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Petition to Barack Obama

Immediately pardon Jeffrey Sterling, imprisoned C.I.A. whistleblower

My husband Jeffrey Sterling is a former C.I.A. operative and an innocent man who was convicted of seven counts of espionage on January 26, 2015 -- for merely communicating with New York Times journalist James Risen. He’s now serving a 3.5-year prison sentence in a federal correctional facility in Colorado. This is an outrageous miscarriage of justice. My husband was wrongfully sentenced to prison simply because he was in touch with a journalist. During Jeffrey’s trial, the Department of Justice was unable to present any direct evidence proving that he divulged classified information to Risen. They relied on circumstantial evidence -- emails and telephone conversations -- to try to make a case to a jury who would likely favor his conviction. Jeffrey utilized proper channels and informed the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence of his concern for the safety of the American people -- as such Jeffrey is a whistleblower. Please join me and the coalition of organizations led by Reporters without Borders, RootsAction and ExposeFacts in my request to the Obama Administration to immediately issue a pardon for my husband. President Obama publicly committed to a transparent government, yet it has been shrouded in mistruth and secrecy. Jeffrey’s conviction is only the latest chapter in the administration’s war on whistleblowers and sets a dangerous precedent for freedom of information. In fact, the Obama administration has prosecuted more whistleblowers under the Espionage Act than all previous administrations combined. An innocent man who dedicated his life to serving the United States has been wrongfully jailed under President Obama’s watch. This is his opportunity to show Jeffrey, our country, and the world what it means to be a true leader by acknowledging and making amends for a grave injustice that has been done. This can only be accomplished by granting Jeffrey Alexander Sterling an immediate pardon. Jeffrey and I will not give up hope that many will soon realize the wrong that has been done and will help to make sure that Jeffrey will be vindicated. I will not cease discussing this tragedy in hopes that it will garner enough support for his release. Please sign my petition and share it on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by using #pardonforjeffrey as a way to help. Thank you. Supportive Organizations: Reporters without Borders RootsAction ExposeFacts Bill of Rights Defense Committee / Defending Dissent Foundation Center for Media and Democracy Freedom of the Press Foundation The Nation Restore the Fourth

Holly Sterling
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Petition to Jason Chambers

Allow DNA testing that could prove innocence

Jamie Snow was wrongfully convicted in 2000 of a 1991 “cold case” murder and armed robbery of a gas station attendant in Bloomington, Illinois. Since his conviction, witnesses have recanted their testimony, his original lawyer went to jail for fraud, the first cop on the scene has discredited the “star witness” testimony, and an investigating detective has said Jamie’s Snow’s indictment was a mistake. While an innocent man remains in prison, there is DNA evidence from the case that has gone untested. For nearly 8 years, the McLean County State’s Attorney’s Office has fought DNA testing in this case. The University of Chicago’s Exoneration Project has agreed to pay for all the DNA testing at no cost to McLean County taxpayers, but the State Attorney still refuses. Allow the Exoneration Project to pay for it, save the tax payer dollars, and let’s put an end to the cloud of doubt surrounding this case. If this crime had occurred today, there is no doubt the state would test every single piece of physical evidence collected from the crime scene. To date, there have been 337 post-conviction DNA exonerations in the United States – and Illinois has one of the highest DNA exoneration rates in the nation. Yet McLean County continues to show a pattern of opposing DNA testing. Many of these are cases were prosecuted under the same State Attorneys Office as Jamie Snow’s case and resulted in questionable convictions. At the time of the crime, fingerprints, blood evidence, and bullets were collected at the scene. To this day, these items have never been tested for DNA. We are asking Jason Chambers to allow testing for the following items: Fingerprints: Fingerprints were collected from the crime scene, none matched Jamie Snow. Today, the fingerprints can not only be run through the FBI fingerprint database, they can be tested for DNA. Bullets: Two bullets were retrieved from the victim. They should be tested not only for DNA, but can also be run through the FBI ballistics database in an effort to determine if they were linked to another crime. Clothing: There was a clear sign of struggle. We are asking that touch DNA testing be performed on the victim’s clothing to determine who struggled with him. Blood: In line with the signs of a struggle, there was blood evidence found underneath the counter that was identified as human blood. We would like to know the source of that “human blood.” Additional Discovery: We are also asking for additional discovery so that an expert can give further insight to the crime scene and the meaning of the physical evidence. Snow’s conviction was solely on the testimony of witnesses who have since been discredited, and jailhouse informants – who we now know were either under extreme pressure by police, or were seeking deals to testify. Snow’s original trial attorney would later go to prison for bilking an elderly woman of her life savings. Appellate Court Judge Knecht even admitted during oral arguments that Snow’s trial attorney was impaired: “this guy is a, is a alcoholic who has basically lost his life, lost his practice, and was mentally impaired. Not only is he an alcoholic, he has mental illness issues, and that these go back to dates preceding the trial.” We are asking you to please support Jamie Snow’s petition to test the DNA, and to join us in asking Mr. Chambers to discontinue using McLean County tax dollars to fight DNA testing. McLean County State’s Attorney Jason Chambers has an opportunity to grant DNA testing. Please join us in asking Mr. Chambers to do the right thing. Thank you for signing. Please JOIN THE FIGHT TO FREE JAMIE SNOW! CFJS Website: http://www.FreeJamieSnow.comCFJS Facebook Site: Twitter: YouTube:

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Petition to Jerry Brown, President of the United States Donald Trump

Please help Anthony get a release date & a reduced sentence

JUSTICE FOR ANTHONY!!  My name is Alyssia Lujan I am 27 years old. I am starting this petition on behalf of my fiancé Anthony Medina, 29 of Sacramento, who is currently serving a LWOP sentence plus 2 more life sentences with the possibility of parole!! He qualifies for the new aiding & abetting law along with him being only 19 when the crimes took place. He should qualify for the juvenile parole hearing but when you look up his name on inmate locator it says LWOP not eligible. I am hoping it is because we are at the federal level still fighting to appeal these cruel & unusual punishment sentences?? He just turned in his habeas corpus early September of this year so I'm praying that's why it says he doesn't qualify?  He didn't receive a fair trial at all! He was the only Hispanic out of him & his 2 co-defendants with tattoos who "looks like he is mean or is mad" but he is actually the opposite! He is loving & caring, always joking, making people laugh! I myself always look mad when I don't smile & so I am always getting judged that I'm something I'm not & that is exactly what the jury did before he even had a chance to defend himself! This is a rare case that happened in 2008 & was on the local Sacramento news. He was wrongfully convicted off of he said she said statements! Mind you the witnesses weren't even credible because they were higher than a kite off meth the night of the crime! The victim's girlfriend couldn't even identify Anthony in more than one line up! Each time she chose someone different & neither time did she identify him!! So how is that credible? Being on drugs clouds your judgment & you hallucinate!! There was no evidence! No gun, no shell casings! Nothing that indicated Anthony had part in the killing of Jason Fletcher! He DID NOT aid & abed anything like the D.A proclaimed! He was simply at the wrong place, at the wrong time. He waited 3 1/2 years in the Sac county jail before trial started in 2011. The jury found him guilty on all charges except he was found not guilty of having a firearm! He isn't a gang member & I am hoping & praying you take the time to dig a little deeper & relook at his case. Actually I am begging you from the bottom of my heart! He is a good man! He's made mistakes like all of us have but he deserves this chance more than anyone I know! He will tell you he caught this case as a boy & transferred to prison as a man! He is rehabilitating himself without even realizing it! Anthony currently has a job in prison, he mentors 3 juvenile boys who are locked up in L.A & he tells them they don't want to end up like him & they can do better! & the best part is they are listening!! They said he is an inspiration to them! He knows how to draw really well & his drawings have always been personal to him but he decided on his own he wanted to donate them to St.Jude children's hospital for the kids battling cancer! He said so they can feel better & eat their food. He stopped getting into fights going to the hole or getting write-ups! All he does is go to work, work out, play basketball which is his favorite & read books. & anyone in that prison or who knows him will tell you Anthony is a good guy! When someone tries to provoke him, he walks away! He is fighting for his life & he knows nobody is worth him getting in trouble for! He is very intelligent in any subject & good at all sports! If he didn't grow up in the environment he did, he could of been anything he wanted to be in life! His favorite subjects are math & history. He's so smart that when he was studying to re-take his GED test (because juvenile hall lost his records of completing it) he was ahead of the class & his instructor in KVSP was amazed & said he's ready for the test but would have to wait until everyone else caught up to him! He wants a college degree in business & has goals. He's always going out of his way for others with the upmost loyalty & respect & that's what ended up being his downfall in catching this case was because he trusted the wrong people! If you ask him now he will tell you if he would of known his friend was going to kill anyone he wouldn't of went! Because of his ex best friend's stupidity they are no longer friends & Anthony is being punished for something he didn't do! We all deserve to pay for our mistakes but these 3 life sentences is just cruel! As far as the other case goes, he feared for his life when a car was trying to rear end him off the road! He will tell you he was literally scared for his life! We all know South Sacramento is a war zone! He will tell you he pointed the gun down because he didn't want to kill nobody in the car that was trying to kill him. He didn't know what else to do! He swerved out the way & they kept on pursuing him saying "get that nigga right there!", while the victim reached under his seat real fast! & you can ask anyone who grew up in South Sacramento that means they want to kill you & are reaching for a gun under the seat because that is where they put them for easy access & to hide from the cops. The D.A sarcastically joked in court that how did we know the victim wasn't reaching for a soda! Really!?? A soda?? Under the seat?? I didn't find that humorous at all! Can a car not kill someone? Therefore it should be viewed as a deadly weapon just like the gun was! Which means the victims aren't as innocent as the D.A proclaimed them to be! They were trying to kill Anthony with their car! & when that dnt work, they were going to pull out a gun! Anthony was just protecting himself in self-defense as anyone who is being threatened would! But he didn't kill anyone! The bullets just grazed the victim's knees because he pointed the gun down! Sure not all inmates deserve a second chance but Anthony does! I can't speak for every inmate but I can speak up for mine! He's made a whole 360 change! His sentence is way too severe for these crimes & the part he had to take in them! He deserves clemency!! The system has failed him tremendously!! Based off judging him off of his race, the way he looks, & his juvenile past!! Im hoping & praying this touches your heart in some way, shape or form. I pray you read this with an open, compassionate heart & mind. I thank you so much for your time! Sign the petition & pass it along! Sincerely, Alyssia Lujan

Alyssia lujan
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Petition to Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, Arkansas Parole Board

Executive Clemency for Heath Stocks

          Suppression of evidence and cover-up of the truth are just two of the elements surrounding the case of Heath Stocks and the murder of the Stocks family.             Heath Stocks was a victim of heinous sexual abuse at the hands of his Scoutmaster, Jack Walls, III; a highly respectable, well-known and successful member of the community of Lonoke, Arkansas.  This once named “Man of the Year” had in excess of 100 juveniles under his direction, not only as a pillar of the community but as a Boy Scout leader, that were manipulated and sexually molested – Heath Stocks being his “finest creation.”              Almost 20 years ago, on January 17, 1997, Heath Stocks shot and killed his father, Joe Stocks, a fact undisputed.  His mother, Barbara, and sister, Heather, were also gunned down that night, but not at the hands of their brother and son.  As has recently been revealed, Jack Walls was present at the scene, ensuring the murders were carried out – a fact Walls has neither confirmed nor denied.  What is fact is that Walls, with no authority as investigator, officer, or any other qualified or authorized crime scene personnel, was granted the ability to “secure the scene” as a favor to the Stocks family.              In addition to Walls, his nephew, Wade Knox, was also present at the scene on that January night.  Unlike Walls, Knox participated.  Newly obtained statements confirm what many knew, yet suppressed, while others simply speculated and assumed.  The fact that Walls and Knox were both present, participating in and instructing the murders, calls for a close re-examination of Heath’s case.            Just days prior to the murders, Walls and Stocks had been observed in bed together at the Stocks’ family home by his mother, Barbara.  Walls’ secret was about to be finally revealed and, unlike in 1993 when a 16-year-old boy accused Walls of sexual advances at a Scout camp-out and found not guilty, Walls ensured silence.           Heath Stocks, due to political influences, small town politics, ineffective counsel, just to name a few reasons, did not go to trial, but was instructed by many (including Walls, himself, and even his own family) to plead out and accept a sentence of life, without the possibility of parole, for each death.             It is the adamant belief and opinion of Heath’s many supporters that his case, with all evidence that has been uncovered since his sentencing, should be brought before a jury of his peers, allowing the mitigating circumstances never before revealed, to be given its day in court.              A life was stolen, a family was destroyed and a community has been left asking how such a travesty of justice could have taken place right before its eyes.  I implore you to take a moment and familiarize yourself with this matter.  It is with great confidence that you, too, will join the list of supporters by signing his petition, and, hopefully, becoming a voice in the justice for Heath Stocks.

Heath Stocks
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