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Petition to Madison County KY Fiscal Court

Stop Madison County, KY Fiscal Court Resolution 19-36 Sale of County Property

As Madison County residents are aware, the proposed 139% Madison County tax increase was petitioned and ultimately placed on the ballot for November 2020.    Now, the Madison County Fiscal Court has decided to sell several properties owned by Madison County, described in brevity, under Resolution 19-36.  The plan to sell county property is vaguely described in the aforementioned Resolution 19-36, absent extensive details, including, but not limited to: . Full and complete transparency. . Supporting rationale for the planned sale of each property. . There is no plan included to communicate with residents directly impacted by the sale(s). No action has been taken to protect those residents from realizing  damage to their own homes - for many, their only investment. The current, and continued reckless and irresponsible behavior of the Madison County Fiscal Court has placed residents at great risk of loss, including, but not limited to the following conditions: . A tremendous loss to their home values and the integrity of their neighborhoods, overall.  For many, their primary investment is "home", supporting their spouse, children, grandchildren, parents, and grandparents to name several. . Life-long equity preserved, and intended to support the quality of life and education of hard-working families is at great risk and likely will be reduced, or eliminated.   . Threatening family peace of mind, a reward of successful family investment, reducing the reward for careful planning that supports children, education, retirement and overall quality of life. Madison County's "Land-Mine" approach to taxation (representing "no taxes due" for over a decade followed by a "surprise accrued 139% tax increase") coupled with the condescending, irresponsible manner of the rushed,  non-transparent sale of Madison County property warrant this Petition.  This initiative is just one of multiple other community actions being taken to stop the path of destruction growing at the hand of Madison County Fiscal Court. There are governing entities that are proactive, those that are reactive.  The plethora of major financial "bombs" being dropped on our fine community is evidence of an inactive government. . Madison County taxpayers want the current Resolution 19-36 ceased at once.  Before considering any kind of sale the impacted Madison County taxpayer must be considered, with full transparency, full disclosure of all details, care, and protection of the taxpayer's home, equity, and neighborhood, and must be in the forefront "in the interest of ALL taxpayers". .Families, investors, homes, and historic properties that are directly impacted by any of the proposed sales must receive disclosures, assistance to each homeowner to fully protect their own investments, as the County proceeds with the sale of property in a responsible and transparent fashion. Madison County Residents, we thank you for your time in reviewing and executing this Petition, the first of several steps in addressing the urgent matter described herein.  We are grateful.

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Petition to National Housing Authority, Office of the City Mayor - Quezon City, Ayala Land Inc., The Filipino People, local government unit

Decent, Affordable, & Pro-people On-site Community Development Plan for Sitio San Roque

Residents of Sitio San Roque with the Kadamay San Roque as lead peoples organization together with Save San Roque Alliance marched to the Quezon City Hall on the eve of Human Rights Day on Monday, December 9, to formally submit their Community Development Plan, or CDP, to Mayor Joy Belmonte and to call on the local government of Quezon City to acknowledge and implement the CDP. The CDP is the product of months of planning & consultations made between the residents and the Alliance, and recommends the creation of affordable & mass-oriented on-site housing for the residents as an alternative housing solution to prevailing government relocation programs and state-enforced evictions. Faced with the imminent threat of homelessness and displacement brought by the profit-oriented developments of Ayala-NHA, the CDP is the community-led alternative housing solution the residents and the Save San Roque Alliance are pushing for. Aside for the urban poor's right to decent and affordable housing, the CDP also aims to assert the urban poor's right to the city as valuable contributors of urban development. Which is why we seek the support of sympathetic individuals/organizations like you to amplify our call on the local & national government to acknowledge and implement the San Roque Community Development Plan. This petition would help strengthen our claim for the urban poor's right to decent and affordable housing- asserting their right to the city as valuable contributors of urban development and as fellow human beings with dignity and rights. As a democratic Filipino people, we have the power to persuade our government to enforce the rights of all our fellow citizens who have been struggling against aggressive development.  To know more about the campaign and the alliance, you may email us at, visit our social media pages (@SaveSanRoque on Twitter and on Facebook). Disente, abot-kaya, maka-masang on-site CDP, ipatupad! Thank you very much for your endless support! -Save San Roque Alliance #SaveSanRoque#DevelopmentForAll#YesToInclusion

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Petition to Governor Tom Wolf, Governor Phil Murphy, John T. Hanson, Delaware River Port Authority, Patco , Ryan Boyer, Jeffrey L. Nash, Esq., Eugene DePasquale, Christopher A. Lewis, Joseph Martz, Katie McGinty, Angelina Perryman, Donna Powell, Hon. Joseph M. Torsella, Charles Fentress, Albert F. Frattali, Bruce D. Garganio, Richard M. Sweeney, Ricardo V. Taylor


We, the undersigned, are concerned about the construction of a new headhouse at Franklin Square as a part of the Franklin Square PATCO station re-opening in the Chinatown and Old City neighborhoods, for the benefit of the commuters from New Jersey, who already have adequate mass transit access at nearby 8th and Market PATCO station. New: PlanPhilly has published our piece about why we must #ProtectFranklinSquare: New: The Inquirer has published a piece by Sarah Yeung, Carol Wong, co-signed by Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation, Asian Americans United, FACT School, and Asian Americans United: ****Franklin Square PATCO station has a long and troubled history. In the 1930s, Franklin Square park lost half of its trees to construct Franklin Square PATCO station. Over time, taxpayers have paid to open, close, and re-open this station 1943-1946, 1952-1953 and 1976-1979. For the past ten years, DRPA has discussed re-opening Franklin Square PATCO station. However, past feasibility studies, costing taxpayers $500,000 each, have recommended against re-opening the station, concluding that “ridership would be too low to justify reopening the station." (Community groups and residents have filed a Right to Know for all past and recent feasibility studies.) Last fall, DRPA unveiled to its board new plans which depicted a larger glass headhouse, with a nearly $30 million price tag. We ask DRPA to accomplish ADA accessibility without the destruction of our park's already limited green space. The construction of the currently proposed headhouse will adversely impact: local residents, including the historically marginalized Chinatown community, for whom Franklin Square is our only park and green space; 2,500 children who visit the park daily from nearby K-8 and early childhood education programs; 5,000 citywide school children who particulate in Historic Philadelphia's Full Day Field Trip program; and disrupt 80 free community events held at the park. Since September 25, 2019, through Councilmember Mark Squilla, residents and community-serving organizations have asked DRPA to hold a community meeting with language interpreters to answer questions about the project's environmental, health, and other impacts. On October 25, 2019, DRPA responded that there are no further meetings scheduled for this year. We have been told that different DRPA board members will schedule a meeting with us. As of November 15, Councilmember Squilla's office has not been contacted to schedule that meeting.  We respectfully ask that DRPA and PATCO meet with residents and community-serving organizations as soon as possible; develop alternate plans to prevent environmental destruction; share all feasibility and environmental studies with the public immediately; and commit to partnering with local residents and community-serving organizations to ensure the project is consistent with the U.S. Department of Transportation's strategy of environmental justice.  我们对富兰克林广场PATCO车站的拟议建设感到关切,这将使新泽西州的通勤者受益,但唐人街和旧城区的当地居民却不会受益。 富兰克林广场PATCO车站历史悠久,陷入困境。在1930年代,富兰克林广场公园失去了一半的树木,以建设富兰克林广场PATCO车站。随着时间的流逝,纳税人已经为打开,关闭和重新开放该站1943-1946、1952-1953和1976-1979付费。 在过去的十年中,DRPA讨论了重新开放富兰克林广场PATCO站的问题。但是,过去的可行性研究(每个纳税人要花费500,000美元)建议不要重新开放车站,并得出结论:“礼仪太低,不足以证明重新开放车站是合理的。”(社区团体和居民已对所有过去和将来提出知情权最近的可行性研究。) 去年秋天,DRPA向董事会公布了新计划,其中描绘了一个更大的玻璃顶盖,标价近3000万美元。我们要求DRPA在不破坏我们公园已经有限的绿色空间的情况下实现ADA的可访问性。当前提议的顶盖的建设将产生不利影响: 当地居民,包括历史悠久的边缘唐人街社区,富兰克林广场是我们唯一的公园和绿地;每天有2500名儿童通过附近的K-8和早期儿童教育计划参观公园;5,000名全市中小学生,他们参与了费城历史悠久的全日实地考察计划;并破坏了在公园举行的80场免费社区活动。 自2019年9月25日以来,居民和社区服务组织已通过议员Mark Squilla要求DRPA与语言翻译举行社区会议,以回答有关项目环境,健康和其他影响的问题。 DRPA于2019年10月25日回应说,今年没有安排进一步的会议。我们被告知,DRPA的其他董事会成员将安排与我们开会。截至11月15日,尚未联系国会议员Squilla的办公室安排此次会议。 我们谨请DRPA和PATCO尽快与居民和社区服务组织会面;制定防止环境破坏的替代计划;立即与公众分享所有可行性和环境研究;并致力于与当地居民和社区服务组织合作,以确保该项目符合美国运输部的环境正义战略。

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