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Petition to University of North Florida

Include On Campus Transition Students in UNF's Commencement Ceremonies

At the University of North Florida, our On Campus Transition program has provided many incredible opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Outside of their ability to audit classes of their choosing, they have learned how to be proactive members of our community among several other skills. Much like their neurotypical peers, our OCT students leave UNF with hundreds of memories, life lessons, a valuable education, and so much more. UNF’s OCT program has paved the way for nearly all Florida transition programs, something we have always prided ourselves on. Our OCT program is an example of how we care about the IDD members in our community, and how easy inclusion can be when dedicated community members advocate for each other. Every Spring, OCT has their own private graduation ceremony the day before the university-wide commencement ceremony. OCT had to create their private ceremony as an alternative solution for not being able to participate at commencement as OCT students are not matriculating UNF students. At this graduation, the graduating students are presented with their certificate of completion and have kind words spoken about their character as they receive it. This ceremony is certainly special and allows for the students to be recognized as individuals, however, they should be allowed the opportunity to participate in the general ceremonies like their peers. The private ceremony is for recognizing each student as an individual and is personalized for them and their family and friends. The commencement is for tradition and recognizing the students and their graduating class. Neither ceremony takes away the value of the other. I am reaching out to members of our community here at UNF to help advocate for the inclusion of our peers in the On Campus Transition program at the general commencement ceremonies held every Spring. Let us continue to be an inclusive university that celebrates a diverse population of students.  If you are a UNF student/ faculty, please sign this petition using your UNF email.

Analysse Gammon
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Petition to Southern New Hampshire University

Bring Penmen Football to Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University needs to join the world of college football. There are a number of good things that a football program can provide to its student body and alumni. If SNHU were to establish a football team then there would be more recognition for the University in large. Both students and alumni would be able to enjoy a true homecoming. Ask anyone you know who has gone to a school with football as the centerpiece of homecoming and you will learn quickly that it makes a very big difference. A football game is a great way to get the student body to unite over one common goal...beating the opposing school. SNHU is a Division 2 member of the Northeast 10 conference...thus a football team opens the chances of playing Saint Anselm on a year in, year out basis. The NCAA rules also allow for games against D3 and D1-AA opponents which would mean we would be able to schedule games against UNH. Travel would not be an issue because the NE10 is within a reasonable bus drive for all member schools and there would only be 4-5 away games a year. As for a stadium, the University already has a brand new stadium that can support a football program at the D2 level. Bottom line is that while it can be costly to start up a program it is something that will only benefit the entire SNHU community and it is certainly something that the head of the school should take a serious look at.

Paul Padden
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Petition to Department of Education

Independency on FAFSA

I'm sure I am not alone in this struggle. You know how you're so excited to be able to apply for college, you apply for financial aid and you get the dreaded email. "Not eligible for financial aid." How can this be? I can barely even afford rent!  When filling out the FAFSA application you are required to input your parent's tax and income information. Let me rephrase that, you are not required, but if you do not input your parent's information then your application will be rejected. Here's a little tidbit from Department of Education website, "If you do not provide their information on the FAFSA form, the application will be considered “rejected,” and you might not be able to receive any federal student aid."  The only way you are able to file as independent is under the following circumstances: at least 24 years old on or before December 31st of the award year, an orphan or ward of the court, a veteran, a graduate or professional student, married, have legal dependents, or receive a waiver from a financial aid administrator for "unusual" circumstances (such as tuition expenses at an elementary or secondary school, unusual medical or dental expenses not covered by insurance, a family member who recently became unemployed, or changes in income or assets that may affect your eligibility for financial aid. I'm sure there is a small percentage affected by any of these circumstances.  I believe that if we have to (legitimately) file independent on our taxes, that we have to file as independent on our FAFSA application. If you can prove that you've lived on your own for over a year, pay your own taxes, pay your own bills, that you should be able to claim yourself when applying for student loans with FAFSA. I am not saying the government should make college education free, or even lessen the price at all. I am just wanting to be able to claim myself when applying for financial aid. Just because your parent's "make enough money", it doesn't mean that your parents help you pay for your college education out of pocket. Some parents don't help their children at all financially, and their kids are having to pay for all of their bills, as well as college completely out of pocket. Our tax money goes to pay for the government, our tax money helps fun schools and roads. If you claim as independent on your taxes, you should be able to claim as independent for FAFSA. 

Jodi Stubbs
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