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Petition to Cllr Joe Crome

Save the Royal Oak pub, Leatherhead

The Royal Oak has a long history dating back over 180 years, the previous pub (now the cottages in Oaks Road) hosting the body of the "Poor Murdered Woman" found dead in Teazle Wood in 1834. The tale became well-known as a Surrey folk song, being recorded in Milford, 20 miles to the south-west, by the Rev. Charles J. Shebbeare in 1897. The existing building, which appears to be under threat of demolition, is believed to date to the late 1850s, coinciding with the arrival of the railways, and was owned for many years by the famous Charrington brewery, in whose 1930s architectural survey it appears. It has been in the hands of Greene King for the last 23 years. It is a fine example of a Victorian wayside inn, and has for a long time been a much-valued community live music venue. That the pub may not have been especially wonderful - or indeed profitable - is of absolutely no relevance whatever to attempts to save and revitalise it. With the right vision and the right management, the Royal Oak absolutely can succeed as an independent free house: it deserves better, after nearly 160 years of serving the people of North Leatherhead, than to be pulled down to make way for flats. Just this week, the similar Garibaldi pub in Redhill reopened after just such a campaign as this achieved complete success! This petition is a rallying cry to the community - get behind this, let's organise a massive campaign and save our pub!

Richard Harrold
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Petition to Honours & Appointments Secretariat,Cabinet Office

Petition to Obtain Matt Hampson a National Honour

As an emerging talent in the world of rugby, Matt Hampson's world was rocked by a serious spinal injury sustained while training with England Under-21s. The shock would last months, the impact forever. Paralysed from the neck down, Matt faced the toughest challenge of his life.Drawing on the passion, grit and steely determination that defined him as a player, Matt saw his accident not as an end, but as a new beginning.Through the Matt Hampson Foundation, Matt offers hope and inspiration to young people with similar injuries, sharing his experiences and devoting his life to raising vital funds for those in need of support.Inspiring and supporting young people seriously injured through sport.The Matt Hampson FoundationThe Matt Hampson Foundation was formed in 2011 and is registered as a charity with the Charity Commission of England and Wales. Charity number 1139823. What we doOur aim is to provide advice, support, relief and/or treatment for anyone suffering serious injury or disability which has arisen from any cause, but in particular from participation in or training for any sport, sporting activity or other form of physical education or recreation.We mainly assist people who have received such injuries in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland but that does not preclude us from helping those in other parts of the world who need urgent assistance.We assist individuals by offering direct grants or by paying into existing and future funds to assist with equipment, technology or just every-day expenses. We also assist organisations and institutions whose aims are similar to our own and who also provide relief and treatment to those who have suffered injuries as described above.Through Matt Hampson, the foundation is also able to offer mentoring, friendship and education. Very often a chat with somebody such as Matt who has been through it, 'got the t-shirt' and overcome many issues himself is the best assistance that injured personnel can get.Matt's educational visits to schools and clubs provide understanding and can be extremely motivational to those who hear him talk about his experiences and his zest for life.If you would like to know more about the foundation, its aims or you would like to know more about Matt's educational visits, contact or visit for further details.Matt Hampson chose to get busy living after sustaining his life changing injury in 2005.This is the philosophy behind everything the Matt Hampson Foundation aims to do; we help people get busy living again after a life altering injury. Whether by helping them get back into sport or just assisting in making adjustments to their new life we are there to help and support them on their chosen path. All our beneficiaries are getting busy living and we are very proud of this fact.Our PurposeTo inspire and support young people seriously injured through sport.Our Mission - GET BUSY LIVINGTo create a support network of people seriously injured through sport and their families to help each other by sharing knowledge and experiences.

Shaun Gibson
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Petition to Hong Kong lands department, Denis Li, Michael TANG

Support Peng Chau heritage & Community project

The Peng Chau Community Heritage Project is asking for your support by signing the following petition. The building previously occupied -partially- by Les Copains d’Abord has been opened to new tenancy by the Hong Kong Lands Department and is due for review. The site is of significant historical importance to both the local community, as well as international visitors who have come to Peng Chau over the years. Please help us create a space in Peng Chau that celebrates the island’s history and future by signing the petition to transform this wonderful building into a multicultural community center that can be enjoyed by all who live in and visit Peng Chau island. Your support will make it happen!   Aim: Preserving the local heritage of Peng Chau, providing and caring for the local community, planning a bright future for peng Chau ·       Past (living museum): Peng Chau heritage Museum, library, pictures….Visit, tourist information, Promotion of Peng Chau Local Businesses. Restauration of the historical STONE HOUSE : ·       Present: Peng Chau Residents’ community center: free acess, free air-con & Wifi sitting, meeting place and community activities (indoor dedicated area). Open to all, collectively run by the community of residents ·       Future: Sustain Peng Chau: Promotion and support of Sustainable, ecological projects (preservation, implementation)   Social enterprise:  attracting visitors to the center (café, bar, guesthouse) Conservation of history, heritage Green projects, sustainability projects Truly international coffee shop Peng Chau residents club:  social, cultural, musical  exchanges and awareness Make the building a tourist attraction and Community center for ALL the Peng Chau residents   Process: Renovate the classified building (Historic Building Appraisal 808Stone House, Nos. 46-48 Wing On Street, Peng Chau) in respect of tradition , but with a sustainable view:  solar panels on roof , energy efficient and eco-friendly...

bertrand Jubault
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Petition to Mark Crutchley, Fiona West

Stop another creche closing in Bristol this week.

Over the past 17 years, the Bradley Stoke Creche staff have worked hard to serve children and their families in a safe, welcoming environment where they can play and develop physically in softplay or playroom facilities. Closing it takes away their jobs. It also takes away the chance for parents, particularly Mums, to use the facilities, for a couple of hours each day, at affordable prices.  And some Fitness Staff at the facility use it too, whilst they earn a living. For two years I’ve enjoyed 1–3 days a week at the creche in Active Centre Bradley Stoke. Once I got over the parental guilt of leaving a young child, I've been using the space for exercise and doing work, and looking for more work, just what I needed.  The £3.6 million redevelopment of the Centre, funded by South Gloucestershire, has made the facilities a lot more colourful, inviting and exciting, especially for children.  If you keep it open you're supporting parents and staff with precious time to themselves. Physical, mental and financial wellness are all linked. And the wellbeing of parents can have a great effect on the wellbeing of children too. You show that #ChildcareMatters to you as individuals, as an organisation and the wider community. Simply talking to customers directly and responding to us would help. I care because I'm exploring how to make the workplace and business better for women and girls, building their confidence and choices. Most of my life I've felt like I don't fit in, and speaking up is helping me feel I can make a difference. The Creche Staff have been given notice that the Creche will close on Friday, April 7, 2017, due to financial losses. It is the second creche in the Active Centres Group to close (Active Leisure Centres across South Gloucestershire include: Bradley Stoke, Kingswood, Longwell Green, Thornbury, Yate, Patchway, Downend). This ‘Save Our Creche’ campaign aims to secure the future of this important community asset, not only for the families of children currently enjoying the creche - but also for future generations of children. We the undersigned urge Active Centres to reconsider their position on this and all the creches in your group. #SaveBradleyStokeCommunityCreche

Helen Farmer
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