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Petition to Somerset West and Taunton Council

My Theatre Matters

Taunton Theatre Association is the largest provider of arts and culture in Somerset West and Taunton; with a track-record of successfully delivering over 1,000 live performances, films, arts activities and exhibitions a year.  Like you, we know regional arts venues are important to the cultural, social and economic well-being of the people they serve. Ambitious, yet realistic, plans to redevelop The Brewhouse into a 750-seat theatre, dedicated cinema, 180-seat studio theatre, art gallery and community studios has been put on hold by Somerset West and Taunton Council.  These plans, based on a decade of research and feasibility studies will deliver a sustainable, flexible, multipurpose venue that will reinvigorate Taunton and benefit the region and the people who live there.  The project, anticipated for The Brewhouse site, could be repurposed and provide a spectacular centre piece for Firepool. The postponement of this development jeopardises the continuation of the high-quality, accessible and diverse arts events we deliver for you.  The Council asked us to request additional funding to sustain our cultural offer, aware that The Brewhouse’s current lack of seats and ageing facilities require increased investment.  A decision on funding is imminent, if you value what we do, please make your voice heard by signing our petition, My Theatre Matters. ---------------------- We would also like to offer a warm thanks and extend our gratitude to all performances and performers who have appeared in this video. We wouldn't be here with out you!

Taunton Theatre Association
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Petition to Scott Morrison, Anthony Albanese

Say NO to being kept hostage in domestic building contracts

Building your first home is meant to be an exciting time ...the "Australian dream". You  work hard for years to save money for the deposit and you are looking forward to seeing your house being built.  That's how it started for us too but in less than three months the dream become a nightmare. Not long after we started, the builder suspended works without notice, we were unable to make contact with them as they would only reply when it suited them, they refused to comply with notices requesting to rectify faulty works. Later we found out that they hadn't paid trades and suppliers despite us making all the required progress payments. As a result they can't get anyone to work for them and have no capacity to deliver what they promised. From here on we had to go through a tedious process of complaints to relevant bodies just to find more closed doors. Nobody can help because we signed a building contract. The only course of action is going through dispute resolution and civil tribunals. All this is extremely time consuming and unhelpful in that the extent of the financial loss and psychological distress can never be made up and in most cases is never recovered anyway. It takes five minutes to sign a building contract and in some cases two years or more to get out of a bulding contract. In theory the building contract is there to protect both parties, in reality you are signing your life away as well as all your life savings. If your builder is dodgy then it becomes your responsibility to prove this and waste your time and mental energy dragging them to court. It is time for this to change! The building industry is known as one of the most litigious industries and it starts with the building contract. It doesn't have to be that way! Dodgy builders should have no right to keep owners hostage in building contracts.  It is time for the Domestic Building Contracts Act to change the way building contracts are written. There should be clauses in the contract that if the owner is not satisfied with the quality of the work or the builder's ethics or conduct, the domestic building contract can be terminated by the owner. The way the building contracts are set up at the moment protects builders and companies while owners are left picking up the pieces and paying for the builder's mistakes. The way the current legislation and building contracts are written does not support fair competition and does not protect the consumer. If owners could simply exit a building contract when faced with dodgy builders, less builders will be tempted to do the wrong thing and not deliver what they promise. If you believe that building contracts and the Domestic Building Contracts Act need to be reviewed so that it gives owners the freedom to terminate a contract without legal proceedings please sign this petition. Let's try put an end to dodgy builders hiding behind building contracts!

Lavinia Neagu
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