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Petition to Local Government Boundary Commission for England

Let's keep St Augustine's community together and part of Norwich city centre.

In July the Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) published plans to redraw Norwich's electoral city council wards. This quango's proposals, if carried out in November, would shift St Augustine's out of Mancroft, the city centre ward, into Mile Cross and Sewell wards, both northern suburb wards, and split our community down the middle of St Augustine's Street. The plans would also move Anglia Square, the northern half of Magdalen Street, Magpie Road, Cowgate and Bull Close Road into the northern suburbs.  For centuries the line between the city and the northern suburbs has been the old city walls. LGBCE's plans effectively shift the boundary south to the Inner Ring Road, widely regarded as one of Norwich's worst post-war planning disasters because of the negative effect it has had on our local communities and our traditional shopping streets, effectively cutting us off from the rest of the city. Just at the moment when we'd hoped to see our community reconnected with the city centre via a new pedestrian crossing over the Inner Ring Road at St George's Street, these plans will further marginalise us and reduce our community to no more than a minor suburban annex of north Norwich. St Augustine's Community Together Residents' Association (ACT) came into being in 2003 to provide local residents and independent traders with a platform to make their voices heard and to campaign for improvements, such as for better parks and children's play areas, reduced air pollution, safer roads, reduced anti-social behaviour, and the care, repair and celebration of our historic built environment, so as to create a "village in the city" we can feel safe, happy and proud to live, work and raise our families in. This work is threatened by splitting our community in two and pushing it into the northern suburbs. The changes will not just effect where we cast our vote and whom we vote for, but may also effect such things as house valuations, credit ratings, school catchment areas, council services, planning, transport and conservation. And when the parliamentary boundaries are eventually redrawn it is also likely we will be moved into Norwich North constituency. St Augustine's has always been a part of the city centre and must remain so. To find our more about the work of ACT go to To make your own comments on the LGBCE's plans go to

St Augustine's Community Together Residents' Association (ACT)
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Petition to Conseil Municipal de Saint Barbant, Conseil General Haute-Vienne

Signer à STOPPER des éoliennes, Sign to STOP the wind farm at SAINT BARBANT, 87330

UPDATE               SEPTEMBER 2018 For over 4 years now, the residents of Saint Barbant and neighbouring communes have been expressing their concerns and registering their disapproval of the planned wind turbine project for the commune. In September 2016, WPD submitted their application to the Prefecture. A public enquiry should have commenced in Spring 2017. NO details given on the reason for this delay! Now in September 2018, with just barely 3 weeks notice to the residents, a public enquiry is announced for the project to build 4 wind turbines of over 180m in height. Little time given to residents who may have holiday homes, and who have gone home for the Autumn. Boards of information in tiny print are visible if you look for them, around the villages. Stuck the far side of ditches, so that in fact you can't read the vital information, telling you the dates and times of the enquiry. Once more evidence of the underhand manner of this project, and the wish to push this through without true public consultation. The enquiry lasts for one month only, commencing Monday 17th September & ending on Wednesday 17th October with just 6 half days in this period to allow residents to register their views in person. We NEED your support. This small commune of just over 300 residents, is in a poor agricultural area but is of the most beautiful and unspoilt landscape. So many have made this their home, investing in their houses, converting old and sometimes derelict homes. English speaking families, keeping schools, shops and restaurants alive. It has already been noted by major estate agent chains, gite and bed & breakfast owners that as house hunters become aware of these plans, they are turning their back on the area.  What happens when they stop investing in the area, who will buy your home? What if your home becomes unsaleable? This is the first phase of turbines, 4 now, then another 4 and another. The next might be just 500m from your home. What happens when the region is spoilt by hundreds of turbines, (700 planned in the Limousin), and the tourists stop coming. This will hit the economy and many of our livelihoods. Whether a local resident or a concerned friend of our campaign...please sign this petition. We have just until the 17th October to submit and after this our voices are silenced, unless through the courts. PLEASE SIGN. SAVE SAINT BARBANT and give a clear message to the Prefet....NO WIND TURBINES / STOP EOILENNES   Depuis 4 ans les habitants du nord Limousin à Saint Barbant et les communes environnantes se battent contre un projet de parc éolien implanté à quelques centaines de mètres du hameau du Puycatelin. Ils ont enregistré leur opposition sur le site ci-dessous.   En Septembre 2016 le promoteur WPD Société Allemande d’installation d’éoliennes a présenté un projet sur Saint Barbant à la préfecture de Haute Vienne . L’Enquête Publique devait commencer au Printemps 2017. Mais pour des raisons inexplicables, l'enquête publique débutera après le départ des vacanciers de l'été 2018 !! AUCUNE INFORMATION n’a été donnée sur sur les vrais raisons de ce retard. L' enquête publique commence le 17 Septembre et durera UN mois. La décision finale sera donc prise avant le retour des résidents pour les vacances de Toussaint  . De toute évidence tout est légal,  mais avec une concertation minimaliste, pour encore empêcher les habitants de s'exprimer sur ce sujet très controversé. L’enquête Publique ne dure qu’un petit mois, du 17 Septembre au 17 Octobre et il n’y aura que 6 demi journées pour rencontrer les enquêteurs . Nous avons un immense besoin de votre soutien. Saint Barbant n’a que 350 habitants,  c'est un village rural modeste avec de beaux paysages de bocages préservés jusqu’à présent situé à quelques kilomètres des Monts de Blond et du village classé de Mortemart . Il y a de nombreuses résidences secondaires qui perdront immédiatement 50% de leur valeur, voire seront invendables dans ce nouvel environnement encore artificialisé  . Que faire ? Essayer de vendre ? Moins venir ? Ne plus inviter ses amis ?  Ne plus recommander notre région aux touristes ?  Que vous soyez résident ou de passage, si vous aimez simplement la Campagne, Aidez nous en signant notre pétition .  Nous n’avons que jusqu’au 17 Octobre pour montrer notre opposition à ce projet ainsi qu'aux 600 autres éoliennes qui sont prévues dans les départements de la Vienne, de l’Indre  et du Nord de la Charente. Non à la forêt d'éoliennes  ! Nous comptons sur vous . Faîtes suivre à vos amis pour sauver notre campagne. S’IL VOUS PLAIT SIGNEZ.  SAUVEZ SAINT BARBANT  !           The commune of Saint Barbant has approximately 300 residents but is targeted to have 12 wind turbines of at least 140m in height. The Limousin is targeted to have as many as 300 new turbines erected. The area is rural, peaceful and already a poor region, relying on agriculture, tourism and income brought in by the migration of non-native people such as British, Irish, Dutch, Belgians, South Africans etc. The impact of foreigners on the economy of the region is significant, bringing life to villages, filling local schools, bringing tourists, renovating older properties and saving them from ruin, local spending etc etc. Flooding such a beautiful area will be catastrophic long term for the whole region. Property prices will drop for all, property sales will collapse, the area will be a landscape blighted and tourists will choose other regions to visit, shops will close, schools will close as newcomers choose to relocate elsewhere. Several studies have shown the health impacts of wind farms to be damaging to human and animal health. Reports of heart problems, breathing problems, high blood pressure, headaches from those living close to a turbine are widespread worldwide. Deformities in animals being born since the construction of a wind farm are common. Bats, migratory birds, birds of prey are among the species decimated by these turbines. In one case 1,000 bats were killed in the first month by one farm alone! The efficiency of the wind farms is now under worldwide scrutiny. Denmark and Germany both halting their programmes. The power produced is limited to when the wind is not too strong or equally too low. The turbine needs huge amounts of non eco oil to turn, electricity is required to start the blades and to illuminate them day and night. As the power produced diminishes as the wind drops or gets too powerful, power to the network is demanded from power stations. These need to get up to full power quickly to compensate, in so doing they release more carbon dioxide then if maintained at a constant rate. NO COUNTRY with wind turbines has closed ONE power station as a result. Billions has been spent to erect these turbines and now it is clearly evidenced that they are unproductive. The companies developing the sites and the land owners are the only winners! They continue to be built in order to meet the targets set and signed up to for the production of green energy. It is political but is being proven to be an environmental as well as a financial disaster. Locally for the residents of Saint Barbant, we were told across two public meetings that it would be 5, 7 or 10 years before these might be developed. We were told there would be a maximum of 5. The outgoing Maire agreed to this development, now we learn 2 years ago. As of the 29th December 2014, we are told that 12 turbines will be built starting possibly in 9 MONTHS time! The commune has not been consulted, the decision is made. Please help us STOP this project. We need your help quickly please, we have little time to act to save our commune and our beautiful region. Please sign today. Thank you.     La commune de Saint Barbant ,d'environ 300 habitants , a un projet de 12 éoliennes de 140m de haut. Le Limousin a un objectif de 300 aérogénérateurs . Cette région est rurale tranquille et pauvre   Son économie est agricole touristique et les revenus apportés par les Étrangers Britanniques , Irlandais Hollandais Belges et d'Afrique du Sud sont importants .   L'impact de ces populations arrivées récemment est significatif tant en terme de vie apportée au village qu'en nombre d'enfants scolarisés en apport touristique , rénovation d'anciennes maisons qui auraient croulé sans eux et consommation locale ...submerger un endroit aussi agréable à vivre aura des conséquences à long terme catastrophiques pour toute la région : baisse substantielle des prix des maisons , chute des transactions immobilières . L'endroit va devenir un paysage dévasté et les touristes vont choisir d'autres régions à visiter . Les commerces et les écoles vont fermer puisque les nouveaux arrivants choisiront d'aller ailleurs .   Différentes études ont montré l'impact des fermes éoliennes sur la santé . Des rapports sur des problèmes cardiaques , pulmonaires , de pression sanguine , maux de tête de personnes vivant à proximité rapprochée d' éoliennes sont mondialement publics . Des malformations d'animaux nés près de ces parcs de turbines depuis leur construction sont courants.Les chauve souris , les oiseaux migrateurs , les oiseaux de proie sont des espèces décimées par ces machines : nous avons relevé le cas de 1000 chauve souris tuées au cours du 1° mois après une mise en service. L'efficacité des éoliennes est sous surveillance partout dans le monde : le Danemark et l'Allemagne ont ralenti leurs programmes d'installation . La puissance produite est limitée aux périodes où le vent n'est ni trop fort ni trop faible . Ces machines nécessitent une énergie extérieure non renouvelable pour être mises en route . Il faut de l’électricité pour démarrer les pales , faire marcher les lumières jour et nuit . Comme la puissance produite diminue quand le vent fléchit ou forcit le réseau est obligé de compenser avec des énergies non renouvelables qu'elles sont sensées suppléer . Ainsi AUCUN PAYS n'a fermé de centrales grâce à l'éolien . Des milliards ont été dépensés pour construire ces éoliennes et leurs productions est bien inférieure aux attentes . Seuls les sociétés d'exploitation et les propriétaires terriens sont gagnants . Les installations continuent pour arriver aux objectifs fixés pour la production d'energie renouvelable . C'est politique mais il est prouvé que c'est un désastre environnemental et financier.   Localement à Saint Barbant nous avons appris au cours de 2 réunions politiques qu'il y aurait entre 2 et 5 ans avant de les voir arriver et qu'il y en aurait 5 au maximum . Au Conseil Municipal du 29/12/2014 nous avons appris qu'il y en aurait 12 et que le permis de construire serait déposé au cours du 4° trimestre 2015 pour un projet. La commune n'a pas été consultée . S'il vous plait aidez nous à STOPPER ce projet . Nous avons besoin de vous très rapidement car nous avons très peu de temps pour agir pour sauver notre commune et notre belle région . Signer maintenant s'il vous plaît . Merci       

Caroline Davey
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Petition to Sheffield City Council

Sheffield City Council: don’t sell off Birley Spa Bath House!

Birley Spa is a grade 2 Listed Victorian Bath House situated in a wooded ravine with a garden, large pond and grounds in Hackenthorpe, Sheffield. It is also part of the Shirebrook Valley nature reserve. It has in the past received £500,000 in funding from the Heritage National Lottery and South Yorkshire Forest Partnership. This funding allowed for the renovation of the Spa building in order that it’s large hall could be used by the local community and the Victorian plunge pool would be available for public heritage tours. Local people have happy memories of attending wedding receptions, events and a wide variety of activities at Birley Spa. The grounds are a haven for wildlife and a quiet, peaceful place to visit in a bustling city. People spent their childhood here playing there. Local schools are wanting to visit the site and view the plunge pool as part of educational visits. In recent years, Sheffield City Council, who own the building, have allowed it to fall into disrepair and lie unused. On 14th June 2018, a concerned member of the public wrote to Sheffield City Council about the poor state of the building and grounds. He received the shocking reply that the council were preparing to sell it privately. On 16th July 2018, after another enquiry to Sheffield City Council, the head of Regeneration and Planning confirmed that Birley Spa was not up for sale, nor had it already been sold. On 20th July 2018, local councillor fails to respond to our request to view the building and our offer to negotiate. On 25th July 2018, the councillor responsible for the city’s heritage,  states that a developer may be involved with Birley Spa. Sheffield City Council have not consulted the public over the proposed sell-off or assessed the impact on the Shirebrook Valley Nature Reserve. No thought had been given as to how public access to the site may be affected. Local people are very upset about the possible sale of  Birley Spa and want to see the community room brought back into use and the site properly maintained. The Friends of Birley Spa want to negotiate with the council with a view to bringing the building back into use for the local community and to see the public heritage tours restart. This is an unique site with grounds that could be restored and has potential for all kinds of activities, old and new. It is also part of a Nature Reserve which should be protected for public use.        

Friends of Birley Spa
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Petition to West Berkshire Council

Support our planning application to save Newbury's community football ground by redeveloping it with a new all-weather (3G) pitch

What are we trying to do? We want to protect and improve our community football ground, this means we have to stop the current plans to demolish it and build flatsThe existing ground has a grass pitch, stands, changing rooms, floodlights and a clubhouse. Our plans are to build an all-weather pitch (3G) and new facilities, to allow even greater access to all of Newbury’s football community, 7 days a week, all year round.The Council’s own evidence states that Newbury’s football ground is not needed as housing land. Put simply: football not flats.  How do you know we need it?A petition by NCFG against the destruction of the Ground was signed by nearly 7,000 peopleThe Football Association conducted a survey of West Berkshire and highlighted the area was 4 full size 3G pitches short to meet demand of the West Berks community.Newbury is home to over 45,000 people and is set to grow by about 6,000 over the next 10 years. All of the evidence concludes that sporting facilities are indisputably essential to maintaining a healthy community.We wholeheartedly support the vision to improve the London Road Estate.  As part of this vision, our proposal to improve the Community Football Ground with state of the art 3G pitches for all ages and new clubhouse facilities enhances the public-realm and is in harmony with Victoria Park.

Newbury Community Football Group
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