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Petition to Fred Carpenter, Beth Shearer, Mark Smith, Don Barry

Build a Skatepark in Palmyra

I think we all know the condition and quality of our roads here in Palmyra, not only are these hazards for skateboarders, bikers, and walkers alike. (Before I get into this I would like you all to know this one quote, "if the city doesn't have a skatepark, it is a skatepark.") These also mean that skateboarders aren't able to express their hobbies and passion of skating. I personally believe that a skatepark would be amazing for this town and community. This is my opinion for many reasons. Some examples of why we need a skatepark is because it keeps public places and roads in a better condition, it gives a safe, and fun place for a community to hang out, and because it will also just make the town, youth, and community happier. The myth surrounding skateparks is that they are a breeding ground for crime and other illicit activities. "While there will be an occasional 'bad seed', providing designated spaces for positive activities is the best way to curb unlawful behavior among youth." This quote speaks on the fact that skateparks actually help the youth and give them a safe and happy place to hang out and show their passion and love for skating. Sadly, there is some bad feelings towards skateboarders that make it harder to get this point across. If anyone is listening and wants to help the community, sign this petition and help it grow, thank you. Sources:  

Kam MacDonald
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Petition to Bernie Vidales, Juslyn Manalo, David Canepa, Brian Allen

Change school name to honor teacher Lynda Flynn McNesby!

We at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School have lost a great leader, veteran teacher, and awesome woman just recently... her name is Lynda Flynn McNesby who of 29 years has been teaching 4th grade with nothing but fun in mind and room to constantly learn more.  She was an advocate for academics and an educational leader to not just the school but the district.  Lynda pushed the students imagination by creating entertaining ways to learn by incorporating "magic" into her lesson plans.  She was a woman of infinite knowledge and a passion for teaching the youth.  We all came to her for guidance and clear answers for when we needed it the most.  Students rave about being in her class and alumni still talk about how great of a teacher is.  She was always in touch with her Irish heritage and embraced everyone's culture/traditions too as she loved the diversity of our school, community, and the bay area.  No one has ever seen her upset and she knew just what to do or say to a student to keep them on check without even raising her voice like a simple, "come on man, really?", in her own cool way while combining it with a "do it yourself attitude" and arm shrug as she walked away.  She just had that stature and presence about her that shouted out Rock & Roll! We'd like to honor her by changing the schools name to Lynda F. McNesby Elementary School.  She has done so much and made a big impact on the school, students, staff, district, families, and the community.  Her father was actually named after a school in SF, Leonard R Flynn and it would be so incredible to have her represent just like her father and commemorate her by changing the schools name after her.  She worked so much and so hard.  She is such an amazing person and the school just isnt the same without her.  To many of us, she was a mentor and a good friend.  Please help us by making this CHANGE happen!  With your help, we can make this into reality.

Oliver Quesada
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