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Petition to BART Board of Directors

Building Chinatown's Legacy for The Transformation of Oakland

After the past seven year Lake Merritt Station Area Planning Process and a previous development, BART has restarted a development process for two of the blocks in the station areas: (1) Where the BART Station Parking Lot currently is and (2) The MetroCenter Block which currently houses the BART Police as well as Asian Health Services' Administrative Headquarters. Various stakeholders and supporters would like to establish a hub of activity of the Lake Merritt Station that connects and grows the existing communities, including Chinatown.  We are encouraging BART to integrate an aggressive platform of community benefits into their new development: 1) Community control of 120,000 square feet of community and non-profit space 2) $1M contribution to Madison Park 3) 200 affordable housing units Our goal is to establish a distinct “community thumbprint” that extends the legacy and current Asian community core that is Oakland Chinatown. We share a vision of a vibrant community hub that intentionally strengthens the Asian community, helps Chinatown thrive, and engages community voices toward a cohesive and engaged neighborhood and beyond.  It is a holistic vision that will serve as an attractive magnet to and for Chinatown.  This will build ridership, pencil out for BART’s bottom line, and excite, engage, and enthrall the community in true partnership. We urge BART to commit to this highest community use as a complement to the principle of highest feasibility - a commitment that will signal to the community that we will be able to exert our rights and have the resources to continue to grow, thrive and become a strong and vibrant neighborhood. Please support our efforts Asian Health Services Asian Immigrant Women’s Advocates Asian Pacific Environmental Network Asian Pacific Islander Youth Promoting Advocacy and Leadership Asian Prisoner Support Committee Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations Buddhist Church of Oakland Chinese American Citizens Alliance-Oakland Lodge Chinatown Community Development Center Chinese Community United Methodist Church Chinese Progressive Association East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation Family Bridges, Inc. Filipino Advocates for Justice Friends of Lincoln Square Institute for Sustainable Economic Educational and Environmental Design New Hope Chinese Cancer Care Foundation Oakland Asian Cultural Center OCA-Asian Pacific American Advocates: East Bay Chapter Wa Sung Community Service Club Alan Yee Lailan Huen Karoleen Feng

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Petition to City of Detroit, Michigan, State of Michigan

Citizens Against the Grand Prix on Belle Isle

We believe that it's time to pull the plug on the Detroit Grand Prix event on Belle Isle.  Before bankruptcy, the City could not afford to properly maintain the Island, so offers by the Grand Prix to run the race there in exchange for making "improvements" might have made some sense.  Now that the State of Michigan has taken over and has made Belle Isle a State Park, the time has come to allow the Island to be used as it was intended - as a nature and recreational park to be used by all people, year round.  This current year, the Grand Prix began setting up 8 weeks before the race.  That means concrete barriers inhibiting access to the riverfront, blocking bike lanes, etc.  When you include the weeks afterward to dismantile it and clean up, this means the island is essentially monopolized by the race people for the better part of three months.  This is prime park season, with public access impeded to the river, and most public gathering places in the half of the Island where the race course exists.  The fact that an immense portion of the island near the Fountain and Casino has been encased in concrete - creating a gigantic parking lot - to serve the purposes of the race organizers, is a permanent blot and eyesore on the face of the island.  It's time to say no to the rich and powerful who have taken over the island, and return it back to the people.  Move the Grand Prix somewhere else - get it off Belle Isle.

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Petition to Reid Sewake- County of Hawaii Parks & Rec, Representative Dru Kanuha, Representative Karen Oeff, Senator Josh Green, Representative Nicole Lowen

Urge HI County to CANCEL Kahalu'u Beach Park Surf Concession Stands by The Kohala Center

⚠️* UPDATE: New revised proposal is active and bid deadline is set to close on March 27th 2018. The permits have been shortened from a 12 month to 6 month lease term per vendor.  The Kohala Center, a Hawaii non-profit, has been "awarded" a RFP (request for proposal) by the County of Hawaii. This RFP gives the Kohala Center [aka: Reef Teach/Kahalu'u Bay Education Center] the power to create a proposal for Blind Cash Bidding to lease land space at Kahalu'u Beach Park in Kailua,Kona to 4 (four) Surf Instruction Concession Stands. This will permit the erecting of four (4) pop-up tent stands to conduct business on the north end of the beach park with surfboards, business equipment, students, and signage for a minimum bid set at $3,000.00 monthly due in one annual lump sum cash payment to the Kohala Center in the amount of $36,000.00 plus $6,000.00 bond to the 4 (four) highest qualified bidders- bidding is open to statewide entities. Currently the bidding process is open and scheduled to close on February 20th, 2018 at 2:00pm. There have been no public meetings prior to January 23rd, 2018 to alert the general public of such proposal being generated or initiated.  Two (2) meetings have been held by the Kohala Center on the following dates: January 23rd, 2018 and February 1st, 2018. Both have been met with a strong request for professional revision of the current proposal due to poorly written guidelines/regulations. A request of an independently conducted Environmental Impact Statement for Kahalu'u Beach Park was made by several people stating the presence of a very fragile north beach coral reef and well known sea turtle resting area- which is where the Kohala Center proposes the Surf Lessons to enter and exit the water with their students and equipment.  Another important concern is the impact of added overload the new concessions will have on both parking and foot traffic to an already highly congested beach park with neglected infrastructure and lack of funding from the county. Kahalu'u is the most utilized beach park in Kailua-Kona, hosting an annual estimated 400,000 people in 2017 but is underfunded and in need of critical restoration.  Clarification on the legitimacy and legality of the Kohala Center and the County to conduct such blind cash bidding of park property was also brought into question with no response back from either the Kohala Center or the County representatives present at the meeting. The concern of Due Process of the initiation of Kohala Center's proposal process was also questioned with no answer.  We are urging the public to voice their concern in opposition of this proposal and demand the County of Hawaii to halt the process of Kohala Center's proposal to lease park property to Surf Concession Stands and instead allocate funding for the restoration of Kahalu'u Beach Park to preserve and restore the land.    *Footage of both public meetings are available: Click here to View For detailed view of Kohala Center's Original Bid Proposal: Click here

Tifani Stegehuis
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