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Petition to President of the United States

Clemency for Ross Ulbricht, Serving Double Life for a Website

My son, Ross Ulbricht, is a first-time offender serving a double life sentence without parole, plus 40 years, for a website he made when he was 26 years old and passionate about free markets and privacy. Ross―an Eagle Scout, scientist and peaceful entrepreneur―had all non-violent charges at trial. He was never prosecuted for causing harm or bodily injury and no victim was named at trial. This is a sentence that shocks the conscience. There is a growing consensus that Ross’s case is a miscarriage of justice and over 130 eminent organizations and leaders have voiced their support. The website Silk Road was an e-commerce platform similar to eBay, where consenting users chose what to buy and sell as long as no third party was harmed (some listings were prohibited). Both legal and illegal items were sold, most commonly personal amounts of cannabis. Ross is condemned to die in prison, not for selling drugs himself but for creating a website where others did. This is far harsher than the punishment for many murderers, pedophiles, rapists and other violent people. All the other defendants related to the case―including the actual drug sellers and the creator of Silk Road 2―received sentences ranging from 17 months to 10 years.  Ross’s investigation, trial and sentencing were rife with abuse.  This includes corrupt federal investigators (now in prison) who were hidden from the jury, as well as prosecutorial misconduct, constitutional violations and reliance on uncharged, false allegations at sentencing. Ross was smeared in the media through false and inaccurate reporting. Ross was not treated fairly and his sentence is draconian. Justice was not served. We, the undersigned, seek mercy for Ross Ulbricht. He told the court that starting Silk Road was a terrible mistake that he deeply regrets, that he never intended harm, and that he has learned the heavy price of breaking the law. Ross is not a danger to anyone. If released tomorrow, he would never come near breaking the law again.  Ross’s life history clearly shows he is a compassionate young man who is very much loved and has much to give. The judge received 100 letters attesting to his excellent character and how much he has helped others. These include those in prison, where he has demonstrated exemplary behavior and tutored, led classes, and helped fellow inmates.  Keeping Ross caged for life helps no one; will cost taxpayers about $2 million; and deprives society of an exceptionally kind, generous and creative person. Even in the face of his walking death sentence, Ross clings to the hope of a second chance. He dreams of a future where he can be reunited with his loved ones, start a family, and use his education and skills to contribute to society. Mr. President, please commute Ross Ulbricht’s unjust sentence. Learn more about Ross's case at
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Petition to Kamala Harris, Narendra Modi, Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, DIane Feinstein, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, Congresswoman Jackie Speier

Rescue Farida, jailed in India for nearly 5 months over an honest mistake

Petition supporters in the United States:  Please write to your elected officials in your state (letter template here) on behalf of Farida.  It can be as easy as copy-and-paste into a web form or a mailed letter.  Greater numbers will make a difference.  A GoFundMe fundraiser has been set up to cover significant legal, advocacy, repatriation, and PTSD treatment costs to help Farida return safely home to USA and recover from her ordeal.  Instead of donating to this website, please consider contributing at GoFundMe. Thank you. Press coverage: Washington Post and San Jose Mercury News articles.  After an honest mistake, our dear sister, Farida Malik (a US citizen and California resident) was unexpectedly and unnecessarily jailed in India on 12 July 2019. Despite many efforts to have her released, she's been stuck there for now nearly 5 months. She's being held in poor health in a remote jail built in the 1800s, high in the mountains, near the India-Nepal border in Uttarakhand state.  She’s been separated from her belongings and not allowed to speak on the phone with family or friends. She was traveling by bus from Kathmandu, Nepal to Delhi, India to meet friends and mistakenly thought that she could get a visa at the border. Unfortunately, she had also forgotten her valid US passport in her hotel in Nepal. Although she could've been turned away at the border and told to remain in Nepal, instead Indian border check guards arrested and imprisoned her in India. She's been there ever since (although she was reunited with her valid US passport back in August), now for nearly 5 months.  Her friends and family are very concerned for her life, safety and well-being. She has not been allowed to speak with them. Local attorneys have been hired in India since August; and the US Embassy in Delhi, the US Ambassador to India, and the US State Department in Washington, DC have all been involved.  The Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has been continuously lobbied and is well aware of the case too. And it has all been woefully inadequate as no one yet has been able to secure her release. Farida made an honest mistake and the punishment, it seems to us, far exceeds her inadvertent offense. Farida loves everything about India, especially its culture, music, movies, and food. A few years ago, she earned a certificate from Asian Academy of Film & Television (AAFT) acting school in Noida, India and has friends there. She was on her way to meet them when things went horribly wrong.  Farida believes in the power of music to bridge cultural divides.  Despite her horrible ordeal, her lawyers say she is doing her best to remain positive. For nearly 5 months now, she has been awaiting a court date that will render a decision on her case, but this date keeps slipping (an unfortunate yet common occurrence in Indian courts). Meanwhile she's languishing in poor health in a cold jail, without heat, now with the Himalayan winter having arrived. She has an injured back (herniated discs)  and overall not in great health due to her incarceration. She does not have regular access to her medications or adequate medical treatment. Our ask: US and Indian authorities, take action, have her released and deported back home to USA immediately.  She has suffered enough. Please sign this petition below to show your support, add your comments too, and help raise awareness of Farida's plight.  Please forward this petition to your networks, and to your elected representatives in the US and India.  Thank you!Determined, Farida's family and friends

Nauman Malik
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Petition to President Donald Trump

Clemency for my son, Darrell Frazier.

My name is Joyce Johnson, the mother of federal prisoner,Darrell Frazier. The problem that I want to solve is that my son is serving a life sentence with no parole for a drug conspiracy. He has served 29 1/2 years thus far, which I believe he has paid his debt to society. I am putting up this petition support page to ask President Donald J Trump, to grant my son executive clemency to reduce my son's life sentence to time served and show him mercy. Since being incarcerated Darrell founded The Joe Johnson Tennis Foundation a non-profit foundation in 2010, which I (his mother) is CEO. The foundation itself teaches 100 to 200 children per week through summer camps at local recreation centers in Chattanooga, TN. It begins the first week in June through the first week of August. What an inspiration it would be to have my son tell his story as he teaches tennis to the children within the community. Clemency would give him the opportunity to take over as head of this foundation and help me his mother due to my recent disability. Clemency would also bring back cohesiveness within the family which has been lost due his incarceration. Now I want to ask all my family members and friends for support of this petition as well as my son's friends and associates to sign and support this petition as well.  May God continue to bless everyone who signs this executive clemency support petition. Sincerely, Joyce Johnson - mother of Darrell Frazier    

Ira Johnson
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