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Petition to University of North Carolina at Greensboro, UNC School System, Chancellor Franklin D. Gilliam, Jr.

Rescheduling of UNCG May 2020 commencement

Being that we are under uncertain times due to COVID-19, many institutions and universities have cancelled their May 2020 commencement ceremonies in order to keep the public safe and combat the spreading of the virus. With this being the case, we understand and appreciate the efforts that leaders of UNCG and the UNC school systems have made to rectify and right this uncontrollable wrong. With UNCG specifically deciding to cancel May graduation and inviting those who were supposed to walk in May, to walk in December graduation, we the May 2020 graduates would like to ask specifically for a few things to make this time special for us as we are now going to have to miss out on traditions and activities for our graduation. WE ASK the leaders to consider postponing to move our commencement ceremony to a month in early to mid-fall (August,September, or October). To give us the opportunity to have a special commencement with those who are a part of the May 2020 graduating class.  WE ASK that we still have a red carpet reception, a UNCG tradition that takes place each spring in the Alumni House on the day before Commencement. We still want the red carpet to be rolled out, we still want special toasts to be offered, we still want our welcome as graduating seniors into the UNCG Alumni Association and GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade). We want the red carpet reception to be rescheduled as well. WE ASK that if there is no possible way for UNCG to postpone our ceremony to early - mid fall, that for the December graduation we get a separate ceremony specifically for our class, AND WE ASK that if we have to combine both graduations, that we still are given departmental graduations (though they typically do not happen for December commencement) so we can all get the chance to individually walk across the stage due to the fact that merging the two graduations will increase the amount of graduates in attendance. As students are attending graduate schools and beginning careers that involve moving out of state and/or country, we ask to have input on the decision of a potential commencement before the Fall 2020 semester that abides obligatory health precautions. The inability to consider student opinions and timely evaluate other alternatives denounces students contributions from the past four years. We do understand this is a hard decision for the leaders to make in this difficult time. But as May graduates, we still would like to get the chance to get some of what has been taken away from us back. We still want our commencement to be special. We deserve to get to experience the things that we are about to miss out on, and we deserve to experience them fully with our class specifically. We deserve our own commencement ceremony.

Jordan Houston-Taylor
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Petition to Lasell University

Postpone Graduation

Lasell College officially became Lasell University on August 13th of 2019 right before the start of the fall semester of the 2019-2020 academic school year. The class of 2020 was going to be the first graduating class of Lasell University. Being the first graduating class of the status change was not only a huge honor, but it was extremely special to all the seniors.  The Class of 2020 got the last half of their senior year ripped away from them without warning due to COVID-19. We had to give up celebrating many milestone events and traditions that we looked forward to for 4 years. From celebrating 50 days until graduation, 25 days until graduation, to our traditional torchlight parade, Commencement was the last event we hoped wouldn't get taken away from us. Not only did we abruptly have to pack our belongings and move out of what we called our home without being able to say goodbye to our community,  we don't even get to have a proper Commencement Ceremony. Commencement is so important to the senior class because this is a time where they can proudly show off all their accomplishments to their family and friends. The cancellation of Commencement is devastating for not only the senior class, but for the first generation students and their families. First generation students spent so much time and money to achieve that accomplishment of being the first one in their home to graduate college. They now won't be able to be that first person to walk across their college stage to get their degree.   Knowing that we can't predict the future with this pandemic, please help me change Lasell University's mind to postpone our graduation so we can at least walk the stage and show off our accomplishments to our friends and family instead of cancelling the whole event all together if at all possible. Every signature and efforts to change their mind would help greatly. 

Alexis Quiles
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