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Petition to Massachusetts State House, Robert A. Deleo, Bradley Jones, Ronald Mariano, Brian Dempsey

Pass H2998 to prevent sexual assault on college campuses

Sexual assault and other forms of dating violence are epidemics on college campuses. Every academic year, between 20 and 25% of college women will experience dating or sexual violence, and another 1/3 will be subjected to sexual harassment. Despite its prevalence, 'little is known' about the factors that cause this type of violence and harassment, according to the Center for Disease Control. In 2004, a White House Task Force was convened to combat sexual violence on campuses, and recommended that a sexual assault climate survey be administered at colleges and universities across the country to correct our presumptions about sexual violence and move forward with concrete and effective policy solutions.The statistics above are why we cannot delay in passing H 2998 to establish a sexual assault climate survey at college and universities across Massachusetts. This survey is more than an assessment of the prevalence and perception of violence, identifying key demographics, gathering information about assailants, and tailoring solutions to specific campus communities - it is also a platform for victims, who are often shamed into silence, to speak out anonymously but candidly, and for students to voice their true concerns about their campus communities. The Legislature cannot let another year pass without taking action. Students, the campus community, and our state as a whole need to see government making the eradication of sexual violence on campus a priority. We ask that the House of Representatives pass H2998 during the informal session, so that work on the survey may commence immediately. Not another year can go by while those who could fix the problem of sexual assault are powerless to do so because of incomplete information. Behind those statistics are real students, looking to their representatives to take action to keep our campuses safe. Please help us make Massachusetts a leader in combating sexual assault and violence.

CDM Women's Caucus
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Petition to Maureen S

Demand Reform in Solano Community College's Math Department

I am a Political Science major at Solano Community College (SCC). For the most part, my academic experience at SCC has been good. That is, until I took a math class during the summer 2017 semester. That was the worst class I've taken in my entire academic history.  Concerned it was just me, I began polling fellow classmates and other SCC students only to learn of horror stories about abusive, unprofessional, and downright inept professors, students needing to take math classes multiple times to pass (professor issue...not student), disparate treatment towards minority students, and overall dereliction of duty by professors who simply do not care enough to see students succeed.   My experience and countless others like mine, compelled me to be the change I wanted to see. Effective September 18, 2017, I begin a Hunger Strike to raise awareness about biased grading practices, disparate treatment of protected class students, pernicious pedagogy, and dereliction of duty to provide a curriculum in the spirit of excellence in SCC's Math Department. I am asking SCC to reform their Math Department once and for all! But, I can't do it alone. I need your help. Here's how you can show your support: Sign this petition then use your voice to share the link with every student, friend, and parent you know who pays tuition at SCC and ask them to sign it too.  E-mail and to show support for the protest. Demand that they reform SCC's Math Department immediately. Use hashtag #MyTuitionMatters across social media platforms to show your solidarity with the movement.  Attend the protest rally next Friday, September 22, 2017 at noon on SCC's campus. Cancelled: Due to Hunger Striker Being Bedridden.  Thank you for your support! As members of the academic community, we must continue to strive to make our learning institutions better today, tomorrow, and for the future. 10 Points: I have a right to quality Math and Science professors. I have a right to hold faculty and staff accountable for poor pedagogy without fear of retaliation. I have a right to complain about poor customer service by faculty and staff and to have my concerns resolved in a timely manner.  I have a right to a peaceful learning environment.  I have a right to receive assistance from qualified professors and tutors in the MAC Lab.  I have a right to higher education.  I have a right to have my grades evaluated within a reasonable time frame. I have a right to transparency from the Administrative Leadership concerning issues related to my education.  I have a right to demand excellence from faculty and staff. I have a right to succeed in every class I enroll in without interference from disgruntled, mean-spirited, and unqualified professors. 

Maureen S
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