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Petition to Members Of The Board

Please Help Save St John Ambulance (St Marys Cadets NSW) Our Community Needs Your Support

St Marys Cadet Division located in Western Sydney is currently on track to be closed within weeks. Please help us support the division by signing this petition now and to share this with your friends and family.  The St John Ambulance Cadet youth group have been running for almost thirty years in our local area, and range from eight to eighteen years of age, they provide opportunities for young people to develop their skills, engage in the provision of community first aid services providing First-Aid at sporting events, local carnivals, concerts and the Royal Easter Show. But it’s not all about blood so to speak, aside from learning, First-Aid, basic nursing techniques, and so forth they also learn leadership and administration skills, animal care, cookery and nutrition, boating, camping, and many others. Once they have completed First Aid training, they may attend certain first aid duties under the supervision of an adult volunteer. There are various excursions and camps for Juniors and Cadets on an interstate and international level. It's a great opportunity to meet other volunteers, learn new things, participate in competitions and most importantly, have fun! Many young volunteers have found St John Ambulance to be a valuable stepping stone for careers in NSW Ambulance, nursing or medicine. And many of those have come through St Marys Cadets. We don’t believe that this division should close at all especially so close to Christmas. We are holding this petition and ask that our community get behind this great cause. The Cadets of the division are determined to keep the doors open and are keeping positive. If you or anyone you know are wanting to join St John Ambulance or St Marys Cadets Please Call 1300 St John. Thank you for being so supportive!

Save St Marys Cadets
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Petition to Yarra City Council

Keep RUSHALL RESERVE free from development

For around 30 years Rushall Reserve has been prized by local residents from both sides of Merri Creek as a small, quiet, cul-de-sac. It is now the last of its kind for kilometres around. Rushall Reserve is used by walkers, runners, kids of all ages playing after school and on the weekend, families and dog walkers. Dogs do what they love - they run free, across the Reserve and often down into the creek.  It has over the years become a place where members of the community meet with each other in relaxed conversation in quiet surrounds.  Being a cul-de-sac means that there is no through traffic and it remains slow-paced and safe for all. Councillors, we implore you to abandon the proposed development of a bicycle path through Rushall Reserve. Our arguments are simple: Rushall Reserve is a unique, undeveloped open space used by the local community. There are already three bike-pedestrian shared paths that circumnavigate Rushall Reserve. The proposed development was planned without knowledge of the extra bike amenity that came with the Kunda Lat bridge shared path being opened. The pedestrian/bicycle interface at Rushall Station underpass that is cited by cyclists to justify a new path through Rushall Reserve is a problem entirely because most cyclists do not dismount at the underpass as they are required to do. The same pedestrian/cyclist debacle would merely be moved a couple of hundred metres away to the existing entrance to Rushall Reserve if the 4th path went ahead. Travel statistics kept by the Council reveal that the majority of cyclists who use the Rushall underpass would not in any case proceed onto a path through Rushall Reserve, but would head towards the city more directly. For those cyclists who would use the 4th path, gaining an extra 2-3 minutes on their westward bike ride would come at the cost of destroying Rushall Reserve as open space. It is completely disingenuous for cyclists who want the 4th path to speak of "compromise" and "sharing".  A bike path through the Reserve destroys its open space amenity forever. There is already in place significant infrastructure for cyclists. We are concerned users of a local, rare treasure.  We are also ratepayers and voters. We implore you to keep RUSHALL RESERVE free from development for all the right reasons.

Dr Peter Fullerton
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