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Petition to City of Detroit, Michigan, State of Michigan

Citizens Against the Grand Prix on Belle Isle

We believe that it's time to pull the plug on the Detroit Grand Prix event on Belle Isle.  Before bankruptcy, the City could not afford to properly maintain the Island, so offers by the Grand Prix to run the race there in exchange for making "improvements" might have made some sense.  Now that the State of Michigan has taken over and has made Belle Isle a State Park, the time has come to allow the Island to be used as it was intended - as a nature and recreational park to be used by all people, year round.  This current year, the Grand Prix began setting up 8 weeks before the race.  That means concrete barriers inhibiting access to the riverfront, blocking bike lanes, etc.  When you include the weeks afterward to dismantile it and clean up, this means the island is essentially monopolized by the race people for the better part of three months.  This is prime park season, with public access impeded to the river, and most public gathering places in the half of the Island where the race course exists.  The fact that an immense portion of the island near the Fountain and Casino has been encased in concrete - creating a gigantic parking lot - to serve the purposes of the race organizers, is a permanent blot and eyesore on the face of the island.  It's time to say no to the rich and powerful who have taken over the island, and return it back to the people.  Move the Grand Prix somewhere else - get it off Belle Isle.

David Martin
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Petition to Kim McMillan, Wallace Redd, Valerie Guzman, Wanda Smith, Geno Grubbs, Joel Wallace, Mike Alexander, Bill Powers, Jeff Burkhart, David Allen, Deanna McLaughlin, James Lewis, Lance Baker

North Clarksville Community Center & Athletic Complex

Clarksville is a rapidly growing community that has a prime opportunity to provide services and resources to the diverse citizens that contribute to its tax base. Despite the Tiny Town area being the fastest growing area in Clarksville, it lacks the attention that other areas in our community have received.  It has been said by elected officials that; "Most citizens in that area are military affiliated and can access the resources of Ft Campbell, Kentucky."  This petition calls upon elected officials to realize that while a good portion of the population of this town may be military affiliated, we live and pay our taxes in Clarksville and deserve to have the City provide amenities to support our side of town.  Secondly, Clarksville has not built a community center since the 1980s, yet our population has practically double in sized.  With only three community centers in Clarksville and two of them being on the South side, it is evidently time to build another one in North Clarksville.  The attendance numbers of the single community center in North Clarksville has attendance numbers that are substantially higher then the other two community centers. Tiny Town Road has enough land available to build a community center with basketball courts, pool, football fields, lacrosse, rugby, softball, tennis, and soccer fields that could make it a true Athletic Complex that caters to the various recreational interest of a very diverse community.  The Tiny Town Road location also has the infrastructure to support the traffic caused by the people seeking to enjoy the complex with a great mixture of restaurants, convenience stores, and service stations to serve local and traveling teams coming to compete in tournaments. There are also residential neighborhoods close enough for the community to easily access the complex in addition to its close proximity to several elementary, middle, and high schools.   I have lived in the Tiny Town area since 1993 and have only seen more houses and businesses being built with only one new City recreational project, the Robert Clark Park Blueway.  I believe that it is time for the City to make a significant investment in North Clarksville. An investment that has the potential to enhance the quality of life and serve as an economic stimulator for our community.  Privately developed improved property increases tax revenue without a tax increase. If you support a Community Center/Athletic Complex in the Tiny Town Road area, please sign this petition.  Thank you very much!

Richard Garrett
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Petition to Tommy Ruzzano, Arlene R. Schwartz, Diane Colonna, Lesa Peerman, Joanne Simone, Anthony N. Caggiano

Make your voice heard with the Margate (FL) CRA and the Margate Commission.

The City of Margate has planned a development on the east side of SR-7 at the end of Margate Blvd. The land was purchased by the Community Development Agency for about 33 Million Dollar over the period of several years. About a year ago (middle of 2015) this property was assessed at 30 Million Dollar (according to the director of the CRA) and only in July or August of 2016 the property was sold to a developer (or I should say given away) for 10 million Dollar. For the taxpayers of Margate that is a loss of at least 23 Million Dollar. But that is not everything. Supposedly the developer was also promised a commission ranging from 2 million to as high as 10 million. The numbers vary from source to source. The plan is to build over 900 apartments and an Amphitheater. The ratio of residential to commercial use is planned at 75% to 25% which is, considering the location and considering the opinion of the residents, ridiculous. The amount of traffic and the noise this development will cause will change the City of Margate forever. The project was pushed and approved by the CRA and the Margate City Commission despite resistance from the residents. The government to serve the people became a dictator ignoring the people. The project is currently under contract and in review. My understanding is that the contract has been fully executed at this point, not sure what state the contract is actually in. By speaking to many residents of Margate I received confirmation over confirmation that the only party benefiting from this development is the builder. If you live in Margate and are as much disturbed about the CRA's deafness to the needs and wishes of the residents in Margate, I urge you to sign this petition to stop the current plans for the downtown area development and demand the plans to be revised, taking in consideration the needs and wishes of the residents of Margate.

Karl Artner
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