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Petition to Milford Township Board

No to the Rezone

Concerned Milford citizens are rallying together to reject a request to rezone the following parcels in north Milford Township from Suburban Residential and Restricted Office to Single Family Residential. This change would pave the way for an out of town builder to put in 178 high density homes in the area along the west side of Milford Rd spanning from the River Oaks subdivision to Rowe Rd. This rezoning would be in direct opposition to the Milford Master Plan that had passed review just a year ago. Concerns voiced by residents include, but are not limited to,  the following: Safety concerns regarding increased  traffic along Milford Rd Increased traffic on Peters Rd and through downtown at rush hour, with no way to re route  Destruction of natural wetlands Ability of infrastructure in surrounding north Milford area to support an additional 178 new homes Loss of rural character of the area  Setting a precedent for other developers to build high density neighborhoods in all of Milford Township Now is the time to let the Planning Commission and the township Board to hear from Milford residents! We are off to a great start, but need to keep up our efforts. Please consider signing this online petition and sharing with as many people as possible. Contrary to what was previously posted, citizens in surrounding areas (Highland!) are also able to sign the petition and are encouraged to do so.  All persons of voting age in a household are eligible to submit an electronic signature, although they need to each be done under a different email address. If you have already signed a petition or have personally emailed Tim Brandt, there is no need to also complete this petition; your opposition has been noted.  We do ask that in the LAST NAME section, you include your mailing address after your last name (e.x. Smith 100 Main Street Milford MI). For privacy reasons, the address information that is collected below the  name field does not get passed on to either the creator of the petition or the person the petition is being sent to and we need to capture this information for the township to substantiate the residency of petitioners.  With your help, we'll be able to retain that small town feel that is Milford!  This petition is being sponsored by the Concerned Citizens of Milford, LLC  

Citizens for the Responsible Growth of Milford
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Petition to MTA/LIRR

Save Kew Gardens Lefferts Blvd. Bridge - the Heart of Our Community

Don't let MTA/LIRR destroy the heart of Kew Gardens! Since the late 1920's the Kew Gardens’ Lefferts Blvd bridge over the Long Island Railroad - home to the mom and pop stores that give the town its character and serve the shopping needs of its residents -  has been the heart of this "Urban Village in the Big City".  MTA and LIRR own the bridge and surrounding real estate. Over 26 years ago the MTA set aside plans to develop a high-rise building over the MTA/LIRR tracks at the Kew Gardens Station.  The MTA abandoned its proposal in the face of unified opposition by the community’s residents, civic associations, and elected officials.  Hundreds of people came together to fight the proposed destruction of the Lefferts Blvd. bridge of stores - the heart of Kew Gardens. The heart of Kew Gardens is once again threatened. The MTA/LIRR is using the results of their intentional neglect as the excuse for a revived attempt to destroy the heart of our community.  This site – a one-of-a-kind structure in New York City and the United States - is now once more the target of destructive development. Too many American “somewheres” have become “nowheres.”  We won’t let Kew Gardens become a “nowhere"!  We demand a full repair and preservation of the Lefferts Blvd bridge and its properties, with community oversight. 

Save Kew Gardens Coalition
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Petition to Newburyport Parks Commission

Save Newburyport Pickleball

Newburyport Pickleball has attracted people of all ages and skill levels, offering residents and visitors complimentary lessons to learn and play the sport.  Enthusiasm for the sport in our community has grown from 20 players last summer to now over 375. Despite the growing enthusiasm, some residents want to prevent the public from participating in organized play at Perkins Park, which is Newburyport's only public park facility to play.  Newburyport Pickleball welcomes the chance to work together with any of the residents that may take issue with people playing pickleball at Perkins Park.  We believe it is important that everyone be allowed to use the city's public parks. This summer, Newburyport Pickleball used Perkins Park's basketball and tennis courts at night for only nine hours per week. During those nine hours the program attracted an average of 24 new and experienced players each night we played. If the residents that don't want pickleball at the park succeed, it will not only end the program at Perkins Park, but puts at risk other future locations to play in Newburyport and opportunities to expand pickleball to meet the community's growing interest in the sport. This issue will be decided by the Parks Commission at its meeting on Tuesday, October 10 at 6:00PM at the Newburyport Public Library. Whether you are a player or supporter, a resident of the city or a neighbor living on the North Shore, you can help keep Newburyport pickleball alive and growing by voicing your support in three ways. 1. Sign this petition and pass it on to family and friends to sign. 2. Attend the Parks Commission meeting on October 10 at 6:00PM at the Newburyport Public Library, 94 State Street Newburyport, MA 01950. The future of our city's pickleball program will be decided at this meeting and we need a large turnout. 3. If you are a Newburyport resident, voice your support by contacting: Mayor Donna Holaday - (978) 465-4413 or by clicking the email link: City Council Members - Find the contact information for each Councilor by visiting and clicking on the Councilor's name Parks Director, Lise Reid by clicking on the email link: State Senator Kathleen O'Connor Ives - 617-722-1604 or State Representative James M. Kelcourse - 978-465-1777 or  This summer Pickleball brought together new and experienced players, Newburyport residents and Perkins Park neighbors, visitors from nearby communities, multigenerational families, and children and seniors. Who joined us in playing this summer?  The community did.   Please support our efforts to continue offering pickleball to the community.  Sign the petition.  Attend the Parks Commission meeting.  Contact your local officials.   

James Jones
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