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Petition to The Penn State Board Of Trustees

Make "PATERNO FIELD" at Beaver Stadium

  Success with Honor.. Those words along with the Grand Experiment that Joe Paterno put into place will live forever. Those young men who played for Joe left Penn State after 4 years with a quality education, a degree in their field, and more than any other College or University has ever produced, those young men graduated with Honors. Five years have past, yet we still fight those in the media, and likewise those fans from other schools who have always hated Joe Paterno, why, simple, he was and always will be a winner both on the field of battle, and off of the field making sure his players pushed themselves to earn a degree and graduate, which was the most important goal in his life, not simply winning football games on Saturday in the Fall.   Please join Sue Paterno, who signed this petition on October 17th, 2013, Jay Paterno who signed at the 2012 Blue/White game, combined with Ki-Jana Carter, OJ McDuffie, The late Penn State and Philadelphia Eagle Great, Scott Lefko, Adam Taliaferro, Peter Curkendall, Todd Blackledge, Anthony Cleary, Andrew Pitz, Brian Masella, Stephen Obeng-Agyapong, Quintus McDonald, Brian Milne, Blair Thomas, Brandon Short, Steven Michael Joseph, Mike Meade, Chris Mazyck, and more who are in full support of this grand gesture. The Beaver Family fully supports this petition to honor 2 great men that have done so many good things for Penn State! 67,500 Plus have signed; now it’s your turn to become a part of History, let’s win game #410 for Joe.   The 409 wins have been restored by the NCAA, the sanctions have all been withdrawn because it took time for the NCAA to realize that Joe Paterno was not only innocent, he was never charged with any wrong doing and never will be. The FACT of the matter is that the NCAA now has molded their new policy (after Joe) on how to handle such a horrible situation like this if it were to happen on any campus in the future. That's right, they now praise Joe Paterno for the way he handled the situation and clearly say it is how things should be handled from this day forward. Imagine that, "The Paterno Way" once again is leading the nation in the right direction just like it did for 62 years. The time is now, we The Board has honored Joe for his 50th year Anniversary of his first home game as head coach. It was brought with mass celebration from Penn Staters, and many non Penn Staters who know the truth. We can't fix those minds who like I said have always shown hatred for Joe Paterno, and that includes so many in the media it is sickening. Sign the petition, who cares what the haters have to say, we know the truth, and after 6 years that is all that matters, let the haters continue to hate Penn State, Joe Paterno, our fans, and what we stand for, Success with Honor.    WE ARE........ 

Blake Tobias
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Petition to Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), WPI Board of Trustees, WPI Administration

Address Root Causes of the Mental Health Crisis at WPI

We are a team of students hoping to inspire action in light of the recent student deaths at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. We care about WPI, but we feel that much of the response from the school has been inadequate, and we want to open a firm dialogue with the school.  Below is a document of grievances outlining what we, as students, believe are the underlying issues affecting the mental health crisis. Please join us by adding your name to this petition. We would appreciate your support, whether you are a current student, alum, parent, faculty/staff member, or loved one. _____________ Dear WPI Administration and the Board of Trustees, On behalf of the WPI community, we seek an intensive restructuring of the WPI framework. In response to the cluster of suicides on campus, there is a dire need for a reevaluation of the administrative priorities towards community members struggling with their own mental health. To create stability within the student body, an environment is needed in which faculty, staff, administrators, and other advisors consciously act as a support network for students.  We are looking for an action plan from WPI Administration and the Board of Trustees for each of the following grievances (in no particular order): We are concerned with the unsustainable growth of the WPI Student Body. The increase in students has not been matched by the availability of resources. We ask that WPI either invest in more resources to match the student population or cease all efforts to increase the student body enrollment.  Students are not receiving the meaningful education that we came here for. Students are unable to receive the mentorship, support, and compassion from professors that they need. WPI needs to incentivize instructional excellence by rewarding and recognizing those who genuinely support the learning and well-being of students. This also means penalizing professors who detract from student well-being. Considering the tuition students and families are paying, the quality of teaching must match the premium cost. We ask that WPI reevaluate the reward system for faculty and staff to encourage meaningful engagement with students.  WPI’s response to recent tragedies has been inconsistent and trauma inducing. Due to the systemic lack of time to pause and reflect, the WPI community cannot grieve. Responses to community losses are insensitive and out of touch. It feels as though the gravity of recent tragedies has been diminished in order to remove pressure from the university. We ask that WPI seek professional guidance from third-party mental health professionals on a structured and humanized response plan to be implemented in the event of a student death.  WPI’s communication methods are out of touch and unproductive. There is a large communication disconnect on the WPI campus for events, important announcements, counseling services, and more. These messages need to be clear, concise, genuine, and effectively relayed to the community. We ask that the WPI Marketing and Communications Team implement effective communication methods that are centralized, accessible, and intuitive to broadcast information to students. The WPI Community must redefine what success looks like. The WPI Community cares more about a high-class education, good reputation, and culture of care rather than a large endowment, showpiece buildings, and culture of overwork. The current posturing from the university appears to have shifted to the latter, coercing students into the mentality that full outlook calendars and high starting salaries are what success looks like. We believe success is about fulfillment, work-life balance, and pride in oneself. The current culture has negatively impacted the WPI community’s outlook on how to operate throughout college and after. We ask that WPI shift the emphasis away from ‘more is better’. WPI Administration appears to disregard quality of campus life. In recent years, four campus dining locations and dedicated social gathering spaces like the bowling alley, the Cave, and the Goat’s Head Bar have closed. These spaces are essential for building a community and promoting mental health. We ask that WPI leaders re-invest in non-academic spaces for food and social connection.  The WPI student body is eager to work with administration to create an action plan. We would like the opportunity to both express student experiences and understand the administration’s perspective. However, we ask that the WPI Administration ultimately look inward and create a plan with specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound goals to address the six root causes discussed above. Many of the recent actions seem to be temporary, ineffective solutions to a larger, systemic issue. We would like to see a draft action plan or response for each grievance by March 21st, 2022. We want to emphasize that we want to work with you. We would appreciate it if you contact us directly to set up a meeting by Monday, February 21st. We also request that any student, faculty, or staff member who is found to be involved in the creation of this document face no retaliation in terms of employment, academic enrollment, academic status, or academic progress. Thank you for your time and attention.  Signed with Support, Nini Acquista, Paige Agostini, Safiya Ali, Zara Alkaff, Brianna Ankstitus, Jack Baker, Claire Behning, Ryan Bettencourt, Rob Brodin, Ryan Candy, Emma Carroll, Anna Catlett, Connor Christensen, Tommy Ciolfi, Ian Cody, Alison Collard de Beaufort, Catie Commoundorus, Emily Coughlin, Molly Cronin, Cameron Cronin, Dakota Cross, Hunter Darris, Patty Devine, Madison DiVico, Eli Doggart, Claire Dollins, Eliza Dutson, Maya Ellis, Nina Emens, Ryan Fischer, Rachel Foye, Paloma G, Ali Gannon, Grace Gately, Meredith Gauthier, Michael Geary, Peter Geurtin, Samay Govani, Brigid Griffin, Chris Guerrette, Ben Hanemann, Sammy Hankaoui, Sam Havel, Patrick Healey, Maddie Healey, Justin Healey, Ricky Healey, Amanda Holbrook, Kimmie Huaman, Morgan Hughes, Parker Hunt, Kevin Inger, Mitch Jacobs, Zoe Januszewski, Jai Jariwala, Jordan Jonas, Kate Jones, Carson Kershner, Maggie Kirwan, Sarah Kogan, Sophie Kurdziel, Caitlin Kuzma, Danielle LaBlanc, Morgan Lee, Nicolas LeSieur, Sarah Macdonald, Brynne MacWilliams, Matt Maloney, Alexander Masiero, Harrison Mazur, Amelia McDonough, Adeilade Mcfarland, Heather McGlauflin, Rosie McGovern, Tia Mehta, Izzy Mellor, Jake Mercier, Nicolo Miragliotta, Natalie Mohn, Sam Mora, Evelyn Mortimer, Anish Nakahara, Lonna Neidig, Alex Nieto, Monika Nowak, Griffin O’Neil, Tarik Ourdyl, Paul Pacheco, Toshak Patel, Vrandol Perez, Alex Poll, Kiersten Potts, John Puksta, Abigail Rauch, Emma Raven, Brandon Rein, Matt Resmini, Marc Rosenthal, Analise Russo, Kwesi Sakyi, Katie Salvaggio, Chayanne Sandoval-Williams, Corinne Saucier, Bailey Savage, Kevin Schultz, MC Shea, Zach Sotland, Juliette Spitaels, Abby Stack, Robbie Starr, Colin Stevens, Gavin Tingley, Megan Tupaj, Danielle Upton, Ben Verdesi, Hunter Wiekowski, Micah Wilde, Ethan Wilke, Casey Willis, Alex Wolf, Dan Wrona, & Joe Yee-Yip.

WPI Advocates
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Petition to Peter Amponsah

Let Sheridan Students Stay Online for 2nd Year

We have been notified by Associate Dean Peter Amponsah that the only option available to us as Social Service Worker students come Fall 2022 will be in-person delivery only. When starting classes online and beginning the search for practicums (and some people obtaining them) in our own locations outside of the GTA we are now informed that we will be expected back in classes in person in September of 2022, this makes it incredibly difficult for many people as we planned around online learning.  We are asking Sheridan to create a hybrid option for the remaining two courses and the one general elective for the second year's first term start. We hope that Sheridan understands that students are committed to completing their courses and obtaining their diplomas. We value having this option utilized and hope that a compromise can be reached and discussion can start. On March 31st, 2022 at 2:56 pm Sheridan SSW students were sent the following email:  "Message shared on behalf of Peter Amponsah, Associate Dean, School of Community Studies   Greetings Students of the School of Community Studies,    We understand that you may be seeking clarification around the options of delivery for your programs this Spring/Summer and Fall 2022 term so you can make an informed decision that works best for you. We also appreciate that you need this information in a timely manner so that you can plan accordingly for your ongoing studies.    The principles guiding the choice to return to campus have been based on a careful review of the current government and public health measures and information, as well as resources and system capabilities. We have also considered how to best uphold the academic rigour of our program, and support student learning towards working in professions where interpersonal/intrapersonal communication and building relationships is a core foundation. We have a commitment to offering the best mode of delivery to prepare students for the face-to-face nature of care professions. Thus, we will be offering in person delivery only at this time.    The health and safety of our students and faculty remains our priority. As the province continues to lift the public health and workplace safety measures, Sheridan has taken every opportunity to examine the increase of in-person experiences that have already occurred on campus during the Fall and Winter term, including student access to labs and studios, learning commons, cafeterias, athletic facilities, designated group, and individual study spaces, and more. To date, there is no empirical evidence to suggest that our decision to return to campus in May will jeopardize student and faculty safety.  Having said that, should public health guidelines change, and we are advised to change our program delivery, we will shift accordingly as we did in March 2020.     We appreciate that every student has their own unique circumstances and returning to campus may not be your first choice. We encourage students who may be unable to attend in person to connect with their Academic Advisor to discuss individual circumstances, and to develop a plan for when you might be able to return to complete your studies on campus.    Thank you,   Peter Amponsah BSW, MSWAssociate DeanFaculty of Applied Health & Community Studies"

Alex Conway
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