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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, President of the United States

Urgent: Climate Restoration Emergency Action (CREA)

The clock is ticking. We can work together to restore a healthy climate for all of humanity now and for future generations. It’s time for worldwide Climate Restoration Emergency Action to ensure that humans can survive on Earth.  Simply put, we must return atmospheric CO2 to safe pre-industrial levels by 2030 and restore Arctic ice to prevent permafrost melt and resulting disastrous methane emissions.  The sixth mass extinction is under way and the scientists report that climate emergency is spiraling out of control--imminently threatening our survival.  Climate restoration won’t be easy--in fact it will be the most challenging endeavor humanity has ever undertaken, but it can and urgently must be done, as fast as possible.  Build A Movement 2020 is mobilizing movements, coalitions, organizations, and people to join together in a shared commitment taking urgent Climate Restoration Emergency Action to restore a safe and healthy climate to ensure the survival of humanity, now and for future generations.   We are committed to mobilizing the full capabilities of the federal government, local governments, universities, academics, faith- based groups, and the private sector.  Everyone, everywhere is urgently needed to deploy Climate Restoration Emergency Action.   We are committed to taking action today and everyday! We will not wait. We will send letters, make calls, and organize mass peaceful non-violent demonstrations to insist that the President of the United States, Presidential Candidates, Congress, and local governments take Climate Restoration Emergency Action as quickly as possible.  We are committed to demanding that our elected officials in federal, state, county, and city governments and Presidential Candidates to launch Climate Restoration Emergency Action as fast as possible: We demand that our leaders pass legislation and launch a massive mobilization of people, resources, and companies on a global scale larger and faster than that of World War II for Climate Restoration Emergency Action to restore a safe and healthy climate for future generations as soon as possible.  As Winston Churchill said, “Nothing matters except victory in the existential struggle.“ We demand that our leaders support holding emergency sessions to design and launch bold Climate Restoration Emergency Action to ensure the survival of all of humanity and future generations;   We demand that our leaders don’t just “talk the talk, they must take bold action, now!” We invite all justice-hearted Americans to join together in a National People’s Assembly that will enable the American people to ensure the bold implementation of climate restoration.

Build A Movement 2020
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Petition to Sonoma County City Councils and Board of Supervisors

Support Equitable Climate Emergency Action in Sonoma County!

Record-setting heat waves, droughts, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, vanishing glaciers, thawing permafrost, disintegrating ice sheets, rising sea levels, dying coral reefs, extinction of species – the disasters we are now witnessing are but a preview of more devastating impacts to come. The governments of all nations on Earth acknowledge the consensus view of the world’s scientific community: we are facing a climate crisis that requires, “…rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society.” We simply cannot delay. We must immediately respond to the challenge of restoring a safe climate system with an understanding that we all rise or fall together! But let’s not just look at this as a battle to be waged! Let’s imagine the kind of world we want to create! Let’s start planning a Just Transition to a vibrant, resilient, people-centered, climate-adapted world -- with clean air, jobs, and justice for all! An Equitable Climate Emergency Resolution is an action passed by a City Council or Board of Supervisors that commits the city/County to: Acknowledge the existence of a climate emergency. Elevate climate issues to the highest priority in all city/County goal-setting. Evaluate all policies, projects, purchases, and priorities through the lens of climate impact. Set a goal of zero net emissions within ten years and annually track and publicly report progress toward that goal. Update its General Plan and other guiding documents in accordance with the goals of mitigation, drawdown, adaptation, and social justice. Create a new entity in their jurisdiction to oversee ongoing climate-related efforts. Educate and engage all city/County employees and all community members on the urgency of the climate crisis and the need for “…rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society.” Encourage the active participation of the entire community, including our marginalized and disenfranchised members who will be the most heavily impacted by climate change, in a Just Transition toward a resilient future. We ask all the cities in Sonoma County -- and the County of Sonoma -- to join the City of Petaluma and over 960 jurisdictions worldwide [as of 8-21-19] and over 7,000 colleges and universities in passing an Equitable Climate Emergency Resolution and signaling their sincere commitment to an equitable, livable future for all.  This petition will be presented to city councils around Sonoma County and to the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors in support of all Equitable Climate Emergency Resolutions. Please note that any money that you "chip in" after you click on the petition flows to and only benefits Sonoma Climate Mobilization indirectly! 

Sonoma Climate Mobilization
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Petition to Indiana Statehouse, Local Governments, Representatives, Integrated Public Safety Commission

Declare A Climate Emergency in Northwest Indiana

We the People of Northwest Indiana are signing this petition to declare a climate emergency, effective immediately. Climate change is real, and scientists have been warning us for decades. It is no longer a choice, but our moral duty to act swiftly and without hesitation on behalf of the youth and future generations. Current governmental policies have failed to deliver the action necessary to curb climate change. Such inaction has caused drastic impacts globally as well as locally. We see this happening through the erosion of our shoreline, droughts, increased flooding events, extinction of local species and disproportionate harms done to low-income communities and communities of color. The crisis has been worsened due to our continued reliance on climate-damaging fossil fuels and other polluting industries. The time is now to turn the tide! We are home to Lake Michigan and the globally-important Indiana Dunes, and our new National Park designation warrants an urgent response to protect our natural environment and the communities that inhibit it.    To prevent catastrophe, we need to go all in to restore a safe climate at emergency speed. That’s why we stand with our Region’s youth and are calling on the City Councils of Northwest Indiana to declare a state of climate emergency and to subsequently create a binding Climate Emergency Action Plan and establish a timely implementation process. Please act as quickly as possible – the future of our children & generations to come depends on it!

Ethyl Ruehman
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Petition to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, Mult. CO Chair Deborah Kafoury, Metro President Lynn Peterson, Oregon Governor Kate Brown

Oregon: Take action on Black Carbon now!

Governor Brown, Mayor Wheeler, Chair Kafoury and President Peterson: To meet the current and urgent needs for effective action to stem global temperature rise, we are calling on all levels of our government in Oregon to immediately develop strategies to reduce black carbon emissions in our state. Why Black Carbon? According to the United Nations, only 11 years remain to avoid irreversible damage due to climate change. It is time to act with urgency and adapt our strategies accordingly. The video above illustrates that it is impossible to meet the goal of keeping global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees by 2050 without a dual strategy of reducing SLCPs alongside Carbon Dioxide. Short-lived climate pollutants (SLCP) are powerful climate forcers that have relatively short atmospheric lifetimes. These pollutants include the greenhouse gases methane (CH4)  and hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), and anthropogenic black carbon (BC). Because SLCP impacts are especially strong over the short term, acting now to reduce their emissions can have an immediate beneficial impact on climate change and save millions of lives. Black Carbon is the 2nd leading cause of climate change Older diesel engines are the biggest contribution to black carbon in US:  trucks, construction equipment, and locomotives Oregon contributes .7% of total U.S. carbon emissions annually, but our state makes an outsized contribution to black carbon: Oregon Diesel Emissions rank the 6th highest in the nation.  Short-term accelerant - leaves atmosphere in days Eliminating Black Carbon could hold global temperatures down by .5 degree, getting us one to two decades, which we could spend fixing the bigger problem of pure Carbon Dioxide.   New technologies are readily available - California has successfully cut black carbon by 90% 21,000 premature deaths per year in the US are attributed to black carbon, nearly 500 of which take place in Oregon - reductions save lives.

Lucia and Isabel wearewithearth
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