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Petition to Seattle City Council, Seattle Office of Planning and Community Developement, Mayor Jenny Durkan, Seattle Department of Construction & Inspections

Stop Luxury Housing at Talaris and Build Housing for Everyone

 Who?  A couple of months ago, inspired by the fantastic organizing for housing at Fort Lawton near Discovery Park, we formed Affordable Talaris. We want to ensure that Seattle uses all of its land for the most equitable purposes and the most just outcomes. We believe Seattleites can work together to address racial and economic desegregation. We passionately support development without displacement. We would love you to join us in these efforts.  What? We urge the City Council to deny permits to Quadrant Homes for the current proposal at Talaris in Laurelhurst. Despite sitting in the heart of a growing city in desperate need of affordable housing, this location is slated to host 60 suburban-style homes — starting at 2 million each — with no affordable units whatsoever. Why? Please read our op-ed in The Stranger (Guest Editorial: Luxury Homes for Rich People or Housing for Everyone? May 2, 2018) If you've been to a land use hearing in the last 10 years, you've no doubt heard homeowners declare that they're not against development, but they want to do it right. Affordable Talaris organizers believe development should provide many more people with the opportunity to live near sought-after schools, abundant open space, grocery stores, a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line, two major regional hospitals, the most useful bike trail in the city, and a major state employer, the University of Washington. During a global climate crisis we want many more people to be able to walk, bike, or bus to the Husky Stadium LINK light rail station. Building much more housing on or near Talaris is a chance to do development right. Lack of permanently affordable and workforce housing in the current Talaris plan means more displacement in places like South Seattle where communities of color don't have the resources to fight with lawyers. Our housing solutions can be fair and just with considerations for geographic equity. Laurelhurst residents have seen their home values--and their net worth--rise by more than $700,000 in the last decade.  Why should Seattle's richest neighborhoods be allowed to reserve spots for only the wealthy? We collectively scratch our heads and ask each other, “It doesn’t have to be this way, does it?” What do we want? Let’s work together for more welcoming, eco-friendly, sustainable, and equitable cities. Once luxury houses are built at Talaris, we are stuck with them for generations. Seattle will regret it. We urge the City Council to deny permits to Quadrant Homes for the current proposal. Let’s implement an equitable development outreach plan. This city can't afford to let inequitable developments move forward on lots this large without evaluating how more people, more jobs, and more students impact the need for homes in Northeast Seattle. Let’s ensure that more people have access to the natural beauty and historic buildings at Talaris and beyond. The best time to act on an equitable development plan for Talaris was many years ago, but it is not too late to act now. Who has attended Affordable Talaris events? Affordable Talaris’ meetings have generated interest from the Department of Neighborhoods, Seattle City Council staff, two recent mayoral candidates, and the president of the Laurelhurst Community Council. Other attendees included climate scientists, climate justice activists from 350 Seattle and Sierra Club, tenants’ rights advocates, building professionals, students, and citizen journalists. We have held four public meetings and a well-attended walking tour of the site. What other sites are you looking at and how do they compare to Fort Lawton? Check out this comparison of Fort Lawton in Magnolia, Talaris, and the Roosevelt Reservoir sites. How should people contact you to get involved or attend your next event? Please read more about us. We invite anyone to attend our meetings and acknowledge that equitable development planning should be led by the people most impacted by housing insecurity. To learn more about Affordable Talaris, please read our values document. Email or find us on Facebook to get involved.  We stand in solidarity with efforts throughout Seattle that are led by the people most impacted by housing insecurity and climate injustice. We acknowledge that Seattle is on the stolen land of the Coastal Salish tribes, including the unrecognized Duwamish peoples, as well as the Muckleshoot peoples. Stay tuned for action alerts. 

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Petition to North Dakota Governor, North Dakota State House, North Dakota State Senate, John Hoeven, Kevin Cramer, Heidi Heitkamp, Terrry Dwelle M.D., M.P.H.T.M. State Health Officer, Chuck Hyatt, Doug Burgum

Protect Theodore Roosevelt National Park From Oil Refinery Complex

The National Park Service, National Parks Conservation Association and Coalition to Protect America's National Parks oppose what is perceived as a direct threat to Theodore Roosevelt National Park's Class 1 Air Quality Standards, water quality and image.The Meridian Energy Group has convinced North Dakota's elected officials to rezone more than 725 acres of farmland, located off the eastern border of TRNP's southern unit, to industrial use in order to house their proposed petroleum refinery, a pipeline to this refinery and a BNSF loading terminal.Pictured above is a view of the proposed refinery site from within TRNP southern border, upon Buck Hill. A view many visitors of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota's top tourist site and favorite destination of Teddy himself, enjoy. The only thing keeping smoke stacks from billowing within this view is a final approval from the North Dakota Department of Health. An approval Meridian is confidet in recieving within "120-150 days."The NPS, the CPANP and NPCA not only appose the construction because it would threaten TRNP's Class 1 Air Quality Standard, which is protected under the Clean Air Act. They also fear the refinery, along with the industrialization of the area, will destroy the atmosphere the park offers. Truck traffic will also increase, most certainly adding to traffic accidents and other dangerous situations. In turn, they say it will likely effect the image, feel and visitation of the park in a negative way.Please join these organizations and many others in standing up to Meridian Energy. Stop this refinery in its tracks before it's too late! 

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Petition to California Governor

Declare Climate Change a Major Disaster before it's too late

Despite Climate Change having been identified by scientists, leaders, analysts and people from all over the world as “the greatest threat to humanity and life on Earth”, actions taken to address it have been few in number and haphazard in design because Climate Change has not been identified as, and officially declared, a MAJOR DISASTER.  It is very urgent that Governor Jerry Brown, using his legal powers as Governor of California,  issues a CLIMATE CHANGE MAJOR DISASTER DECLARATION and requests Federal funding, in order to unleash all the organizational, structural, scientific and financial State and Federal resources to stop Climate Change and protect Californians’ life and property and our invaluable environment. The incontrovertible evidence is that Climate Change is incrementally increasing the number and magnitude of catastrophic events like exceptional droughts, heat waves, floods, blizzards, tornados, hurricanes, sea level rise, coastal cities inundation, ocean acidification, extinction of plant and animal species, epidemics, disruption of food production and other deleterious events that, combined or individually, have disastrous consequences on our economies and our wellbeing and survival. California has its share of Climate-related catastrophic events, both forecast and current, particularly showing in the 500-year drought that, in 2015 alone, caused a near $3 billion loss for California agriculture, left several communities without water, 542,000 acres lay fallow, 6335 wildfires burned 307,598 acres (including much of the town of Middletown) and destroyed thousands of structures. Also, the pumping of very large amounts of groundwater used to compensate for the lack of surface water is causing the separation of the lithosphere from the ground above, which will lead to earthquakes. In February 2017, the confluence of Atmospheric Rivers, fueled by Climate Change and of infrastructure insufficiently built and maintained to withstand the forces of the new Climate created havoc in California, like in the region of the Oroville Dam where the severe damage to its two spillways caused by the racing waters, put 200,000 lives, thousands of structures and thousands of acres at very serious risk. Climate Change is still being discussed as a tremendous potential threat to our children and grandchildren but, the reality is that Climate Change is already here and that it will get worse if we continue dumping more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Indicators of Climate Change are already in the danger zone. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels in the atmosphere, which for 1.3 million years had not been higher than 275 ppm (parts per million) until the onset of the Industrial Revolution, are now above 410 ppm. The global average air temperature is since 2015, 1º Celsius higher than in pre-industrial times, a level that climate scientists consider the gateway to the acceleration of the disruptions of the Climate (1.5 º Celsius for the first half of 2016 and 1.2º Celsius for the whole 2016).  It is now confirmed that 2016 was the hottest year on record.  Without a Disaster Declaration, this greatest-of-threats remains undefined and acknowledged, taking away the focus necessary to effectively deal with it. We say that we are “fighting Climate Change” without having ever declared war. The extent and nature of the problem requires immediate, massive action to retrofit our economy to stop emitting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and move fast towards a “carbon negative” economy, as well as to make the necessary changes to minimize the damage from Climate Change-related events that are going to unfold from Climate disruptions that have already taken place. To mitigate our Climate Change Disaster, action must be immediate, must be massive and requires a level of mobilization of all our resources similar to what this country experienced during the New Deal and World War II. Individual actions, while useful and necessary, are insufficient. Indirect measures, like taxes on carbon emissions, are beneficial but too slow. Putting off the retrofitting of our economy to address Climate Change is a very dangerous mistake. Factors such as the long residence time of already emitted greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and the activation of slow feedbacks (like the melting of the permafrost) will soon make future mitigating actions inconsequential. There is a lot to lose from inaction and a lot to gain from speedy action. Without speedy action, more catastrophes will unfold with a high price in the loss of lives and property and high risks to the economy. With speedy action, life and property will be better protected, California’s economy will experience a boom, California will have access to federal disaster funds that do not require the approval of Congress and California will lead other States and Countries in the highly needed and greatest peaceful cooperation effort ever. Governor Brown, please accept leadership of this massive transformation of California to a CLIMATE CHANGE-READY STATE. This life-affirming effort will give us the greatest chance of thriving through change instead of merely surviving change. We are living in extraordinary times, that require extraordinary actions and your extraordinary leadership.   References: James Hansen, et al. “Assessing “Dangerous Climate Change”: RequiredReduction of Carbon Emissions to Protect Young People,Future Generations and Nature”. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0081648. December 3, 2013 Alex Park and Julia Lurie. “California's Drought Could Be the Worst in 500 Years. And why it's too late for the rain.” Mother Jones. February 10, 2014. Richard Howitt, et al. “Economic Analysis of the 2015 Drought For California Agriculture. UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences”. August 17, 2015. “Our Earth in 2050. Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels double”. greenphysicist2.blogspot.com Marcin Popkiewicz. “If growth of CO2 concentration causes only logarithmic temperature increase - why worry?. April 15, 2014. 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