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Petition to U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives

Let’s ‘disconnect’ our digital devices and ‘reconnect’ with each other.

Technology has provided us powerful tools and platforms that have enabled people to connect and communicate as never before. But these same tools that have enriched our lives have also coarsened our lives. Cyber-bullying, the distribution of “fake news”, trolling, and general incivility have infected so many of our online interactions. We have seen our privacy and productivity eroded. Our technology has led to accidents and tragedy. We need to promote a healthier relationship to our tech devices and more civil social interaction with each other. We need a nationally-recognized day to BREAK the connection with our digital devices and MAKE the connection with the family and communities that surround us. Here’s why: Several recent studies have shown that excessive social media use can make it difficult to foster meaningful relationships offline. The average American spends almost 11 hours each day attached to some screen or device. We’re so focused on what’s happening online (and giving strangers access to our lives) that we’re distracted from the people right around us. We need to get serious about tackling this imbalance in our lives. An easy way to demonstrate our seriousness in bringing more awareness to this issue is to designate one Saturday each year as our national “Disconnect to Reconnect” day. It would be a day where people all over the country voluntarily put down their digital device(s) and turn towards their families, friends, and neighbors within their own communities. If you agree that we can all use a digital time-out, taking a break from social media to take an opportunity to be more present in our families and communities -- sign and share this petition. Together, we can build a more connected nation -- one person, one neighborhood, and one community at a time. Here are a couple other ways you can grow the impact of our movement. Join our monthly Disconnect to Reconnect rally. DETAILS AND REGISTRATION DONATE  Even $2 a month goes a long way in helping us get our word out.
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Petition to Kathleen Sullivan, Scott Lee, Lisa J. Clement, Sarah Nebeker, Lianne Thompson, Clatsop County Board of Commissioners, Heather Hansen, Cameron Moore


We respectfully ask the Clatsop County Board of Commissioners to reverse its decision to dissolve the Southwest Coastal Community Advisory Committee (SCCAC, aka SWCCAC).  Please meet with and work with the concerned and engaged citizens of Arch Cape, Falcon Cove Beach, and the entire Southwest Coastal Community to keep the important aspects of the SCCAC and allow for continued citizen involvement in our region of the County.  For more than 40 years, the SCCAC has worked actively and persistently to maintain the Southwest Coastal Community’s livability, natural resources and beauty. In the 1970’s the SCCAC help draft the Southwest Coastal Community’s Comprehensive Plan. This Plan guides development in the Southwest Coastal Community by protecting our beaches, headlands, streams, wetlands, forestlands, and Highway 101 from improper development. The Plan was progressive for its time and remains a guiding document for the community and our land use ordinances. The SCCAC provides the opportunity for local people to advise the County on proposed developments, provides critical local knowledge, and helps to ensure that developments are done properly and in the best interest of the community.  Without the SCCAC and the Plan, we believe that the Southwest Coastal Community could look much different today. The entire Highway 101 corridor could become a commercial strip like Rockaway Beach. Ocean front homes could be three stories high like in other communities, blocking the view of everyone living behind them and changing the natural feel of our glorious beach. All vacant lots could be cleared of trees and natural vegetation leaving our neighborhoods void of the remarkably lush coastal rainforest in which we live. The SCCAC and its Plan are the core of our community.  We do not understand why, after all these years of the SCCAC working selflessly to protect the resident and communities of the Southwest Coastal region of Clatsop County, that the BOC was so determined to dissolve the SCCAC against the wishes of the residents of the community, and with little opportunity to hear public comment and deliberate.  And why dissolve a citizen advisory committee, if a primary principle of Oregon’s planning goals is citizen involvement? As an unincorporated region of the county, citizen input is all the more important to provide appropriate representation. We are pledged to complying with the law and respecting our neighbors, and we strongly believe that the SCCAC can and should continue to play a role in advising the County regarding decisions affecting our area.  Please work with us.

Save Arch Cape - Falcon Cove Beach
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Petition to Larry Ellison, Safra Catz, Mark Hurd, Thomas Kurian, Inderjeet Singh

Tell Oracle to Move Forward Java EE as a Critical Part of the Global IT Industry

This petition was created by the Java EE Guardians. We are a group of people and organizations very concerned about Oracle’s current lack of commitment to Java EE. We are doing everything we can to preserve the interests of the Java EE community and the global IT industry. We believe that working together – including Oracle – we can ensure a very bright future for Java, Java EE and server-side computing. To make any of this possible we urgently need your support. Please help us by signing this petition. Every voice counts. Java EE is incredibly important to the long term health of the entire Java ecosystem. This is because of the basic fact that Java on the server will remain mission critical to global IT in the foreseeable future. Hundreds of thousands of applications worldwide are written in Java EE, many of those applications are regularly being brought to light. Even applications and frameworks that claim they do not use Java EE are in fact heavily dependent on many Java EE APIs today and going forward, regardless of trends like cloud or microservices. Just some of these APIs include Servlet, JAX-RS, WebSocket, JMS, JPA, JSF and so much more. There were no less than 4,500 input points to the groundbreaking, unprecedented survey to determine Java EE 8 features. In major survey after survey developers continue to show their strong support for Java EE and its APIs. Java EE vendors and products are some of the most enviably profitable in our industry certainly including Oracle and WebLogic. Few multi-vendor open standards are as widely implemented, supported, depended upon or as widely participated in as Java EE. Indeed there are no practical alternatives to Java EE as an open standards based platform. There is an extremely passionate, responsible community behind Java EE – most technologies would be hard pressed to find anything like the Java EE community. The Java EE Guardians is a testament to this fact. There is growing evidence that Oracle is conspicuously neglecting Java EE, weakening a very broad ecosystem that depends on strong Java EE development. Almost all work from Oracle on Java EE has ceased for more than six months with no end to the inactivity in sight. Unless things change soon Java EE 8 won’t be delivered in anywhere near the time when it was initially promised if it is delivered at all. It is very difficult to determine why this neglect from Oracle is occurring or how long it will last. Oracle has not shared it’s motivations even with it’s closest commercial partners let alone the community. A very troubling possibility is that it is being done because Oracle is backing away from an open standards based collaborative development approach and is instead pursuing a highly proprietary, unilateral path. There is a lot the community is doing together to try to tackle this problem the best we can. We are continuing to enthusiastically evangelize Java EE, including Java EE 8. We are strongly supporting active Java EE 8 JSRs like CDI 2 led by companies like Red Hat. We are lobbying Oracle to fulfill its commitments to the Java EE community through all channels available to us. This includes Java EE 8 expert groups as well as the Java Community Process (JCP) Executive Committee (EC). We are keeping all Java EE 8 expert group discussions active, in many cases despite lack of activity from Oracle. We are moving ahead Java EE 8 reference implementations, TCKs and specification documents through open source in many cases despite inactive Oracle specification leads. Our biggest challenge in this regard is access to the TCK and getting our work accepted by Oracle specification leads. We are exploring whether some inactive Oracle led JSRs can switch ownership to us or vendors like Red Hat, IBM, Tomitribe or Payara. Our biggest challenge in this regard is persuading Oracle to relinquish control of JSRs they are not delivering on. In conjunction to the above, in the interim we will provide the functionality that should be standardized in Java EE through open source. We will work with vendors like Oracle, Red Hat, IBM, Tomitribe and Payara to include these features in their Java EE runtimes out-of-the-box. We will provide these features to vendors completely free of charge with the clear goal of standardization as quickly as possible via the JCP. As committed as we are we still need Oracle to cooperate with us as a responsible, community focused steward to move Java EE forward. Persuading Oracle to adapt to the legitimate interests of people outside of itself – even its own customers – has proven challenging in the past. In all likelihood it may not be easy this time either, though there must always remain plentiful room for reasoned optimism. That is why your voice is so very important. Please join us in signing this petition to ask Oracle to: Clarify how it intends to preserve the best interests of the Java, Java EE and servers-side computing ecosystems. Commit to delivering Java EE 8 in time with a reasonable feature set that satisfies the needs of the community and the industry. Effectively cooperate with the community and other vendors to either accept contributions or transfer ownership of Java EE 8 work. After signing the petition please join us at The Java EE Guardians include many technical luminaries, journalists, Java Champions, JCP experts, JUG leaders and Java developers including Dr. James Gosling, Cameron McKenzie, Arjan Tijms, Bauke Scholtz, Werner Keil, Reza Rahman and Kito Mann. The Java EE Guardians include many Java User Groups and companies around the world including Connecticut JUG, Istanbul JUG, the Japan JUG, Columbus, Ohio JUG, Peru JUG, Madras JUG, India, Esprit Tunisian JUG, Pakistan JUG and Bulgarian JUG.

Java EE Guardians
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Petition to

Save the Poland North Elementary Community Playground!

This petition is to help save the North Elementary Community Playground! Let me explain... As a community, we received notification late on Monday evening through social media that the Poland Board of Education was planning to dismantle the North community playground. It didn't list a demolition date or a timeframe of when this would occur. The reason for it was because they said that the "playground has deteriorated due to wear and tear, weather, and some vandalism." The article also stated that the cost of repairs and/or replacement is excessive and there currently is no funding source to do either". The school board never released any financial information though stating how much it would actually cost. They also stated that the playground would be removed and not replaced, leaving our children in the northern part of the village with no nearby outdoor playground options. On Monday evening a few community members and i went up to the playground to see what was going on and to take note of the situation. We observed that it was neither vandalized or dangerous. In fact, for being twenty years old, it was in phenomenal shape. We all agreed that it could definitely use a little TLC; maybe some fresh rubber surface in certain spots, new seats for the swings, new benches and some fresh paint. We decided to approach the school board with some ideas because we know that we can raise the funds and find volunteers to help fix it. We raised the money twenty years ago, so why couldn't we do it now? My niece, who is 3 years old, had the time of her life playing up there on Monday night. She was never in danger at any time and navigated her way through the playground equipment like a pro. When we told her that the playground was going to be torn down soon because it was "broken", she said "Why? Why don't they fix it, Aunt Annie?". I couldn't have agreed with her more! Before we even had a chance to approach the school board with our ideas, and literally 13 hours after reading the school board memo, we observed demolition equipment being delivered up to the playground. So, we immediately took action and began to call the school board requesting the superintendent. We also contacted the local news stations. Thankfully, due to our immediate phone calls and action that morning, the superintendent took note that the community was really upset and called the demolition crew and told them to hold off for the time being. As a community, we are really upset that the school board never even gave us a chance to voice our opinion at a board meeting, to share our concerns or to even raise money to fix or rebuild it. We are upset that they posted the demolition notice on social media the evening before it was scheduled to take place, which was also a holiday when most are enjoying time with their families and not scoping out the Poland schools website for updates and memos. They should have really involved the community on this decision, especially since the playground was built by money raised by community members and the donated labor of many local volunteers. It's a true "community playground", as our residents and volunteers really put their heart and soul into this project years ago. So many individuals and businesses have already pledged to donate money to the cause and to help volunteer to fix it up. We are ready to get involved again! Their ultimate goal is to tear down the playground and not replace it. If this happens, there will be no playground nearby for village residents to utilize. Every day, no matter the time of the year, the playground is filled with families that come over there to play. Children of all ages enjoy it; toddlers, elementary students, the soccer and baseball teams that practice up there, the high school students that frequent the swings and sometimes event adults! The schools are always promoting healthier lunches and options, yet they want to take away our children's outdoor play areas which promotes health and exercise and combats childhood obesity. Please call the superintendent and board of education to voice your opinion #330-757-7000 and help save our playground! North is the first playground to get announced for demolition. They also are considering dismantling others in the community.  What they are doing is a huge disservice to our community and is negligence on their behalf! The school board needs to put the well being of the children and our community first before their own personal or politics agendas. Please sign your name, encourage your family members to sign it as well and help spread the word. Please also come to the board meeting to voice your concerns and opinions on June 26th! The meeting is at 6pm at the Poland Township Hall. The demolition has only been stopped temporarily, so please keep spreading the word as we still have a battle to win and a lot of work to do! I'm going to be taking all of these signatures to the board to show them the support of our community. We truly appreciate all of your support so far!!  -Annie and the North Community #neighborsfornorthplayground

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