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Petition to Victoria Wilken

Change the speed limit in Battle, East Sussex to 20mph.

I'm petitioning East Sussex County Council to lower the speed limit to 20mph in Battle, East Sussex. I moved into Battle 18 months ago. I've been shocked and appalled by how fast motorists travel along the Battle Hill route to and from Lower Lake.  My daughter attends Claverham School and walks every day to and from School. It is a constant worry as the cars regularly speed up and down the hill. I was upset to hear that a young boy was recently hit by a car and then air-lifted to hospital. As a parent, it is heartwrenching to hear of any child being hurt. We want to keep our children safe and the community safe from these motorists that are speeding. I often need to cross the road to visit Tesco's Express. I sometimes feel as if I'm running for my life when I cross that road. I won't let my twelve-year-old cross because it is so dangerous. Imagine if it was your child or your elderly relative trying to cross. The pavement across the bridge is worn down because of the amount of cars that have driven up onto the curb to turn the corner as they are traveling up the hill. It is already a narrow path with a bend where motorists cannot see if people are walking along or about to cross over the road. Please sign this petition today to stand with me and the local community to say "Change the speed limit in Battle, East Sussex to 20mph, before you kill somebody!." We don't want to wait for fatalities to take action. We want action now! 20s Plenty For Battle!    

victoria wilken
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Petition to Sadiq Khan

Save Matthews Yard

After the riots in summer 2011, I opened Matthews Yard to create a place for our community. We have battled for survival for more than 5 years and thanks to the love and support of the people from Croydon we are still going strong today. We have hosted thousands of events ranging from baby showers and birthday parties to weddings and wakes along with a diverse range of arts, cultural and community events including film festivals, political meetings, activist meetings, charity fundraisers, music gigs, comedy nights and so much more. But now we are at risk of closure because of developers who want to replace us with a housing development. Over 50,000 people have attended events at MY and hundreds of thousands more have passed through our cafe for an informal meeting, or to have coffee, cake or the best burgers Croydon has ever seen (as voted by you the people, in Time Out this year). Matthews Yard is a much needed central and independent focal point for community activity. The Impact Report available on the Matthews Yard website at provides much more information on our achievements. Regeneration in Croydon now directly threatens Matthews Yard and all the work which has gone into building our space. If planning permission is granted and the building is demolished without MY securing an alternative home then we will be forced to close in Summer 2018. To help Matthews Yard have the best shot at success and to ensure a lasting legacy, Matthews Yard has announced it will convert to a Community Interest Company and reinvest 100% of trading surpluses into delivering its community objectives. We now need the support of the Mayor of London to secure our long-term future. If you care about art, culture or community and you want to help save Matthews Yard, then please, please sign and share this petition as far and wide as possible.

Saif Bonar
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Petition to Mr Eamonn McConville

Don't Divide Dungiven: Reject the new boundary commission proposal

WHY DO WE NEED YOUR HELP? We represent the people of Dungiven, a small town with a population of 3,286 (NISRA, 2015). The most recent Boundary Commission proposals recommend that this small town and its hinterland are divided between three Parliamentary Constituencies. We wish to express in the strongest possible terms our objections to our community being split in this way and being treated with inequity. We request that the Boundary Commissions original proposals (2016) for a Glenshane constituency is revisited and reinstated.  WHAT IMPACT DOES THIS NEW AND DIVISIVE PROPOSAL HAVE ON OUR COMMUNITY? 1. Split of Curragh Road-school from own canteen and playing fields: Our secondary school should not be separated from the school canteen and playing field by an imaginary line placing them in separate constituencies. This is against Rule 5 and 7 in that the commission has not taken into account special geographical considerations, local ties and the integrity of built up areas. 2. Local Schools and churches not in same constituency: Our schools and churches in Dungiven, Dernaflaw, Gortnaghey and Drumsurn are an integral part of our parish and should not be in separate constituencies. This is contrary to Rule 5 in that the commission has not taken into account clearly identifiable local ties, which would be broken by its proposed changes. 3. Failing to respect established local wards: The Commission are splitting wards which are clearly defined and well understood units which are already used for electoral purposes and contradicts Rule 5. Splitting will risk impairing local ties, disrupting political party organisations and create difficulties for the administration of elections. 4. Split between Benbradagh and the River Roe: The split of our community from our mountain and river breaks a historical link with legends and myths integrally entwined within the two resulting in a loss of heritage and sense of place, contrary to the Commissions own rules. 5. Split of Protestant and Catholic Church into different constituencies- Lack of integration: The split of our Main Street separates our Church of Ireland from St Patricks Roman Catholic Church. A lot of cross community work has been ongoing and this is going to isolate the churches from each other. This is against Rule 5 in that the clearly identifiable local ties have not been taken into consideration and will be broken by the proposed changes. I already have concern that the town is not as integrated as it could be and that there are limited opportunities for both religions to mix and become more integrated. 6. Splitting families, businesses and Church from it’s congregation: Our parish is being desecrated by the proposed boundaries splitting business’ from one side of the Main Street from the other, splitting families from one end of the town to the other and splitting our churches from our people. This is totally contrary to Rule 5 and 7, which state local ties have to be taken into consideration. 7. Original Proposals seems sensible: The original proposals had appeared sensible whereby the town of Dungiven would join the majority of East Derry constituency and all of South Derry from the mid Ulster constituency to create the constituency of “Glenshane”. I request the Boundary Commission reverts to the 2016 proposals. 8. Lack of sense to draw line in centre of main Street: The revised plan is of great concern to all of the occupants of Dungiven as surely anyone would regard it as the opposite of unifying to split a town area into three separate constituencies and draw a line in the centre of any main Street? 9. Difficulties of troubles have now past: We all recall difficult times of division during the troubles. Those times were very tough for all involved and it is great that they have passed and we now stand a chance of a fresh, integrated, tolerant future. 10. General challenges faced by Dungiven: The town of Dungiven is facing many challenges with businesses closing and issues regarding car parking and concerns regarding the new road bypass - Please assist us as a town to face these problems together as one unit rather than in a split way. 11. Public Enquiry: Please ensure there is a public enquiry into this matter to ensure all issues are carefully considered and that the original 2016 proposals are retained.   WE ASK THE BOUNDARY COMMISSION THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS: 1. Why change from original proposals of 2016? Why have the original proposals to allow Dungiven to join the majority of the East Derry constituency and all of South Derry from the Mid Ulster Constituency to create the constituency of ‘Glenshane’ been altered? We would like to see the original proposals retained. 2. Any other towns being split in Northern Ireland: Can you confirm if any other towns are being split into two of three constituencies? 3. Use of Rule 7: Would the flexibility allowed by Rule 7 allow Dungiven to remain as one constituency? 4. Similarity to DUP map: Why is the current proposed map almost identical to the DUP Reactionary Proposal map of 2017? 5. Reversal of 4 to 3 seats in Belfast: Why have the Boundary Commission reversed their view from their initial stance that …”the best models were those which provided for three-seat Belfast [currently 4]. They were better both at the regional level and for each of the individual Belfast constituencies”? 6. Fair Representation: Does the new map create an electorate representative of the population i.e. is there x number of protestant and x number of catholic politicians to represent the corresponding population percentages? Please ensure Dungiven our entire town and surrounding area remains as one constituency. Thank you in anticipation of any help and assistance you can provide in this regard.

Don't Divide Dungiven
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