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Stop County Commissioners from taking our Key Largo Community Park

Your Voice makes a difference so make it heard.   We do not want a child to get hurt to force the county to increase parking at our Key Largo Community Park nor do not want the county to get sued if a child does get hurt.  Track E was the original solution of additional parking and Tract E is the answer now. We, as signers, adherently opposed to the following at Key Largo Community Park: 1.    Insufficient, Unsafe Parking Facilities 2.    Any Changes to the Existing Recreational Facilities Inside the Park 3.    Increased Compaction to Park Facilities 4.    Not Expanding the additional parking to Track E for the 2003 lot purchase as an "Addition to the Key Largo Community Park" by Monroe County Commissioners. 5.    Not adding additional Recreational activities and facilities to Tract E as the intent when purchased as the "Addition to the Key Largo Community Park." And here are the reasons why.  In 2003, the Board of County Commissioners decided to purchase Track E, the empty lot directly behind Walgreen and adjacent to the Key Largo Community Park, as an "Addition to the Park" for a skateboard park and additional parking.  With safety reasons in mind, it was decided by the Commissioners to move the skateboard park onto the park's parking lot with the kids entrance to the skateboard park inside the community park.   This addition removed 25% of the existing parking and was going to be replaced on Track E.  This never occurred.  After sixteen years, no additional parking had been added to Track E clearly violating Monroe County regulations for the size of the park and number of available parking spaces.   During events at the park, it's extremely unsafe for everyone trying to use the park without adequate parking.   Now the commissioners have other plans for the lot without any input from the Key Largo Community. This community has great ideas for Track E in addition to the extra needed Parking:·      Senior/Youth Center  ·      Expanded YMCA·      Pickleball Courts,·      Closing Croix Drive as a thorough street and add parking and additions creating a safer parking environment.·      Extending the walking path around the addition·      Dog Park We have pros/cons to all of them and we ask our commissioners to do a thorough job researching and finding the best possible use for our Key Largo community.  We ask that the commissioners reach out to the Key Largo Community for input and feedback on all decisions related to the Park. Please sign to say NO to making changes to our existing park. Please sign to say YES to additional parking and recreational activities to Tract E for all of our community enjoyment with community involvement. Please sign to say NO to County Commissioners making decisions without community input.

Melanie Horowitz
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