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Petition to Dirk Rohne (Clatsop County Commissioner), Scott Lee, Lisa J. Clement, Sarah Nebeker, Lianne Thompson, Clatsop County Board of Commissioners, Heather Hansen, Cameron Moore


We respectfully ask the Clatsop County Board of Commissioners to reverse its decision to dissolve the Southwest Coastal Community Advisory Committee (SCCAC, aka SWCCAC).  Please meet with and work with the concerned and engaged citizens of Arch Cape, Falcon Cove Beach, and the entire Southwest Coastal Community to keep the important aspects of the SCCAC and allow for continued citizen involvement in our region of the County.  For more than 40 years, the SCCAC has worked actively and persistently to maintain the Southwest Coastal Community’s livability, natural resources and beauty. In the 1970’s the SCCAC help draft the Southwest Coastal Community’s Comprehensive Plan. This Plan guides development in the Southwest Coastal Community by protecting our beaches, headlands, streams, wetlands, forestlands, and Highway 101 from improper development. The Plan was progressive for its time and remains a guiding document for the community and our land use ordinances. The SCCAC provides the opportunity for local people to advise the County on proposed developments, provides critical local knowledge, and helps to ensure that developments are done properly and in the best interest of the community.  Without the SCCAC and the Plan, we believe that the Southwest Coastal Community could look much different today. The entire Highway 101 corridor could become a commercial strip like Rockaway Beach. Ocean front homes could be three stories high like in other communities, blocking the view of everyone living behind them and changing the natural feel of our glorious beach. All vacant lots could be cleared of trees and natural vegetation leaving our neighborhoods void of the remarkably lush coastal rainforest in which we live. The SCCAC and its Plan are the core of our community.  We do not understand why, after all these years of the SCCAC working selflessly to protect the resident and communities of the Southwest Coastal region of Clatsop County, that the BOC was so determined to dissolve the SCCAC against the wishes of the residents of the community, and with little opportunity to hear public comment and deliberate.  And why dissolve a citizen advisory committee, if a primary principle of Oregon’s planning goals is citizen involvement? As an unincorporated region of the county, citizen input is all the more important to provide appropriate representation. We are pledged to complying with the law and respecting our neighbors, and we strongly believe that the SCCAC can and should continue to play a role in advising the County regarding decisions affecting our area.  Please work with us. (Information sources include "Tunnel Echoes" - thank you)

Save Arch Cape - Falcon Cove Beach
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Petition to Hellervik Oilfield Technologies

Keep a natural gas plant from being constructed in a small rural community in Kentucky.

Background Hellervik Oilfield Technologies based in Fargo, North Dakota has begun construction on a natural gas processing plant located in the heart of a rural residential community in Edmonson County, KY. Approximately two years ago, Hellervik first pursued purchase of a failed ATMOS plant in Rocky Hill, Kentucky. This plant had an enormously negative impact in the community when it was operational. Residents played a key role in the closure of this facility. The community stood together and resisted reopening of this plant in the community. ATMOS dismantled the plant and donated the land to the Rocky Hill Volunteer Fire Department. Hellervik then pursued a 9-acre parcel in the Edmonson County Industrial Park that was also unsuccessful. On August 15, 2016, Hellervik posted the following on its website: Hellervik Oilfield Technologies is planning to locate a 5 million cubic feet per day natural gas processing plant on a densely wooded 127-acre site located approximately 7 miles east of the Bowling Green city limits on HWY 31W frontage parcel. This site ensures that the plant will not be visible or audible to any residential parcel in Edmonson County. Hellervik has worked hard to address the concerns voiced by the community regarding the gas plant which previously operated near Rocky Hill. Hellervik also held a town hall meeting in August, in which they again did not disclose the location of the property. They stated that the plant would be located in the county, just off of 31-W, about halfway between the Bowling Green City limits and the Edmonson Industrial Park. A Hellervik Representative said the proposed location is a 127-acre densely wooded area that will house the plant right in the middle of the property. Excavation recently began, and most folks in the community had no idea what was happening until it was complete and reported by the local news media. The proposed location is NOT right in the middle of a 127-acre densely wooded area. It is located right off the highway with residents living very close just to the east and west. Most of the wooded area as described is to the north of the proposed site. The closest residents, a disabled gentleman and his wife, live less than 500 feet from the proposed location, with the site actually being visible from their home.   We ask for you to sign this petition and for your support for the following key reasons: • The processing plant is located in close proximity to many residents (some with small children) and a place of worship. This physical location poses a threat to the health and safety of these residents. • Potential changes in Ambient Noise Levels, and Peak Noise Levels will negatively impact the community.• Property Values will be impacted putting further financial burden on residents. • The processing facility would put pressure to conduct more exploration and possibly have further negative impact that could introduce even more health and safety risks.   On multiple occasions, Hellervik has given the impression that they want to be good community neighbors. We, the people of the community, ask that Hellervik maintain that commitment by taking the following actions: • Move the proposed location away from residential properties in an area where it can have benefit for land owners with gas wells and have no negative impact and significantly less risk on any community. • Conduct a comprehensive study and provide report to the community addressing the items listed below. Provide resolution for any unacceptable results.  Blast Radius (in the event of an explosion, the distance from the explosion that the fire consumes) Thermal Radiation (in the event of fire) Chemical Pollution Noise Pollution Air Quality  Environmental Impact • Maintain a proactive approach and work openly with the community to address any and all issues that arise before the plant is operational.

Deborah Miller
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Petition to Frank Murphy, Grishae Blackett’e

Restore Splash Pad/Water Feature to Broadway Square Renovation Plans

Broadway Square in Fell's Point is currently being demolished for a nearly $3 million renovation which was supposed to include a water feature similar to the Walter Sondheim Fountain in West Shore Park. However, recent developments have uncovered that the water feature was taken out of the plan. In the rendering, the gray area in the center was meant to be the splash pad. In a recent community meeting on March 28, 2017 with the Department of Transportation and the project architects, they gave "community opposition" as a reason for excluding this water feature from the current construction, although it is still on the plan. Fell's Point Residents Association voted in favor of the original plan including this water feature. This would be a huge asset to the community, for all of the families and children in Southeast Baltimore as well as those visiting as tourists. Thames Street Park was recently renovated and the new playground is constantly filled with children and families. A splash pad in the neighborhood would be an incredible benefit in warm weather and draw crowds of families to Broadway Square, benefiting the atmosphere of the square as well as the surrounding businesses as families would likely stay in the neighborhood and patronize them more frequently. Please help us bring this water feature to Fell's Point and Broadway Square! Kelly Navas-Migueloa, Director, Fell's Point Residents Association

Kelly Navas-Migueloa
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