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Petition to Shareholders, Stakeholders, Activist Investors

Petition to help Simon Edwards become the next CEO of Sears Holdings

I remember when I was a young boy being part of the local San Diego, California Sears helping my mom and dad transport product from our vehicle to our deli. Our family were one of the first to incorporate a deli into the Sears retail establishment offering high quality food & drink to the consumers of the retailer. I studied and watched day in and day out the processes and procedures involved in operating a business, driving foot traffic and promoting an experience that provides value and has the capability for growth. As my career path evolved I went on to start working with H&R Block as a field technical engineer covering our implementation inside of Sears & Kmart. My career with H&R Block lasted for 10 years turning to Business Operations and acting as a Corporate Liaison in many of the initiatives that the Company set forth to ensure a sustainable and profitable practice in the Tax & Financial market. I was exposed to Corporate meetings that led to the removal of H&R Block from Sears retailers and expressed my thoughts on how I believe the decision could have been avoided. From a very young age my family and I have been involved with Sears & Kmart in many ways and people that truly know me know I'm the right person to lead Sears Holdings to a point of profitability and beyond. I have many valuable connections in the retail industry as well as many valuable connections with companies and individuals from other industries that directly impact retail. Together we will help solve the decline in retail. There is value in Sears Holdings and I believe I'm the right person to help drive growth in the industry for the Company. We will embrace and engage in value driven based initiatives that promote a stronger confidence metric for stakeholders and shareholders across the board.  Please petition to help me Simon Edwards become the next President & Chief Executive Officer of Sears Holdings We will be doing good for our local Communities, the Nation and the Globe.

Simon Edwards
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Petition to Saginaw City Council

Ask the City of Saginaw to install a new playground and splash pad at Willow Creek Park

The City of Saginaw is home to 20,000+ people, and growing every day! A large part of the population is families with young children. As a mom of two young children, I love to take them to the park and let them play. Saginaw has some great parks, particularly Willow Creek Park on the west side, and Highland Station on the east side. The large grassy areas allow for my children to run around and be active. What Saginaw doesn't have is PLAYGROUNDS. When my children want to really spend some time playing at a park, we usually end up driving 20-40 minutes away to cities that have fantastic playgrounds. Our favorites are Chisholm Park in Hurst, Bicentennial Park in Southlake, and University Park in Fort Worth. Each of these very large parks include lots of outdoor recreation, from baseball fields, to large playgrounds and splash pads, to ponds and rivers for fishing. Saginaw is a smaller city than those mentioned, but it is a GREAT one, and the citizens deserve a great park with many amenities to enjoy with their families. First and foremost, the families of the community would like to see a large playground and splash pad installed at Willow Creek park. I challenge the City Council to fund this project by fitting it in the budget or, if necessary, using some of the reserve funds. Give back to the community by reinvesting in the parks, and ultimately the citizens. Thank you.

Siobhan Lilley
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Petition to Eric Garcetti, Herb Wesson, Paul Krekorian, David Ryu, Mitch O'Farrell, Mike Bonin, Paul Koretz, Gil Cedillo, Bob Blumenfield, Nury Martinez, Mitchell Englander, Monica Rodriguez, Curren Price, Jr., Jose Huizar, Joe Buscaino

Create the Public Bank of Los Angeles #PublicBankLA

We call on Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and City Council to create a task force for the creation of a chartered Public Bank of Los Angeles. We want the City to use our public funds to benefit our local communities and the environment, not private Wall Street banks.It’s time for a municipal public bank, owned by, and accountable to the People.It’s time for the City to use our massive financial portfolio as leverage to create powerful, long-lasting and positive changes. We want a bank that takes into highest consideration the greater good of the community when deciding who receives loans, which projects receive investments, and who benefits.Placing public deposits into a public bank will help create affordable credit to fund local small businesses, build affordable housing, create solutions for homelessness, and improve public infrastructure.Bank revenues must be reinvested to benefit people and planet, instead of being funneled into the pockets of private shareholders and Wall Street executives.A Municipal Public Bank with a socially and environmentally responsible mission at its core would ensure that our bank operates with strong ethical standards for its financial and investment practices, geared towards economic prosperity, environmental protection, and social justice.According to the City Controller, the City of Los Angeles paid $109,821,552 in fees to private banks in 2016. The establishment of a Municipal Public Bank can keep our money in the community, instead of allowing it to be extracted to Wall Street.A government that owns its own bank keeps the interest and reinvests it locally. Costs are reduced and taxes can be cut or services can be increased. Banking and credit become public utilities sustaining the local economy rather than mining it for private gain.One of the single most effective actions we can take to give power back to the people is the development of a public banking system. Many of the systemic problems of the world are directly fueled by private banks- from war to fossil fuels to private prisons- creating a public bank would provide an alternative savings and loan service with a socially responsible charter where the people are shareholders and bankers are public servants.We request that the City of Los Angeles fund a study and business plan to determine the economic impact of divesting from private banks and placing public deposits in the city’s own public bank.#PublicBankLADrafted by Revolution LA.

Public Bank LA
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Petition to Doug Ducey

Higher Education in Yuma

Yuma gets $0 education dollars from the states billion dollar initiative. Join our petition today! The Billion Dollar Bond Initiative for higher education passed in May allocated over $1billion to ASU, UA, and NAU. It all sounds amazing however, reading a December 2017 article published by AZ Big Media shows the allocation of funds -- leaving ZERO dollars set aside for Yuma; the 3rd most populated county in the state. Yuma is not included in this higher education bond initiative, yet residents will pay for the interest and principal on these bonds. Yuma County deserves to be represented and has a great case to have money allocated for higher education as there is a tremendous amount of opportunity within our community to expand and grow industries not currently fostered elsewhere in the state. Expanded higher education in Yuma is a game changer and must happen if we are to see continued growth as a region and community. About Us SVN | Kaizen is Yuma’s premier commercial real estate firm. Our company was founded with the idea that commercial real estate professionals have an enormous responsibility to promote the business, entrepreneurship, and investment activities in their respective communities. In fact, this notion is part of the SVN | Kaizen mission. It is our goal and honor to promote the business, entrepreneurship and investment activities within Yuma County, Doing so with a passion is imperative to the future success of the region.

SVN | Kaizen Commercial Real Estate
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