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Petition to UCF SGA

Knights Matter, Period.

When signing, please be sure to use your Knights Email so that we can show SGA that all the signees are UCF students. If you have friends that are interested in this cause but attend a different school, please encourage them to reach out to to learn how to start a petition at their school! Knights Matter, Period is a coalition of Premedical Students petitioning at UCF for free access to or reduced cost programs for menstrual products such as pads and tampons. This initiative is supported by the American Medical Women's Association Premedical Division as a branch of their Women Matter, Period task force.  Tampons and pads are often seen as luxury items in today’s society. For those of us who menstruate, they are necessary. And yet, many people simply do not have access to these items. Some will use a pad or tampon for too long because they can’t afford buying more, causing medical difficulties. Several schools have successfully convinced their administration to offer free tampons and pads for students. A normal biological process should not impede the education of those who cannot afford such products or because there are not adequate supplies on campus. Free the Tampons Foundation has shown that the cost of providing free menstrual products for an entire year is just $4.67 per student. If not providing free products, campuses should at least offer an opt-in program where students can pay a one time fee each year allowing them access to these products with their school ID cards. To add on, there is such a large stigma around menstruation. Tampons and pads are seen as taboo items. Too many times have we all had someone respond in disgust to a wrapped, clean, tampon. These items are also heavily taxed in most states, while “medical necessities” such as dandruff shampoo or Viagra are tax-exempt. Some states are already passing bills to stop taxing these products and other legislation is being introduced in states like Wisconsin that demands menstruation products to be free in public restrooms. Tampons should be treated like toilet paper or free condoms. Let’s show those who menstruate that their needs and comfort matters. 

AMWA Premed at UCF
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Petition to the Under Secretary of the Department of Education

Require every high school to have college preparation courses

Many students discover that college is much harder than they anticipated while in high school. Most high schools focus on academic achievement and standardized testing while neglecting to prepare their students with the life skills needed to succeed in college. This has caused many students to assume that college will be similar to the testing and the studying they did for the standardized tests, but leaves them unprepared for the workload and stress of actual college life. As a result, large numbers of freshmen feel overwhelmed, suffering from anxiety and depression. Tragically, many even commit suicide. This is far more than any student (or family) should bear, especially when college should be an exciting time of learning and growth. Although no program can eliminate every problem, many students would be greatly helped if college preparedness classes were offered in high school. These classes would teach students about dorm living, college level workloads and performance expectations, how to manage time and sleep, how to take care of themselves, and what type of resources are available (i.e. tutoring, counseling, health and financial aid). I am a college freshmen and I and many of my friends have faced some of these issues. If high schools required college preparedness classes, students would be better able to adjust to college life and succeed in their academic careers. 

Katie Schaefer
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Petition to Gregory L. Fenves, Shannon Rose, Flag Petitions Committee

Stop Denying our Flag Petitions at The University of Texas at Austin

  We, the students of the University of Texas at Austin, are requesting that flag review committees stop denying valid petitions aimed at attaining flag coursework or to at least confront such petitions with more leniency and flexibility. Such a request is made on the following grounds:  1. Students, especially transfer students, struggle to graduate within a reasonable time frame due to rejected petitions. Additionally, students who participate in certification programs often times do not have as much freedom in selecting courses which are considered for flag criteria, resulting in an excessive course load.  2. Many courses which meet all flag criteria are not listed as such. For instance, some professors may not have the time to file their course as a flag-based. This leads to a very limited selection of courses which in fact, meet the flag requirements. It is fairly competitive to register for flag-based courses.  3. Transfer students are impacted the most due to having taken most core courses elsewhere. Therefore, transfer students struggle to attain the necessary flags in a decent time frame. Courses transferred from another institution are rarely approved!!!  4. Many students are denied in their flag petitioning process without clear explanations, or explanations which are simply untrue. Every student deserves to have their flag petition evaluated in a just manner with a reasonable explanation if their petition is denied. Explanations for flag denial should not go outside the realm of what is listed on the website.  5. The appeals process is lengthy, including an in-person interview and additional paperwork.  Most students have busy schedules and hectic workloads which do not leave time for in person meetings and redundant paperwork.  6. Every time a student's flag petition is denied, there is unnecessary spending involved for more classes or even an extra semester/year of tuition.  We would like our petitions to have a fair chance at consideration. Please SHARE this petition as much as you can!        To those who are unfamiliar with Flags: The University of Texas at Austin requires that all students take courses with flag criteria attached to them. Six flags are required in total, including: Cultural Diversity, Independent Inquiry, Writing, Ethics & Leadership, Global Cultures, and Quantitative Reasoning. For more on what these flags entail, please follow this link: The existence of these flags, according to the Center for the Skills and Experience Flags, are aimed at challenging students to think critically and to practice habits which employers mark as desirable. The University website specifically states that flags will help students to "communicate effectively, engage in ethical decision-making and independent problem-solving, and understand the diverse, data-dense world around us."  Please see:

Anna Smith
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