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North Clarksville Community Center

Clarksville is a rapidly growing community that has a prime opportunity to provide services and resources to the diverse citizens that contribute to its tax base. Despite the Tiny Town area being the fastest growing area in Clarksville, it lacks the attention that other areas in our community have received.  It has been said by elected officials that; "Most citizens in that area are military affiliated and can access the resources of Ft Campbell, Kentucky."  This petition calls upon elected officials to realize that while a good portion of the population of this town may be military affiliated, we live and pay our taxes in Clarksville and deserve to have the City provide amenities to support our side of town.  Secondly, Clarksville has not built a community center since the 1980s when the population was approximately 54,777 that has since grown to approximately 158,156. With only three community centers in Clarksville and two of them being on the South side, it is evidently time to build another one in North Clarksville.  The Crow Community Center serves 20,971 citizens and Burt Cobb 20,619 in South Clarksville and the Kleeman Community Center serves 52,150 which is twice as much as the other to and the same size in North Clarksville demands a high demand in the area. Peachers Mill Rd near Tiny Town across from the West Creek School System and the newly proposed rd by the Northeast Connector has enough land available to build a community center with similar to the Foy Community that caters to the various recreational interest of a very diverse community.  They both have the infrastructure to support the traffic caused by the people seeking to enjoy the community center with a great mixture of restaurants, convenience stores, and service stations to serve local and traveling teams coming to compete in tournaments. There are also residential neighborhoods close enough for the community to easily access the complex in addition to its close proximity to several elementary, middle, and high schools.   I have lived in the Tiny Town area since 1992 and have only seen more houses and businesses being built with only two new City recreational projects, the Robert Clark Park Blueway and the Barbara Johnson Park.  I believe that it is time for the City to make a significant investment in North Clarksville. An investment that has the potential to enhance the quality of life and serve as an economic stimulator for our community.   The Round Rock Sports Center in Round Rock Texas. This 82,800-square-foot indoor sports center floor plan is built with basketball and volleyball teams in mind. The flexible court layout can be configured to hold 3 NCAA basketball, 6 basketball courts or 12 volleyball courts, within the 47,775 square feet of open space. There are 1,300 seats available for spectators and 502 parking spots. The facility also boasts a referee lounge, locker rooms, a training room, LED scoreboard screens, and three large multi-purpose rooms that can be divided into nine smaller rooms. I am sure that indoor tennis could also be accommodated at such a facility. Parks and Rec has also expressed an interest in adding an indoor pool to the facility. For more info and pics visit: The Clarksville Visitors Bureau prepared an estimate of the impact that Basketball, Volleyball, Cheerleading and Wrestling would have on our community with tournaments at the North Clarksville Community Center being 3 days/2 nights. With each event just being held once/year the impact would be: Total hotel revenue - $161,967.50Total Event Revenue - $6,265,755Direct City/County Sales Tax Revenue - $156,643.88Directlty to the schools - $118,579.41Indirect City & County Sales Tax Revenue - $783,219.38Indirect to School - $592,897.06 If you support a Community Center in the Tiny Town Road area, please sign this petition.  Thank you very much!

Richard Garrett
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Stand with our Community to Oppose the Queens Jail Mega-Structure Proposal.

Mayor de Blasio is proposing to close the Rikers Island jail and replace it with four “community” jails in Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx. In Queens this means building an overpowering 29-story 1,500-inmate facility behind the Queens Criminal Court in Kew Gardens. It will be a two million square foot complex, dominating what is now an open skyline. It means closing a city street (part of 82nd Avenue) forever to incorporate it into the massive structure and demolishing the current parking lot, finished a year ago at a cost of several million dollars. It also means increased traffic in a neighborhood with narrow residential streets already suffering under the burden of increased city traffic and increased strains on public transportation, water, sewers, sanitation, etc. with no plan in place to upgrade such infrastructure. It means the destruction of a stable, middle class community that residents have spent decades building. The proposed “neighborhood jails” were conceived and planned in secret and, at least in Queens, without any input whatsoever from the immediately affected communities (such as Briarwood, Kew Gardens, Forest Hills) or any other community in Queens. We all found out about it in an under-the-radar, late afternoon press release from the Mayor’s office on August 15. There was no community input despite the Mayor’s inaccurate fabricated statements in his press release that the communities were consulted. Elected officials never told their constituents that the proposal went far beyond the original notion of renovating existing facilities. The effect of the proposed facilities on the surrounding communities were not discussed at all in the press releases. What also was not disclosed was a real cost estimate other than an unsourced estimate of 10 Billion Dollars for all four facilities. There was no discussion of renovating Rikers or the cost of such renovations. All we have are a set of drawings from an architectural firm that seemed to have consulted no one unless it was the Mayor and his inner circle. If you think that the proposed jail has no business being built in residential communities near schools, that the whole process is suspect because it was done in secret, that is being forced on Queens residents and that the City has better uses for 10 Billion Dollars then please sign our petition. Let the Mayor and elected officials know this facility should not be built. Community jails are wrong for communities! #noqueensjail #nocommunityjails - The Community Preservation Coalition

The Community Preservation Coaltion
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Petition to Maui County Council

Save Pāʻia Town from Mass Development

Update On Aug. 29th 2017 - Pa'ia Attorney, David Spee, hosted a Community Meeting explaining his Project. After two hours of listening to his promises, and dreams, Our opposition was very clear to this Mass Development Project. He also did not provide any proof, or valid Title to the land he wishes to Develop. Wrapping up the meeting Mr. Spee stated that he would remove his zoning change request from (Agriculture - Commercial) from our Maui County Council until he has a meeting with Community leaders and kupuna. He later went against his word, to put the item back on Maui County Council agenda for voting.  After noticing his minimal effort into scheduling a meeting with our Community alaka'i (leaders) & kupuna (elders), It was very clear that it was not his intention to work with our generation.  NOW he has altered a few specs within his development project, things like: less commercial spaces, and downsize in height of buildings, & he is still putting the item back on our Maui County Council agenda for this Wednesday , NOVEMBER 29th 2017 at 1:30pm.  Sneaky & NOT PONO! We can't wait to show the strength of our Communities voice at the Council Chambers once again to speak our Opposition to his MASS DEVELOPMENT OF Pa'ia Town. We have concluded this does not benefit our surrounding families, and encourages more development to the North Shore.    Original Petition:  Hāmakuapoko is home to fishermen, surfers, makaʻāinana (citizens), and kupuna (elders) who have worked hard their entire lives. This plantation town was created when the sugar cane era irrupted after a handful of businessmen overthrew the Hawaiian Kingdom to commercialize Hawaii into the pineapple & sugar cane industry.  We have seen this little town grow drastically in the past five years. Many buildings are more than 70-100 years old, however, today there are many proposed developments threatening the surrounding community, and traditional Hawaiian lifestyle.  The community has been faced with proposed developments, & have come together in numbers to oppose them. This is how small communities show their strength & exhibit their opposition. I am a seventh generation descendent to this island, My 'Ohana are farmers, fishermen, hunters, and gatherers, raising our keiki (children) from the mountain to the sea. We honor those visitors who seek Hawai'is beauty for the way it is. Our visitors & tourist DO NOT come to Hawaii for the many buildings, and concrete, they visit our Islands to seek aloha, & culture. This $12 million project planned on 9 acres between the Paia mini bypass and Baldwin Avenue, would bring 300 more cars to Paia town daily, while attracting more commercial spaces to the 'upper Paia town' region. The project needs Maui County Council approval to change the current community plan, changing the zoning from Agriculture to Urban (commercial). This is a district boundary amendment to the Paia Community Plan that we cannot support.  Our maka'ainana have seen effects of these kinds of changes; we have seen our local families get pushed out by the cost of living. We have seen vacation rentals pop up, & non-residents buy up our housing, & land. We have watched tourism, real estate, and commercialism grow beyond our infrastructure and resource capacity. There is much respect to those conscious visitors & residents who seek ways to support the local economy, farmers, and community, however, we also have many 'business men' who seek pure profit, over community.  The proposed development is just below the Paia Post Office.  Allowing the developer, David Spee, to change the zoning of this lot for his 'Paia Courtyard' would significantly impact the surrounding families and communities. We oppose development that does not support the Community, Hawaiian Lifestyle, & Traditional Practices. This proposed development threatens this ahupua'a (district) & will drastically change our little town forever. Please support the traditional 'Ohana by opposing this Development.  The Community Meeting for this Proposed Development will be this TUESDAY AUGUST 29th at 6pm, Heritage Hall in Paia.  Please show up or send someone to represent your 'Ohana.  (David Spee) Paia 2020 LLC, noticed all landowners within 500 feet of the project and other parties it felt may have an interest in the project about the upcoming meeting.  Please sign & share with your Maui 'Ohana, friends, residents & visitors.  Mahalo nui     Info of the Development:  Paia attorney David Spee, who owns the property under David R. Spee Revocable Trust and Paia 2020 LLC Applicant: David Spee Traffic Engineer: SSFM International - Mike Packard Market Analysis: Collier’s International – Mike Hamasu  Paia 2020, LLC - David Spee, Manager Hunton Conrad & Associates – Martin Cooper Otomo Engineering, Inc. - Mark Matsuda  Archaeological & Hawaiian Practices: Archaeological & Ethnographic Consultants Hawaii, LLC Andree-Michelle Conley-Kapoi, MA Commercial – 41,603 Square Feet Apartments – 9 Units (11,745 sq. ft.) above commercial Senior Housing – 56 Units with 8 Garages and mini storage for bikes, etc., and a lap/aerobics pool, and community room. Parking Stalls - Per Code 267 Total Stalls 309 (+13 offsite) Improvements – Curb & Gutter along Baldwin Ave., relocate or bury electrical, add entrance off of the mini-bypass, landscaping.      

Mary Ann Pahukoa
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