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Petition to Dean Baquet, James Bennet, Joseph Kahn, James Dao, Terry Tang, Liz Spayd

Tell The NY Times: do not promote climate denial at your paper

Tell The New York Times that climate denial should have no place on its editorial page! Please sign and share our petition! The New York Times has hired the columnist Bret Stephens, who is on record dismissing climate change as “hysteria generated by an imperceptible temperature rise of 1.7 degrees Fahrenheit since 1880.” In his first column for the Times, “Climate of Complete Certainty,” Stephens argued that we should doubt the certainty of climate science before we call for changes in public policy to address climate change. He said it is “not entirely” true that “the science is settled” and “the threat is clear.” In fact, climate science tells us with over 90-95% certainty that if we continue to emit CO2 at our current rate we will cause the planet to warm between 3-5.5 °C over the coming ninety years. Uncertainty in the modeling is already accounted for by the range of projected temperatures. Even 3°C warming would be catastrophic for human beings everywhere. 3°C warming would destroy agricultural systems that feed millions of people, incite fatal droughts and heat waves, and flood our costal cities, rendering them uninhabitable. It is only by taking immediate steps to decarbonize our global economy – even bigger steps than were outlined in the 2016 Paris Agreement – that we have any hope to hold warming at 2°C and preserve our current way of life. The world's most respected climate scientists have signed an open letter calling Stephens' work “inaccurate and misleading.” (You can read that letter here: And indeed Stephens is spreading the disinformation campaign developed by Exxon and its lobbyists in the 1990's (a campaign first exposed, in a somewhat painful irony, by The New York Times itself). This campaign uses the tobacco-industry playbook of minimizing and distorting scientific research into the hazards of smoking to minimize and distort scientific discoveries about the dangers of burning fossil fuels. The connections between tobacco-industry and fossil-fuel-industry propaganda have been well documented, for example in Merchants of Doubt by Naomi Oreskes, Professor of the History of Science at Harvard University. By claiming that Bret Stephens' arguments fall safely within "a range of views" that reasonable people may debate, The New York Times is legitimating the dangerous lie that there is enough uncertainty in the climate science to make us question whether we need to phase out fossil fuel consumption. In seeming to provide its readers with different viewpoints about climate change, The New York Times is in fact reinforcing and amplifying one viewpoint: that of the fossil-fuel industry and the climate-deniers in the Trump administration who are spreading the fake news that we must debate the science before policymakers act. Legitimating fake news about climate is irresponsible and dangerous. Every one of us who signs this petition has a deeply personal reason for protesting the hiring of Stephens by The New York Times. I am lucky to have a seven-year-old boy who I and his father love more than anything in the world; we will fight tirelessly to leave him a planet on which he can live safely and, if he wishes, have children of his own to love with equal ferocity. We trust that the Editors of The New York Times have similar hopes for a livable future. We urge the Times to remember that only its commitment to the truth enables it to fulfill the public trust and maintain the broad readership that has made The New York Times America's paper of record. We call on The New York Times to rescind its offer to Bret Stephens and instead hire a columnist committed to advancing his political position without using lies to support his argument.

Genevieve Guenther
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Petition to Bill de Blasio, Melissa Mark Viverito, New York City Council

Mayor de Blasio: Take Immediate Action to Protect NYC's Air

I am a father and a lifelong resident of West Harlem in NYC, which has been my family’s home for almost 90 years. I am also the Deputy Director of WE ACT for Environmental Justice, a grassroots organization that mobilizes low-income residents and people of color to take action on clean air, climate justice, and healthy indoor environments for ALL New Yorkers. Growing up in Harlem, I have seen how dirty fossil fuels are not only drivers of climate change, but contribute to some of the nation’s highest rates of asthma and associated health problems in neighborhoods like the South Bronx and East Harlem.  Please sign our petition asking Mayor de Blasio, Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, and the City Council to quickly phase out the dangerous home heating oils which pollute New York City’s air. Over 75% of NYC’s contributions to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions come from the energy we use everyday in our buildings and many older buildings in New York, and throughout the Northeast, still rely on dirty heating oil. Heating oil is very similar in chemical makeup to diesel fuel, which contains particulates like sulfur, which are dangerous to our health.   In 2012, WE ACT for Environmental Justice was one of the leading groups pushing NYC and Mayor Bloomberg to require landlords to clean up the dirty home heating oils that were spewing into people’s homes and triggering respiratory illnesses like asthma. We also advocated to make sure that landlords couldn’t file for Major Capital Improvements (MCI) and raise rents. While the phasing out of the dirtiest oil, No. 6, has been highly successful and saved hundreds of lives every year, it is time to speed up the deadline for property owners to phase out all No. 4 heating oil too. A NYC bill called “Intro 1465" would require that the timeline for the phase out of Number 4 oil be moved up from 2030 to 2025. That means they still have 8 years to clean up their act! New York must continue to lead the way on cleaner air and greenhouse gas reductions, and expediting the removal of No. 4 heating oil is a simple, yet impactful way to do it. Please sign your name and share the petition to tell Mayor de Blasio, Speaker Viverito, and NY City Council you agree.

Cecil Corbin-Mark, WE ACT for Environmental Justice
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Petition to Angela Merkel (CDU), Council of the European Union, Xi Jinping, Shinzo Abe, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, Jean-Claude Juncker, Narendra Modi, Enrique Peña Nieto

Impose economic sanctions on the US if it withdraws from the COP21 Paris Climate Agreement

The scientific community agrees that if climate change--in particular global warming--isn't contained, all living things on earth will suffer massive loss of life and health in this century. If the United States, the second leading greenhouse gas polluter on earth, goes back on its binding commitment to the COP21 Paris Agreement, it will have devastating consequences for life on earth. We, the people of the United States, tried and failed to prevent Donald Trump--a climate change denier who calls climate change a "hoax"--from becoming President of the United States. While we will continue to take whatever action we can to force Donald Trump to keep the US government's commitment to COP21,  responsible international leaders have enormous power--economic, legal, and political--to prevent the United States from going back on its commitment. To the international leaders addressed by this petition: Please know that we, the undersigned, fully support any actions you take to save the planet from irresponsible behavior by the US government. Even if your actions impose economic costs on American citizens, we will support you in any way we can. The survival of life on earth as we know it is too important to allow it to be jeopardized by Donald Trump.

Jeff Fox
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