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Petition to Dr. Austin Lane, Texas Southern University Board of Regents, Texas Southern University Faculty Senate, Dean Search Committee

Keep Dr. Reza Poudeh as Dean of the School of Communication at Texas Southern University

We are petitioning as concerned students, faculty, and staff from  the School of Communication (SOC) to support the appointment of Dr. Reza Poudeh as Dean. We are writing because we have learned the hiring committee has declined to conduct a faculty and student survey that would confirm the strong support for Dr. Poudeh over outside candidates. Our voices should be heard. Don't we count???  Reports have come back to us that faculty members of the hiring committee are pursuing three outside candidates who lack experience and interest in helping the SOC build a strong professional as well as an academic program, which has been Dr. Poudeh’s strength. As a matter of fact, we understand that the committee has gone so far as to not even consider him at all according to their final selections. We are concerned that these members of the hiring committee are determined to exclude a well-loved and student-centered dean who has devoted his career to Texas Southern University. We are also concerned that the faculty on this committee are choosing academia over applied education instead of providing a balance. Here are some of the accomplishments and qualities that Dr. Poudeh brings to the School of Communication: He is a student-centered dean. Dr. Poudeh’s office door is open to us, especially students. He helps us with our problems. He often personally advises and registers us and counsels faculty on professional direction. He continues to teach a senior project class. His appointment of Dr. Clyde Duncan as director of internships has revitalized a suffering program. His approach is an important reason why the SOC leads the university in student enrollment AND retention AND graduation. He understands the school’s technology needs. He has solved the school’s continuing technological decline by creating a technology fee that assures we will no longer have to work with broken and antiquated equipment.  This is another reason why student enrollment is up. We are becoming competitive in our respective industries, which makes us ready for the world upon graduation. He elevated the SOC graduate program by increasing enrollment in the digital & professional communication program. Even though it has experienced some growing pains, we are sure that the increase of graduating students (undergraduate and graduate) are proof enough of his strong effective leadership. He makes difficult decisions. It is evident in the choices of faculty for the last couple of years that Dr. Poudeh has dealt with personnel problems and brought on some very qualified industry leadership. Unfortunately, he has been unable to keep some due to budgetary constraints but that is a Texas Southern University issue, not SOC or the Dean's shortcoming.  He manages effectively. He conducts necessary meetings, hears all voices, works late and gets reports in on time. He is only HELD BACK by a diminishing school budget. He has been the SOC champion to get the attention the department needs and does his best to apply it based on student and faculty feedback.  As a trained filmmaker, Dr. Poudeh brings a professional view to the needs of the SOC and its students. The school is focused on preparing students to enter the workforce under his direction.  This is critical for the school’s continued growth in this area. We are graduating to jobs in our industries because of the preparation from a strong adjunct faculty comprised of industry leaders. He also recognizes the need for academic strengths, but not at the expense of our needs and interests to be ready for the working world upon graduation. For these reasons, we strongly urge the administration to continue the strong and effective leadership of Dr. Poudeh as Dean of the School of Communication and especially to hear our voice!

LaMonde Howard
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