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Petition to Flagler County Planning Board & County Commissioners

Preserve & Protect Flagler Beach & Bulow Creek

PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION TO STOP THIS DEVELOPMENT!!! The communities of Flagler County and the City of Flagler Beach are facing an eminent threat of over-development by a Developer who has proposed to change the Future Land Use maps in order to allow for a MEGA-Development of over 3,900 units that would bring an astounding 8,000-10,000 population increase AND a 510,000 sq. ft commercial complex on both sides of an environmentally and historically sensitive area along the northern section of scenic John Anderson Highway. If the Flagler County Commission and the Flagler Beach City Commission approve this Monster Development the whole area would be radically changed forever. The headwaters of Bulow Creek (a class 2 primitive canoe/kayak trail) and the pristine Graham Swamp Drainage would no longer support this unique natural Florida eco-system. Manatees, otters, alligators, Rosetta spoonbill, rare white pelicans, and the great blue heron all thrive there. The game fish tidal marsh nursery would be diminished, if not destroyed. The Big Developer would make the Bulow Creek Headwaters the site of multi-family high-rise Condo's and Apartments. The small/quaint little beach town would become just another over-crowded junky beach city. The huge beach crowd would render the endangered turtle nesting grounds hostile and unsuitable for the sea turtles to lay their eggs. The Flagler County and Flagler Beach infrastructure, roads, safety, fire, police, health services and schools cannot support the planned triple population increase. HIGHER TAXES always follow mega growth! WE will do the work, but we need VOLUNTEERS and MONEY for signs, public info, media coverage, advertisements, flyers, lawyers and RELATED expenses. We are already spending thousands of dollars. Soon, the Developer will notify a very few (not most) nearby property owners of a "community meeting/town hall" seeking public approval. Come and be heard! The Flagler Planning Board and Flagler County Commission will also hold a public meeting for public comment soon. WATCH for notices and bring your friends. PLEASE JOIN US, THE FIGHT IS ON!!! We all need to take action by reaching out to our local commissioners and the planning board to let them know that this would be detrimental and is not wanted here. We will be using this petition to show our local officials that we are opposed to this type of over-development.                         Follow us for more updates here: ***Please Note- After Signing The Petition,  Asks If You Would Like To "Chip In"- This Is ONLY For THEIR Purposes & NOT Funds We Receive To Help Our Cause***

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Petition to Palmdale City Council, Mayor Steven D. Hofbauer, Councilmember Austin Bishop, Councilmember Richard J. Loa, Councilmember Laura Bettencourt, Councilmember Juan Carrillo, Senior Planner Megan Taggart, Planning Commissioner Angela French, Planning Commissioner Deana Ward, Planning Commissioner Stacia Nemeth, Planning Commissioner V. Jesse Smith, Planning Commissioner Bart Avery

Support Responsible Growth in Palmdale, Say No to the "the Strata" Development

We are Palmdale residents, neighbors and merchants who love our city and who want to see it grow responsibly so that it will flourish for future generations. That is why we are opposed to the proposed “The Strata” mixed-use development at the corner of 15th Street West and Rancho Vista Blvd. Plans call for cramming high traffic generating commercial retail and high-density housing into a relatively small parcel of undeveloped land directly across from the busy AV Mall, including a big box grocery store, retail, 4 restaurants with a drive thru, 308 apartment homes and 36 townhouses. The scope, scale and density of the project is simply too large, and the existing infrastructure and streets inadequate, to support this dense of a project. Of paramount concern is the new, additional traffic that this proposed project will generate in the surrounding community and the negative impact that it will have on commute times, quality of life, and public safety, for the thousands of residents who live near the proposed project site, and for the many employees and merchants that work and/or operate a business at or near the Antelope Valley Mall, directly across from the site. The City and developer are trying to rush “The Strata” through the approval process with minimal notice to the thousands who live near the project. In fact, the Planning Commission is already set to review and approve this project on July 11th. To our knowledge, no significant traffic or environmental impact studies have, or are planned, to be conducted by a qualified, independent consultant before this project is approved, and alternative designs and plans that would have less of an impact on our quality of life are not being considered. There are far too many more questions than answers about this project and studies that need to be addressed before the City approves anything. We have a voice and a say in how our community grows. Please join us in signing this petition and on July 11th at 7pm at City Hall (38300 Sierra Highway in Palmdale) to speak out in support of for a plan that better matches the scope and scale of the surrounding neighborhoods and that won’t negatively impact traffic, public safety and the environment. We support responsible growth in Palmdale but this project is simply not that.  For more information or to get involved, follow us on Facebook @  

Responsible Growth Palmdale
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