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Forgive Student Loan Debt for Veterans

  "It's about how we treat our veterans every single day of the year. It is about making sure they have the care they need and the benefits that they have earned when they come home. It's about serving all of you as well as you've served the United States of America." ~ Former President of the United States I am a veteran and while thankfully not totally and permanently disabled I joined the United States Marine Corps with the intent of serving my country and earning benefits to pay for college upon completion of my service. After being honorably discharged in 2005, I enrolled in college. I have since finished my degree and am working full-time, but still have a large amount of student loan debt. I worked while going to school, but due to tuition costs and cost of living, I had to take out student loans.  I know I am not alone in my situation. Many veterans have served their country and are now struggling with student loan debt. An article in the LA Times cited that 26% of undergraduates receiving veteran’s education benefits also take out federal or private student loans. Recently, Donald Trump has helped streamline the process for totally and permanently disabled veterans to have their student loans forgiven. I applaud him for that first step, but I believe this should be expanded to all veterans with an honorable discharge. This is not only the right thing to do for current veterans, but it would send a signal to those future veterans that the United States cares about it Veterans.   

Derek Armstrong
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Petition to University of California San Diego

Show UCSD we care about composting and recycling

UCSD does not hesitate to promote its "zero waste" goal, it's time students get to join the cause.  Recycling in dining halls is thrown away. Many of you might not know this, but currently, those recycling bins you see in the dining halls are just eye-candy.  HDH won’t include our waste with the kitchen’s recycling because we can’t be "trusted" to recycle correctly. Why do you think that is? Time and time again, HDH has mandated that students are to blame for not caring about recycling or composting. Really?  Take a look inside any of the bins at the dining halls.  The fact that people are trying to do the right thing shows that people are at least aware of their choices.  Take a look at this petition! Look how many people want an answer to this problem. What did HDH think the solution was? Composting bins have ceased to exist in convenient locations because our contaminated waste prevented us from participating.  Recycling bins no longer mean anything, the waste goes straight to the landfill. This current band-aid the school has applied does not truly fix the problem.  If UCSD wants to truly honor their goal of a zero-waste future, something has to change. What can students do about it? By signing this petition, you show UCSD that you care about our environmental impact as a college campus.  Be active in your recycling efforts, take your recyclables to the sustainability center in Price Center. You can also advocate for composting to be brought back to campus, alongside new education initiatives. What can HDH do? HDH can start by implementing programs to educate students about the correct way to compost and recycle.  While it is great that they participate in “pre-consumer” composting and recycling, the majority of food waste and trash they produce is going to come from students. On top of educating students, HDH could encourage its customers to use “for here” plates more often, eliminating the need to even throw something away. HDH could phase out plastic straws to reduce unnecessary waste. HDH could even search for compostable single-use containers and utensils.  This not only helps prevent waste but will also limit the possibilities of compost contamination. How much will all of this cost? To put it simply, there are still changes the school could make for free.  If UCSD wants to further its efforts, there can be costs associated with that.  Even so, recycling and composting is often times actually profitable. If students were able to participate correctly, we would limit our impact and the school could make money by selling the recycling and compost.  UCSD can sell compost or recyclable materials to companies willing to purchase it, offsetting the cost of education and implementation. ___ By signing this petition, you urge UCSD and HDH to work together to not only educate students about sustainability problems, but you show the school how much we care about our impact on the environment as a school.  This all just has to begin with a conversation. For too long have students been blamed for UCSD’s poor recycling efforts.  It is time to make real progress.

Carson Black
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