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Anti bullying in all schools. Teaching skills to make every student feel safe. RESPECT

No child should be scared to go to school. No child should be afraid of their classmates. Bullying has to stop. This last month when  Jersee's life  was threatened by her schoolmates. It was decided that the kids were kids.  So no action would be taken. So Bullying has been okayed. It is not right and should be stopped. The kids need to be talked to and taught that this is not proper, nor right, That it will not be tolerated. Sit in a class with their peers and talk about reasons why it is not right and how to do better. These kids are our future leaders. They need taught respect. For themselves and others. Last year there was a girl who had her arm broken. By kids who had been bullying her. That was not taken seriously either.  ANTI -Bullying Needs to be NO TOLERANCE. Not thrown out of school, but taught better ways of being people. Certainly not ignoring it and pretending it did not happen. Our schools can teach better ways and our students will learn so much more when they are not afraid of the others they are in class with.               

Kim Saiter
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Make ATVs Street Legal in Clinton County, IA

For those of you who do not know, there are 16 counties in Iowa, including Jackson, that Allow ATVs to ride on designated public roadways.  We are trying to get Clinton county to adopt a similar ordinance to allow ATVs to be ridden on designated public roadways as well. For this to happen, we are going to need as many citizens as possible to voice their support. I feel that ATV's should be allowed on specified public roadways because they are capable vehicles and when equipped and used properly, many could argue that ATVs are safer to ride than motorcycles due to increased stability, not to mention that they are safer for both the rider and other motorists than bicycles, as ATVs are better capable of keeping up with traffic speeds and are much more visible.   Other states and countries have realized this, and have adapted laws to allow them to be used on public roads. Approving an ordinance to allow ATVs will do two things: 1) It will allow another mode of fuel/cost efficient transportation and 2) It will provide the county more revenue from sales, registration, and tourism. A number of factory modifications have been added to make ATVs more compliant with DMV standards. These include: Headlights (low and high beams) Taillights Break lights Reflectors   Mirrors and radial (street) tires are easily added and hand signals can be used in place of turn signals.   Besides being more affordable forms of transportation, street legal ATVs use less gas than a typical mid-size car. In today’s uncertain economy and the constant threat of oil shortages, implementing policies to make ATVs street legal could benefit society on a larger scale.

chelse west
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