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Save UNM Mens Soccer!!

Dear soccer community - As you have heard, the regents at The University of New Mexico are seriously considering eliminating the men’s soccer program in an effort to curtail massive financial losses within the athletic department. While we understand that the regents are tasked with making what may appear to them to be sound financial decisions, cutting the men’s soccer program based solely on finances is unwise. We feel that UNM men’s soccer brings far greater value to the community than can be reflected in a financial analysis or pro forma. Since coach Fishbein has taken over the program, the men’s soccer program has experienced great success on the field year after year, including an appearance in the NCAA national championship match in 2005, and a NCAA tournament semi-final in 2013. Every year the soccer community, and the community at large come together to support Lobo men’s soccer. Many of our community’s young players aspire to one day play for their home team: UNM. UNM players are role models to our children. But perhaps the greatest impact Lobo men’s soccer has on our community is off the field. The players and coaches are involved in numerous community outreach programs. The team has a phenomenal graduation rate with players going on to achieve success in any number of high level professions such as medicine, law, and finance to name just a few. The UNM Men’s Soccer Program has established a culture of excellence that shines through both on and off the field, and that culture of excellence is an unparalleled representation of the excellence UNM as an institution wishes to achieve for all of its students, student-athletes, faculty, and staff. To cut the men’s soccer program would be a travesty, and we simply cannot let that happen. Please consider signing the attached petition and pass it along to others who can/will support our cause. Thank you so much for your time, consideration, and help in this matter!

Chris Hurst
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Petition to Mark Emmert, L. Jay Lemons, NCAA

Dear NCAA: My Mom Is a Rape Survivor and You Can Help

My mother and I are asking the NCAA to ban violent athletes. Please read my letter and sign our petition. Let the NCAA know that sports are NOT more important than human lives! Dear NCAA, My name is Darius Adams. I’m the son of Brenda Tracy who is a public rape survivor. It was 2010 when my mom first told me that she was raped. I was 17. We were sitting in our car in our driveway. I remember it because it was a life-changing moment for me. She didn’t tell me because she wanted to. She told me because she had to. She was trying to save my life. I was out of control at the time. I was angry and broken and I didn’t care if I lived or not. I remember her crying and struggling to get the words out “I was raped.” She apologized to me over and over and asked me not to hate her. “Please don’t be ashamed of me. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” I still can’t understand why she was apologizing to me, but after that talk, I started to see her as a different person. I saw her as someone who had been hurt, and she was just doing the best she could as a single mother with two kids. It was then that I began to turn my life around — mostly for myself, but also for my mom. I wanted her to be proud of me. I wanted to make sure that what she went through and all the sacrifices she made for me and my brother were not in vain. It was 2014 when my mother went public with her story. I wasn’t prepared. She hadn’t told me the details in 2010, but now every ugly detail was on the internet in an article by John Canzano at the Oregonian. To this day, I haven’t read it all. I can’t. I just can’t. What I do know is that my mom was drugged and gang-raped by four football players in 1998. I know that Oregon State University gave two of them 25 hours community service and Coach Mike Riley gave them a one-game suspension. I know that the police threw away her rape kit and the DA lied to her about her case. I know that Oregon State cared more about football and money than my mom. I know that my mom wanted to kill herself, and I know that she almost did. And all because other people decided that football, money and reputation was more important than me and my brother having a mother. I was scared when the article first came out. I didn’t know how people would react to us. Would they attack my mom? Would they say terrible things about her? Would I have to defend her? And what would I say? But a great thing happened. People reached out to us and they supported us. They expressed their love and gratitude for my mom coming forward and being brave enough to tell her story. I was proud of her. It was the first time I saw her happy. It was like a huge weight had been lifted off of her. I’ve heard her say more than one time, “I walked out of my prison of shame and silence that day,” and she did. I could see it. Ever since then my mom has worked hard to help others. She’s passed five laws in Oregon. She’s won numerous awards. We just went to Washington, DC where she received the National Service Courage Award from the United States Attorney General. She also changed a Pac 12 rule so that athletes with serious misconduct issues can’t transfer into our conference. She’s my hero. And that’s why I’m writing to you. I’m a college athlete, and I watch ESPN religiously. There’s a serious problem in sports. We don’t take sexual violence seriously enough. Seventeen years ago Coach Mike Riley suspended the men that hurt my mom for one game and just yesterday I saw the story about Baylor. Nothing has changed. Schools are still more worried about money and football than people’s lives. I’m a grown man now. I would never hurt a woman that way and I know that most men wouldn’t. Why are we protecting this small group of men? Why are we allowing them to destroy people’s lives? All of these victims have families and they get hurt too. I’m still dealing with what happened to my mom. We need to do something right now, and I think it starts with the NCAA creating a policy that bans violent athletes. Enough is enough. It’s been 17 years and nothing has changed. How many more years do we have to wait for something to happen? As the NCAA you have authority over many schools. YOU can change this. These schools have proven that they are not going to do the right thing. I believe it is your responsibility to step in. And please don’t do it for me or my mom. Do it because it’s the right thing to do. Sincerely, Darius Adams

Darius Adams
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Petition to Margaret Drugovich, Kimberly Fierke, Hartwick College Board of Trustees, David Long

Stand with Hartwick Division I Athletics

On February 28th it was abruptly announced that Hartwick College would be discontinuing its participation in Division I athletics after the 2017-2018 season. The college stated that the men’s soccer team would transition into a Division III program, while the women’s water polo program would be discontinued all together. This decision was made without ANY consultation with the current coaching staff or athletes of either program, leaving the men's team to find out a half hour before the announcement was made public while the women's team found out through email with the rest of the Hartwick Community while waiting to go into their team meeting. It was stated that the reason behind this decision was ultimately finances and the efforts to better align the athletic programs with the college’s mission. This is not the first or even second time that these programs have been in jeopardy of being discontinued and it is important that we, as the Hartwick Soccer and Water Polo Communities, as well as all alumni that value these programs come together to show the Board of Trustees how important these programs are to Hartwick College. These teams are a massively contributing factor of what sets Hartwick apart from the other private schools in the surrounding areas, because in addition to these teams competing at the highest level in the NCAA, they also bring a wide sense of culture and diversity to a small liberal arts school in upstate New York drawing student athletes from all over the world. These student athletes are required to maintain a certain GPA in order to remain on scholarship and eligible to compete, contributing to the high academic standards Hartwick College prides itself on. Whether you are a current student/student athlete, an alumni who was around when these programs first started, friends or family of these programs who have supported the teams throughout the years, now more than ever we need your support! Please take the time to sign this petition and share a message of why Hartwick Soccer and/or Water Polo is important to you. These teams have been a large part of many of our memories at Hartwick and we hope that it has been part of some of yours, too! Thank you for standing up with us, we appreciate all of the support! - The Hartwick Women's Water Polo Community Additional Information: Letter to the Alumni: Hartwick College Drops Both Division I Sports: Hartwick Cuts D-I Sports; Scholarships Vanish:  Hartwick’s Huckins on Decision to Eliminate Women’s Water Polo at the End of 2018 Season:    

Hartwick Women's Water Polo Community
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