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Petition to City of Dover New Hampshire

City of Dover, NH: Please Expand Organic Pilot Program

Starting in Spring 2015, the City of Dover, NH initiated a pilot program by beginning the process of managing two public spaces, lower Henry Law park and Sullivan Dr. ball field, organically. This is a tremendously positive first step. Along with hosting a municipal training session with Chip Osborne in Fall 2015, and eliminating the use of pollinator harming neonicotinoid class insecticides on school and city owned property, the City has made good progress in fulfilling the promises set out in the Sustainable Dover initiative. We wish to thank them for their efforts so far, and encourage the city to keep up the good work by expanding the program to include all city owned property, and eliminating toxic herbicide use for curbside vegetation control.  This is being done successfully elsewhere. Pesticide use effects all of us, and our children are especially vulnerable. Recently dozens of leading scientists and medical experts have created a call to action to reduce widespread exposures to chemicals that interfere with fetal and children’s brain development.  They state that "the current system in the United States for evaluating scientific evidence and making health-based decisions about environmental chemicals is fundamentally broken." It is imperative that we continue to move ahead in eliminating as much of these types of exposures as we can. Some of the products being used by the city contractors include... Mec Amine-D 3-way herbicide - (2,4 – d, Mecoprop-P, & Dicamba) 2,4 - d is a component of Vietnam defoliant Agent Orange, and it is contaminated with dioxin during the manufacturing process. The three active ingredients have never been tested in combination, only alone and never as a whole formulated product with 'inert' proprietary ingredients that comprise more than half. Acclaim - contains ingredients that are considered to be probable orsuspected human carcinogens, and may have target organ effects, or Quinclorac for post emergent crabgrass control to Soccer fields. Dimension - crabgrass pre-emergent herbicide Roundup Promax & Rodeo Herbicide - (glyphosate) Listed by the World Health Organization as a probable carcinogen, known to be genotoxic, which means it damages DNA in ways that can cause cancer, and shows endocrine disrupting activity at very low levels. Reward herbicide, active ingredient diquat dibromide. Residues of diquat have been found to persist in soil for many years with very little degradation. It doesn't have to be this way. As the home of the Children's Museum, the city of Dover receives many visitors. We have the opportunity to set an example for surrounding Seacoast communities by expanding the organic pilot programs to public areas still being conventionally treated, such as upper Henry Law park (pictured above), the public library, the McConnell Center, and many other spaces where children in particular frequent.  Not only is this program good for public and environmental health - but it also contributes to fiscal health by saving taxpayer money in the long term. Going forward, we ask that the City of Dover commits to stop using toxic pesticides in public places, to encourage organic property maintenance for all new developments, and to provide education to businesses and residents about organic property maintenance and least toxic alternatives for weed control.      

Non Toxic Dover NH
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Petition to Steven Oroho, Robert Menendez, Cory Booker, Bob Smith, John McKeon, Samuel Thompson, Parker Space, Christopher Bateman, Tim Eustace, Paul Moriarty, Michael Doherty, Brian Stack, Loretta Weinberg, Nia Gill, M. Teresa Ruiz, Annette Quijano, Thomas Kean, Vincent Prieto, Linda Greenstein, Robert Karabinchak, Nancy Pinkin, Catherine McCabe, Philip Murphy NJ, Joseph Lagana, Kevin Rooney, David Wolfe, Reed Gusciora, Richard Codey, Mila Jasey, Raymond Lesniak of NJ, John Wisniewski


The State of New Jersey wants to sell out the Sparta Mountain Wildlife Management Area to commercial loggers, hunters and other private interests. THEY MUST BE STOPPED. Under the guise of a “forest stewardship plan,” State bureaucrats are trying to raise money by permitting clear cutting, herbicidal and fire use and the degradation of our water supply and other natural resources in our public open spaces.  Sparta Mountain, like many other public open spaces, is home to many rare and endangered plant and animal species. This bogus plan would cause irreparable damage to the complex wetland systems and C1 trout streams assigned the highest classification in the State.   The Highlands region, which includes the Sparta Mountains, also provides the drinking water to over 70% of ALL NJ residents. This plan sells out our New Jersey’s public lands and parks which belong to all of us and are held in the public trust. They must not be sold to the highest bidder. Don’t let State bureaucrats destroy our forests, endanger our water supply and decrease our property values.  Help stop commercial logging on Sparta Mountain before it’s too late!    ACTION PETITION FOR: We, the undersigned, as concerned citizens, urge our elected officials (local, state, and federal) to act now to stop the DEVASTATION of our cherished Sparta Mountain Wildlife Management Area. We call for them to prohibit commercial clear cutting, herbicidal and fire use and the degradation of our water supply and other natural resources in our public open spaces by requiring the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife to ABANDON the proposed 10-year Forest Stewardship Plan for SMWMA and withdraw bills S768 and A1505 from consideration. On 1/29/18 We ask for a CEASE-AND-DESIST of all logging activities on Sparta Mountain, so that additional ecological harm is not done to the drinking supply to over 70% of the state.  

Friends of Sparta Mountain
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Petition to Donald Trump

End the Occupation of Our Public Lands by Livestock

to end the killing of canis lupus which results from wolves killing cattle however it is not really that simple,you see these cattle once turned out to graze actually cause the wolves natural prey animals such as Deer and Elk and depending upon the State Big Horn Sheep and Antelope to Leave the area meaning wolf territory. regardless of the Natural prey for the particular geography the Point is these essential to Maintaining Diversity and Sustainability Wolves are left with only 2 choices either Starve and let the Pack Starve or take what is Available which is Invasive Destructive Cattle..  time after time we have watched as Wildlife officials side with the cattle and the end result has been the eradication of entire packs of  keystone predators wiped out behind a invasive species that competes for the same exact forage as the natural prey animals and the unfair advantage being taken of wolves is a potential ecological nightmare just waiting for the inevitable final straw that leads to collapse of the natural world that will result from the removal of Wolves from the North American landscape again and might i remind you all,You tried this in the 30s and were nearly successful in eradicating gray wolves in the lower 48 states but in the mid 90s We began to put together the puzzle pertaining to our imbalanced ecosystems in several states Idaho and Montana in particular gray wolves were reintroduced into both northern Idaho and the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem in both cases the ecological and biological elements recovered and diversity had been restored however,Sustainability of these ecosystems wherein wolves reside is still out of reach because cattle are leading to their native homes no longer being safe as long as ranchers are being rewarded and reimbursed by the federal government for all losses to depredations regardless of the species found to be at fault why then do they insist wolves must die?  to level the playing field giving the home advantage back to wolves cattle must be removed to allow natures guardians of diversity and sustainability to keep our nations wild animal populations such as Deer and Elk and Big Horn Sheep healthy and abundant for all future generations      

Mike Collins
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Petition to Bruno L. Pigott, Robert A. Kaplan

Please Hold U.S. Steel Accountable for Clean Water Act Violations

The Great Lakes are a critical contributor to Indiana’s economy, environment, and quality of life. Our precious Lake Michigan provides drinking water, recreational opportunities, as well as many jobs to our region. It also is the lifeblood of the Indiana dunes and our National Lakeshore—the reason for our precious landscape to exist as it does, and the reason so many of us choose to live here. Save the Dunes is committed to Lake Michigan and the Indiana dunes’ protection, but we need your help.  The U.S. Steel Portage Facility violated the Clean Water Act last April and again in October when it illegally discharged wastewater containing hexavalent chromium into Burns Waterway near Lake Michigan. The toxic and carcinogenic hexavalent chromium, made famous in the movie Erin Brockovich, shut down public beaches from Gary to Michigan City for several days, closed public drinking water intakes, and endangered aquatic life. Many residents were unaware of the spill or found out well after the fact, suggesting that there is room for communication improvements. Unfortunately, these are not U.S. Steel’s only recent violations of the Clean Water Act. Other violations unrelated to hexavalent chromium, but still violations that threaten our Lake Michigan, have taken place. Over the last five years, U.S. Steel has violated the federal Clean Water Act over 50 times— many being repeat violations. Certainly, enough is enough. Our communities must insist that U.S. Steel make real changes to its maintenance and operation practices in order to stop putting Lake Michigan and public health at risk. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) and Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) have the authority and responsibility to address these issues, and are currently pursuing action. Yet, it is critical for us to speak up and let these agencies know just how much we are counting on them to take strong, meaningful action and hold U.S. Steel accountable for its violations and to ensure U.S. Steel’s compliance in the future. Northwest Indiana residents and visitors must take action and let the U.S. EPA and IDEM know that we want accountability. Therefore, Save the Dunes requests that residents and lovers of Lake Michigan and our National Lakeshore raise our voices by participating in this petition to U.S. EPA Region 5 Acting Administrator, Robert Kaplan, and IDEM Commissioner, Bruno L. Pigott, asking to firmly hold accountable U.S. Steel for its actions now and in the future. Lake Michigan, the Indiana dunes, & our National Lakeshore are counting on you to raise your voice. Please sign your name to the petition!

Save the Dunes Conservation Fund
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