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Petition to Juan Davila, Phil Burcher, Mike Smith

Ollie Crank Skate Park Construction

As the growth of skateboarding as well as extreme sports grow, the addition of new skate parks that last for longer than weather conditions permit is important part of obtaining an indoor park in Nebraska. Ollie Crank Skate Park attends to handle the increased growth of the skating community and help sustain the skateboarding world in Nebraska. This park is planned to be built in Omaha, NE, as close as possible to the I-80 interstate for easy access from two major cities, Lincoln, and Omaha. Skate parks can be damaged so easily due to weather or other harmful conditions. So to keep up with the demand as well as making sure Nebraska continues to support a community of skateboarders, who in the first place, do not usually have sustainable income needed for a safe place to skate and learn.I, Myself, Juan Davila have been skateboarding since about as 15 years old, at that age, the challenge to find a safe place to skate was immense when the number of skate parks were limited in Nebraska, and did not have enough support or funds to continue maintenance of them when park conditions got worst. Being a youth and attempting to balance school and passions can be difficult, and those that have to work with these circumstances can find it frustrating when access to a regular skate park is scarce. Please consider donating whatever amount you can or signing this petition. We must keep this positive momentum going, support a fun environment,  build healthy youth, and create passionate individuals in skateboarding or in the community.

Ollie Crank Skate Park
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Petition to Michael Reed, Margaret McAustin, Margo Morales, Sylvia Vega, Diane Marcussen

Stater Bros: Improve the Allen Ave grocery store in northeast Pasadena

In the transition between the Vons becoming a Stater Bros store, our neighborhood grocery store in northeast Pasadena will be closed for improvements. While we are pleased that the site will remain a grocery store and that the interior will be updated, we feel that now is an opportunity to make outside site improvements to increase the safety and security of its patrons and nearby neighbors as well. Below are the issues we would like to see improved: More pedestrian friendly. Many elderly residents walk to the grocery store, and many other neighbors do as well, but getting to the store through the parking lot is frightening at times. There needs to be safer paths to the store for pedestrians off of Allen Ave, E Washington, and Bellford. Students walk across the lot and past the delivery docks to Bellford which is very dangerous. Enclosed dumpsters. The store's dumpsters are not covered, which is both unsightly and unsanitary. Many commercial centers have their dumpsters enclosed to prevent this and bad smells. We want the same for our neighborhood. Covered loading docks. The delivery truck design is a disaster. However, given the age of the store, it is what it is. But there is an opportunity to reduce the truck noise and air pollutants by covering the loading docks. Thus, a sound enclosure around the loading area should be mandatory to bring the delivery trucks into compliance with the city noise standards. This can be constructed as a stucco tunnel enclosure lined with a 2-inch-thick absorptive blanket on the interior walls and ceiling. Shielded LED parking lot light fixtures. Shielded light fixtures force the light straight downward, reducing light pollution. These are better for the environment and the neighborhood. Maintain limited hours of operation. One major risk is that a new grocer will seek operating 24-hours a day. It increases the chance of crime and additional noise. Increased security. We would like to see on-site security during all business hours. In particular, this will help keep the parking lot safe for pedestrians. A recent survey conducted on the site - - shows majority support for the site improvements. (Note: while it is a small sample taken, the responses are from adjacent residents to the site.) While residents cannot control lower prices, we can advocate for the other site improvements. 52% of respondents want improved store security both inside and outside of the store. Whereas, 43% of respondents want store access to be more pedestrian friendly, as well as shielded LED park lot lights.  We encourage Stater Bros and the property owner to invest in these improvements, as well as to work with the community in dealing with the issue of store safety and alcohol/liquor sells. We are grateful for the site to remain a grocery store, but we believe this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make improvements to this aging store and site.  Please sign our petition and help improve our community grocery store and neighborhood. 

Save Allen Ave Grocery
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Petition to Larry Ellison, Safra Catz, Mark Hurd, Thomas Kurian, Inderjeet Singh

Tell Oracle to Move Forward Java EE as a Critical Part of the Global IT Industry

This petition was created by the Java EE Guardians. We are a group of people and organizations very concerned about Oracle’s current lack of commitment to Java EE. We are doing everything we can to preserve the interests of the Java EE community and the global IT industry. We believe that working together – including Oracle – we can ensure a very bright future for Java, Java EE and server-side computing. To make any of this possible we urgently need your support. Please help us by signing this petition. Every voice counts. Java EE is incredibly important to the long term health of the entire Java ecosystem. This is because of the basic fact that Java on the server will remain mission critical to global IT in the foreseeable future. Hundreds of thousands of applications worldwide are written in Java EE, many of those applications are regularly being brought to light. Even applications and frameworks that claim they do not use Java EE are in fact heavily dependent on many Java EE APIs today and going forward, regardless of trends like cloud or microservices. Just some of these APIs include Servlet, JAX-RS, WebSocket, JMS, JPA, JSF and so much more. There were no less than 4,500 input points to the groundbreaking, unprecedented survey to determine Java EE 8 features. In major survey after survey developers continue to show their strong support for Java EE and its APIs. Java EE vendors and products are some of the most enviably profitable in our industry certainly including Oracle and WebLogic. Few multi-vendor open standards are as widely implemented, supported, depended upon or as widely participated in as Java EE. Indeed there are no practical alternatives to Java EE as an open standards based platform. There is an extremely passionate, responsible community behind Java EE – most technologies would be hard pressed to find anything like the Java EE community. The Java EE Guardians is a testament to this fact. There is growing evidence that Oracle is conspicuously neglecting Java EE, weakening a very broad ecosystem that depends on strong Java EE development. Almost all work from Oracle on Java EE has ceased for more than six months with no end to the inactivity in sight. Unless things change soon Java EE 8 won’t be delivered in anywhere near the time when it was initially promised if it is delivered at all. It is very difficult to determine why this neglect from Oracle is occurring or how long it will last. Oracle has not shared it’s motivations even with it’s closest commercial partners let alone the community. A very troubling possibility is that it is being done because Oracle is backing away from an open standards based collaborative development approach and is instead pursuing a highly proprietary, unilateral path. There is a lot the community is doing together to try to tackle this problem the best we can. We are continuing to enthusiastically evangelize Java EE, including Java EE 8. We are strongly supporting active Java EE 8 JSRs like CDI 2 led by companies like Red Hat. We are lobbying Oracle to fulfill its commitments to the Java EE community through all channels available to us. This includes Java EE 8 expert groups as well as the Java Community Process (JCP) Executive Committee (EC). We are keeping all Java EE 8 expert group discussions active, in many cases despite lack of activity from Oracle. We are moving ahead Java EE 8 reference implementations, TCKs and specification documents through open source in many cases despite inactive Oracle specification leads. Our biggest challenge in this regard is access to the TCK and getting our work accepted by Oracle specification leads. We are exploring whether some inactive Oracle led JSRs can switch ownership to us or vendors like Red Hat, IBM, Tomitribe or Payara. Our biggest challenge in this regard is persuading Oracle to relinquish control of JSRs they are not delivering on. In conjunction to the above, in the interim we will provide the functionality that should be standardized in Java EE through open source. We will work with vendors like Oracle, Red Hat, IBM, Tomitribe and Payara to include these features in their Java EE runtimes out-of-the-box. We will provide these features to vendors completely free of charge with the clear goal of standardization as quickly as possible via the JCP. As committed as we are we still need Oracle to cooperate with us as a responsible, community focused steward to move Java EE forward. Persuading Oracle to adapt to the legitimate interests of people outside of itself – even its own customers – has proven challenging in the past. In all likelihood it may not be easy this time either, though there must always remain plentiful room for reasoned optimism. That is why your voice is so very important. Please join us in signing this petition to ask Oracle to: Clarify how it intends to preserve the best interests of the Java, Java EE and servers-side computing ecosystems. Commit to delivering Java EE 8 in time with a reasonable feature set that satisfies the needs of the community and the industry. Effectively cooperate with the community and other vendors to either accept contributions or transfer ownership of Java EE 8 work. After signing the petition please join us at The Java EE Guardians include many technical luminaries, journalists, Java Champions, JCP experts, JUG leaders and Java developers including Dr. James Gosling, Cameron McKenzie, Arjan Tijms, Bauke Scholtz, Werner Keil, Reza Rahman and Kito Mann. The Java EE Guardians include many Java User Groups and companies around the world including Connecticut JUG, Istanbul JUG, the Japan JUG, Columbus, Ohio JUG, Peru JUG, Madras JUG, India, Esprit Tunisian JUG, Pakistan JUG and Bulgarian JUG.

Java EE Guardians
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Support the Seismic Resilience Initiative - Before the "Big One" strikes

Home to almost 40 million people, California’s $2.4 trillion GDP is the world’s sixth largest. It is also famous for its earthquakes, with the ever-present risk of experiencing economic and social devastation. Guarding against this threat begins with identifying and retrofitting our vulnerable structures. The U.S. Geological Survey estimates that a 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Southern California would result in more than 1,800 deaths, 50,000 injuries and $200 billion in damage, with long-lasting social and economic impacts. The odds are stacked against us: in the next 30 years there is a 99% and almost a 50% chance of a major earthquake of magnitude 6.7+ and 7.5+, respectively. Safety is of course the primary concern. However, there are real financial considerations affecting building owners. The displacement of potentially tens of thousands of residents can have a devastating impact on a society, its already stretched housing market and its economic stability. The potential impacts on businesses, both large and small, are particularly troublesome when considering that many of these enterprises occupy the very buildings that are at risk of failure during an earthquake. The urgency to address these concerns has prompted a new movement called the Seismic Resilience Initiative. This working group, includes the United States Resiliency Council, BizFed, local California building department leaders, the Structural Engineers Association of California and others. Our mission is to promote statewide policy that will identify buildings that are known to present a heightened seismic risk of death, injury and damage based on their age, structural system, size and location. Important legislation introduced Feb. 15, 2018 by California Assemblyman Adrin Nazarian, a longtime advocate for earthquake preparedness, aims to help cities identify, assess and catalog buildings that could be at significant risk during a major quake, and to establish funding sources to help cover the costs to cities impacted by the law. AB 2681 will provide a “snapshot” of California’s vulnerabilities and the potential impacts we face as a state; and it will spotlight communities where there is an urgency to address the matter, giving them the information to make long term strategic planning decisions. If you want your legislators to support AB 2681, please sign this petition. Identifying the problem is the first step to being prepared! The following white paper discusses the case for earthquake resilience and how it impacts our communities:“The Case for Earthquake Resilience: Why Safer Structures Protect and Promote Social and Economic Vitality”   Download to learn more.  Thank you! You can contact the Seismic Resilience Initiative at

Seismic Resilience Initiative
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