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Petition to California Bureau of Investigation

App to Help Find Missing Children

ProblemThe recollection of faces and distribution of information in regards to missing children within the state of California is outdated and incompetent. Paper flyers are affected by the bystander effect. Amber Alerts come once every hundreds or thousands of children who are reportedly missing. There needs to be a better way to collect and distribute data in regards to missing and found children within the state of California.SolutionThis problem can be solved by creating a phone application that gives the following information or notice to aid the search of a missing child:- Push Notifications that are real time- Photos of child and area that abduction took place- Information to best aid the search (last seen with, clothes, height, weight, abductor's car, etc.)- Comments to open discussion on any home surveillance cameras in the area- Map of reported abductions within your area- Messaging system to report any possible suspects- Shareable links to connect others to vital information- Found children to show progress in the communities' connection systemPersonal storyI am starting this petition because I was leaving a store one day and became overwhelmed when I saw the amount of missing children flyers posted on the wall. Some were as recent as one week ago and others were as far back as thirty years. I stood in front of this wall for five minutes before anyone else stopped to look with me. I left remembering one child's information out of thirty-two. There are families and communities out there staring at photos of their lost ones for months and even years hoping that they would return or obtain some form of closure. I have no children, but to think that this may not affect me in some way and someday is sheer ignorant and inhumane. Loss strikes everyone in different forms. So I hope this petition raises awareness to work towards making this form of loss a lot less and connection communities a lot more.

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Petition to BART Board of Directors

Building Chinatown's Legacy for The Transformation of Oakland

After the past seven year Lake Merritt Station Area Planning Process and a previous development, BART has restarted a development process for two of the blocks in the station areas: (1) Where the BART Station Parking Lot currently is and (2) The MetroCenter Block which currently houses the BART Police as well as Asian Health Services' Administrative Headquarters. Various stakeholders and supporters would like to establish a hub of activity of the Lake Merritt Station that connects and grows the existing communities, including Chinatown.  We are encouraging BART to integrate an aggressive platform of community benefits into their new development: 1) Community control of 120,000 square feet of community and non-profit space 2) $1M contribution to Madison Park 3) 200 affordable housing units Our goal is to establish a distinct “community thumbprint” that extends the legacy and current Asian community core that is Oakland Chinatown. We share a vision of a vibrant community hub that intentionally strengthens the Asian community, helps Chinatown thrive, and engages community voices toward a cohesive and engaged neighborhood and beyond.  It is a holistic vision that will serve as an attractive magnet to and for Chinatown.  This will build ridership, pencil out for BART’s bottom line, and excite, engage, and enthrall the community in true partnership. We urge BART to commit to this highest community use as a complement to the principle of highest feasibility - a commitment that will signal to the community that we will be able to exert our rights and have the resources to continue to grow, thrive and become a strong and vibrant neighborhood. Please support our efforts CA Senator Nancy Skinner CA Assemblymember Rob Bonta Alameda County Supervisor Wilma Chan Alameda County Supervisor Keith Carson Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf Oakland City Councilmember Abel Guillen Asian Health Services Asian Immigrant Women’s Advocates Asian Pacific Environmental Network Asian Pacific Islander Youth Promoting Advocacy and Leadership Asian Prisoner Support Committee Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations Buddhist Church of Oakland California Health Care Foundation Chinese American Citizens Alliance-Oakland Lodge Chinatown Community Development Center Chinese Community United Methodist Church Chinese Progressive Association Family Bridges, Inc. Filipino Advocates for Justice Friends of Lincoln Square Institute for Sustainable Economic Educational and Environmental Design New Hope Chinese Cancer Care Foundation New Oakland Pharmacy Oakland Asian Cultural Center OCA-Asian Pacific American Advocates: East Bay Chapter Peralta Community College District Public Advocates Wa Sung Community Service Club Lailan Huen Karoleen Feng

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