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a Loud House comic creator app for android, iPhone and PC with near infinite possibilities

Attention all Loud House fans, I have an idea ever for a free TLH comic and avatar creator app for android, iPhone, iPad and PC using these links as a base: this can be made just for fun, but, what do you guys think about that kind of app? Because I think that app would be awesome if it could actually get made. . . TLH fans everywhere could have a blast with it, recreating themselves in TLH form. . . And the artistically challenged with a knack for writing could create their own comics with ease! How is this not a thing yet.  Dudes, please, tell me you agree that we, the TLH fanbase need this in our lives! With this app, fans like us can get more TLH and even make it ourselves. . . Our way. . . Do I have to give you any more reason to want this app? Please. . . The ability to make our own comics with this app, it would please the fan base, dude. . . And those sources of reference above. . . I, personally, think that this app would be something that the fans would greatly appreciate, more so if it came from the same people who gave us the loud house in the first place. . . What do you think. . . And. . . If enough people support it. . .we may actually get it! Please, tell that wouldn't be awesome! Full, 100% control over our own digitally made TLH comics. . . That would be awesome. . . We could even make our own version of the actual episodes. . . Who wouldn't want that?

Roger Thompson
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