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Save Our Sunlight! Redesign St Luke's Housing Area!

We the undersigned reject the current Finsbury Central development proposals, by architects Pollard Thomas Edwards, whose misleading public advertisements do not include St Luke's Housing Area. The public are being sold a reduced leisure centre facility while the council is denying the impact of a private housing development. The proposed design is destructive to St Luke's Gardens and Burnhill House within the St Luke’s conservation area.   Architecturally, the design is out of scale, forcing Burnhill House and St Luke's Gardens into permanent shadow. As a result, residents of Burnhill House will fall into fuel poverty from a detrimental loss of light. St Luke's Gardens ecosystem will suffer from the flooding of artificial light and the lack of natural light will potentially turn the green space into a mud pit. The noise generated by the over-development will affect the overall soundscape of the area, more so than any football pitch!  St Luke's Housing Area compromises privacy to both garden users and Burnhill House. The neighbouring Burnhill House residents' quality of life will fall victim to the stress caused by the direct impact of the invasive design. The aesthetic of St Luke's Housing Area and its gated communal space will create exclusion and fragmentation within the community and a potential new wave of crime.   St Luke's Housing Area is an over development in an already dense area. Burnhill House is a social housing community that has been marginalised by the council and the architect's design - the leisure centres commuters and local community must be considered equally. This petition has come off the back of years of being ignored and unheard throughout the whole consultation process, contradictory to Islington Councils aim of a 'fairer Islington'. Burnhill House stands in solidarity with the improvement of Finsbury Leisure Centre but opposes the scale and over-development of St Luke's Housing Area.@Burnhillhouse

Jill Whitehead
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