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Petition to Colorado State Legislature and Denver City Council

Make Lemonade Stands Legal for Kids in Colorado

Sign the petition to take a stand for kids lemonade stands to make them legal for our children in Colorado! And across the country! We are making progress. Your signature matters- thank you! After a whirlwind summer that began when my three little boys' neighborhood charity lemonade stand was shut down by police and we were told we needed multiple permits, we have since taken a stand!  I recently met with a Colorado State Senator who has agreed to work on 2019 legislation, "Legalize Lemonade Stands and Other Businesses Run by Kids." I spoke at Denver City Council's Public Forum, and they too are working on changing the laws for Denver. New York has announced they will make updates. We can do this, one city and state at a time!  To STAY INFORMED about updates on the progress of law changes, media changes, and news across the country, sign up for our mailing list at or email: We need LOTS OF HELP to make this happen. JOIN US! I will also be providing updates on: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:  Recent National Media: CBS This Morning July 24, 2018 The Wall Street Journal July 23, 2018 Fox and Friends July 24, 2018 In 2017, Austin Texas and the state of Utah signed laws to make occasional childhood lemonade stands safe and legal for our kids. Our kids deserve this protection in Colorado too, and across the country! Utah Lemonade Stand Law Passes Austin Texas 2017- City Council Law Change- Kids Lemonade Stands Now Legal  A childhood lemonade stand is symbolic of many of the values that this country was founded upon, including valuable lessons of entrepreneurship and charity. We want to encourage the future leaders of our nation. Did you have to worry about permit laws during your childhood lemonade stands? I know that thought never occurred to me, until we learned the hard way. Thank you for signing this! Lemonade Stand Mama,

Jennifer Knowles #LemonadeStandMama
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Petition to Cory Gardner, Michael F. Bennet

Say No to Kavanaugh Senators Gardner and Bennet

The Supreme Court is the ultimate decision-maker regarding the rights of people in our country. It has upheld many important decisions that have ensured access to education, health care, and civil rights. We need a Supreme Court majority that will protect these important public needs – for all communities.  The confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh would put many of these rights – and, crucially, many Coloradans' lives – at risk. We need SCOTUS justices that will treat every person equally, a premise our democracy depends upon. Alarmingly, Judge Kavanaugh has met certain requirements by the President in his vetting, including agreeing to undermine the Affordable Care Act and Roe v. Wade. It is clear that these would go against core Colorado values. Colorado is a proven leader in ensuring health care and advancing women's rights. Our state implemented the ACA on our own terms, creating our own exchange and expanding our Medicaid program to include all low-income adults. In addition, Colorado was the first state to legalize abortion and has continued to protect abortion access for 50 years – including Coloradans voting down three fetal personhood ballot initiatives that would have banned it. Year after year, state leaders vote to protect legal abortion. Year after year, Colorado has prioritized lives. We ask that you continue this tradition. We ask you, as our two United States Senators, to vote no for the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh and to only support a Supreme Court nominee who will promise to protect health care access and safe and legal abortion.

Women's Lobby of Colorado
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Petition to John Hickenlooper, Colorado State Senate, Colorado State House, United States Department of the Interior, Colorado Division of the Bureau of Land Management

Prevent Oil and Gas Drilling Near The Great Sand Dunes National Park

The Great Sand Dunes of Colorado are some of the most unexpected and glorious natural features in the West. Protected within a 150,000 acre national park, the sand dunes roll and swerve in fantastic changing patterns and are visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Now this incredible park is under attack. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is planning to auction off the mineral rights of thousands of acres of land just outside the park to the oil and gas industry. Please sign our petition to protect this natural wonder from destruction. Oil and gas developments can contaminate our water and air, destroy native plants, and harm or displace wildlife -- all of which are crucial to this fragile ecosystem. In addition, the park’s tourist industry is dependent on a healthy and protected ecosystem. The BLM has argued that the mountain ranges around the park will protect it from pollutants and have dismissed concerns about water contamination by saying the rain water flows to basins outside the park. But this is not a good enough answer. You can’t hide environmental dangers behind a mountain range. No matter how small or insignificant such developments seem, they still exact a price on the environment. Let's stop putting profit before the planet. Sign this petition to demand the Huerfano County Parcels 8080-8090 NOT be approved for auction!

Brendan Monogue
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Petition to Greg Sims

Shut Down SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium at the Southwest Plaza Mall

Southwest Plaza Mall in Littleton, Colorado has opened SeaQuest, a controversial “interactive aquarium.” Colorado is a forward-thinking, animal-friendly state that cares about the environment and the planet, this latest addition is not welcome in our state.  There is a documented history of repeated criminal convictions involving illegal acquirement and trade of exotic animals, and lying to investors linked to SeaQuest Interactive Aquariums. Employee and customer safety marks from OSHA are on record, as well as eyewitness testimony of abuse, and neglect. These aquariums also see an unusually high mortality rate compared to averages across the country.  SeaQuest has already failed two animal welfare inspections in Colorado since its opening a few weeks ago and a cease and desist has been issued for its bird exhibit by state inspectors, who have called the exhibit a "danger" to the birds.  There have been multiple concerns raised by numerous members of the public regarding the conditions and care of the animals. Some of those include filthy tanks, overfeeding of the stingrays by the public, slapping the water of the tanks to attract animals, people reaching their hands into the water to “pet” the aquatic animals, unsafe conditions for birds where they are in danger of being stepped on, swatting at the birds with dustpans, lack of water for the reptiles, wallabies in an unnatural and distressing environment, etc. They even unlawfully imported into Colorado without permits a sloth and capybara. We believe that Colorado is an amazing state, full of caring individuals who stand against what Sea Quest stands for. It is up to us to stand up for what is morally right for these animals. We pride ourselves on supporting ethical businesses that bring revenue to the area and educate the public. The Interactive Aquarium by SeaQuest does not meet those standards.  The animals deserve better, and Southwest Plaza Mall in Littleton needs to do better by them.  These animals should be in the care of experts educated in their particular species; not stuck under the lights of an indoor mall in unsafe and distressing conditions. We call on Southwest Plaza Mall to do the right thing and put animal welfare before profit.  Shut down this unsafe store run by people with a long history of illegal activities and animal neglect.  Coloradoans and the animals deserve better. Don't be captivated by their captivity. #captivitykills #banseaquest 

Linda Gonzales
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