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Petition to State of Minnesota, Congress, Tim Walz

Help Kim Thul Ouk To be released back to Cambodia.

I'm writing this concerning Kim Thul Ouk's matter. He has been in incarceration for the past 28 years since 1992. He was found guilty when he was 15 years old. Without knowing the States of Minnesota laws he was given a life sentence. He came here as a refugee from Cambodia in 1981. He has seen many things that a child should not see and didn't know the rights and wrongs at the time because of his refugee status. Upon arriving in the United States. This is what he has to say: I was 15 years old when I was convicted and sentenced to 90 years to life for first-degree murder. I have been in prison since 1992. While in prison I have earned my G.E.D, enrolled in College, and completed many Rehabilitation Programs and involved myself in Restorative Justice causes and Dog Training and Vocational Education. I have spent all of my adolescent life in prison, I will be in prison for 30 years in 2022, I am remorseful and sorry for the lives that were lost and I know that the pain of these loses will never be truly healing for the victims and their families. While in prison I have invested my time wisely each day: In the morning I meditate for 20 minutes.And I have taken compassion and courage as my core values and my North Star. I also mentor inmates in the Law library helping other inmates getting out of prison, encouraging them to believe in the rule of law, and live according to the rules of society so that they can live a productive life when they get out. I have consistently taken advantage of the educational opportunity that is offered in prison. I believed that through education I have become more empathic and socially conscious. I believe in the goodness of people and that individuals can do more than they think, this is why I have encouraged other inmates to invest in their education and to believe that they too can help create peace and harmony in the world. I was a young 15-year-old kid at that time of my sentencing. I ask for mercy and freedom. Also, my only wish to be released to Cambodia custody for a second chance in life. Please sign this petition to support reducing my de facto death sentence to 30 years with time served and a chance to go back to my homeland Cambodia.

Stan Aley
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Petition to Warden J.C. Holland

Free Carmine Persico Wrongfully incarcerated for 33 years

My name is Desiree Persico I am 38 years old, I am the eldest grandchild of Carmine Persico and daughter to Alphonse Persico. My grandfather has been away 35 years of my life ! I do not remember him being home, and my 4 daughters have never met him, traveling to NC is expensive and not easy with 4 kids.. I started this petition because my family and I have had enough! WE WANT OUR GRANDFATHER HOME!! We are not only concerned that Carmine Persico has been left to languish for over thirty years in Federal Prison, but also the lack of attention the newly uncovered evidence has received from the courts.My family has been torn apart for far too many years, all because in we are Italian in my opinion.. My father sits in a prison, sentenced to life and seeking an appeal , for a murder case that someone else has already confessed to.. My grandfather has been away for 33 years for crimes he was wrongfully accused of, and the sentence of 139 years is cruel and excessive, especially compared to far more heinous crimes committed daily then his ! My grandfather and my father miss everything in our family from birth of the grandchildren, baptisims, weddings, all holidays, father daughter dances etc. As Italians we all know the importance of family that's how we are raised, Carmine should not have to miss another moment!!Is it fair that these men are sitting in prison due to their Italian heritage? Or the corruption with our own government.I'm turning to our Italian community and coming to all of you for help. We need this petition signed and we need media attention, so that these men can come home If we do not put an end to Italian discrimination now this will never end This will continue into future generations .Our children and grandchildren will be next . Please help us by posting the link to our petition, sharing it with your friends and family and showing the  injustice we are going through. Our family would like very much if their 83 year old great grandfather/ grandfather / dad / husband / uncle / brother would be able to come home and enjoy what life he has left. We do not want the powers at be to steal one more moment he could have with his family, 33 years they have stolen that's long enough! Carmine loves his family, he has paid his debt ten fold, enough is enough ! It is only right to FREE CARMINE PERSICO..  As Italian americans and people wrongfully accused have to unite. Have you ever noticed how liberals stand up for any lawyer defending terrorists, rapists and child molesters?  Did you know that, between 2009-17 close to 3,000 sentences (some of them life)  were commuted and every ethnic group was represented but Italians – check out the facts   All we ask for is equality.  That’s why so many people are signing the petition to free Carmine Persico.  Parole would be mandatory after serving 30 years and he has served 32.  It’s time for Italians to stand up for equality and join the many others who have already signed the petition. Mr. Persico my grandfather was convicted with a web of lies and deceit 32 years ago. Help us now use the truth to set him free. Demand that Mr. Carmine Persico be set free through his mandatory parole hearing which should take place this month . Your signatures will helps us get one step closer in my grandfathers release.  Thank you in advance for all your support!! Please like and follow our FB page for updated information Respectfully Yours  Family and Friends of Carmine Persico #freecarminepersico

Desiree Persico
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