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Petition to City of Boston, Boston Planning and Development Authority, Boston Civic Design Commission, Bunker Hill Housing Redevelopment, Lydia Edwards, Dan Ryan

Protect Charlestown’s Tree Canopy (PCTC)

We are writing with respect to a plan to remove over 250 mature trees from a BHA occupied parcel in Charlestown as part of the multi-phase Bunker Hill Housing redevelopment project. These trees represent nearly 75% of the trees on this parcel of land. The removal of these mature trees runs counter to the City of Boston’s commitment to protect its existing tree canopy for the health and well-being of its residents. Charlestown is a tree desert, with one of the lowest tree canopies (approx. 11%) in the city. The loss of these trees, many decades old and irreplaceable, would account for approximately 10% of Charlestown’s entire canopy - and their removal has real consequences.  According to the Climate Ready Boston Map Explorer this area of Charlestown is considered socially vulnerable, prone to floods, and is on the precipice of becoming a severe heat island, as it is surrounded on all sides by blocks of high heat. This particular parcel of BHA land is one of the ‘coolest’ sections in Charlestown; the removal of these trees will undoubtedly create another urban heat pocket.  Furthermore, the loss of these trees comes at a significant cost to residents. Mature trees provide cleaner air (reducing pollution and rates of asthma), offer social benefits inviting the use of outdoor spaces and fostering a sense of community, create shade, increase the aesthetic beauty of the city, are associated with decreased crime rates and higher property values, and deliver proven mental health benefits such as reduced cortisol (stress) levels . Without question, there is an immediate need for construction of new, deeply affordable homes in the neighborhood. However, given the City’s climate resiliency and tree preservation goals, along with myriad benefits for residents, we demand that serious efforts be made to preserve these mature trees. The misguided notion that we must choose between the development of deeply affordable housing for members of our community and hundreds of mature trees, many of which are 60-80 years old, is a false choice. With a better design, we can have both. Authority for the design plan lies with BCDC. We ask that they ensure that any design plans incorporate the existing trees as a guiding principle. They can find examples of this type of creative design at 83 Gardner Street in Allston by the Hamilton Company that successfully preserved twin mature elm trees. Similarly, in Cambridge, the developer Spaulding & Slye adjusted their design to build around a large mature copper beech tree instead of removing it. Please join in adding your voice and ask the Boston Civic Design Commission, the City, and the development team to preserve this urban forest - for today, tomorrow and generations to come.  Watch a video of these trees at    

Charlestown Tree Canopy Preservation
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Petition to Buffalo Common Council

Declare A Climate Emergency in Buffalo, NY!

What do we want? CLIMATE JUSTICE! When do we want it? NOW!  In the face of the global pandemic and the recent social uprisings to demand racial justice, we know that now more than ever we must address the climate crisis through equitable and sustainable policies to ensure security now and for future generations. After last September’s Climate Strike, we started our campaign to Declare a Climate Emergency and pass a Climate Resolution here in Western NY. Although 2020 has been a challenge, we have continued virtually rallying, meeting with our elected officials and now we need your support more than ever!  Last June, the boldest climate bill in the country, the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, was ratified by the NYS legislature and signed by Governor Cuomo. It outlines a path to net-zero emissions by 2050, and promises a minimum 35% of funding will be directed to historically disadvantaged, low income, and frontline communities. With a Climate Resolution as a first step for Buffalo, we not only expect to see these goals reached, but exceeded here in Western NY.  The International Panel on Climate Change released its 5th report in 2018 which details that we have roughly 10 years to enact serious political and social change to avoid a devastating climate catastrophe - however the challenges are here now - the COVID-19 health crisis, severe weather surges, and our vulnerable communities continue to suffer. Please take action NOW by signing below to urge Buffalo Common Council to pass a Climate Resolution and bring Climate Justice to WNY! Sign up for our mailing list to support upcoming actions for this campaign by clicking HERE

Western New York Youth Climate Council
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Petition to League of Legends Esports, European League of Legends Championship Series, Riot Games, Fnatic , G2 Esports, Cloud9 , t1, FunPlus Phoenix

No more fossil fuel money in League of Legends esport!

The car producer BMW recently announced a partnership with five of the best League of Legends teams in the world: G2 Esports, Fnatic, Cloud9, T1 and FunPlus Phoenix. As a LoL player and climate activist, I think it is outrageous that esports organisations keep accepting sponsorship money from companies that produce fossil fuel driven cars. This is not the first time LoL esports have partnered up with car companies, but I am making my voice heard to make sure it is the last time.  Esports is a quickly growing business, and the competitions are viewed by hundreds of thousands of people all around the world. And as Greta Thunberg says, "The bigger your platform, the bigger your responsibility." Esports teams and competitions certainly have a huge platform, and therefore their responsibility is huge. Climate disruption will affect all of our lives, and many people have already seen the effects. Forest fires, extreme heat, floods, storms, crop failure, forced migration, and many more horrible consequences that cause immense human suffering and loss of life.The emissions need to go down, but despite this, some companies continue to produce fossil fuel driven cars that are quite literally killing us and the planet. These cars will continue to emit toxic greenhouse gases into the air for many decades, making areas of the earth uninhabitable.Toxic air pollution from the exhaust fumes will also kill millions. I therefore urge LoL Esports, Riot Games, and all competitive League of Legends teams to stop accepting sponsorship money from companies that make products dependent on fossil fuel usage. There are many ethical, climate-friendly companies out there that you could give a platform instead. Perhaps ask the renewable energy industry or electrical car industry if they would be willing to sponsor you instead next season? BMW's campaign says that we are "United in Rivalry". While that might be true I also believe that we are all united in our need for a safe planet to live on. The planet is our common home, and our house is on fire. And it is very hard to play League of Legends if everything around you is burning. #GreenEsportNow

Nora Sverredal
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