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Petition to IDW Publishing, SEGA,

Save the Freedom Fighters by putting them in IDW's Sonic comics!

Princess Sally Acorn, Nicole the Hologram, Bunnie Rabbot, Antione DeCoolete, Rotor the Walrus, and all these other non-game characters from the Sonic franchise don't have a home anymore! They need you're help!     On July 19th Sega announced the end of their partnership with Archie Comics. On October 9th IDW publishing, the new publisher of the Sonic comics, announced that they will be "starting fresh". Meaning that they will do a hard reboot, thus putting an official end to the longest running licensed comic of all time. Despite the fact that the fans wanted this series to continue and that there was already a reboot that occurred in 2013.   When asked about the fate of one of the key staples of the comics, Sally Acorn and the Freedom Fighters of Knothole. They responded by saying "Stay Tuned". While this response doesn't really mean "no", it doesn't really mean "yes" either. If anything this shows that IDW is still not certain on what direction they will take this series in and considering how Sega treats their material that is not in their main games, we shouldn't just wait around and do nothing.  If our voices are not loud enough, these characters could disappear forever! since they are unable to progress in the sonic franchise these days for some unclear reason.  Sega may see these characters as meaningless names and drawings, but to us they are family. Especially since most of these characters ( Sally, Antione, Rotor, and Uncle Chuck) debuted way back in 1992 with the release of issue #0, meaning that they pre-date most of the game characters like Knuckles the Echidna (1994) and Amy Rose (1993). Let alone the fact that these characters have very unique qualities that make them stand out amongst other characters in this franchise. It would be a betrayal to the legacy of the Sonic franchise and the fans of these characters if they are not given a home as mainstays in the IDW series. Only you can help us save these characters from a medialess limbo.   

Tim Shanahan
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Petition to Walter Hamada, Toby Emmerich

Warner Brothers... Give us a true Batman Beyond movie WITH Micheal Keaton as Bruce Wayne

Though the Executives and decision makers at DC like to not stray too far from the establish major characters we have grown to love since many of our childhoods, The Story of a Future Bruce Wayne working with a younger teenager has been a storyline that many comic fans have enjoyed since being developed by Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, and Alan Burnett for television in the late 90's. Depicting a teenaged Batman in a futuristic Gotham City under the tutelage of an elderly Bruce Wayne, the series began airing on January 10, 1999, and ended its run on December 18, 2001. Batman Beyond is said to explore the darker side of many Batman projects, playing on key elements such as emotions, personal relations, fear of the unknown, to cyberpunk and sci-fi themed elements such as issues and dilemmas of innovation and technological and scientific progress affecting society, and to the disturbing psychological elements of the character of Bruce Wayne.  Warner Brothers Studios, instead of re-hashing the same Batman story with fresh faces every few years, we are asking.... even begging you to take a look at the world of Batman Beyond to not only bring a fresh exploration of the batman character, but to also BRING BACK MICHEAL KEATON to play reprise his role as an older Bruce Wayne in this film.  As he has truimphantly proclaimed at his recent college graduation address, no matter what other roles he has embodied in his career, he is still Batman and would be amazing in reprising this role in such a dynamic new way. With enough support to show that their would be an audience for this, I am asking you, the potential viewer and partaker of what this petition could bring about to show your support for this idea... To show Walter Hamada, Toby Emmerich and the executives at Warner Brothers Studios that there would be an audience to make such a film since a film of this caliber would be a huge undertaking of both budget and time.   The continued false starts of the DCEU have shown that people know the stories of the usual suspects in the DC Universe and they are hungry for a different take on the heroes they love.... one that would incorporate the man who is truly Batman to a whole generation of your movie audience. Please sign this petition and show Warner Brothers that you would support this endeavor.  That you would pay your hard earned money to explore this futuristic world of Batman Beyond in a live action form, with an elder Bruce Wayne being perfectly played by Micheal Keaton.    

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