphasize here that was presented by Brookings Academy in a report Titled: “What colleges do for local economies”.   It was stated that: The average bachelor’s degree holder contributes $278,000 more to local economies than the average high school graduate through direct spending over the course of his or her lifetime; an associate degree holder contributes $81,000 more than a high school graduate. The quality of colleges greatly affects the size of these benefits. High value-added four-year colleges contribute $265,000 more per student to local economies than low-value added four-year colleges. The contribution is $184,000 for high value-added two-year colleges. Sixty-eight percent of alumni from two-year colleges remain in the area of their college after attending, compared to 42 percent of alumni from four-year colleges. High-value added colleges are no more or less likely to retain students in their metropolitan area. Simply put education brings greater opportunities, and these opportunities will be accentuated as alternatives found in unproductive and/or illegal Activities……attacking the problem head on.   The Motor City Coalition was formed October 2018, by Met Plus Incorporated, D.A.V.I.S (Detroit Ain’t Violent It’s Safe), The Seed Project, and The Cream Incorporated. These organizations felt that it was time for a collaboration that focused on the empowerment and support of underprivileged and less fortunate communities and individuals. We hold with strong conviction that by empowering and supporting those who want to become productive citizens and contribute to the economy by furthering their education (but may not have the resources or means to) will spark the economy here in Detroit. We hold an even stronger conviction that this spark will ignite the economy of Detroit…solving many of the problems that plague Detroit. It is the Direct mission of this coalition to acquire property and land that will sustain projects that will support low income individuals achieve Higher Educational Endeavors. Our purpose will be to identify individuals that are Low-Income and are currently enrolled in institutions of higher learning (Universities, Community Colleges, Trade Schools, ect) that require additional assistance in Housing & Transportation and additional Academic & Support Services and provide these services for them. The Motor City Coalition has acquired a 21-unit 12,797 square foot Commercial building located near the marina district on the southern East side of Detroit. This Commercial building is the only building on the block with nothing but land and opportunity, although It will need a complete rehab. It is located within walking distance to East Jefferson Avenue and within 2 blocks from the Detroit River. It's also 4.7 miles from COBO Hall and the heart of Downtown Detroit. It’s even closer to the new and improved Belle Isle Island. Since East Jefferson Ave., is a major transit route, this means it’s easier to access the heart of the city. New development is occurring in the area frequently even a new Meijer’s Supercenter on East Jefferson Ave. is under construction.  The Motor City Coalition will utilize this building as the First Low-Income Housing Dorm in the City of Detroit. This Dorm will House many of the low-income and underprivileged individuals within the City of Detroit. Each unit will be secure, and each resident will have the comfortability of feeling at home. Although no direct relationship has been established with specific institutions; the facility will have Security, Case Managers, Tutors, Counselors, A Health Market, A Day Care, and Academic Support Center.   The Coalition Met Plus Incorporated – MET|PLUS is an innovative workforce development, philanthropic & advocate human services 501(c)3 non-profit organization that strives to assist Michigan disadvantaged and/or distressed job seekers with invaluable training, support and job development that aims to put them on a career path to success.  Part of our mission is to partner with communities, employers, employees and job seekers to educate, employ, train and help build a solid Michigan working economy. While in the process of contributing to Michigan’s economy we will also provide focus to areas such as the rebuilding, improving and maintaining neglected and or damaged communities through various projects. Executive Director: Chet Pitts –     D.A.V.I.S (Detroit Ain’t Violent It’s Safe) – D.A.V.I.S is a 501c3 not for profit organization that provides charitable services and programs that will provide funding and resources that will develop and sustain the urban community. It is the direct visions of this organization to transform alleyways into creative bike trails and walkable paths, promoting healthy activities, while creating opportunities for homeowners to launch "backstreet businesses" within their family's garage. Executive Director: Korey L. Batey –   The CREAM Incorporated – The Cream Incorporated is a 501c3 not for profit organization geared towards the spiritual and moral edification of males that reside in areas that have been identified as Urban.  It is the direct mission of this organization to promote superior scholarship as basic and intellectual achievement and Cooperate and interact with other organizations and institutions in concern for maintenance of high moral and social standards. This mission is achieved by providing professional guidance, services, and resources free of charge for males seeking to assess their professional goals and ambitions directed towards a consciousness of their lifelong responsibility of serving others. This organization focuses directly on the Social Empowerment, Academic Excellence, and Financial Stability of males within Urban Communities. Executive Director: Tru Ajani-   The Seed The Seed Project is a 501c3 not for profit organization that is aimed towards the direct improvement of low-income families. It is the direct mission of this organization to provide services, programs, and a variety of resources that will allow these families the ability to obtain a higher social, economic, professional, and academic status in the community. Executive Director: Terrance Clanton –   Institutions of Higher Learning in Area   ·         Baker College     ·         Dorsey Business Schools-Dearborn          ·         Everest Institute-Detroit               ·         Focus-Hope Information Technologies Center     ·         P and A Scholars Beauty School  ·         College for Creative Studies         ·         Ecumenical Theological Seminary             ·         Marygrove College          ·         Sacred Heart Major Seminary     ·         University of Detroit Mercy         ·         Wayne State University ·         Wayne County Community College     Time Line for Upcoming Months   1st Month Roof Repair and Clean Out   2nd Month Hire an environmentalist, survey property lines and hire an architect for design blueprints.   3rd Month Acquire adjacent property to add on to construction project.   4th Month Hire security to watch the building while construction starts.     $13,000 for architect $3,000 survey of land $1,700 environmentalists $30,000 roof & gutters $70,000 to acquire adjacent 3 vacant lots for parking and new construction. $258,000 goes rehabbing 1st and second floor. This is just for the start of our project. We just want to get in the building first and we can continue building from there 25% goes to our fundraisers so $375,000 total comes directly to Met Plus for renovations. All Donations made are 100% Tax Deductible.  

Motor City Coalition (Met Plus)
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Petition to Philadelphia University / College Presidents

Ban the Box! End Higher-Ed Discrimination!

Do you believe that everyone deserves an education? Join students, teachers, lawyers, and formerly incarcerated advocates as we tell Philadelphia Colleges and Universities...Ban the box! Unlock Education! Sign this petition and join us as we demand an end to higher-educational discrimination against those with criminal records!! In the US, more than 70 Million people have a criminal record (more than the entire population of France!). These records hold people back and shackle people to their pasts. Whenever prospective students with criminal records apply to college in Philadelphia, they are confronted with confusing, exclusionary, and discriminatory questions about their criminal records. 60% of applicants who checked the box on their application (stating that they had a criminal record) DID NOT complete their application (see report linked below for more information). This deterrent further locks out potential students from opportunities that keep people free, and help our friends and family members achieve their dreams (not just dead end jobs).  The best way to keep people free is to connect those in reentry with positive, life-affirming programs and opportunities. Education frees us all, join us as we ask Temple University, and every college in Philadelphia to #BanTheBox on their college application and unlock educational opportunities for all Philadelphians! For more information read Community Legal Services' full report on these discriminatory practices HERE. This campaign is being co-organized by the Reentry Think Tank, People's Paper Co-op and Community Legal Services. #BantheBoxEDU #ReentryThinkTank #UnlockEducation 

Reentry Think Tank
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