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Petition to Charles Whelan, Candace Moon, Kathy Turley, Carrie Penaloza, Doris Truhlar, Ken Lucas, Mark Gotto, Stephanie Piko

Urge Centennial City Council to deny ER on corner of Dry Creek Road/Colorado Blvd!

The Centennial City Council is voting to approve a Free Standing Emergency Room (FSER) on the corner of Colorado Boulevard and Dry Creek Road.  Urge the Council to DENY APPROVAL for these reasons: The proposed FSER will negatively affect local home values.  The FSER in question will literally be in neighbors’ backyard.  The adverse impact on home values is the reason that local HOAs are fiercely opposed to this initiative.  The location of the proposed FSER is ill suited for the intended use.  The northeast corner of Colorado Boulevard and Dry Creek Road is in the middle of a busy residential intersection that would make egress and ingress of emergency vehicles hazardous to pedestrians and traffic. FSERs are much more expensive than urgent care.  FSERs charge exorbitant “facility fees,” which are passed along to patients. FSERs typically do not disclose their fees before care is rendered, and as such there is a complete lack of transparency as to potential medical costs. FSERs medical bills can be over 10x the cost of a visit to a doctor or an urgent care clinic!  FSERs not connected to a hospital cannot accept Medicare or Medicaid. Therefore, senior citizens (often on fixed incomes) and the economically disadvantaged are most at risk at incurring ruinous medical bills. Overlap in scope of services with urgent care centers and hospital-based EDs lead to consumer confusion about appropriate use.  FSER medical bills can be so large that patients find themselves in multi-year payment plans or have their unpaid bills being sent to debt collectors. FSERs are not equipped to handle all trauma care, and some do not have on-call specialists.  The Centennial/Littleton area is saturated with existing emergency services options.   Controversial Model and Risk of Failure.  FSERs have been subject to intense public scrutiny and at least one class action lawsuit.  The largest FSER operator in the United States, Adeptus Health Inc. (UC Health’s partner for its Colorado FSERs) filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on April 19, 2017.   FSERs are increasingly being built in locations that compete with hospital emergency departments.  FSERs duplicate personnel and equipment offered by acute care hospitals, and FSER are adverse to a healthcare delivery system already facing severe economic challenges. Minimal academic study confirming quality and effectiveness.   

Marcelo Corpuz
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Petition to Colorado State Senate, Colorado State House

Require "Future Notes" on the environmental impacts of legislation in Colorado

Facing worsening and more frequent wildfires, decreasing snowpack, degradation of the Colorado River, the depletion of wells beneath the eastern plains, and global climate catastrophe, Keep Colorado Green asks on behalf of Colorado’s 1,042,670 young people that the Colorado State Legislature put forward legislation mandating the estimation of ecological and environmental impacts of legislation before it is voted on. Currently, the Colorado State General is obliged to provide a fiscal note, estimating the financial costs of legislation once it is proposed. According to the General Assembly’s site: “The fiscal note provides a summary of the proposed law, an explanation of its fiscal impact on state and local government revenue and spending, and an explanation of how it will be implemented. Fiscal notes are based on a set of assumptions that take into account information collected from state agencies, local governments, and other entities or sources. During the legislative session, fiscal notes are updated to reflect amendments adopted that change the proposed measure's fiscal impact.” This serves to inform legislators on the cost of any bill or law well before it is considered, and helps to ensure responsible legislating. The proposed “future note” would mandate that a similar analysis be done with regard to legislation’s ecological, environmental, and public health impacts. This could include everything from an approximated carbon footprint to a land disruption study. In the face of worsening crises, ranging from the increase in beetle kill to the aforementioned drought on the eastern plains, we believe that any responsible legislation must consider how generations of future Coloradans will be affected. As young people, who will be forced to live in whatever world this legislature creates, we believe we have the right to understand the true impacts of proposed legislation. In the midst of a burgeoning global climate catastrophe which is burning our forests and drying our plains, it is absurd to suggest that only fiscal impacts are relevant. In order to fulfill our obligations to each other, our children, and our species, we must face the consequences of the actions we take today. On behalf of our students at high schools and universities across the state, of the future generations both born and unborn, and on behalf of all signed below, Keep Colorado Green asks the legislature to mandate a “future note” on all forthcoming legislation, and further, that individual legislators work to sponsor, propose, and implement this legislation. This is our future, and we have a right to defend it. Signed, -- Keep Colorado Green President Matthew Barad Director Cory Vandenberg Director Sebastian Lloret Director Kelsey McKenna Director Dan McCarthy Director Jackson Chen 350 Colorado Micah Parkin Julia Williams Unite Colorado Springs Ryan James Barry

Keep Colorado Green
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Petition to Jim Wilson

Support Eric's Law, a law that requires people to report life threatening situations.

Eric's Law is a proposed "Duty to Report" law. It is named after Eric Ashby who was abandoned in the Arkansas River in Fremont County, Colorado on June 28, 2017. Ashby was on an excursion with four other people when he was swept away by the fast, class four rapids. His companions saw him desperately clinging to a rock, but they didn't call for help. They got in Eric's car and drove home and did not report the incident until 10 days later. To date (8/25/2017), Eric has not been found. A body was recovered from the river near Florence, CO (about 15 miles downstream from where Eric went in) and DNA/dental results are pending. The people who left him will not face criminal charges because Colorado's existing duty to report law only extends to instances of child abuse/neglect. A few weeks later, a young man from Arizona was discovered by an early morning dog walker, clinging to a life vest (he was not wearing it) in Vallecito Reservoir, La Plata County, screaming for help. The previous night, he and a companion went out on the reservoir in canoes. At some point, the young men capsized both canoes into the cold, deep water. The companion was able to swim to the shore, but the Arizona man was unable. Instead of immediately summoning help, the companion went home and went to bed. The Arizona man was fortuitously found by the dog walker the next morning after spending nine hours in the reservoir. When he was pulled from the water, he was in very critical condition.  Earlier this year, in Alamosa County, a young woman was abandoned after a horrific head-on collision. The driver of the car she was in did not render aid nor call for rescue. She leaves behind two very beautiful children to mourn her aching loss. That is three separate incidents, in three different counties, all within this year. The callousness presented in these cases is more than reprehensible, but we can make a difference and prevent more senseless deaths from occurring. Please support Eric's Law. It is a proposed "Duty to Report" law that requires anyone who witnesses a dangerous situation where someone's life is in danger to immediately, within the best of their ability, call 911. This is NOT a "Duty to Rescue" law that requires an individual to risk their personal safety, this is just a phone call, something pretty much everyone can do, especially in the age of cell phones. Nine other states already have this law, and we feel it is time for Colorado to step up to the plate. There is absolutely no reason someone, a fellow human being, should be left to die when help is so easily accessible. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please sign this petition and share it with your friends and family. Together, we CAN save lives!  

Misty Morris
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