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Petition to Indiana State House, Indiana State Senate, Indiana Governor

Protect Drivers from the Dangers of Carbon Monoxide: Pass Savannah's Law

In 2015, My wife and I lost our daughter, Savannah. She was with her boyfriend, heading to the mall like a typical teenager when Savannah suddenly passed out. Her boyfriend tried to go to the hospital, but he too passed out. Only one of them ever woke up. Savannah had been overcome by carbon monoxide poisoning. In our grief, we struggled to understand how this could happen. We discovered that a simple emissions test would have detected the issue and prevented her death. It was a fact that was hard to come to terms with, and now we want to make sure such a tragic, preventable loss doesn’t happen to anyone else’s loved one. We are proposing Savannah’s Law to require all cars on the road to get a proper emissions test. Our first goal is to get the law passed in our home state of Indiana, where Savannah passed away. Emissions tests are needed to detect deterioration and rust, especially as a car gets older. The older the car, the higher the risk of there being an emissions issue that could lead to tragedy. This is what happened to Savannah. There were no warning signs. Without an emissions test, there was no way to know the car had become a ticking time bomb. Savannah’s Law would require all cars 10 years old or less, to get a biannual emissions test. Vehicles older than 10 years would have annual tests. Currently, only two counties in all of Indiana require any kind of emissions testing. These patchwork emissions testing requirements are an issue across the country, and it is costing lives. Please help us protect people from vehicles with deadly carbon monoxide leaks. Not only will we save lives, but we will improve air quality. Sign our petition asking the Indiana legislature and governor to pass Savannah’s Law.

John Bettis
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Petition to Dana Rohrabacher

Warriors of a Sustainable Future

We are Karen Phan and Eric Pham, and we are students from Fountain Valley High School.  Through the media and traveling, we have been able to see the beauty and fragility of the Earth firsthand.  As inhabitants of the Earth, we believe we have an obligation to protect and care for the planet.  We want to take action by highlighting the causes and legitimacy of climate change.   The legitimacy of climate change has long been debated upon, despite an overwhelming amount of scientific evidence that proves climate change is a real environmental issue.  Global temperatures and sea levels are rapidly rising, ice sheets are shrinking, and oceans are warming.  In all of history, our planet has never been hotter than it is right now. The issue of climate change is not only a war waged to save our planet, but also to change our mindset.  Without the awareness of the changing climate, necessary changes can not come about because people will skeptize over the validity of climate change.   However, Dana Rohrabacher, our local 48th Congressional District representative, does not believe climate change is really happening. His position on the issue contributes to the force in Congress that prevents the government from taking full on action to combat climate change. Possible laws and regulations that require Americans to help save the Earth one way or another may not be approved because of his stance on climate change. Not only this, but because he is an important congressman, his opinions and words have the power to influence people.  Rohrabacher denounces the credibility of the research done on climate change despite what 97% of scientists believe, and advertises his negative view on the legitimacy of climate change. Our goal is to show Rohrabacher how many people believe climate change is a real environmental issue that is caused by humans.  By acknowledging and accepting climate change, Rohrabacher can use his political influence to encourage the production of solar, wind and other clean energy methods. Our Earth is vulnerable to human impacts, and it is time to protect it, whether that be through raising awareness or taking direct action.  Our passiveness on climate change results in many environmental issues that cause both our Earth and future generations to suffer.  We, and all those who sign, are warriors for the future of a clean, habitable, and safe Earth.  Climate change is an emergency as serious as war, and we must apply the same urgency as we would in war to combat it, as President Franklin Roosevelt once proposed.  Because we have only one Earth, it is urgent that Rohrabacher reconsider his position on this issue.

Karen Phan
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Petition to Mo Brooks, Martha Roby, Bradley Byrne, Gary Palmer, Terri Sewell, Robert Aderholt, John Culberson, Bill Flores, Pete Olson, Lamar Smith, Hal Rogers, Brett Guthrie, Andy Barr, Paul Gosar, Marsha Blackburn, Don Young, Keith Rothfus

Oppose Anti-Health Bill HR 3117

Congress is currently considering a bill that would prohibit our government from taking the human costs of greenhouse gas emissions into account when making decisions about energy and environmental policy.  This anti-health measure is serious, and extremely harmful for all of us. HR 3117 would prohibit the Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Department of the Interior, and the Council on Environmental Quality from considering the social costs of methane, nitrous oxide, and carbon.  Our present political atmosphere enjoys dodging the negative effects of climate change and in prohibiting the ability to measure the levels of these gases, we would be turning our backs on ourselves and the environment. Climate change is real, and we need to move forward and understand its damaging effects on our environment, and ourselves.  Please sign my petition to ask Congress not to pass HR 3117, and allow our climate scientists to continue to measure the cost greenhouse gases have on human life. Greenhouse gases threaten all of us by generating power storms, fires, and extreme drought. I am very concerned about our safety, and the environment's safety from here on out. Please voice your opinion and sign to say No to HR 3117.

Christopher Suda
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Petition to Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg

Facebook: Let users decide how much news we see!

If you use Facebook regularly, you've probably realized that the items on your newsfeed don't appear at random or in chronological order. Facebook uses an ever-changing algorithm -- a mechanism that decides what content will appear for each person, and in what way it will be prioritized -- to determine what shows up in your feed. Recently, Facebook has made a significant change to its algorithm. Under this new iteration, users will encounter far less news from publishers in their everyday use of Facebook. Since most of us get at least some of our news from social media, this change will undoubtedly lead to a disruption in the flow of information. In the dangerous times we live in, we believe the flow of information has never been more crucial, but when corporations control over 90 percent of the media, and a corporate algorithm governs the distribution of news and analysis, events like this are bound to unfold. The relationship between journalism and social media has been a troubled one for some time, and instead of fostering a dynamic of direct connection, many media outlets have been cajoled into trusting an algorithm with the management of the truth itself. Ensuring that stories about what harms disenfranchised communities, and what forces are, indeed, killing the Earth itself, are delivered to the public will now, more than ever, be a collective effort. We are ready to rise to that challenge because we believe that relationships, rather than mere facts and analysis, are the root of social transformation. If you believe in the necessity of independent journalism, join us in asking Facebook to let users decide how much news they see. Truthout is committed to the free flow of information, and to keeping information free. We will create no paywalls. We will feature no ads. We will not be influenced by corporate sponsors. While the internet has added some sharp edges to the exchange of information, we must not sacrifice the truth. This is the work of change. This is part of the fight. And de-consolidating knowledge will help set us free. Please sign our petition today.

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