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Petition to City of Miami Beach Commission, Ricky Arriola, Micky Steinberg, Kristen Rosen Gonzalez, Michael Gongora, Mark Samuelian, John Aleman, Jimmy Morales, Raul Aguila, Rafael Granado

Support GO Bond Funding for Art Deco Welcome Center

The Art Deco Welcome Center is South Florida's most visited welcome center with approximately 120,000 visitors annually. The center is home to the Official Art Deco Walking Tours, the Visitor Center concierge, the Art Deco Museum, and the Official Art Deco Gift Shop. Miami Design Preservation League has been steward of the MiMo building since 1993, managing it for the City of Miami Beach and for the benefit of the public. The City's 1999 GO Bond provided approximately $690k for rehabilitation of the center. The County GO Bond in 2004 provided an additional $5MM for the center's 2001 master plan after which a major renovation was done to upgrade the facility and allow its continued shared use by the Welcome Center and Ocean Rescue. Nearly 20 years later, a new master plan is being proposed to accommodate the growing needs of the center and to add additional amenities for the community on historic Ocean Drive. We have requested $2.7MM for the full master plan project. The museum master plan has been developed by Brillhart Architecture together with Jean Francois-Lejuene. Assistance has also been provided by STA Architecture and its principal Todd Tragash, who was responsible for the prior renovations of the center. The plan envisions more programming and flexibility for the space. A new addition on the rooftop would provide a dedicated education and events space with an excellent vantage point of the Art Deco skyline and the beach for community events and city programs. As usual, all city-approved non-profits would be able to rent the facility at little or no charge and the city would be able to have events in the space as well. We ask that you support the vision of the master plan and submit your signature asking the City of Miami Beach commission to keep the Art Deco Welcome Center in the GO Bond project list.  Thank you!

Daniel Ciraldo
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Petition to Reform BF Homes Movement

Reform BF Homes Now

We, from the Reform BF Homes Movement group of BF Homes, Paranaque, with all good intentions, humbly submit the following for consideration and possible implementation: 1.       Our group wants to push the implementation of DUI (Driving Under the Influence) - based on an existing city ordinance, authored by Councilor Generoso Puzon, we may implement a DUI scheme along the roads of BF Homes, specifically Aguirre avenue given the fact that this area has a large concentration of restaurant and bars. On this note, these said restaurants and bars by all means should not serve alcohol to minors and restrict their entry to the premises. Our ultimate goal here is to promote road safety. 2.       Moratorium on new businesses – provide stricter rules before they can open their business here in BF Homes, such as considering the fire code, parking, noise levels, sewer, and proper waste disposal. 3.       Window hours of entry for outsiders. Restricting entry of non-residents with and without stickers by allowing them entry ONLY at certain hours of the day, unless they leave their IDs at the main gate. 4.       Possible regulating of all access points into BF specifically along the fringes of our community especially those that are not manned by security guards such as De La Rama, Lagoon, and Cebu fences. Our aim is to improve the way of life of BF Homes residents that have been affected by the increasing commercialization of BF Homes. We are hoping for your support on this endeavor.

Reform BF Homes Movement
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Petition to Michael Lewis, Lena Gonzalez, Robert Garcia


Bomb threats, Gang tagging, Vandalism, Car theft, Drug deals, Drug use, Homeless All in less than a 5 block radius.  All 7 of these items have occurred in this neighborhood in the last 30 days.  A neighborhood next to the police headquarters.  And sadly, and outrageously, this has become the norm.  We have thousands of residents living in this area, and we, 535 Magnolia, are of part of them.  We cannot become complacent and just be glad it wasn't us this time when someone's car gets stolen (even LBPD is not immune at their headquarters), a bomb is left in our car, or our property is tagged--repeatedly.  If we do not Sign or petition to let authorities know more has to be done, we cannot be mad when these things happen again.  We cannot be mad when our property value diminishes because people sell as quickly as they buy after being a victim and perhaps constant victim of crimes.  We cannot be mad when people stop investing in the upkeep of the properties out of hopelessness. We cannot be mad when guests share they don't feel comfortable coming to our neighborhood.  We cannot be mad, when WE don't feel comfortable coming to our neighborhood.  We CAN only be mad, when we have asked for help and nothing is done. PETITION TO PATROL more, SIGN FOR SAFETY now.  Put your signature on here to show the below a united force that wants change.   We, the Association at 535 Magnolia, would like Mayor Garcia, the City of Long Beach, Lena Gonzalez, and the Long Beach Police Department South Patrol to  increase the amount of police presence in our neighborhood increase the frequency of police patrol  These 2 things are known statistically to deter crime.  LBPD can't be everywhere all the time, but if we are rebuilding LB, and trying to draw people to live here and generate revenue, and downtown is being transformed and touted as the place to be, then we need to make it a safe place people would like to move to, and more importantly, a place they'd like to stay.  People are more likely to stay if it's safe; and certainly more likely to leave if it's not. PETITION TO PATROL more, SIGN FOR SAFETY now. We hope you decide to sign and be like us, the squeaky wheel that hopefully will get the oil, Mr. Garcia!  

Magnolia Place Association
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