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Make Psychobiology qualify as a science at Saint Mary's College of California

At Saint Mary's College of California, all students are required to take a "scientific understanding" course which includes both a lab and lecture. All psychology students are required to take the psychobiology course, which includes a lab and lecture, but it does not fulfill the scientific understanding requirement. Instead, psychology students are expected to take a "real science" like biology or chemistry, which often requires prerequisites, or something else such as geology or astronomy to fulfill the requirement, which has limited availability (usually one class section per semester). Psychobiology arguably includes multiple disciplines of science, including but not limited to: psychology, biology (cellular, molecular, genetic, evolutionary, health/medical), chemistry, biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, and neurology. It is trivial and simply absurd to require a "real science" such as geology or astronomy because psychobiology doesn't count as "scientific understanding" - psychology alone is a science as it is a part of the school of science, but with the inclusion of biology and other sciences it is indubitably a science course. The decision to not count psychobiology as a science was made about 10 years ago by the department chair of one of the departments in the school of science at SMC and is an outdated and simply incorrect ideology that is not sensible, especially in this day and age, with the growing usefulness and popularity of the field of psychology. Many psychology students are taking unrelated courses like geology to be able to graduate which, to many of us, feels like a waste of one of four classes student have to take in a typical semester. For the upcoming Fall 2022 semester, the only options that don't require prerequisites are geology and astronomy, both of which are at less than ideal times for most students, and both of which are full and waitlisted for registration. The people who are able to make a decision on this matter are the workers of the bureaucracy that is the Saint Mary's College administration, including the registrar's office, the dean(s), the academic board, and other departments of administration. It is out of the reach of the psychology department faculty, however, most, if not all, of them agree that psychobiology is certainly a real science. After all, psychology at SMC is in the school of science. If this petition fails, many students will have to take a completely unrelated course in order to graduate, and the other science classes will have less space for students who actually want to take those courses. It could all be avoided if the petition succeeds, and would help all current and future students! The failure of this petition would reinforce the idea that psychology isn't a "real science", which is detrimental to not only the hundreds of current psychology students at SMC, but all future psychology students who decide to attend SMC, and perhaps the development and progress of society as a whole.

Joshua Suhaimi
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Phone at CHA, safety for all students.

CHA is the abbreviation for Commonwealth Honors Academy. This exert that follows is directly from their website:  "The Academy differs from the traditional high school in its approach to learning and in the creation of a living-learning community. CHA offers students a chance to know and make friends with other enthusiastic, energetic students with high intellectual capacities. The interaction of students with different backgrounds is one of the most valuable aspects of the academy. "Although, every student who signed up for this academy was in for a rude awakening. This academy while being a huge opportunity education wise, doesn't let us reach our full potential- socially. We go to classes all day, which we can't take our phones too (which is understandable, and no one objects this rule.) Then when we get free time during the day (which is always limited) we refer to this as grey space. Students during this time have the opportunity to go outside of campus, go to the lobby, explore campus, etc. For safety reasons we have limits on how far we may go off of campus (referred to as a bubble.) This bubble is very large, and expands far from campus, some parts even being beside main roads, and extending to rougher neighborhoods. While it isn't a rule, you are encouraged heavily to travel in groups, (for safety reasoning.) All the students at this academy are not allowed to HAVE ANY device with them when they leave THEIR FLOOR, they can not have it on campus, in the bubble, in the lobby, etc. This imposes a huge safety issues, when confronted about this issue to staff they always say "You'll be fine", "Travel in groups nothing bad will happen"- they completely dismiss the concerns of many, or downplay it. The worse part is a lot of the counselors are the ones who say this too, aren't they suppose to be the ones encouraging safety, and help kids who get anxiety? Well, not allowing them to have phones invokes high levels anxiety in so many students, that contradicts the counselors role doesn't it? This rule is absurd, I do not feel safe. If I travel in a group what does that change? I could pass out, and before someone could get back to the dorm they would have to run about 2 miles. What if there was an unexpected storm, and we needed to call the faculty to let them know where we were. What if someone made us feel unsafe and we felt the urge to call someone? Student's are not the only ones directly effected by this rule. Our parents, who love their kids with all their hearts, and just having to hope that their kids, are okay since they can't talk to them while their out in a part of the state they've never been? Earlier tonight, a boy who is a student at the academy as well got his phone taken for being outside and texting a family member, they took it for 24 hours, he didn't even get a chance to call his parents/family, and let them know he wouldn't be able to communicate. Assuming he didn't know their numbers off the top of his head, he wouldn't be able to tell a friend to text them. This is leaving parents left wondering why they paid hundreds of dollars to send their kids to a place that isn't even thinking about their safety? Sign this petition, help me show the staff and faculty, this rule needs to change. This is happening at Murray State. Thank you on behalf of all CHA students and parents wanting a change.

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