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Petition to Doug Ford, Ontario Government

Rescind the order to cancel the funding for Ontario's 50 Million Trees Program!

Get to know about the 50 Million Trees program by watching this video - For some FAQ about the 50 Million Trees Program, visit the Forests Ontario website here Eliminating the 50 million trees program weakens Ontario’s ability to fight climate change and absorb the impact of extreme weather events. This move is yet another signal that the Ford government is getting out of the business of land stewardship, something past PC governments supported. The trees planted by this program offset emissions equivalent to taking 1.1 million cars off the road for an entire year, in addition to delivering $82 million annually in environmental benefits from flood prevention to pollination. These short-sighted cuts also disregard the 310 full time jobs provided by this program. It is reckless and short-sighted for this government to ignore the free services that nature provides, even as flood waters rage in Bracebridge and threaten parts of Muskoka. For a government that calls itself fiscally responsible, it sure seems willing to throw out the jobs, work, and savings of good environmental programs. The program must be re-funded and implemented on a scheduled basis. The order to withdraw funds for the program must be rescinded. We need trees, we need green cover for a sustainable future! 

Sambath Kumaar
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Petition to Justin Trudeau, HEALTH CANADA, Auditor General of Canada, Joyce Murray – Vancouver Quadra, Dr. Hedy Fry – Vancouver Centre

5G= intense RF radiation. Demand a 5G moratorium in Canada until Govt can prove it's safe.

The rollout of 5G will adversely affect every family’s: health, security, privacy, & property values. We demand a moratorium on 5G until conflict-free research shows us it's safe.5G microwave microwave radiation is exponentially more intense than what we have now and require small cells installed every 150ft.  There will be no escaping 5G’s 24/7 radiation. And this will be in addition to the wireless radiation that we are already exposed to with cell towers, cell phones, tablets, video games, Wi-Fi, baby monitors, smart meters from our homes and that of our neighbours’ wireless signals reaching us. We cannot just sit back and accept industry and government assurances (like they did with big tobacco, oxycodone, asbestos, mercury...) that there will be no harm when scientists are warning us otherwise. Thousands of conflict-free scientists all over the world are speaking out on the dangers of 5G and calling for our extremely outdated Radio Frequency (RF) safety limits to be updated. **Please watch the video below**“Ontario Doctors Warn of Rising Health Care Costs after 5G Roll Out”  07:39 minute mark Dr. Magda Havas PhD states: Levels of microwaves radiation today are trillions of times higher  than they were 50 years ago.The scientific debate about the health effects of microwave radiation is over. Microwave radiation, at levels to which we are currently exposed, adversely affects human health. Of that there is no longer any doubt. The current debate is, “can we afford the health care costs that are likely to follow the roll out of 5G?” Recent peer-reviewed, independent studies have confirmed that chronic low-level exposure to wireless radiation that we are already exposed to can cause serious health problems including:   •  anxiety                       • memory loss  •  headaches                 • irritability   •  insomnia                    • itchiness  •  dizziness                    • poor concentration  •  nausea                       • digestive issues   •  fatigue                        • mood disorders ie. depression  •  heart palpitations   As well as chronic diseases such as:  •  Cancer                      • Alzheimers  •  Heart Problems         • DiabetesFrank Clegg (former CEO of Microsoft Canada) is also warning of the dangers of 5G.  Please check out his website “Canadians for Safe Technology” to learn more about 5G, wireless radiation and what you can do to mitigate your exposure.  Kids are especially vulnerable to the effects of wireless radiation as their skulls are thinner and their SAR (specific absorption rate) of radiation is much higher. Side note: please turn your WiFi off at night to reduce your & kids' radiation exposure. Peer reviewed scientific evidence that wireless radiation is harmful here. Feel free to copy this post, edit it and send it to your reps.  Wireless activism toolkits can be found online ex. Please contact the media to request that they run news stories to educate the public on our outdated RF safety limits and the dangers of 5G.  Huawei is not the only 5G issue! Please share this petition wherever you can.5G is not a foregone conclusion.  The time to ask our legislators for  NOW. Please take a moment to send a letter or email to your government reps. & legislators to demand a moratorium on the 5G rollout until conflict-free research can prove that 5G is safe. Government contact info can be found here:   Thank you!  

Vanessa Thomson
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Petition to Bonnie Crombie, Justin Trudeau

Daisy's City Wide Community Garbage Clean Up in Mississauga, ON

Hello, my name is Serena Sutherland, I am a resident of Mississauga where I was born and raised. I am an entrepreneur who is passionate about the sustainability of earth as well as creating solutions to polluting problems such as, gas, one use plastics, paper, mass produced dyes for clothing, material for clothing and the list goes on. I have decided to create a day in the summer of 2020 where the whole city will come together to clean up garbage around Mississauga. The event will be in the heart of the city, celebration square with activities, food, music and prizes all catered around climate change and how it is effecting us. This event is for us, and by starting in our home city we will be able to start a chain reaction for other surrounding cities to follow us and soon influence the rest of Canada to do the same. We cannot stand around waiting for someone else to save the day, we start here, we start now, we can start small but we are creating a better future for all. In other words it will only take one city to begin the change! Climate change is killing our home, living arrangements for us and animals, creating undrinkable water, unbreathable air and food quality worldwide. It may have not impacted us yet but why should that matter, why would we wait? Not only for us but also for animals, insects, birds, fish, marine animals and ecosystems we must live in harmony with nature. If we are kind to nature, nature will be kind to us. It is effecting every living thing on earth and it is our fault. This event will need funding but the proceeds will all go to making this event possible and a percentage will go to charity, to plant trees and to help combat climate change world wide. We all need to start taking personal responsibility for our actions, we all share the same home and we are responsible for the damage we have released upon it due to selfish decisions. I am one person who stands with the trees, whom refuses to wait until it is too late. This is my home... this is our home, so please tell everyone you know, they don't have to be from Mississauga, encourage them to come out and make this the beginning of change! Sign this petition to show them that we mean business when it comes to saving our home and confirm your participation in Mississauga's first city wide clean up!

Serena Sutherland
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