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~ROBLOX TIX DEBATE Hello everyone, My name is Andrew and today I'm going to talking about TIX.Now I know it's been almost 2 years since they've been removed, but I feel that if we can stillspeakup about them. Then maybe we can reach out.A lot of people have forgotten about them, but I want to find a way to bring them backinto the community to make new players feel as if they are actually welcome.I posted a forum on ROBLOX, and everyone that seems to have replied are all of which are BC,but nobody takes into consideration the members of ROBLOX who can't afford BC, and are stuck asthe normal looking players. ROBLOX used to be a world where EVERYONE was able to come and join as a community,and hangout as a community. But now some of us feel as if ROBLOX just want's to work on it for the money. PRO's of TIX ~Keep newer people interested so that they will eventually want to buy BC~Gives people who can't afford BC a chance to earn currency and feel welcome into the community.~Give developers/shirt makers a chance to earn from members of the ROBLOX community who cannot afford BC, or R$~Bring back players who've left due to the loss of TIX~Bring back the ROBLOX trade system (Converts TIX to ROBUX and vise versa). Because believe it or not, the ROBLOX trade system was sort ofeducational to some people because it gave people that economic affiliation to the real world. ~DEBATE PART 2 ROBLOX stated that the currency system i.e Robux and Tix were confusing. But ironically a lot of us players who've been playing since 08+learned the difference between the two quite simply (I was 9). I see 6 year olds who know the difference between the 2, and can easily identify them. So there debate henceforth within that topic is illogical and deserves justification. If ROBLOX really wants to make some money, bring back TIX. Make TIX purchasable while rising the price of ROBUX.Make the prices of TIX sort of low (Not too low). Have items on the catalog that can be purchased using TIX so thatthe NON-BC members can feel somewhat equal to BC members. Make the TIX non-tradeable accross accounts so that peoplecan't cheat the system. I think ROBLOX should create a new system for members of the ROBLOX community to actually be able to advertise their gamesDue to the removal of TIX a lot of really great games that deserve recognition are not being pointed out.I think they should create a more efficient system for ROBLOX instead of just the banners on the sides and top.Because to be completely honest... who actually pays attention to those.

Andrew Brace
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Save the New Islington Marina Community

We are calling on Manchester City Council to reconsider their decision to evict a close knit community of at least thirty residents from the New Islington Marina in Manchester. The council claim that the boats need to leave in order to carry out necessary repair works in the “most cost effective and safe manner”.   New Islington Marina is the only residential marina in the center Manchester, and is located in the “regeneration” area of Ancoats and New Islington, close to the city center. In the eight years since the boats first arrived the area has gone from the wasteland of a demolished council estate to the Council’s flagship housing development. The boats have been at the heart of this regeneration - ensuring that the area stayed inhabited and safe while the initial works were undertaken. The council now wants to hand over the Marina and Cotton Field Park to a private management company - and it seems the boats no longer fit their “vision” for the area.   To suddenly be told we have to leave our homes, with just three months notice, the decision has been a massive shock to us all. With no other residential moorings available in central Manchester we are being asked to choose between our homes and the city we all love.   As a community we live, work, and play in the neighborhood of Ancoats, and our residents make a positive contribution to the area. Many residents are involved in community projects, including with local schools, and several have set up their own local businesses. The residents spend much of their free time socialising with each other and our land-based neighbors in Cotton Field park - one of the few open access green spaces in the city center.   The Marina remains one of the few places where the new and old residents of Manchester can come together - people from all walks of life come to walk their dogs, have picnics and barbecues and enjoy the peace and quiet of a wonderful park just minutes from a bustling city center. The boater residents play a big part in creating the lively and colorful atmosphere at the Marina, and can often be seen sitting out on our boats, watering our plants, chatting to visitors, playing with dogs, and handing out everything from cups of tea to dog water to puncture repair kits to plasters - we are delighted to share this beautiful space which we are proud to call our home. Our community understands that the works need to take place. The poor quality of the original building work means that after just a few years walkways and pavements are subsiding and the drains are struggling to cope with increased demand and the rapidly diminishing natural drainage. However we believe that these works can be carried out without the full-scale eviction of the marina and that, if the council were willing to discuss this with us, we could come to a solution that would allow the works to continue quickly without making at least thirty families homeless.   Our loving and diverse community is more than willing to work with the council to prevent our brutal eviction and work around the building works, moving around the marina if necessary as the works take place (as we have done before). Given that at no point did the council come to talk to one single resident whilst making decisions, no consultancy on how this would affect us. It is clear that we are the victim of gentrification, that the best course of action for the council was to simply disregard and displace a whole community for the pockets of the few. Seeing us as non-human that can be shifted, no matter the immense stress that we would be put under, financially, socially, and emotionally. Surely in 2017 we can move forward from the displacement of communities in the brutal race to gentrification, in the name of progress. Surely we should not be the victims taking the brunt of somebody else's bad planning and construction. Please sign this petition to help a community of lovely people keep our homes, stay together  and continue their lives as boat dwellers in Manchester. Thank you.

andy fordham
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