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Boycott Mainstream News programs, channels, & periodicals #cancelmysubscription

The news is supposed to be a place where people find unbiased,factual, and relevant information about what was happening in their communities and across the world. To help ensure this, codes of ethics and standards within the world of journalism that uphold ideals like "truthfulness,accuracy and objectivity that applies to the acquisition of newsworthy information and it's subsequent dissemination to the public" were put into place. In addition to these kinds of ethics, journalist and editors are expected to "seek out the truth independently" and follow principals such as "limitation of harm". News outlets like CNN,MSNBC,ABC, The Washingon Post, The New York Times etc, have time and time again acted in direct opposition to all of these ethical principles. These entities have totally disregarded the duty they have to a public that believes what they say is fact. This has been accomplished through misrepresenting data, focusing on trivial or sensational stories while ignoring what is newsworthy, and straight up manipulation at times. This biased media with the purpose of swaying politics and elections along with getting the most ratings has devolved to sound bites and shouting matches people are starting to see through. One candidate had 16 negative articles written about him in 24 hours by the Washington post, which like most mass media ,has a number of his ties to his opponents. This same candidate had positive articles written about him in the New York Times and in Forbes, only to have them pulled or changed by editors to make them negative article. While all of this was going on his opponents received 23 times more news coverage than him , for example while he spoke to a crowd of 30,000 CNN and MSNB had an empty stage at a Donald Trump rally showing and Bill Clinton speaking to a meager 1,000 people. What these powerful bussiness do not want people to do is actually watch his speeches or his rallies because they have ties to his opponent sure, but mostly it's because they are the 1% he keeps talking about taxing. These media outlets from what they report on,to what they leave out , have done the United States a great disservice that borders on infringing on people's 1st amendment rights . Virtually all of the news papers, tv stations stations , news shows are owned by a handful of people who in turn are some of the largest donors to NPR and PBS and that has to change I implore all of you to look to alternate news sources or those that come outside the United States, vote with your dollars ! Boycott! unsubscribe !

Catherine Hunter
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