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Universities: Differentiate Between Bad Grades and Sexual Assault

     When a student is convicted of sexual assault and then dismissed from their college or university, there is little to no indication on this person’s transcript as to why they were dismissed. At some colleges and universities, a small asterisk is placed at the bottom of his/her transcript indicating they have been dismissed. This symbol is used to indicate a dismissal for poor grades as well as the commitment and conviction of sexual assault. It then falls upon the college or university viewing this person’s transcript to not only notice the small asterisk, but then to contact this person’s former institution and inquire about his/her dismissal. This is a rare occurrence.      When a student is convicted of sexual assault, many college and universities are mainly concerned about getting this person off their campus, which is understandable and something that needs to happen. However, what happens when s/he transfers schools and arrives on a new campus? This person’s new school most likely is not fully aware of the reasoning behind their dismissal, and without proper knowledge of his/her past. According to the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN), 51% of all alleged rapists have at least one previous conviction, 19% have 2-4 previous convictions, 12% have 5-9 previous convictions, and 8% have 10 or more previous convictions. RAINN also states that 69% of the people that have been sexually assaulted are aged 12-34. Female college students aged 18-24 are 3 times more likely to be sexually assaulted than females in general.       We are proposing a bill that would require colleges and universities to explicitly indicate that this person was dismissed for sexual assault and is therefore a danger to students, faculty, and staff not just at the college or university s/he is dismissed from but to any institution to which s/he applies. This bill would transform the admissions process allowing colleges and universities to manage risk before it even steps foot on their campus and would serve as a preventative measure to combat sexual assault on college campuses. In addition to bettering reactionary services available to someone after s/he has been sexually assaulted, there needs to be systems in place to stop it from ever occurring. Should a college or university choose to ignore this new indication to the applicant’s past, the school would then be held accountable in the event this person commits sexual assault on their campus, eliminating the possibility the college or university could claim ignorance.      New York and Virginia have passed similar laws requiring their colleges and universities to indicate whether students were dismissed due to sexual assault. They had hoped to create a domino effect, with other states following their lead in the hopes that a federal law would be introduced. Unfortunately, this did not happen.      By signing this petition, you are expressing support in favor of a bill that would require colleges and universities to explicitly mark on a student's transcript whether or not they have been dismissed from that institution on the grounds of sexual assault.       It is time our country stops protecting the perpetrators of sexual assault and starts protecting those who have been sexually assaulted and implements measures to keep the number that have been assaulted as low as possible. Instagram: Twitter: or use hashtag #ExplainTheAsterisk Facebook:  

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Forgive Student Loan Debt for Veterans

  "It's about how we treat our veterans every single day of the year. It is about making sure they have the care they need and the benefits that they have earned when they come home. It's about serving all of you as well as you've served the United States of America." ~ Former President of the United States I am a veteran and while thankfully not totally and permanently disabled I joined the United States Marine Corps with the intent of serving my country and earning benefits to pay for college upon completion of my service. After being honorably discharged in 2005, I enrolled in college. I have since finished my degree and am working full-time, but still have a large amount of student loan debt. I worked while going to school, but due to tuition costs and cost of living, I had to take out student loans.  I know I am not alone in my situation. Many veterans have served their country and are now struggling with student loan debt. An article in the LA Times cited that 26% of undergraduates receiving veteran’s education benefits also take out federal or private student loans. Recently, Donald Trump has helped streamline the process for totally and permanently disabled veterans to have their student loans forgiven. I applaud him for that first step, but I believe this should be expanded to all veterans with an honorable discharge. This is not only the right thing to do for current veterans, but it would send a signal to those future veterans that the United States cares about it Veterans.   

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