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Petition to Scott Lee, Lisa J. Clement, Sarah Nebeker, Dirk Rohne, Lianne Thompson, Clatsop County Board of Commissioners, Heather Hansen, Cameron Moore


We respectfully ask the Clatsop County Board of Commissioners to reverse its decision to dissolve the Southwest Coastal Community Advisory Committee (SCCAC, aka SWCCAC).  Please meet with and work with the concerned and engaged citizens of Arch Cape, Falcon Cove Beach, and the entire Southwest Coastal Community to keep the important aspects of the SCCAC and allow for continued citizen involvement in our region of the County.  For more than 40 years, the SCCAC has worked actively and persistently to maintain the Southwest Coastal Community’s livability, natural resources and beauty. In the 1970’s the SCCAC help draft the Southwest Coastal Community’s Comprehensive Plan. This Plan guides development in the Southwest Coastal Community by protecting our beaches, headlands, streams, wetlands, forestlands, and Highway 101 from improper development. The Plan was progressive for its time and remains a guiding document for the community and our land use ordinances. The SCCAC provides the opportunity for local people to advise the County on proposed developments, provides critical local knowledge, and helps to ensure that developments are done properly and in the best interest of the community.  Without the SCCAC and the Plan, we believe that the Southwest Coastal Community could look much different today. The entire Highway 101 corridor could become a commercial strip like Rockaway Beach. Ocean front homes could be three stories high like in other communities, blocking the view of everyone living behind them and changing the natural feel of our glorious beach. All vacant lots could be cleared of trees and natural vegetation leaving our neighborhoods void of the remarkably lush coastal rainforest in which we live. The SCCAC and its Plan are the core of our community.  We do not understand why, after all these years of the SCCAC working selflessly to protect the resident and communities of the Southwest Coastal region of Clatsop County, that the BOC was so determined to dissolve the SCCAC against the wishes of the residents of the community, and with little opportunity to hear public comment and deliberate.  And why dissolve a citizen advisory committee, if a primary principle of Oregon’s planning goals is citizen involvement? As an unincorporated region of the county, citizen input is all the more important to provide appropriate representation. We are pledged to complying with the law and respecting our neighbors, and we strongly believe that the SCCAC can and should continue to play a role in advising the County regarding decisions affecting our area.  Please work with us. (Information sources include "Tunnel Echoes" - thank you)

Save Arch Cape - Falcon Cove Beach
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Petition to Strategic Acquistions Inc, Peter Baer, Tony Hershman


Help #savethegangstagarden and The Ron Finley Project's HQ that ignited a worldwide food justice revolution by signing the petition and generously giving what you can.All Ron Finley wanted was healthy food for himself, his family and neighbors. After picking up a tomato that was labeled “coated with shellac” in his local South Central Los Angeles grocery store, it hit Finley: there was a complete lack of healthy food in his community. This is true for not only Finley’s community, but most underserved populations nationwide. More than 29 million Americans live in food deserts or what Finley has termed “food prisons”.“the drive-thrus are killing more people than the drive-bys”In 2010, Finley decided to take his health and the health of his community into his own hands and “Plant Some Shit”, turning a strip of city-owned land in front of his property into a food oasis. After a citation, fine and eventual warrant for Finley’s arrest over the grass that he transformed into an edible landscape for his community, word spread quickly about the “Gangsta Gardener”, sparking a global food justice movement. Luminaries such as René Redzepi, Russell Brand, Alice Waters, Rainn Wilson, Penny Marshall, Aloe Blacc, Carson Daley, Rachel Hunter and Robert Horry reached out to Finley in solidarity of his work, followed by statewide dignitaries, namely Mayors Aja Brown, Kevin Johnson and Councilman Herb Wesson. Soon after, the Gangsta Garden began to be visited and studied by local K-12 classrooms and universities all over the world including renown institutions such as Harvard, the University of Southern California and MIT.“Kids who grow kale, eat kale. If they grow tomatoes, they eat tomatoes. But when none of this is presented to them, they blindly eat whatever you put in front of them.”Over the last few years, the owner of the RFP property has been battling with the bank and has made several attempts to receive a loan modification to no avail. The bank recently foreclosed on the property and sold it to Strategic Acquisitions Inc. RFP has requested that Strategic Acquisitions allow them to continue operating from the location as to sustain with the important work they are doing in the community. The only solution they have been offered is to purchase the property, otherwise, face eviction. HQ has grown into more than just a garden since 2010, including RFP offices, an educational center and a propagation station for more edible urban landscapes. The loss of this property is a continuation of the injustices perpetrated against the members of the South Central Los Angeles community and persons struggling with food insecurity around the world. Finley took on city lawmakers in 2010 sparking a worldwide food justice revolution. Now the world needs to rally behind him!RFP needs to raise $500,000 to #savethegangstagarden that has become a symbol of healthy change for Los Angeles and cities all over. If you have been touched by RFP or support access to healthy food for ALL communities, please sign the petition, donate on our crowdfunding site, share and comment on how the The Ron Finley Project has inspired you.

The Ron Finley Project
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Petition to Municipality of Nicosia

Keep Palouriotissa Square Skateboard / BMX Friendly

Ελληνικά παρακάτω κείμενο The Municipality of Nicosia have announced a new project to renovate and improve the Palouriotissa Square. The aim of the project is the creation of a functional square for relaxation and entertainment of residents, improving the green, improving road safety around the square and simultaneously the increase of parking spaces. However these plans will see drastic changes to the squares layout and architecture making a big part of the best spot in Cyprus useless to Skateboarders, Roller Skaters, BMX riders and scooters. The Palouriotissa Square is a big part of the skateboard & BMX culture in Cyprus and is a unique location that offers a safe place for young people to socialise and participate in active sports such as skateboarding, Roller Skating, Cycling and scooter. Palouriotissa Square is not only a heaven for local youths, but also attracts professional athletes from around the world, who have visited the square for skating and BMX activities. Please sign this petition to ensure that Palouriotissa Square remains a unique and safe place for young people to socialise and participate in active sports like skateboarding, Roller Skating, BMX and Scooter. Do not let The Municipality of Nicosia destroy a place that we all love and has become a big part of our culture, lifestyle and history.   Ο δήμος Λευκωσίας ανακοίνωσε ένα καινούριο έργο για ανακαίνιση και αναβάθμιση της Πλατείας Παλουριώτισσας. Ο στόχος του είναι η δημιουργία μιας λειτουργικής Πλατείας για την ξεκούραση και ψυχαγωγία των κατοίκων, με την ανάπτυξη πρασίνου, την ανάπτυξη της οδικής ασφάλειας γύρω από την πλατεία και ταυτόχρονα αύξηση των χώρων στάθμευσης. Παρόλ’αυτα τα σχέδια θα αλλάξουν δραστικά τη μορφή του χώρου και την αρχιτεκτονική, μετατρέποντας ένα από τα καλύτερα μέρη για πατίνια στην Κύπρο ως άχρηστο για τους skateboarders, roller skaters, bmx riders and scooters. Η Πλατεία Παλουριώτισσας αποτελεί ένα μεγάλο μέρος της κουλτούρας του skateboard & bmx στην Κύπρο και είναι ένα μοναδικό μέρος που προσφέρει ασφάλεια στους νέους για κοινωνικοποίηση και συμμετοχή σε ενεργά αθλήματα όπως πατίνι, ποδηλασία, σκούτερ. Δεν είναι μόνο παράδεισος για την τοπική νεολαία, αλλά επίσης ελκύει επαγγελματίες αθλητές από όλο τον κόσμο, οι οποίοι επισκέφτηκαν την Πλατεία γι’αυτές τις ασχολίες. Παρακαλώ υπογράψτε την αίτηση για να εξασφαλιστεί ότι ο χώρος της Πλατείας θα παραμείνει μοναδικός και ασφαλές για τους νέους, ώστε να μαζεύονται και να συμμετέχουν σ’αυτά τα ενεργά αθλήματα. Μην αφήσετε το δήμο Λευκωσίας να καταστρέψει ένα μέρος που όλοι αγαπούμε και αποτελεί τεράστιο κομμάτι της κουλτούρας, τρόπου ζωής και ιστορίας μας.  

GO4IT Cyprus
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Petition to Sacramento Ballet Board of Directors, Nancy Garton, John L. Allen, Rita Ruecker, Catherine Nystrom, Linda Davis, Jeffrey Dorso, Stuart Eldridge, Louise Burda Gilbert, Ben Ilfield, Gerry Kamilos, Melissa Mattei, Frankie McDermott, Suzanne Rogers, Kerry Taylor, David P. Temblador

Save Sacramento Ballet

We, the undersigned, believe the decision by the Sacramento Board of Directors to not renew the contracts of its Artistic Directors, Ron Cunningham & Carinne Binda, beyond the 2017-18 season is not in the best interest of the dancers, subscribers, audience members, donors, supporters, its Ballet School and, in general, the greater Sacramento Community.   Sacramento Ballet was founded over 60 years ago by Barbara and Deane Crockett, and for 30 years their vision has been furthered by Cunningham and Binda, with unquestionably superb artistic quality at every level.  The Artistic Directors are not the problem.  The Sacramento Ballet Board of Directors has shown lack of leadership through poor business decisions and an inability to provide adequate resources to support the Artistic Directors' vision.  Please read the accompanying information for details; the facts in support of this petition are staggering.  If you agree, Sign this Petition!  Email the Sacramento Ballet Board, Sacramento Ballet Staff, Sacramento City Council Members, Sacramento Bee and other Media outlets.  Get active with your network on Social Media!  Your voice is important – GET LOUD!  Don’t let this 63-year-old respected arts organization meet its demise at the hand of its Board.   Signed, Robert Kelley -  former dancer and Regional Dance America director Diane McLarty Cypher -  former dancer and Regional Dance America director     Name – former dancer Name – donor Name – audience member Name – subscriber Name – Nutcracker family Name – Ballet School family Name – Arts advocate

Diane McLarty Cypher
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