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Petition to City of Hobart

Outdoor Gym on Long Beach in Sandy Bay, Tasmania, Australia

What's the Issue? Within Hobart, there is a distinct lack of outdoor gyms between the Hobart Bike Track at McVilly Drive and Taroona Park (Taroona Beach) on Niree Parade – the distance between which contains a huge proportion of Hobart’s population and infrastructure. Both outdoor gyms are not well-lit at night (a potential safety issue for evening fitness enthusiasts and children alike) and they are quite hidden from the public. These factors alone, mean that they are underutilised. Additionally, the installation of outdoor gym ‘machines’ - which are not particularly beneficial even for beginners - seems to compound the issue of underutilisation whilst likely increasing the cost to build the outdoor gyms in the first place. What Makes a Great Outdoor Gym? 'Getting back to basics’ is optimal for health and fitness. Therefore, outdoor gyms that provide plenty of pull-up bars, dip bars, parallette bars, gymnastics rings, and plyometric boxes set at varying heights, are most beneficial for improving the strength-to-weight ratio of people of all ages and fitness levels/capabilities. Why Should Anyone Support this Petition? By building this outdoor gym in partnership with Kompan (the world leader in outdoor gym and playground equipment), the City of Hobart (previously the Hobart City Council) would be helping those in our community to engage in health and fitness in a location which is both beautiful and practical as it is only a few metres from: The beach. The brilliant new barbeque/grassy picnic area. The amenities that are already in place (toilets, showers, and even a conveniently placed water fountain). The promenade night lighting (these are great for the darker and colder months). The local shops. It would be lovely to see those who visit Long Beach, and those who already use the public facilities in the area, also using a meticulously engineered and tastefully landscaped community outdoor gym - especially in summer. We could have Tasmania’s equivalent of Muscle Beach in Santa Monica, California right here in Hobart! Want to Know More? To stay even more up-to-date with recent developments in this petition, whilst becoming involved in a community that holds weekly social workout sessions in Hobart, please like and follow the Training Buddies community at: For detailed information on how great the outdoor gyms that Kompan design and build are, please visit: Thank you for your support and together we will make sure the Long Beach outdoor gym gets built!   Yours sincerely, Evan Campbell. *******************************UPDATE! ******************************** I am very pleased to announce that between the evenings of the 26th of January and the 28th of January 2018, I gathered over 200 signatures of support to have the outdoor gym built down at Long Beach in Sandy Bay - BUT WE STILL NEED YOUR SUPPORT! These signatures were collected off people from all walks of life on the promenade at Long Beach, and on the following Tuesday afternoon, I met with two representatives from the City of Hobart (CoH) Parks and Recreation department to discuss my proposal/vision for the area - they agreed that it is a great idea for the community. I also gave these helpful CoH representatives all the signatures along with printed photos that I took of every outdoor gym around Hobart. I had also previously directly emailed them my project proposal. Finally, I have organised to be interviewed by The Mercury so I can explain what processes have already been undertaken and how much support there is to have an outdoor gym placed at Long Beach, Sandy Bay.   Kind regards, Evan Campbell.

Evan Campbell
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Petition to Michael Tellinger, Melissa Price, Carol Martin, Lisa Cole, Ian James, Josie Farrer, Warren Greatorex, Rob Houston, Liz Vaughan, Ryan Albrey

Abolishment of Poverty and Scarcity in Australian Kimberley

We live in a society. That much is true for sure. What kind of society? One that values making more of an imaginary currency that we have made up more than it values human wellbeing. For a change to happen we need to shift our societal values, which is a big task. One potential practical solution has been put forward by Michael Tellinger, called Contributionalism. Which is outlined in this video here: My experience travelling around Australia for three years during my childhood exposed me to many different ways of life and perspectives on the world. The most influential by far has to be the 18 months we stayed for in two separate communities, Imintji along the Gibb River Road and Lombadina/Djarindjin on the Dampier Peninsula. Here is a video I recently bumped into, showing the development of the Imintji community around 2014. When I remember Imintji I don't remember grass or trees or the clean roads, I remember having to get up at 6 am to drive 80kms down the one road to where the nearest school was. I remember stray dogs nobody fed wandering the roads and the empty tin sheds that counted as homes for the people living there. I remember everyone in the community leaving for Derby, 300kms in the other direction down the road from the school. That was around 10 years ago, in my absence the community has come together and begun to work on its own betterment. When I saw the results I was shocked, and immediately I could see the potential for an organised movement using up to date strategies and technology to give these communities the tools to build themselves up on their own terms. I believe the future of self-sustainable community living can be achieved and pioneered in the Kimberley of Australia. There, indigenous communities live in such isolation they all need there own nurses and schools and facilities that cater to the individual needs of each community. In short, the Australians in the Kimberley are already living in model self-sustainable communities. Imagine how easily these communities could grasp the ideas of Contributionalism and use that to empower themselves, apply their extensive cultural knowledge of the land and raise their own standard of living! As an added bonus, a lot of these communities have strong ties to the natural environment around them, due to the high prevalence of Indigenous Australian culture that emphasises a connection to the land and the people on it. Imagine a new wave of cultural and environmental reclamation beginning in the Indigenous communities of Australia, this would be an amazing precedent to show the rest of Australians, and also the rest of the world! With these observations and predictions in mind, I am creating this petition as a proof of concept, that I can show to politicians, think tanks and independent organisations to demonstrate there is public interest (Both locally within Australia and in the International Community) and potential funding in the practical application of Contributionalism in Indigenous communities all around Australia, and particularly in the Kimberley. See Beyond Zero Emissions and their plan for Zero Carbon Communities: I do not work with any charities and am not part of any organisations, I am just an individual who has put some dots together from my life experience and from the ideas of others on making the world a better place. If you are like me, an individual who likes the ideas I have then make your voice heard by signing this petition. Feel free to message and ask about these ideas, the more I talk about them with others the better we both understand afterwards. For more info on UBUNTU Contributionalism check here:

Oscar Ben
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Petition to Ku-ring-gai Councillors, Councillors , Councillors

Ku-ring-gai Councillors- Please, no more Delays Make Lindfield Village Hub Happen – NOW

  Ku-ring-gai Council have before them right NOW an unique opportunity to deliver this new Village Heart in Lindfield  that the community support. After six years of Council's excuses and delays the 30,000 residents of Lindfield, Killara and Roseville just want action, NOW. Our Councillors need to show real leadership and get on with it for the benefit of all residents. We are strongly encouraging all Ku-ring- gai Councillors to act NOW, seize this opportunity and make the Lindfield Village Hub happen.   Woolworths have recently submitted a proposal to council to develop the entire Village including all the community facilities at no cost to us ratepayers. The design proposed includes all the features desired by the community, the urban park, modern library, full sized supermarkets, cafes/retail amenity, 850 car spaces and pedestrian bridge over the highway to the station, linking east and west. We see no obstacles or valid reason why the Council and Woolworths cannot work together over the next few months to conclude arrangements and get on with it.  Councillors, there has been six years of dithering. Many plans have been drawn, resolutions have been made and deadlines passed with no progress. The "Yes Minister" rhetoric, "being diligent, probity, careful approach, operationally self funding" are bureaucratic excuses to frustrate and delay it happening. Councillors you have a rare opportunity to be civic leaders and deliver the new heart to our Village, a legacy for this and future generations. Get on with it. For more information visit  Please email via this page to your community, local family, friends and neighbours seeking their support to this petition to tell them that it’s well and truly time to get on with it.  

Support Lindfield
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