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Petition to Betsy DeVos, US Department of Education

Remove General Education (Gen-Eds) from College Curriculums

General Education (Gen-Ed for short) is the first part of a college education, before the main classes that establish one’s degree. They are a required curriculum that consists of a set of standard classes that cover 1/3 to ½ of a degree - between 42-60 semester-based college credits. English, basic math, natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities are the types of classes that a prospecting college student would be forced to take as their prerequisites. Each college ranges in the number of general education credits that their students need to fulfill, creating an unequal balance between those classes and their core requirements for their degree. The average college's general education program is designed to be completed in a student’s first two years in a university. With the average cost of college (including tuition, fees, room and board) for a four-year public university being $17,131, a student is spending about $34,262 just on general education credits. In a society where the average student loan debt is $37,172, general education courses are hurting students more than they are helping them. They may broaden a student’s horizons and provide a foundation for advanced work, but they are unnecessary for a student’s specific degree. Throughout elementary, middle, and high school, students have essentially been completing Gen-Ed courses, more so if the student partook in AP or honors/advanced classes. Therefore, students are already prepared and can move into courses that will benefit their degree, while saving a significant amount of time and money. Because of the uninvolved nature of general education courses and the excessive cost it would take to obtain those credits, they should either be shortened or removed from a college’s curriculum.

Rachel Ferguson
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College scholarships for underprivileged students funded by college entrance scandal money

I think that the entitlement that has been shown during this college entrance scandal is absolutely disgusting however there may be a way where underprivileged children who may not be able to afford college or got passed over because of this scandal can still benefit now and in the future.  These 40-50 people who have been indicted or are currently under investigation need to be punished without a doubt  That being said while I would love to see them suffer in prison I think an outside of the box alternative punishment should be looked in to   My suggestion would be instead of going to prison they agree to donate the amount of money they paid to get their kids in school to the colleges they initially paid it to as well as match that donation as restitution.  This way they would have to pay for their crimes and would be putting money back into the college system.  The college would then utilize it to create scholarships for those kids who aren’t financially able to go to school.  For example if they paid $500k, their donation to avoid a long jail term should be $1mm.  That way they don’t cost the tax payers money by being in jail but they are still suffering consequences while helping out kids who need and want to be in college. 

Jeff Smith
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